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#cw blood
plantonspace · 2 days ago
I got a stomach infection so I'm currently bedridden but that won't stop me from drawing ghostboo in my phone
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moecartoons · 2 days ago
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This moment absolutely blew my socks off. I literally went from thoroughly freaked out to laughing hysterical at the singing. To my regular followers, I sincerely hope those of you squeamish about blood have tags muted/blocked!! And I swear I’m not going to become a horror blog anytime soon, haha. Drawing real people IS TOO DANG HARD.
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devilart2199-aibi · 2 days ago
hi! your art is so beautiful :’) thank you for sharing it with us <33 was wondering if you’d have any interest in drawing the Dogwarts boys from 3L? <33
cw blood scars
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100% yes!! I haven't really drawn them yet bc I wanted to watch their povs first! At the time I first watched 3rd life I only saw a few povs so now I'm going back to fill the LL void haha. (I did make these doodles tho sjjssjjs) I watched a bit of Martyn's awhile back and recently started Ren's pov! So some art might appear eventually ^^
Also!!! Gosh of course! I'm happy you like it! Thank you very much!! 🥺💖
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agendratum · 4 hours ago
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“You don't even know how to use a sword, what are you carrying this one for? To scare people?”
“This sword is what I owe you.”
reasons to watch legend of fei (5/?)
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uglynetwork · 2 days ago
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A final breath, and subconsciously maybe even a sigh of relief..
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jarojam · 2 days ago
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'nother boo doodle
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mondfuchs · a day ago
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@fujifingerz drew this awesome seiusa comic with chaos!seiya and a lot of angst that I loved so much, I just had to draw a little fanart continuation of it!! :D
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whump-only · 2 days ago
Mini fanfic of @deluxewhump‘s Cam + Z! Early days, vampire AU. 
cw: blood, unconsciousness, open wounds
Cam got back to the frat when the sun was already up, so the shades were drawn everywhere, just slivers of light casting narrow beams across the hardwood. It was weird to see the living room so quiet. Pieces of dust floated lazily through the air before disappearing into shadow. 
The human was sprawled out on the ground, face down. The ratty, blood soaked shirt that he usually wore was gone, probably torn off by some eager freshman. 
Cam sighed looking at the mess of bandages, uncovered bite marks, and purple bruising that darkened Z’s back. There were two clearly fresh bites on Z’s shoulder that weren’t even wrapped up, still oozy from being opened hours ago.
Cam fumed. It was a clear rule that all bites needed to be stopped up if they all wanted to feed. The asshole silver spoons were so used to being careless with their things, because they could always be replaced. 
Cam felt a surge of possessiveness, greed. He wasn’t even hungry, but if everyone else was taking more blood… Cam grabbed Z’s arm and pushed him onto his back.  Z rolled over without resistance, his head lolled over. His eyes didn’t open. 
Z was obviously drained, but Cam lifted Z’s limp hand anyway, hoping to go for a wrist vein. The wrist was already wrapped in layers of darkened gauze but the bandages were old and pushed down in places, where others had lazily bit through and not bothered to re-wrap tightly. 
Cam pushed the gauze out of the way with his thumb—Z didn’t even stir—revealing the tattered, punctured skin of Z’s wrist. Cam put his nose to it. He could smell the blood, but it was masked by that odor of unwashed human musk. It wasn’t appetizing but… Cam didn’t hate it. He pressed his lips to the raw skin. Z’s heartbeat was so weak, barely there… 
He’s gonna die, Cam realized. Cam suddenly knew this like he knew any fact. If he left, at nightfall he’d come back down and find Z gone, limbs divided up between seniors and tossed into the freezer. Experiment over, failed. Z didn’t last a month. The twinge of sympathy for the human was embarrassing, unwelcome. Who cares?, Cam assured himself. It was the human’s fault for being so weak. I mean, it is a damn waste of money, that’s for sure. 
Z’s stomach rose and fell, almost imperceptibly. As if pulled by a strange force, Cam brought his head down to Z’s chest, pressed his ear there. He closed his eyes. Z was warm. Cam figured, that was the one good thing about humans. Warm blooded. Z’s heart beat was a low, weak thrum. 
It wasn’t fair that Cam wouldn’t get to feed on Z longer, because the gang of dolts didn’t get their shit together and stick to some basic rules. It had to be ruined for everyone. 
Z made an airy noise and Cam snapped his head up. Cam started intently at Z’s face, which was still unresponsive, pale. The cheeks lacked that pink flush that had made Cam excited, hungry. There was still a little redness left in Z’s parted lips. Cam’s teeth twinged, pulling him to nip that soft flesh. Make it leak. Make it dribble. He leaned down, so their mouths were close. Cam could feel Z’s breath, just so. 
Z wasn’t dead yet. Cam rose energetically. He could save the human. 
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