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Day 23! ♡

🌸 Yes yes yes! I have 3 cats; Mojo, Murdock and Greg! A dog named Feta! And a little Russian dwarf hamster named Bean 🥰🌸


I had to put that picture of Feta in, it’s too good not to use 🙈 (I triple pinky promise we feed her enough!! she’s just a spoiled brat!!!)

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My Pop Collection || 4

Haven’t done this in awhile and as a result I’ve amassed quiet the number of pops!


Starting off with the first row!

All Might 25th Funimation Anniversary 2️⃣5️⃣

Kaachan 😍

Ochaco 🥰

Deku [battle] 🤯

Shota [Hero Costume] 😍

Deku [Gym Gama fit] 🤩

Izuku [First Costume] 🤩


Second row is

All Might [Silver Age] 🦸🏼

All for One [Common] 👿

Mirio Togata [Challice] 🥺

Hitoshi Shinso [GameStop] 💜

Midnight 😏

Tenya Iida 🤖

Evil InuYasha 😈

Fairy Tail Lucy 💕


Finally my biggest pop so far is six inch Demon Dog Sesshomaru!


Sorry if the photo is low quality but this is the complete storage space!


Soon it’ll be moved / expanded as soon as my preorders arrive 😳

It’s been about 5 months since I started collecting pops and it’d been the best experience.

I love sharing it!

Do you have a pop collection? Feel free to message me about it. 🙂

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