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I tried eating cat food today. Just the little bits and I gotta say it was odd. Maybe a bit of ketchup and it’s wonderful but other than that I wouldn’t eat a whole bowl. Good job my little cats for putting up with our food bullshit

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Ok so I think we can divide this into a few camps:

We are in a war, can we please focus on that: Kaze, Guinevere, Squirrel, Gawain 

We are in a war, but that’s my ship: Arthur, Bedivere

We are in a war, but not everyone’s dead, there are other options: Morgana, Tristain, Nimue

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honestly if i were to die heres how i want to go: i skype someone and force them to watch me eat my computer, starting with the keyboard, and then the monitor’s glass, and maybe the mouse as well if the glass didnt cut the inside of my esophagus. the stranger cant do anything about it all they do is just see me shove pieces of my computer in my mouth until i slowly die from blood loss from ASMR computer mukbang. tl;dr, i blame a song i found on youtube for making the whole idea of eating a computer one of my inside jokes. i could imagine how uncomfortable the person recieving the video probably is to see some random person vore their fucking computer like its a bowl of potato chips. (dont worry, i dont wanna commit die.)

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I was going to brush my teeth just now, and I flipped my toothbrush over for no reason in particular, I then saw that there was a piece of food stuck in there from when I brushed my teeth this morning (Gross, I know), because my toothbrush is clear. I was thinking about it though and I realized, I wouldn’t have known it was there if I hadn’t had a clear brush or flipped it over. There could’ve be a bug in my toothbrush and I wouldn’t know it if it was a solid color. I’m gonna have anxiety about that forever now. I had to share this horrifying revelation with you guys so y’all would suffer. You’re welcome. :)

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Weeping Monk x OC wins!

Now for the next poll. I have a few Weeping Monk x OC stories in mind and I’d like to know your thoughts on them. It doesn’t mean I will pick the one with the most votes, this is just meant to give me an idea where the interest lies.

1. Nimue’s sister x Weeping Monk (captured by him)

2. Tainted (Weeping Monk meets his match with a woman named Rela who has her own dark secrets)

3. Ashfallen (Weeping Monk takes in an apprentice, an Ash folk Fey)

4. Shattered Souls - OC is taught and trained by the Red Paladins and goes on a dark path of revenge.

5. Fire and Ash (Weeping Monk meets a queen in alliance with the Fey while seeking refuge with Percival)

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