utwo · 2 days ago
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125 Honda Monkey
© K Speed
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retrogamingblog2 · 2 months ago
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Custom Nintendo Switch Systems made by CBcustoms
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lionessgoddesss · 2 months ago
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Good afternoon, what is your favorite color for a pedicure?🧡💕
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gentlemanmotorslifestyle · 4 months ago
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hungry-skeleton · 2 months ago
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Please contact me if you are interested!
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pratchettquotes · 4 months ago
The kingdom didn't have much of an executive arm of government, and most of its actual hands belonged to Nanny Ogg's youngest son. Despite the earnest efforts of King Verence, who was quite a forward-looking ruler in a nervous kind of way, the people of Lancre could not be persuaded to accept a democracy at any price and the place had not, regrettably, attracted much in the way of government. A lot of the bits it couldn't avoid were done by Shawn. He emptied the palace privies, delivered its sparse mail, guarded the walls, operated the Royal Mint, balanced the budget, helped out the gardener in his spare time and, on those occasions these days when it was felt necessary to man the borders, and Verence felt that yellow and black striped poles did give a country such a professional look, he stamped passports, or at a pinch any other pieces of paper the visitor could produce, such as the back of an envelope, with a stamp he'd carved quite nicely out of half a potato. He took it all very seriously.
Terry Pratchett, Carpe Jugulum
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lifeinpoetry · 6 months ago
If I try hard enough, I can forget but         a part of me wishes to keep my hand on these memories,            to feel them to their ends. Earlier today, I touched                       a hot pan and dropped my dinner, then flinched            as I waited for the voice. Once, I let a lover         place his hands around my throat. I don’t want to like it. My body, powerless with another;         forgiveness before I can even shape the words.
— Jennifer Huang, from “Customs,” Return Flight
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freakkybbygirl · 10 days ago
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Customs already filmed n sent out!!!
I wanna do more customs 🥺🥺🥺
Follow me for FREE on Fansly to buy!
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heckyeahponyscans · 6 months ago
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I was googling around for pony stuff and I came across the pony site of Aikarin, who was a well-known and talented customizer.  
The site hasn’t been updated recently (hope you’re well, Aikarin!), but I thought it would be an interesting sight for newer pony fans who maybe have only interacted on social media.  Personal websites used to be the main way MLP collectors interacted with each other. If you wanted to contact someone directly you went to their website and looked for their email.  You found ponies for sale by looking through the Sale / Trade section of websites.
Every personal MLP site was different, but it was common to have a Collection page listing all your ponies, a Links page, a Customs page (if you customized), and then, like, whatever the hell you wanted, lol.
Aikarin has a lot of space devoted to customs, being a prolific customizer, and shows the entries for the custom contest she used to run.
Also if you’re into G3 ponies check out the Scrapbook page . . . lots of MIB G3 pics!  Did you know Starswirl, Autumn Skye, and Butterscotch were initially sold via their box being awkwardly taped to the box of a “proper” pony like Kimono, Rainbow Dash, etc?
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xutjja · 5 months ago
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🥳 Birthday Sale 🎉 (Now - March 31st)
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utwo · 2 days ago
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BMW R100 Custom
© Ignition Motorcycles
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newyorkthegoldenage · a month ago
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Idelwild (now JFK) International Airport, June 1954. Daddy greets his children after a long flight.
Photo: Ben Kocivar, Jim Hansen, or Kenneth Eide for Look magazine via MCNY
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goatpaste · 6 months ago
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yknow now how it is, i draw ponies, you see the ponies, rinse and repeat
[Commission Prices] [Patreon] [Etsy]
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lionessgoddesss · a month ago
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Hey happy Sunday! Who’s going to let me walk all over them with my pretty soles?😋
💕45% off OnlyFans! Customs, dick ratings, sexting, gfe & more! https://onlyfans.com/nicoleygrace 💕
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misfitfurby · 6 months ago
Outfit drop? Finished pieces for @longfurbyarmy
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vampicmulen · a month ago
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I look out the window… wickr kiten77
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blackswaneuroparedux · 7 months ago
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We seem incapable of looking at buildings or pieces of furniture without tying them to the historical and personal circumstances of our viewing; as a result, architectural and decorative styles become, for us, emotional souvenirs of the moments and settings in which we came across them.
- Alain de Botton, The Architecture of Happiness    
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