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#cute illustration


I wanted to let you know that art commissions are now open!!! The way this works is you are going to request things that you would like to draw for you and according to that I will give you a price ! All the artworks will be sent via email or if you want in a different way I’m open to that too!!!

More information about that will be posted soon!!

( the photo above is original art by me)

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brainstorming some new sticker ideas! 🌱✨🍄🌸🌜

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(This may turn into an exclusively Cute-Forest-Animal-Appreciation blog but I am so okay with that)

Today’s obsession:

Lorè Pemberton!!


Oh it’s fine, I would just LITERALLY DYE for this smol squirrel and his friends making a pie inside a snow-covered tree

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For the New Year, I’ll be trying to work on a new style more suitable for children’s illustration books 😊

This is my first piece in this style so I wanted to do something simpler for a start. I ended up quite happy with the result 😃❤

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