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#cuz fuck it

Ive been training myself all week to wake up on early cuz I had a thing this morning, confirmed thing last night, was super excited for thing the last week, and I wake up this morning to see that its potentially happening next week now :///

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If I could block all of the shitty drama on here lately, i would. I come here to have fun, not get ripped about my opinion. I may have to just take a break from looking at posts or tumblr all together. Things online don’t usually give me anxiety, but all the bullshit drama going on has me on edge. I would add words to my filter list, but seeing it has stiff to do with Alex or Ivar, I cant really do that either. So I’m screwed. I value other peoples opinions and give them all a chance, but when mine is attacked or mocked, I’m done with you. You can state your opinion, but to do it in a petty manner is beyond childish. I guess not everyone in this fandom are adults, even if they are.

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