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Senpai Yuuta 🥵
Yuuta senpai who’s too clumsy for his own good, always dropping his id by your feet and stumbling over himself when you walk next to him. always gives you a tender smile when you bend over and take the plastic card between your fingers to admire the picture. leans over your shoulder so his cheek grazes yours and offers to tell you about his time as a first year.
Shows you photos upon photos of the messy haired boy with crescents pooling under his eyes, yet- he’s still the same person. same okkotsu senpai who walks you to your classroom as if you don’t remember where it is, and nothings changed when he knocks on your door in the depth of night. knuckles meeting sunken wood as he listens for the patter of feet against the floor even though he’s positive you’re in your room waiting for him.
Everything remains the same when he walks into your room, bed messy and desk littered with papers as you rock on the heels of your feet. pampers you with sweet words and foreign praises, places familiar calloused hands on your shoulder with a smile and pink cheeks. he has the sweetest smile, the kind that rounds his slim cheeks and makes the corners of his eyes crease- a smile that lights up the room.
He knows. “Senpai” knows all to well what that hazy look in your eye is.
Cups the soft skin of your cheek and leans down to brush his lips against yours, “is this ok?” you nod, eyes shutting and fingers curling as he plants a kiss on your lips. it’s slow and tender, it fills your stomach with butterflies and makes you feel airy as he tests the waters, watches it ripple as you fall apart beneath him and rest your palms against this chest.
His heart races beneath your palms, it’s comforting, you feel safe with him. “Okkotsu senpai- please��
You feel oh so secure in his strong arms, you can’t help but melt in his embrace, “let me take care of you” how can you possibly refuse?
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SUNMI & HER BROTHERS By Yoon Songyi, for Elle Korea 2022 cr. @ h_miyya
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(Imagine you’re hanging out with your friend and their moms just start doing this. Pearl’s face in the first screenshot is glorious.)
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omg :(
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Ranboo posted on his Instagram story!
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sleepy drew yes i agree
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aventurine 🐱 do not edit. (1,2)
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lantern rite festival.
Yandere! Childe x reader Summary: Childe and Y/N enjoy a lovely night out at Liyue’s lantern rite festival. Though it takes a turn when Childe gets a bit too horny. warnings: fluff, nsfw, public sex, childe being an asshole but also a bank
For my bestie @childespersonalsimp I hope you’re feeling better :)
Liyue Harbour, bustling with vitality and life as preparations for the Lantern Rite festival were finally complete. Finishing touches of golden threads thrown atop houses and strings of light draped around trees, forever shining the harbour with an esteemed glow.
Though Liyue was gorgeous during dawn, the sky fresh with hues of pink and orange, clouds departing from the sea of light and introducing a beautiful sight to the masses, it could be said that to see Liyue Harbour in all it's glory, one should wait until night, when lanterns would light the sky. Like stars, they wafted through the air and brought the whole harbour to life.
And Liyue Harbour was where you were, hand in hand with your boyfriend, Childe, one of Snezhnaya's ambassadors, of sorts. Stalls set up by merchants, presenting all their goods and little treats paved a path through the harbour, forcing folks into viewing the items for sale. Children ran passed, bright in rainbow hues, giggling together while holding kites lit up by light. The pleasant atmosphere brought a smile to your lips and Childe absolutely adored that look. He tightened his grip on you.
Courtesy of Childe, you stood at the very entrance of Liyue Harbour, "for the experience", he said. He wanted to introduce you to a new side of Liyue, seeing as how you had only been once or twice, after leaving Snezhnaya for a while.  
A food stall caught your eye and you tugged on Childe's hand, pulling him towards the stall. Your eyes sparkled at the arrangement of food laid out. "First time trying out Liyue's specialities?" asked the man in front of the stall.
You nodded. "What do you recommend? I've never seen food like this before."
"These are all Lantern Rite specialities! We sell them only once a year!" He laughed at the awe in your eyes. "Well, how about this?" He pointed to one of the skewers. "It's a Lantern Rite speciality, grilled fish tiger! It has a crunchy..."
While the stall vendor explained all the different types of food he displayed and you eagerly listened, a certain someone beside you was getting slightly annoyed from the lack of attention. Childe's overbearing aura towered behind you and the death glares he sent the stall vendor's way had him rushing to prepare your food and send you off.
You and Childe walked off, and though he wasn't happy that you let go of his hand to eat, he didn't mind, especially when your cheeks puffed out, stuffed with food. "You look like a chipmunk," he teased.
You sent a glare his way, wanting to retort but unable to. Swallowing quickly, you stabbed him with the skewer stick. "O-Ouch!" He jerked to the side. "Hey, that wasn't nice, girlie." He poked your cheek.
You huffed, turning your head away. "You deserve it." You sped up, going to toss the skewers into the bin.
Childe followed behind you with a cheeky smile. "Ouch, girlie. Do you really think that low of me--?"
You weren't even listening, another stall grabbing your attention. You sped your way over, like an excited little child. Childe, on the other hand, dropped his head and sighed. He watched as your eyes shone with excitement and curiosity and you quickly called him over, practically jumping up and down. "Mr. Moneybag, I wanna play this game."
"The things I do for you," he sighed, reaching into his pocket and fishing out some mora. "Here you go." He dropped the coins into the palm of the vendor and the game started.
“This place is freakin’ awesome, Ajax!” The two of you climbed up the steps littered with lotus flower lights. “I didn’t know Liyue was this cool!” you beamed, scooping up some delectable custard from its cup.
Childe chuckled. He snatched your hand holding the spoon and ate the treat himself. “Greedy bastard,” you glared. You took a step away, furthering the distance between the two of you. “I don’t want custard.” you mocked his whiny voice. “Only get one, he said.”
Childe laughed. “It’s all fair game if I’m the one that paid.” He shrugged it off harmlessly.
You stuck your tongue out. Childe perked up at one of the stores lit up by lanterns. “C’mon, let’s get you into some Liyue dresses.”
You face scrunched up into a frown. “I’m good.”
“Aww, just try one on. For me?” He pleaded cutely.
But you weren’t fazed with his innocent facade. “Nope. Nada. Not a chance.” You shook your head, ditching the empty cup into the bin. “No way.”
Childe huffed. “Fine,” he dragged the ‘I’ sound. “But-” a jewellery store caught his eye-  “Oh, look.” He dragged you to the store. Two rings were displayed at the corner of the booth, bland and dull yet somehow intriguing. “What are these?”
“Oh! I’m surprised you noticed them,” said the woman behind the stall. “Not many take an interest in them because they look so dull- but you’ve got a keen eye, sir! These are promise rings. You pour your vision into them and then it gives them a glow.”
Childe looked intrigued. “Where do they come from?”
“Oh! Well, the materials are originally mined in Liyue, but...” She went on to explain the origins and manufacturing. “You know, these rings come in a pair. It reinforces true love. They say that when you and your girlfriend wear them, love lasts longer and doesn’t fall apart.”
A gentle hue of red painted his cheeks, along with a small, warm smile. The woman could see how smitten the boy was.
While Childe's interest was taken by the rings, yours, however, deterred to a faint scent of delicious food. Your stomach growled internally, as if you didn't just eat a whole feast. You tugged on his arm. "I smell something good! Let's go find out!"
He was dragged away before he could say anything.
Such was the life of an obsessively romantic boy and a foodie girl.
While the young couple wondered around, Childe taking the position of the bank and spending his cash without a glance at the price just at the mere mention of you wanting to try some new food out, the vigilant stares of Millelith guards was pissing him off. Especially the one that patrolled the streets of the upper level of the harbour. He had been glancing their way too much, following too close. He was really pissing Childe off.
Dressed in golden armour like the rest of them but twice as annoying, Childe was practically enraged. No matter how cute you looked begging for food, nothing could calm his anger.
“Hey, girlie, can we make a stop at the bank?”
You shrugged. “Yeah, sure! I don’t mind.”
Of course, you didn’t. You were already giddy with all the food in your arms. So the two of you made your way up the stairs to the bank.
Childe finished his business inside while you stood by the door, eating your treat and offering some to the guard at the front. He laughed nervously as he declined, something you didn’t understand. Who says no to food?
When Childe walked out with a “let’s go”, the guard sighed in relief. But that relief was short lived.
“Are you sure you don’t want some?” You tempted him again, gesturing to the delicious sweets in your hand.
Childe’s eyes narrowed into a glare, and whether the harbinger wanted him to take the food or not, it was a gamble. “N-No, ma’am. I’m good. I, uh, I just ate.”
That seemed to appease Childe, as the threatening aura that surrounded him disappeared and he said, “C’mon, girlie! You heard the man. Let’s go! We shouldn’t disturb him anymore.”
“Okay, then. But you’re seriously missing out.” You let Childe guide you away.
The moment you both disappeared, the guard let out the breath he was holding. He put his hand to his chest to calm his shaking heart. The other Fatui guard that stood beside him gave him a sympathetic thumbs up.
Master Childe was known for his unpredictable anger, and many Fatui members faced death in the eye whenever you were around.
“Anything you wanna do, Ajax?” You skipped through the streets. “We haven’t been here for long, but let’s enjoy the festival while we can!”
“We have five days. We don’t have to go through everything right now.”
You frowned and looked back. “But that’s lame. What do you suppose we do then?”
Arms embracing you from behind, warm air breathed against your ear, and the smell of Childe all around. “Don’t you want to go rest for a bit?”
Your cheeks flared as Childe grinded you lightly from behind. Good thing that young pest of a guard was now no longer around. “Wait!” You pushed away from him, a blush burning your face. “I’m not tired! So let’s eat more!” You ran away.
“Don’t run!” he called after you. “What’ll we do if you run out of strength and get tired?” He teased.
He could practically see the steam poof from your head. His chuckles died down and his eyes shone over with an annoyed gleam and a scowl dropped on his face. I want to eat you though, he thought to himself.
“Who knew you liked to play hide and seek so much?” Childe cornered you with a wicked grin, trapping you behind Wangshseng Funeral Parlour’s building. You escaped from the man by climbing the rocks behind the middle-level buildings- but to no avail, apparently. You were caught immediately.
Well, obviously- seeing as how you fell in between the shallow pit between two rocks. “But, you know, it’s always going to be the same in the end. You’ll always end up in my arms.” He towered over you, resting his arm above your head as he leaned close.
You laughed nervously. “D-Don’t you think we should get outta here? I can hear some kids laughin’ on the balcony.” You were right. Two young girls were playing about at the top.
Childe’s smirk only seemed to widen. “Then,” he leaned in close, lips brushing against your ear, “I guess you’ve got to make sure you’re really quiet.”
His free hand grasped your butt. You squeaked out a rejection but Childe paid no mind. “I spent the entire day following you around-- and paying for everything, by the way. I need compensation.” The hand above your head dropped down and slipped around your waist, bringing you close. “And this is what I want.”
He tilted your chin up and stole a kiss. He locked you against the wall and his body, his knee spreading your legs apart. His chest and stomach are sturdy and strong, despite his slim figure. Your heart stuttered in your chest and you have to fight a gasp at the hard length against your crotch. His tongue interlocked with yours shamelessly, too intoxicated with your taste to stop. 
Once the need for breathing appeared, he pulled away, dipping his head down to your ears. “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered. 
“W-Wait, we’re still outside,” you said breathlessly. He kissed your red cheek, slowly making his way to your ear. “There are people arouUND--!” Your entire body stiffened when his tongue licked up behind your ear, coating that sensitive area with his saliva and soon followed by a hickey, leaving his mark. “Ajax!”
He chuckled into your ear, the husk of it sending shivers down your spine. He buried his face in your neck, nipping at the skin, sucking at a tender spot and then running his tongue over it. 
“It’s fine,” he said against your skin. “You’re just going to have to stay quiet, then.”
He twirled you around, shoving your upper body against the wall and propping your ass out.  The view before him was perfect. You against a wall, face all flushed and flustered and him pressed up against you, his boner rubbing against your ass. 
He draped himself above you, one of his hands sliding down in between your legs and the other reaching up to tweak your nipples. He could feel the shiver running down your spine as he rubbed you. “Feels good, hmm?” he purred into your ear. 
“Ajax...stop that,” you blushed. It wouldn’t be a lie to admit that his voice had a way that just seemed to get you dripping. 
“Why are you so adorable?” His lips brushed against your ear. You startled, his hand slipping inside your pants and into your underwear. “I want to tease you more.” 
Soft whimpers escaped your lips from each time his fingers slid between your lips and rubbed tantalisingly slow. When the tips of his fingers circled your clit, your body jerked forward and a low moan filled the shallow pit. Childe watched intensely, pressing closer to you, almost so he could feel your pleasure, too. He wanted to witness it all. The way your body responded, how your eyes flutter open and shut with the pleasure, how your nipples hardened immediately and the way your core responded with love juices, evidence of his satisfying touch.
“A..Ajax, not here...” Your hand rested on top of his. “Please...”
“It’s going to be okay. No one can hear nor see us,” he reassured you, the hand on your chest reaching up to pet your head. “I won’t let anyone.” Though his words sounded like love, if you looked close, you would be able to see the darkness in his eyes and the threat he portrayed to others. 
With that, he took the initiative to drive you into a climax. His fingers dipped inside of you, his mouth occupying the soft skin on the side of your neck. Your legs spread unconsciously, giving him more space to sink his fingers in further. 
Your arms shook as you tried to keep yourself up, your moans flowing out non-stop. Childe’s sadistic smirk - the one he would only don during the thrill of a battle - widened, enjoying how desperate you were right now, rubbing yourself on his crotch and leaning against the rock in front. 
“I don’t want to have sex, huh?” he teased.
Your cheeks flared. “Sh-Shut up.” You were too breathless to even argue at this point. It was close. That familiar high, that sweet release. Too close. “G-Go faster.”
“Go faster, what?”
“Hmm? I can’t hear you.”
You were getting frustrated, gyrating your hips against his, trying to get his fingers deeper inside of you. “Please, Ajax. Please!”
“Huh? Who’s there?!”
Your body froze, eyes wide. Oh, fuck. Someone heard you. 
While you panicked, pressed against the wall with fingers inside of you, a sadistic idea popped into Childe’s head. He dipped his head low and whispered, “Stay quiet.”
A rush of cold air hit you, your pants showed down to your knees. “Wait!” you whisper-shouted. “What are you doing--!”
Your hand shot up to muffle your cries as Childe buried himself inside you. “Damn, you feel so good,” he hummed softly into your ear. “Do your best to stay quiet, okay?”
With a sharp thrust of his hips, Childe pushed himself deeper in you. He watched his dick disappear inside of you and he swallowed hard. How can someone be so gorgeous and hot at the same time? You trembled under him, gasp upon gasp muffled by your hand. Trembles racked your body as you struggled to keep yourself up with one hand. “A-Ajax.” Hips rolled together, meeting each other in sync. 
“It’s okay. I’ve got you.” One of his arms wrapped under you and the other resting against the wall in front, he kept you up with ease as he took you. “You’re doing good,” he whispered. “So good. You’re clenching onto me really tight. You want this, huh? It feels hot, knowing we could get caught right now, right?”
Shaking your head, you removed your hand to say a quick, “No”, but as if he was expecting it, he angled his next thrust at your sweet spot and a loud moan ripped passed you. 
"What was that? Did you hear a noise?” 
Oh no. 
Instead of the previous voice, now, it sounded like two kids. They were atop a balcony on the right and though they wouldn’t be able to see you right now, if they looked down, they would undoubtedly see you getting railed against a wall.
You struggled to keep your moans in check as Childe rocked your body. 
“What if it’s a ghost?”
“Huh?! Ghosts aren’t real!” 
Hurry up and leave, you pleaded in your head. 
Childe took sick pleasure out of this. Hell, his dick even hardened at the thought of getting caught, and at the way you teared up in embarrassment. Oh, how he adored your expressions. 
“A-- I’m going to cum.” You looked back, eyes pleading for him to stop.
He smirked. “Then cum.” His grip tightened and he pistoned in and out of you at a fast pace. 
You quivered under him, at your limit. You felt yourself dissolving in pleasure as waves of pleasure overwhelmed you. Childe groaned, trying hard to restrain himself from releasing right then and there. Why ruin the fun, when he could ruin you?
He wasn’t done. His thrusts grew sloppier the closer he was to cumming. Your overstimulated body couldn’t keep up with him, knees giving up on you and body slumping to the ground. That didn’t stop him either. 
He simply adjusted positions and you were both on the floor together, your back arched and your ass in the air, Childe taking you once again. The thick stench of sex filled the pit and your muffles pants and moans had him going crazy.
Whether the kids were still here or not mattered nothing to him. All Childe wanted right now was to cum. He grunted like a beast, ramming his hips to thrust violently into yours.
This pleasure was too much. You couldn't even keep up to his thrusts. It was overwhelming. You throbbed around him, clenching him tight. The fire pooling in his abdomen felt like a spring coiling tightly. He was awaiting his release but he held himself back. He wanted you to cum one more time, at the same time as him. "Are...are you close?"
He nodded and sped up a bit. No doubt there would be bruises where he gripped your hips. He’d pull you down with each thrust, making your hips smack against each other. "I'm close," he panted.
You sputtered out an agreement but no words left you. The pleasure was too intense. Your body trembled once more as you came undone by his hands. 
Childe groaned. He had to, and he did. He held you tight and with one last lurch, he buried himself to sheathe himself inside of you. Thick strings of cum shot out of him, pooling inside. The heat brought a satisfying, familiar sensation, and the two of you stayed still. Childe was stunned at the pure euphoria going through his body. Who knew he had such a kink for public sex?
You, on the other hand, were completely out of it. You slumped onto the ground, too exhausted to say or do anything.  
A smirk quirked at his lips, seeing the state of your body. He leaned down and kissed your forehead. “You were amazing.” He pulled out and both your fluids pooled out obscenely, dripping onto the ground. “Tired, now?” he teased. 
You glared at him. 
Now, you were back at the inn you and Childe resided in, all washed and dried and snuggly wrapped in the covers of your bed. You were still upset at Childe and the pout you donned evidenced that. 
Childe walked out of the shower (because you refused to show with him, lest he try anything else), drying his hair. He looked amused at the glare you gave him. “Oh, c’mon, girlie. You can’t still be mad at me?”
“ Boundaries, Childe. There are some things you can’t go over, and having sex in public is one of them!”
He sighed. “Maybe this’ll make you feel better?” He went over to one of the many bags you had brought from the festival and reached inside. 
“If it isn’t ice cream, I don’t want it.”
“I think you’ll like it.” He sat beside you on the bed and showed you a box. “Open it,” he nudged it closer.
With a loud sigh, you dramatically burst your arms out from under the burrito wrap you rolled yourself inside. You took the box from him and opened it. Your eyes widened. Inside the box were two silver rings, and it wasn’t the carvings inside of them that spelt your names that made you gasp but the beautiful blue light they emitted. 
Childe watched expectantly, analysing your expression. “Do you...do you like it?”
“Like it? Ajax, it’s beautiful!”
He sighed in relief. “That’s good.”
“Where did you get them from?” 
Childe deadpanned. “Are you serious? We were at the store before. The lady there told us the story.”
You laughed sheepishly. “Ahah, yeah...I remember.”
He sighed. “What do I do with you?” But the twinkle in his eyes gave away his amusement. “Here. Let me put it on for you.” He took your hand and gently slid the ring up your ring finger (on your right hand though. You’ll be getting a diamond for your left). You helped put his on and he stared at you, his eyes shining with an unusual warmth inside of them. “I love you, Y/N. I really do.”
 Cheeks warming up, you went in for a kiss. “I love you, too,” you whispered against his lips. “To the moon and back.”
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Princess Anne swinging Zara Phillips with her nanny around 1982
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The Nevers (2021) - 1x03
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lovable himbo hugs new found family, 2022
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earth & mix behind the scenes 
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that time andy auditioned to be shiva
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Appreciating some 6-in-the-morning-hair-back-grumbly gremlin Bakugou Cuteski.
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