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pururin · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
ironic that i have to search for this to put on my cv
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catullan · 3 months ago
i DO have an idea for this phd proposal but the deadline’s oct. 28 and i have a) countless job duties and 2) no access to any academic source whatsoever and even if i did i find it hard to be able to research a topic i know jack shit about in like. three days. why was the deadline set two weeks ago this is academic cruelty
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that-was-anticlimactic · a day ago
having tourette’s during the pandemic is really like “i promise it’s a tic and not a cough i’m not sick i don’t have covid”
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tillman · 3 months ago
omg stop i think my wisdom teeth r coming in. cool 
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libertytm · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
detainment  in  the  wake  of  victory  left  a  bitter  taste  in  steve’s  mouth.  even  the  enormity  of  deep-rooted  relief  he  felt  in  having  nat  at  his  side  was  tempered  by  the  apprehension  of  what  had  happened  in  their  absence  to  cause  this  welcome.  it  was  like  nobody  believed  a  word  they  said,  about  anything.  the  cell  they’d  been  tossed  in  was  nothing  more  than  metallic  shoe  box  with  a  single  cot.
they’d  been  interrogated  about  their personal  and  professional  history,  down  to  the  most  minute  detail,  and  still  cold  eyes  read  skeptical...  and  fearful.  
Tumblr media
❝ how  are  you  feeling? ❞  steve  turns  his  attention  back  to  nat.  ( the  stone  had  returned  a  piece  of  his  heart  to  him,  but  couldn’t  fully  reverse  the  toll  it  had  taken  on  her )  when  their  eyes  meet  they  both  soften.  a  silent  exchange  of  their  shared,  central-concern.  ❝ i’m  worried  about  him  too.  we’ll  make  a  move  as  soon  as  you’re  a  little  more  steady  on  your  feet. ❞  he  hoped  whoever  was  listening  in  took  it  as  a  promise.  they  needed  to  get  out  and  find  bucky,  something  was  wrong.   //   @spydered​   &   @wyntered​​    ( plotted  starter )
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elibeeline · 9 months ago
Tomorrow is gonna take a lot of mental spoons, wish me luck :')
#i have to go and collect my new uniform AND cook dinner AND there might be a tommyinnit lore stream #the way the dinner and uniform things are timed are stressful #bc I have to finish food prep before my brother and dad come home bc they'll both complain about the food and my technique #but my mom's driving me to get the uniform before she meets with her friend and i don't remember if she said we were going at 11 or 1 #both are inconvenient bc 11 is too early and 1 is too late bc I won't have time for food prep #why did i offer to cook something on the same day I was already doing something? #i might not recover from the embarrassment of cooking bad food by my first shift either 🙃🙃🙃 #bad week probably gang #fingers crossed it all goes well but the odds are not in my favour #let it be sunny at least. i don't mind if there's cold wind just let it be sunny #i had choice-freeze over which bread to make a sandwich from earlier gang my brain isn't made for this bullshit #i laugh at those who dare say I'm not neurodivergent. this shit sucks ass #i hate the tommy lore being either tomorrow or friday because if it is tomorrow then I have to pay attention to things until like 11pm #and I really just want to turn my brain off once i finish the dinner #wait no #i gotta help my brother with his homework and his CV practice #bc for some reason he's a good student and does projects when he's given them rather than leaving them until the night before #i'll persuade him into doing it over the weekend or smth bc I will not deal with CVs after all the shit i gotta do tomorrow #how dare this corporate capitalist society and human body refrain me from simply being moss #let me just photosynthesis in the woods to survive please #as long as the tommy lore is friday instead and the sun is out and dinner doesn't turn out horrible then i'll be okay #if not I will probably cry or snap at someone #if it comes down to it i'd rather snap at someone but i hope it's just to some stranger rather than my family #bc I don't want to argue with them bc I'll be in the wrong but I don't want to admit it 🙃 #ughhhhhhhhh please just let me be moss #or a simple fish in a nice woodland stream where all I gotta worry about is not bumping into a rock
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andromeda3116 · 4 months ago
gotta workshop my (admittedly weak) cv, send one more request to a recommender (whose number i just need to track down; she's already said she'd do it if i needed one but i want to formally ask before just like. putting someone's name down.) and then work up the courage to hit submit on the grad school application
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halfd3af · 3 days ago
I need to finish my grad school applications this week and I’m gonna explode
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clarissaexplainingitall · 15 days ago
finally rotating injection sites for my b12 like i am so brave and strong
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alaskaayoungg15 · 9 months ago
A little advice from a girl who changed her career
Switching careers can be challenging. I was in the same boat a couple of months back and I can tell you - it's terrifying. You have no clue which jobs match your skills, what is the interviewer going to ask, how long is the process going to last. Are you an imposter? Thousands of thoughts rushing through your mind and most of them are not very positive :(
Meanwhile, you are sick of your current job and desperately want to get out of your industry. You see no scope of learning, you're frustrated and can't seem to continue for another day. You're demotivated the whole time, bored, angry and confused about why you're feeling this way. Been there done that.
Somehow, you realize may be you're on the wrong career path. May be you've stopped growing. May be it's your saturation point. And the only way you're going to feel motivated again is when you try something new! Now you feel relieved. You are ready for the big change.
Then comes the big question - How the hell am I supposed to get out of my industry where I've spent all my life and do something different?
Well, the answer is simple. You CAN if you learn this one thing - Identify your skill set. What skills have you acquired in your experience. There are skills which are very specific to a certain kind of job and there are some which can be retrofitted for different job requirements. The former is going to land you a job which is related to your current field but the latter can make you flexible for different types of job roles. So, what exactly are these skills? Let's dive right in. 1. Writing: There are tons of jobs you can get if you're good at writing. Corporate communications, copywriting, social media marketing, marketing communications & more. All you need is a decent vocabulary and a bit of storytelling.
2. Speaking: Client servicing, sales, business development, journalism. If you can talk people into buying your product or service, you've got yourself a high paying job.
3. Project management
4. Marketing: Of course, I'm not talking about straightaway becoming the head of marketing or the VP. But social media, digital is the future. So, it's good idea to learn and do courses in this discipline.
5. Strategy: This is the best one. If you know how to build a strategy and framework around a product or service, you are never going to be jobless. Strategy is a skill which comes with experience. It's a highly satisfying job as it's literally the foundation of everything.
If you're even slightly good at any of these, tweak your resume in a way which highlights these skills, use them to your advantage. You can improvise and brush up later. See how best can you sell yourself and convince your interviewer how good a fit you would be if you were hired.
I did that and changed my career by just tweaking my resume and selling myself based on these skills.
Final notes - be passionate and flexible. Managers love people who are humble, adaptable and hungry to learn. Employers specifically dislike those who think they know it all, exude arrogance and seem rigid. Who are not good team players.
I hope somebody would benefit from this. I wish you all the best!
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deceitspeaks · 3 months ago
y'know Alucard was portrayed pretty badly in that one radio drama as well
what is with that man only being likeable in the games themselves???
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bunabi · a year ago
the fact that cops can kill people who are slightly rude and be all ‘lol sucks to suck’ about it but retail employees with 400% more training cant lmao
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sunfevered · 5 months ago
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consolecadet · 5 months ago
It’s been so hot all day that neither Casey nor I are functioning particularly well. We did however get a free bookcase from my dad, and I made us mint limeade with the gigantic bundle of mint I got at the supermarket
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little-escapist · 5 months ago
I hate trying to create a CV.
I hate trying to fit what I know and am good at onto a piece of a paper.
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bring-mimi-back · 2 months ago
#I- I got a scholarship from uni....like. how. it's one where you only have to have good grades #and maybe have had some work experience or sth like voluntary stuff is not required #my uni isn't a big one so the grade requirements I guess wasn't that high since my average is 1.7 #though i did some stuff before uni... I didn't expect it but I'm really glad since I can put this on my CV #also 300 bucks a month for a year that's neat-o! esp since I'm not working rn to focus on my studies #. #i hope tagging this as . will allow me to find this again in the future. since apparently only having it in the text as . doesn't work #sucks because i wanted to see what i was rambling about in the past but oh well. jist to be sure I'll tag this it too aa #xuup #anyway there's a little ceremony (?) that I have to attend which is on the day of the 2.3 release oof #it's at 4pm and won't last that long but I guess I'll just wake up at like 6am to pull for Albedo asjfjdjs since I have a class at til 1pm #I'm afraid I'll have to talk to the my sponsor since half the money is donated by companies/private peeps #I can't do smalltalk at all and I'm SO bad at talking to people I don't know. hear me stammer or talk nonsense #i wonder if I should get sth small for myself to celebrate the occasion though #I was thinking whether I should get a battle pass to get Serpent Spine #but I already am a welkin buyer...and that after I said I'd never spend money on a mobile game again lol #so I don't really want to do this even though part of me really wants Serpent Spine #but if I get it it'll just open the door for me to get the Black Sword for Kaeya and eventually Deathmatch for eventual dps polearm too #I don't think I want to cross that road...i mean yea weapon the few pulls and fragile resin are nice but it's 10.99€ i think so 2 Welkin #crit% weapon though....no I think Itto should be fine with Whiteblind. esp since his def got a bit buffed lol #no BP for me. no! gotta think of something else
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thybeantheslut · 3 months ago
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a-dorin · 3 months ago
another cow tiktok that made me think of you 💕
thank you jj 🥺
this cheered me up at work 🤍
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doneknitting · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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kxowledge · a year ago
I’m trying to (a) get some money to pay for my living expenses while I am stuck in a foreign country for a couple of months during the covid19 outbreak and hence cannot find work and (b) get some experience freelancing, and (c) have a blast doing this because I actually enjoy it a lot.
So, I’m offering here -  to my followers but not only - my services. 
 For a small fee of 5£ I’ll help you with:
CV OR cover letter OR personal statement (reviewing)
+5£ if you are trying to write from scratch and need help with that (must be willing to spend some time talking to me about your      previous experiences, goals, life, etc.)
I have experience with CVs for positions in: management      consulting, finance, tech start-ups, translation, retail, telecoms, hotel management and catering, social media marketing, event planning, sales.
My experience related to personal statements in only with UK      universities in either economics or humanities (lang & lit, history)
Essay proofreading & editing
Previous experience in economics, sociology, history, comparative      lit, psychology - but I’m open to any topic
 Max 10 pages (more than that? Let’s talk about it)
Writing advice for Italian
Correction of short texts (2-4, unless very long – total approx. 3      pages) and explanation of vocabulary usage / grammatical rules
 I’ve been teaching English and Italian on a casual basis all throughout my studies & all my students got the grade they were      aiming for
 IF you are experiencing financial hardship as a result of Covid-19 (or for other reasons), don’t hesitate to say so and I’ll help you free of charge!
 For free, I’ll help you & your business with:
Market research
Business model design
Digital transformation & digital strategy
Business strategy
Only caveat is that you must be willing to let me put this in my CV & portfolio - which I am trying to build, hence why I am not asking for any fee. I have previous experience in all of these, having done consulting work for start-ups and multinational companies alike.
Feel free to contact me! Please reblog! I’ll be stuck here for the next two month and I need some distraction
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