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After nearly a year of work, I have finally finished my amigurumi version of Earth 2’s Dr. Harrison “Harry” Wells from the CW version of The Flash. The Flash is my favorite show, and my favorite superhero, and Harry Wells is my favorite character in the show. I had to start with him. I do plan on making as many Flash characters as I can, starting with the main group (yes, that means making two dolls of all the metas, one in costume and one in plan clothes). I’m going to make the Scarlet Speedster himself, next.

Dr. Wells belongs to the CW and DC Comics.

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There’s been some muttering about the sudden decision to move a lot of the DCTV/Arrowverse shows from DC Fandome’s main day, to a new separate second event in September.

The given reason is, to make it easier to schedule things for the fans, which is reasonable.  It’s a pretty packed event, even without those panels (But with plenty of reruns too)

BUT I also wonder if another factor is the recent decision to begin filming a lot of the shows in the next few weeks.  There’s been talks of trailers at these events but…what would they be?  Maybe some leftovers from episodes they didn’t air yet, like I know Supergirl ALMOST completed it’s final episode, but needed like two more days.  But otherwise, I suspect they’d be glorified sizzle reels.

So I wonder if they decided to delay the tv shows, since they are (hopefully!) about to start filming the new seasons, and that would give them an extra month to film new stuff and put together REAL trailers for the new season, and have actual stuff to show and talk about and tease.

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Does anyone have the flash for flash image with ezra miller and the cw flash actor. I think it was an Instagram post where they were in costume

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