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#cw disordered eating
c1nnamon-girl · 2 days ago
is anyone else motivated to lose weight by the weirdest things?? like i’ll be listening to a song and be like, “this song is so good i need to be skinny so i can relate to it.” or see a picture of a guy and be like, “i wish i was skinny so i could picture myself with him.” idk if that made any sense but yeah lol
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rollingintospace · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
50 pounds and a fuck ton of tattoos later, but when I look in the mirror I feel the same.
I wish I could re-wire my brain to think like a normal person.
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1200tears · 2 days ago
I’ve been eating so much lately and I don’t know why! I feel so disgusting and worthless. How am I ever going to achieve my goals if I keep eating like this?! I’m so stressed out and on edge I just really need to buckle down, figure my shit out, and drop some weight because this is getting out of hand.
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i-j-w-t-b-t · a day ago
first time i think i’ve ever not binged and here are some tips i have:
get veryyyy relaxed
if you get the snackies, 0 cal pickles are your best friend
if that doesn’t satisfy you, then have a small amount of dark chocolate to suck on (a few hershey’s kisses)
cuddle yourself up in a blanket and get busy doing something (tiktok worked for me)
drink water! small sips though so you don’t have to pee right away.
update: having pickles, some chocolate, and doing some light cardio after it wears off WILL create a belly ache.
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wh0refordietmtndew · a day ago
“eating disorders are so aesthetic🥺🥺”
no bitch stfu i literally catch myself being upset bc my cat is skinnier than me. a cat. a NON HUMAN?!!!!?
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fatskinnybitsh · 2 days ago
I’m about to ctrl+alt+delete
I’m so fucking sick of people telling me I'm to young to develop and eating disorder and everything I’m doing is an active choice I’m making. Like bitch do you think i enjoy throwing my guts up every time I eat anything and spending my whole day obsessing over food? 
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wantjusttobethin · 2 days ago
If you develop an eating disorder when you're already thin, you go to the hospital.
If you develop an eating disorder when you're fat at the beginning, you're a success story
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m down 110 today :D. I’m finally starting to lose the weight from surgery. Thank fucking god. I’m almost down to my goal weight.
✖️✖️✖️Not pro anything ✖️✖️✖️
➡️Disclaimer: I like to post my body checks in nude to give me a accurate progress photo. If you hate it then block me :)⬅️
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t0ko-has-problems · 2 days ago
Not eating actual food just so I can eat candy, aka useless calories, my passion 😩😩
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