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#cuz this needs to stop
delborovic · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Spooky movies & treats night with the boys! I always get busy in October so I started working on this one really early >:) The thing I like most about the Promnis ship is Iggy getting to do ridiculous juvenile things at Prompto’s urging, so here they are being bums in the spirit of the holiday~  Thanks so much to su-wan for her inspriation and help when I got stuck on this one! ♡🎃  Fullview for not-blurry because tumblr hates these tall posts and I love the format, apparently...
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spacedlexi · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i wont be able to accept theyre actually in their mid/late 20s until i design everyone pls help
clems hair is pretty close to her s4 hair except she cut that silly little side bun off. keepin it short. vi lets hers grow out a little bit. just hits her shoulders. sometimes she tucks it behind her ears (cuz shes opened up since clem arrived)
in theory i think everyone would get a new wardrobe but also...would they even need one? dont think the s4 teens are gonna be doing much growing anymore
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magnetic-rose · a month ago
also loki/sylvie ONLY works as a m/f pairing. marvel would NEVER had gone there if sylvie identified as a male loki. and if they had gone there, we’d see countless articles about how disturbing and disgusting it was, instead of all these “ooooh marvel is SoOoOo crazy, self-cest is sOoOo funny, it’s about self love get it huehue?” articles. because m/f relationships are allowed to be weird and twisted and lowkey disgusting and still be allowed to exist and be portrayed on screen, but same-sex relationships can barely hold hands without people threatening to boycott the show.
no, loki/sylvie is not a heterosexual relationship because neither of the characters are heterosexual. i understand that. but it’s a relationship that is allowed to exist solely because one character has presented solely as male, and the other solely as female. them slapping “fluid” to loki’s medical chart and then doing absolutely nothing to show that they’re actually fluid does not count as good rep.
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hanasaku-shijin · 2 years ago
Catradora cuddles i need in my life
imagine Catra knocking Adora’s book out of her hands impatiently because she wants to go to bed and cuddle this instant
imagine Catra asleep at the foot of Adora’s bed waking up because she’s a little chilly and slowly crawling up to burrow under Adora’s arm instead
imagine Catra curled up at Adora’s side snoring softly as Adora pets through her hair
imagine Catra unconsciously kneading Adora’s stomach in her sleep and Adora is trying so hard not to laugh out loud and wake her
imagine Catra laying flush on top of Adora in full-on cat cuddle mode
imagine Catra being the big spoon and possessively curling her tail over Adora’s hip 
imagine Catra being the little spoon and pouting as she refuses to admit she loves the warmth of Adora’s body at her back and gently covering Adora’s hands over her stomach and squeezing them softly
imagine Catra getting embarrassed that Adora can feel/listen to her breathing/heartbeat so she stubbornly tries to just stop existing altogether
imagine Catra just automatically purring and she can’t help it but she tries to stop because it’s embarrassing but also everything just feels so nice so who cares
imagine Catra purring so hard she ends up choking and Adora has to rub her back for her
imagine Catra giving Adora a little nip of a goodnight kiss on the cheek or lips or both
imagine Catra twitching almost spastically in her sleep and making soft chittering noises as she dreams
imagine Catra in the morning doing the thing cats do when they wake up to the bright light, pushing her hands over her eyes while mewling and grumbling
imagine Catra yawning and stretching her arms out all over/across Adora’s face
imagine Catra’s tired lazy early-morning purrs in the back of her throat as she lies on top of Adora and prevents her from getting up for another hour
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sydsliftingface · 3 years ago
i need to stop threatening to fight people cuz now yall are into that and im tryna make you scared not horny bitch
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suckerforparker · 12 months ago
emmett, when he was hunting with edward in the woods: i make a mother fucker say OH YEAH!! i’m smooth as a lamb with no hair and if you ever see me in the forrest with a grizzly bear HELP THE BEAR cuz that bitch gonna need it
edward: can you PLEASE stop playing with your food
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wooang-angmako · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Credits by me: LIAH♡
Please do not steal♡
I need someone to hit me in the face cuz
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