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#cuz its cute

( @guttersniper | cont. )

     the smell of diner food consumes the air – a greasy meal that the texan sniffs involuntarily through nostrils. it’s too strong for him, too much food for a man with a small stomach like himself. but the kid’s diminished, doesn’t care what’s on his plate so long as its there. he won’t interfere with hunger… even if it’s not his preference.


     ❛ no. go ahead. ❜  

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Uhmm dai messaggi che ti arrivano, deduco che é il tuo compleanno*-* Auguriririririririririri tanti tanti tantissimi <3 :3

Sisi :) grazie mille patata! (Comunque, le cose in cui mi hai taggata le farò prima o poi lo giuro xD)

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fingers are freezing it got 49 degrees (f) last night like dude im still awake at 3 am??? and cant sleep??? im like pls, out of u two heaters that didnt work last time i plugged u both in, ONE of u work. and the one that, last time it turned on for like 1 minute before the fan stopped running but the light was still on and at LEASt i GUESS, it lasted just for last night but i dont know how to fix it and its too fucking cold to walk over to the neighbors and ask him to fix it… plus the only pair of pants (tht were clean) i had is rudolph an his gf pjs so like……………

#bite.txt, #its 51 now (inside)like didnt help i had to break a window to get in the other day, #futon was right below that window im like dude im moving my setup back here and then AFTER ALL THT THE HEATER DECIDED nah fuck u, #the new one comes on friday or saturday dude im gonna freeze to death but at least my cat is here????????????, #he is Not allowed outside in this cold....... i need him for warmths...., #so cute he curled up next to me/on me all last bnight too, #even tho i had trouble falloing asleep and kept moving around and getting up to pee hes like i will still lay on/next to u mama!!!!!!!!, #bf wont be coming back for probably another 3-6 days, #hes in icu (or was in im still waiting for him to call me back which it looks like he did while i was sleeping), #dude i live in FLORIDA ITS ACTUALLY GETTING COLD FOR ONCE, #oh for fucks sake the second hoodie i chose has a broken zipper fuck, #using this like twitter as if anyone even reads my stupid posts on either there or here, #f in both farehneenenenheight (the only way 2 sspell that stpudid word) and both f for me my fingers r gonna DIE, #i hope they dont turn off the power cuz we still need to pay the electric bill, #and fuckibg west florida hospital nEEDS TO FIND HIS WALLET AND BAPTIST NEED S 2 FIND MINE, #thatd be fucked up his backpay comes to DAY and they prolly still havent found it, #and we would have toi wait 8 fucking hours (literally... not exaggerating) for direct express to even ANSWER, #and then wait 8 months for them to send a replacement card like fucked up yo, #8 months is an exxgration im just getting lazy at typoing words but anyways it would probably take like a month or so to get here, #directexpress is so horrible to work with i wish my boy had used synovus bank like me and his dad did, #ok i gotta stfu now fr
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God i remember the 1 and only time in my life sm1 asked for my number and said I look cute and I asked him for his age b4 anything and he just turned 18 and I was literally turning 22 or smth In like 3 days like lord pls do that again but w a guy my age thank u

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at like 8am i was dying laughing talking to charlie bc we were talking abt how redacted is named after his dad whos named after his dad etc etc etc (like 4 ppl) and idk why it was just so funny bc i was awake all night so a bit delirious

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