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#cursed meme

Would you like this? No? Well here ya go!

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This is always going to be my fave picture of myself

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(Rhea, after calling the professor to her room to speak to them): “Welcome, dear professor. I pray that all is well ♡”

(Sothis, who is literally Rhea’s mother): “This bitch is hella sketchy, let’s get the fuck outta here. ”

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A little Byleth stumbles into their father’s room, looking to show their father the cool thing they found on the ground.

Jeralt: *Dad senses tingling. Something is up but he isnt sure what* “Hey, kid…what’ve you got there…?”

Byleth: “A knife!”

Jeralt: *bolting up at the speed of light* “n0-”

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I go outside and it’s pretty cold, so of course the first thing I tell myself is “don’t worry, it’s only your outer layer that’s cold”

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Seteth: *near the fishing pond speaking to a guard* “Have you seen Flayn? I’ve been looking all over for her-”

Flayn: *currently in the pond swimming around like a feral animal with a fish in her mouth* “mmpff! hello, brother!”

Seteth: *both proud of his child and also about to have a heart attack* “Ah, yes. There she is.”

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This is just a dumb meme that I made. No one’s probably going to see it, but here it is anyways.

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Part 2 Electric Boogaloo of homemade fe3h memes.


I love this nervous wreck of a man. ♡

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