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It’s true, I’ve conducted many of these studies myself.

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“you are very sad for liking star wars, which i do not like because it is pathetic, but since i am here, i will tell you how you’re wrong to like the worst-written character in star wars (in comparison to the well-written ones which i don’t even know about) who you do not write correctly, not that i even CARE, since liking star wars is pathetic”

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I would’ve been more turned on by this if you insulted me personally a little bit more but you’re obviously new to trolling so I’ll take what I can get

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♥Wanted to draw a scene from RP in Pearl Lane on Balmung.
Ranirus was all about some threats until SOMEONE HAD TO GO AND BE POSESSED or something. XD♥

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Thank you so much. 💖💓💗❤️ think it’s more fun if we learn as the reader learns! Isn’t that what keeps us engaged? 😇

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Hi boo! Thank you so much. I’m so happy you’re enjoying it.

I know a lot of people would like a chapter from Kylo’s POV. But it really doesn’t make sense, narratively, for me to randomly write a chapter from a different perspective for one chapter throughout the entire series of both fics. Especially when the first fic was entirely in 2nd person. 

If this had been something I’d established from the beginning, I think that’d be fun, but I think it would be quite sloppy of me to write it that way, now. I’m sorry!

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This makes me tremble with just–the absolute selfishness, using your body like a hole to pour his cum into, reveling in how limp and warm and weak you are…


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Not sure? As far as I know she’s doing just fine! 🥰

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Tbh I didn’t ship them until I met dean but I think they would be really cute together and Hotch deserves some happiness and i think milder would make him happy

Plus I think fox would be really great with Jack 🥺

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Yes! It’s called Kudos! My friend @faestae and I made it last year just talking about our favorite works in the Kylo Ren x Reader fandom! It was a lot of fun. 🥰

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HAHAHAHA! OMG! I’m so so happy you enjoyed! We had a ton of fun making the podcast so it makes me smile when others enjoy our rambling banter, hehehe. What can I say… I love Kylo Ren. 🥰

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I think he probably sleeps relatively the same? Like, I always imagine him as a side-sleeper, haha. Hair spilled over his face. Probably shirtless. He only gets a few hours at a time anyway, so.

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