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#cursed cat
zel-zo · 10 hours ago
Zel, Zel. Zel Zo my friend. I am fucking cackling over Catboy dsmp. Thank you
Tumblr media
Also this is ENTIRELY your fault: You rbed the Dsmp content, it got on my dash, Wilbur posted HIS vids and I was like “Hey, I like Wilbur, and I trust Jolt’s taste in fandom, what could go wrong :D”  /hj /lh /nm
Catboys can go wrong. 
In all seriousness though you inadvertently dragged me into the DSMP fandom and then I dragged my partner into it so thank you very much for this new hyper fixation lmao💛 Glad you got a laugh out of the cat boys, who knows I might do another batch XD /lh
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eleana-catz · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Rough sketch/ rendering from today. Look what you made me draw Tumblr. Cat!boy Sam.
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searidings · a day ago
bridle carries are out kara should pick lena up from below the shoulders like a cat
lena, arms straight and rigid, eyes wide and empty like cats when you fuck em up real good just,,,,,, Being Held by kara under her armpits WHEN god i wish i could draw
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katii-kee · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Babes and cursed emojis, my aesthetic ùwú
Ragnar's bandana is more purplish-red now, and Katya's eyes are green (because she's a russian blue). Obviously Scarlett's mouth can't spread that wide, I just wanted to make her look creepy, and neither can Katya's eyes turn black, again, it's just something to make her look creepy.
Also cursed emojis that I wanted to do.
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eccentric-kalki-talde · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
This wikihow cat exudes a certain energy, it has seen things
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bugaboo-ash · 4 days ago
Cursed Past - Chapter 4 preview
Summary: 10 years before current events, Ladybug and Chat Noir have finally intercepted Hawkmoth, and discovered the extent of his crimes and his torture. How will they react?
10 years ago
Ladybug and Chat Noir stood tall, they were bloody and bruised, but they had won. They pounded their fists and faced the man they had been fighting for years, he was on his back, his staff broken and a look of defeat on his face.
“Hawkmoth, your reign of terror has come to an end!” Ladybug exclaimed, “Hand over your miraculous.”
“Go to hell, you stupid teenagers.” He spat back, “I would rather die than willingly give up my miraculous to you.”
“I’m sure I can arrange that.” Chat murmured back with a disgusted snarl, his claws glowing green.
“Easy Chat.” She shifted and limped over to Hawkmoth, kneeling. “Last chance before I sic my kitty on you.” He glared at her before he actually did spit at her, recoiling back and wiping the spit from her face in disgust.
“That’s it.” Chat Noir boomed, walking over to the man and grabbing him by the tuft of his shirt, lifting him up with ease and snarling at him. “My turn, and I don’t ask nicely, I don’t ask at all actually.” Chat’s eyes glowed green, pupils in slits and full of rage.
Ladybug walked over and looked at the butterfly pendant, she had been after the missing miraculous for years, and there it was, right in her hand. “Time’s up, Hawkmoth.” And with that she pulled it off, purple light filling the room and Nooroo fell to the floor, eyes wide. The two superheroes blinked the brightness away before they both froze. Chat Noir dropped the man and took two huge steps back, his eyes wide and his face paling.
Infront of them lay Gabriel Agreste, his face bruised and his clothes filthy. He glared at the two of them, Ladybug stared in shock, eyes darting to Chat Noir in worry. Was he ok?
“G-Gabriel Agreste?” She stammered, blinking. Adrien… Poor Adrien, his father…
“How… How COULD YOU!” Chat Noir exploded, he looked more furious than she had ever seen, he looked like he was out for death. “How could you do this to your son?” He stormed over to Gabriel, punching him in the face.
“Chat!” Ladybug grabbed his arm and pushed him back, getting between the two. She placed her hands on his chest, looking up at him. His heart was thumping under her hands, tears glistening his eyes and his mouth was in a snarl. He looked like he was ready to kill Gabriel. “Calm down… Hey.” She placed a hand on his cheek and made him look down at her, their eyes met and his features softened. “I got this, call the police. Get them here.”
“No! Not here! They’ll take her away, Adrien should at least get to say goodbye to her.” Gabriel exclaimed, trying to sit up, coughing up the blood in his mouth. They turned and looked at him in confusion, following his eyesight to a glass coffin hidden in vines and butterflies.
They stood in silence, their minds racing. It was Chat who stepped towards it first, slowly. Ladybug watched him as he did, his face was full of fear as he walked painfully slow to the glass coffin. And then he gasped and covered his mouth, turning away and suddenly vomited. Ladybug ran over to him and pressed a hand against his back, her heart beating fast. He shook his head, puking again as his shoulders shook.
Ladybug turned to the coffin, her eyes widening. She knew that face… She was Adrien’s mother, she looked like she was asleep but… she was pale, almost grey. How long had she been down here? Marinette knew she had disappeared 4 or 5 years before, no traces, no leads, no death certificate and no body. And here she was… all this time.
“What… What did you do?” Ladybug asked in horror, turning to Gabriel and gripping onto Chat Noir who was still bent over, trembling more.
“I was trying to save her.” Gabriel replied, “but you two wouldn’t let me. So now she will die.” He glared at them, “now my son won’t have a mother.”
“He hasn’t had a mother for years…” Chat Noir groaned out before retching, “you’re a monster.”
“How am I a monster? I was trying to save the love of my life!” He snarled back.
“You can’t save her, if she is gone then you cannot bring her back, even with our miraculouses. The price-”
“I already had someone’s life to trade, don’t worry.” Gabriel coughed and leant against the bars. “Monster is a very loose term.” He laughed, “I would call your little feline a monster, even you a monster, some would call the police monsters, call teenage girls causing problems in school monsters. Everyone is a monster in their own way.”
“No! She wasn’t a monster, no one is as big a monster as you.” Chat straightened and glared at the man. Ladybug looked at him with worry, he looked like he aged years in a few minutes. “You will never see the outside world again, you will rot in jail. I will make sure of it.” Chat turned and called the police as Ladybug gulped and stroked Nooroo’s head as they rested on her shoulder.
“We will make sure you never leave your cell.” Ladybug said with a disgusted look.
Soon the police arrived, they arrested Gabriel and escorted him out, Ladybug watched as they took him, the feeling sweeping over her like cold water. It was over… They got him. They finally got him. So why did it feel like they lost?
She looked over at Chat Noir who was standing at the base of coffin, staring. Something was wrong with him, she didn’t know what it could be but she knew it had something to do with the person who hid behind his bravado and his black mask. She walked over to him and stood next to him, staring at Emilie.
“Why… why does it feel like it isn’t over?” She whispered, her expression sad, her body aching, and her heart sore. She looked up at her partner, seeing the pain on his face, tears wet on his cheeks. He didn’t say anything, just stared. She watched as blood slowly trickled from the cut on his eyebrow, mixing with the wetness. He looked… broken. She took his hand in hers, intertwining their fingers and rested her head on his shoulder, feeling him grip onto her hand and leant his head against hers. “We won… but… Their son, he…” She had her mouth open, but no words came out, a tear falling. “He just lost everything.” Chat’s grip tightened and he sniffed, wiping his nose with his free hand.
“He won’t be missing much with that piece of shit gone, I think seeing his mother will… that will be him losing a lot.” Chat murmured, his eyes dark.
“Chat… Are you okay?” She asked softly.
He didn’t say anything, letting go and walked to the coffin, pressing a button and watching it open. A smell of lavender filled the air, Ladybug sniffed and felt her lip tremble. Her heart broke, she couldn’t even imagine what Adrien will be like when he sees his mother like this. Ladybug watched Chat with worried eyes, walking next to him and then stared at the woman. She heard a voice in her head whispering something, telling her to take the comatose woman’s hand. So she did, walking to her side and took her hand.
Staring at her beautiful face, she looked so much like Adrien, she looked peaceful, a small smile on her face. Chat took her other hand, tears streaming now.
“I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you, Emilie.” Ladybug whispered, causing Chat Noir to gasp and look at her, eyes wide. She didn’t look up, eyes on the woman’s face. “You would have been so proud of your son,” Chat stared at her again, eyes wide, she didn’t see but she felt his gaze. “He is amazing, I haven’t seen anyone overcome what he has, and now with what I know I am even more amazed by him. He has become a man you would be so proud of and someone you would be so privileged to know. I feel privileged to know him.” She glanced up at Chat who had gone white, staring as his tears flowed more freely. “He is nothing like his father, I knew that before I knew who he was. Adrien overcame his father’s abuse and his neglect, and still has a heart of gold.” She reached over with her free hand, stroking her hair. “You can rest now, we will look after your son. I will look after him. I promise.”
“Ladybug…” Chat whispered softly.
“Thank you, Emilie. For giving us Adrien, and I am so sorry he has suffered and that he is about to suffer even more. And I am so,” her voice broke and she sobbed, “I am so sorry I didn’t find you sooner.” She dropped her head, her loose hair falling around her, it had fallen out in the fight. “I failed you, but I won’t fail your son. I swear to you, as the guardian, I will fix this. I will heal the hurt Gabriel Agreste has caused.”
Chat was about to speak when he gasped, Ladybug’s head snapping up as she stared at her partner. Then she saw it, what he was gasping over. His ring was glowing, but he was looking at her, she felt tingling in her lobes, and assumed hers were glowing too. They locked eyes for a second, something was happening, and she felt her heart start to race. It was like she was seeing him for the first time. Her body filled with love, warmth and… power.
That was when it happened, they both looked down at the woman and saw she slowly started to glow a golden glow. Chat’s eyes were wide, as were Ladybugs, and that’s when she felt it, the words slipping out of her mouth. “Miraculous Ladybug…” She whispered, her lucky charm across the room bursting into her magic ladybugs, swarming all around them, but they had a bright green aura around them. Marinette blinked and watched as they twiled around her and Chat, their hair blowing around, their wounds healing. Chat and Ladybug stared at each other, the world freezing. She saw him, his mask gone, as was her, but she didn’t see anyone but Chat, and she knew all he saw was Ladybug. She never saw a civilian, or recognised him, she saw the face she knew that was her kitty. And then time unfroze and the ladybugs swarmed around Emilie, both the heroes letting go and they were blown back, Chat somersaulted and landed on his feet, one hand on the floor. Ladybug landed on her back, coughing slightly as she did, still in shock.
She opened her eyes and saw the green and red ladybugs were swarming around Emilie and had lifted her into the air, they shone bright, so bright Ladybug had to shield her eyes, seeing chat standing and staring. And as quickly as they came, they were gone, Emilie slowly floating back down into her coffin. They ran to her side, and stared at her then each other. Their eyes snapped down as they heard her groan, Ladybug gasping and clasping her hands around her mouth.
“What… M’lady what happened?” Chat asked softly, staring at the woman.
“I… I think we just… our miraculouses, they healed her.” Ladybug said softly, stepping back and looking around for help. She saw two EMTs crouched by the now fixed entrance, “Help! She’s alive!” They ran over and were calling into their radios, soon they were pushed aside by the first responders, they got Emilie onto the gurney and they were gone. Ladybug watched, eyes wide and she took a deep breath, feeling like it was her first breath in years.
Then everything crashed internally, and her legs gave way, collapsing to her hands and knees, sobbing freely. Everything she had been through for four years, all the stress, the responsibility, only confiding in Alya, keeping secrets from Luka to the point they argue constantly, her sleepless nights, her injuries, the people who have suffered, the numerous battles, the numerous times she lost chat in a fight. Everything. It was over.
“Ladybug!” Chat cried out and ran to her, scooping her up and holding her to him, hugging her tight. “What is it? Are you hurt? Are you okay?” He asked frantically, pulling back and looking her over.
“I-I-I’m fine.” She blubbered, “it’s over,” she managed, “we did it, and we-we-we,” She sobbed, “we got him his mom back too!”
Chat sighed in relief, and laughed softly, “don’t scare me like me that!” He dropped his forehead to hers, closing his eyes and she sobbed, arms snaking around his neck and gripping on. “We did it, it’s over. You didn’t just save Paris tonight, you saved a woman who has been lost for years, you just saved that boy’s life too.”
“I should have found her sooner, I failed her and Adrien.” She sniffed and curled her fists up. She heard their beeps, panic setting in.
“It’s okay, hey, it’s okay. We can stay here as long as you like, just keep your eyes closed, okay?” He whispered, his soft breath warm against her face. She nodded and closed her eyes, resting her cheek against his, tears making their skin stick together more. Their transformations fell, and they clung to each other, their kwamis digging around between them to find their respective foods.
“Chat?” Marinette asked softly, nuzzling into her partners neck, Chat shifting under her and sitting Marinette on his lap, leaning against his shoulder, arms around her protectively.
“Yes, m’lady.” He answered, his voice different, softer, their disguises gone and their magic with it to keep their identities a secret. She recognised the voice but didn’t want to think like that. “You… sound different.” He spoke softly before she could talk, “your voice, its more… musical.”
She chuckled, “you sound different too.” She replied, “Chat, what do we do now?” She asked softly.
“What do you mean?” He asked, stroking her back gently.
“If it’s truly over… What do we do.” She opened her eyes, staring at the black colour of his shirt, seeing the blonde hair in the corner of her eye. “What do Chat Noir and Ladybug do?”
“Well, we patrol, we protect, and… we look after each other.” He responded with a sigh, kissing the top of her head.
“You won’t leave me?” She asked softly.
“What?” He exclaimed, “Never! I will never leave you!” He gripped her tightly, “I promise.”
Marinette sighed and snuggled into him, “Thank you.”
“No… Thank you. I can’t explain why, but you have… You have done so much today.” She closed her eyes, and smiled, not answering and breathing in his cologne.
"We did it... We... We did it." She sobbed a laugh, gripping his shirt.
"You did it."
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artybritney · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Made a new Duo with a new hot-topic like oc & redesign of an adopt to hang with Neo & Charcoal!
Azazel (half-hedgehog/echidna) the dark mage & Calista the magical Cat! The chaos names are Razz (left) & Tart (right)
More info for Calista & Azazel under! + transparent stills! 🌈✨
Tumblr media
Azazel ; He/him and they/them pronouns, pretty strict
Tumblr media
Calista ; She/her pronouns, called a magical girl by Neo, but really a witch who just goes 'yea sure am!' She doesn't mind it. She likes to perform her magic.
Azazel has most of his quills in a ponytail & has a cursed hand that can hold a cursed sword! I just drew what I felt would be fun for a design and thinking of scenecore, he came to be! Jdbdjd idk if you can see but he has glasses on also.
For Calista, here's really old art from my beginner mspaint days, Calista is a redesign of one of my first and only Sonic adopts by a really cool Sonic mutual! @/HurricaneHedgie on twit! :> & I wanted to bring her back!
Tumblr media
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eggsatl · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Hashtags make a sentence description
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possumbreath · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
This was my April Fools picture for 2020, where I unveiled my manticore Ford Pines design. ‘I’ll make this really obviously a joke,’ I thought. ‘I’ll give him huge anime eyes and an uwu mouth and a kitty titty sweater’. But unfortunately my mistake was putting too much work into it because this genuinely fooled a huge chunk of my plurk timeline who thought I was completely serious until I reminded them of the date.
I chalk it up to rendering the body hair. It makes the whole piece look way to sincere. Nobody draws individual body hairs for a JOKE, right?
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