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#customer service
jangmi-lattea day ago
AAAAA IK IT MAY BE THE ART STYLE BUT IT FEELS LIKE ACE IS MATURING EVERY CARD 馃槶鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍 like watching him grow up or something huhu
Tumblr media
please???? it's??? been??? always??? stuck???? in??? my???? head???? that???? they're???? in???? their???? adolescence???? age???? which means???? they're???? maturing???? and still??? physically??? and??? mentally??? developing?????? i can not accept the fact ace would be more handsome than he currently is aNd NakakskakkKKwlsk,(露鈧堵ヂ垛偓露露9#2991+"({8@8#(*(@829拢8)1_()1_+?1{{(#(拢9191929拢929_28#9*+(@(!=鈧瑊
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c-rowlesblogs5 months ago
Working in food service is so surreal because like... nothing I do for people is anywhere close to life and death, but some customers absolutely act as though it is. I look a woman dead in the eye and solemnly inform her that unfortunately we are out of oat milk, and I see her heart shatter in front of me, right there at the bakery counter at 8 in the morning. I feel like a handsome TV surgeon informing someone that their beloved fianc茅e died on the table. He鈥檚 gone... I鈥檓 so sorry. We lost him. We are out of oat milk
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excuseme-howdareyou5 months ago
Favorite moments from working telephone customer service:
鈥ustomer: (currently putting in a bulk order for reusable menstrual cups to give to refugee camps) Have you ever been to Africa?
Me: No
Customer: Can I rant to you for a bit about giraffes?
Me: Sure, why not
Customer: ok so this asshole decided to wake me up this morning by sticking his head through my window-
鈥ustomer (a sweet little old lady with a strong New Orleans accent): Ohh sweetie, have you ever been classically trained in opera?
Me: I've been trained in singing but I can't say I've ever done opera.
Customer: Well you should. Your voice is like butter and that's your speaking voice! Hon, if you're ever in New Orleans you find me and I am gonna get you a spot on stage!
(I later found out she was a singer for the New Orleans Opera Association when she was younger)
(Sadly I've still never been there)
鈥ustomer is calling in from Hawaii
Me: So just to confirm, your shipping address is 123 Ka-... *quietly* Oh no...
Customer, in barely restrained glee: Say it. Say it out loud.
Me, knowing approximately nothing of the Hawaiian language but have seen Dragon Ball Z: 123 kame... hame... ha? boulevard?
Customer: (fucking dying of laughter on the phone)
Edit: for those who don't get the joke (like I did until the guy explained it to me when he could breathe) it's pronounced ka-meha-meha. Dragon Ball Z murdered the pronunciation.
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spongebobssquarepants3 days ago
馃攰 馃攰 馃攰
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mirror-review2 months ago
Importance of continuous innovation
Tumblr media
The competition in today鈥檚 business world is intense in every single industry and it just keeps on increasing at a rapid pace. It is not easy for businesses to keep up and have better of their competition. While there are ways that are being continuously brought up to make sure you have an edge on the competition and get the best of sales, innovation will always stay at the top.
Here are few reasons why any business should keep on innovating continuously:
Competitive edge:
The best way to compete and have an edge over your competitors is to keep on innovating with stopping anytime. Nothing can give you a huge customer base like the one you will get by making sure you are giving products and services which are unique and have features that no other competitor can offer. So, keep on making unique products and services to make sure you always exceed your customer鈥檚 expectations.
Everything can be recreated:
No matter how amazing and unique your innovation is, your competitors are eventually going to find a way to make products and services which have all the features you offer. So, if you are resting just by making an innovation that is doing wonders for your company and thinking no one can offer anything like this then you are wrong. Just keep on innovating, keep adding features, make it better, diversify your products, do whatever you can but just don鈥檛 rest.
More customer satisfaction:
Your customers will be more satisfied if you keep on innovating and bringing amazing unique products for them which no one else offers. This will help in generating a very loyal customer base which will never leave you behind as long as you keep making them happy with excellent products and services. This helps in retraining customers and stopping the competitors steal them from you.
Business growth:
The growth opportunities will grow eventually when you bring great innovative products to the market. Innovation will help you get more customers, you can also attract customers from your competitors as they won鈥檛 be providing something which only you have to offer, this will help in growing your market and growing the business.聽
Increased productivity:
As you keep on looking for innovation opportunities, all your employees stay engaged and keep on coming up with good ideas and also keep on working well along with all this. This makes sure employees give their best for the brand and it eventually helps in increasing productivity. This makes employees think differently and come up with solutions through innovative thinking which helps the company.
聽Keep on innovating if you want to see the above results. You will keep on achieving success as long as you keep on coming up with innovative ideas for products and services.聽
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tetrilys5 days ago
Okay so I feel like it鈥檚 already been well-established on my blog that I work at a library. So, this man comes in and I start my usual customer-service-welcome spiel, but then I eventually realize he鈥檚 deaf. Oh shit. I鈥檓 wearing a mask, so he can鈥檛 read my lips. I only know how to say banana, cracker, milk, eat, pear, and juice in ASL (from Baby Signing Time w/ my nephews) and I know that鈥檚 not gonna be relevant. However, he speaks very well and tells me that he needs to send a fax. So, I get that started for him and while the fax is going through my mind is a heckin鈥 blur. I don鈥檛 want to seem rude or weird when I give him his total. What do I do? Write it down and pass it to him like some creep robbing a bank?
So, I quickly open a new tab on the staff computer and stretch my speed-research muscles - they haven鈥檛 been exercised since my college days. The guy鈥檚 only faxing four pages, so I know the fax is going to complete any second. I quickly search ASL for聽鈥2 dollars鈥 and then聽鈥渢hank you.鈥 Bingo. Bless you, Google.
The confirmation page prints, showing that the fax did indeed go through. I return his documents to him and he asks how much he owes. I do my best imitation of聽鈥渢wo dollars鈥 in ASL.
The guy seemed to tense for a second and I hold my breath, hoping I didn鈥檛 mix anything up. Instead, he repeats it aloud. I nod, hoping he can tell I鈥檓 smiling behind my mask.
Yada-yada, I process his transaction and print his receipt. After I hand it to him, I sign聽鈥渢hank you鈥 at the same time he does. This time he does freeze. Then I can see his eyes crinkle from a smile and he waves goodbye before leaving. I dunno what was going on in his head, but I鈥檓 assuming he didn鈥檛 expect me to know ASL - which I really don鈥檛.
Anyway, my point behind this is that ASL should be included as a language class in schools. I鈥檓 glad I was able to communicate with him well enough to make him leave with a smile on his face.
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jangmi-latte23 hours ago
Wait a sec, if Ace is 18 then how old are Epel and Sebek since their birthdays came first??
Tumblr media
note!!! don't take this seriously this is just my source of fun and ideas!!! these are all in my eyes and not canon except for their birthdays!!!
technically i base everything off (their age gaps and whatnot) from the release of their birthday cards since that's when they got the most attention (birthday wise). so starting from jamil and to riddle. so, in my perspective, within the first years, Ace is the eldest.
if ace was 16 by the release of the game, that meant he turned 17 when his first birthday card was released. and now, since it's his second birthday card now for 2021, he's now 18.
second, jack is on october 11, so he's the second eldest. so, he's 17 too, now that his first card was released and WILL turn 18 when his second card is released.
third, now that we're in 2021 when we got sebek's birthday card (march 17), he's STILL 17!!! third eldest!
fourth is epel (may 6) so, same as sebek, he's still 17 in my eyes. fourth eldest.
and last is deuce, the youngest of the batch, a june baby who's also still 17.
so technically by order:
that's the order of the first batch ages in MY EYES!!! in answering this ask, all of them are still 17 and ace is the one who first turned 18. though DO NOT FORGET it's all just for fun and still, their CANON ages are still 16!!!!
i enjoyed answering this eheh, it's fun to think that they're aging up despite still remaining 16 and as first years. at this point, they're second years already and thinking about it is just making mewkskkskkakwbqjzkk(kKakkqakakkKKakdKA(@(}}`}(拢(@(拢)2)_99#拢
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Thank you once again to all making good use of the customer service features on our website! Our latest request comes from Martin, from East Anglia, who asks 鈥榳hat happens on the first floor of your supermarkets? We never get to go up there鈥
Great question Martin! We use the first floor for battery farming; EU law states that battery farms must give each chicken 45cm of headroom and 750 square cm of floor space. However, as the first floor requires all entrants to present their beautiful new blue passport upon entry, the EU inspectors are not able to get up there and criticise our arrangement (which is almost thrice as efficient, packing an average of 2.8 chickens into the same space the EU would house one).
Happy shopping!
The chickens are fine ignore them
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urfaveisunfuckable25 days ago
Tumblr media
what the fuck what the fuck from kirby right back at ya! is unfuckable!
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fakegamercomics12 days ago
Tumblr media
About my recent face mask purchase. 馃槄
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strawberryrock3 months ago
Me: *sanitizing the debit machine after a customer used it*
Random man: you鈥檙e gonna make a great little cleaner for your husband someday :)
Me, wearing various LGBTQ pins:
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sorekbekarmi24 days ago
Tumblr media
Great is Monica, the Eminent One, Mistress of the Dark Desk, Mother of All Receptionists.
77 are her grudges, 88 are her passive aggressions. Vengeance and Pettiness are her lions, Wrath and Indignation her prowling beasts.
Mighty is the Lady of Serpents, She who Tramples the Customer's Spirit. From her lips issues true judgement, logic and facts flow forth from her mouth.
Is it not she who sets the appointments in the great calendar? Time is her domain: she fixes the comings and goings of all beings. Is it not she alone who judges between the member and the non-member, as it is written: "Your account has been frozen due to failure to make a cancelation payment on your missed appointment last week."
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