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Y'know what?

Love to all the HLVRAI artists who try to draw any of the crew as blocky characters, those who don’t draw Benrey and Bubby as fucked up beings and instead just normal people, those who draw Benrey without the eye shadow, those who draw Gordon with the VR set, those who draw the crew as cartoony as they want, those who realistically draw the crew, those with no AUs, those with millions of AUs, those with stories, those with only angst drawings, those with only funny ‘lil doodles.

Actually, love to every artist who draws for HLVRAI, thank you for the yummy content y'all…

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I grew up in a conservative fundamentalist-Christian household. Cursing and swearing were absolutely forbidden. I distinctly remember the first time I cussed. I was 4 years old. I was in the playground of my kindergarten school. I saw two kids racing, and I uttered something along the lines of: “Damn! They are running fast!” (I didn’t say it in English). I don’t remember feeling bad about it. No regrets to this day, despite it being my naughty little secret. It didn’t become something recurrent. In fact, at the public school I attended, I was counted among the well-mannered kids.

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The pragmatic nature of my mind,

Has come unentwined.

Like the way a ball of yarn might,

When by a kitten it is played.

And yet some traces of sanity,

Must yet remain.

For I am still haunted by you,

And the things you do each day.

For fucking sake I do hope,

You’ll all just pass away.

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I wasn’t planning on doing anything more involving the situation but I suppose I’ll answer this one

It wasn’t just the hate, you’re correct. I do get anon hate once every so often.

But the sheer. Amount that I received. Caught me off guard. The way the messages were worded as well sounded more like people from the community than some rando fan as well.

I’ve been having a big depressive episode lately anyways. So if anything, that was my snapping point.

Coming home and seeing almost each and every one of my accounts, spammed to hell. So I couldn’t log out and ignore it, it was on everything.

But that wasn’t it, I later calmed down a bit and looked once more and noticed everyone in the community making posts. Most about them not feeling safe interacting with anyone or joining anymore community events. Closing their blogs to interactions with anyone or just feeling generally not safe or happy there. People being really upset or worried not being able to interact with other blogs or groups forming and separating everyone. That is what tipped me over.

That I felt the need to mention something bad that happened to me and end up causing a shitton of mistrust and anger within the community. That is what tipped me over the edge. I haven’t been in the community that long but I haven’t seen SO MANY people say those kinds of things, all because of something shitty that happened to me that I shouldn’t have made public. Mrs.SpreadPositivityInPokeaskCommunity had to open her big mouth and make so many people feel uneasy or uncomfortable.

Yes the absolute barrage of horrible asks and messages to me on ALL of my accounts, that messed me up but seeing what happened afterwards is what pushed me over.

I see so many kind messages telling me that it isn’t my fault or I didn’t do anything wrong, but deep down I feel like it is and I don’t know if I’ll ever feel like it wasn’t my fault. I still don’t know where I stand within the community or if I should continue or not, for now I’m taking more or less a break. I’m too paranoid to open my computer anyways.

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I don’t know what to do. I grew up in a Wiccan home. I’m 20 years old and I feel as though I learned nothing. There’s God’s and Goddesses I absolutely LOVE learning about and wish to claim to worship, but honestly I don’t feel a big connection, or maybe they’re not connected to me? How do I know when a God/Goddess connects with me? I feel so new to all of this and I just want help. Magic is frustrating and I don’t know where to start! I’m still learning about myself as a person and I’m so new to being a Witch it fucking hurts my very Soul. Please send help. Also, I really fucking hate “Witchy” books. They’re either full of shit, created by a non witch, or (all of the above included) are STRICTLY for women and always use she/her when referring to the reader/or a witch and is very “only women (born with vaginas) are/can be witches!” Basically very TERFy and just idfk just UGH! MEN AND NONBINARY AND TRANS WOMEN CAN BE WITCHES YOU FUCKING BITCH. I need a fucking drink I swear 🎃😧 (like some juice but I don’t have any)

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Well fuck me I guess. I just looked up a thing forgot what it was called already but basically the thing said if you want to sleep at don’t look up blah blah blah, and guess what? I fucking looked it up. Now if it was a week day and not my day off aka the day I sleep the best I would of been fine. Just fine. I guess I won’t be granted that. It was my fault though, I get curious and like what could be so bad? The fuck, that’s just nope, I'mma get outta there. Anyways thanks for coming to my ted talk, where I rant about something I did to myself.

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Basic: We are here to take ass and kick names!


Basic: Smeej says that ghosts aren’t real (aside from ghost types) but im gonna prove him wrong! A ghost took my sandwich once!! Also he has never eaten candy before so I’m gonna get LOADED wit it!!


Basic: Because eating pumpkins is STINKY. But what are YOU doing here is MY question! Here for candy or spookies?

[ @ask-team-adventure-pals ]

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