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#cute girl

Hey Leute!! Um 19:30 streame ich WOW auf Twitch. 💜 Ich würde mich riesig freuen, wenn ihr mir zuschauen würdet! Auch plaudere ich sehr gerne mit euch. 💖💕

I’m going to stream WOW om twitch! I’d be happy if you drop a hello in the chat. 💜💕💖

Also! Follow me on instagram for way more pics and news. 💖

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Good morning 🌅

Wishing you a wonderful morning or a lovely good night, but for me, my day is just getting started ✨

Les deseo una maravillosa mañana o una muy bonita noche, pero para mi, el día recién esta comenzando ✨

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do you like cute, thicc and chubby girls? do you like to see said cute girls act like little sluts?

then you should sub to my OF!!! it’s currently only $3 to sub!! so join me at

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I drew her once again, i love drawing people tbh, and its even better when they like the drawings; it gives me happy chemicals.

i tried to do something new with the shirt, and I think it turned out really good, also had a hard time with the hair :( 

follow her on instagram -> @rakkel_b 


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