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#cw shibari
mondfuchs · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When I drew fanart for @kiko--murda 's Jarilo fanfic, I had already kind of accepted that there might not ever be an ending to the story. Luckily for me, however, Kiko finished it less than two weeks later, and it was such a satisfying ending!!!
Which is why I couldn't help but draw some more fanart :D
I've cropped it and put the full drawing under a readmore because of some safe-for-tumblr content warnings (bruises, scratches, bloodied bandages, minor rope bondage in a non-sexual way, non-explicit nudity) that I don't usually draw or put up here. I got a little carried away painting those injuries (painting bruises is fun!!), and I understand that that kind of stuff isn't everybody's cup of tea. The same goes for the actual fic, by the way: Make sure to read those content warnings! :)
Tumblr media
For those who haven't read the fic: Geralt is supposed to look extra thin and famished because of some really rough weeks. Eskel is fat bc I like to draw him fat...
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thegaleandlance · a year ago
Tumblr media
// Hey how’s it going? I feel dead so have a doodle
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rabdoidal · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
vaguely horny shibari clown hours with my OC lola
✨ kofi link in bio if you’re feeling generous ✨
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dilucspuppy · 12 days ago
♡ A little something something abt Zhongli
☆ not requested i just felt like it :3
CW: smut, shibari, sensory deprivation, detailed description of Zhonglis dragon dicks(just skip the last bullet)
Tumblr media
Zhongli is a gentlemen, we all know this, and that demeanor extend to bedroom as well. He is gentle and loving in everything he does. Being bit old fashioned and very considerate when it comes to his significant other, he will double and triple check to make sure you're comfortable when trying new things beforehand and would never push anything on you.
As for himself, having been around for millennia he has more than enough experience under his belt to know what he does and doesn't like both when it comes to his partner and himself. Even then there isn't much he would object to if you offer, he is willing try anything once for you. A particular favorite of his that he would like to try out is tying you up shabari style. He's a switch so he won't turn you down if you bring up the idea of tying him up.
He is also into sensory deprivation. The allure of not being able to use his senses to be completely aware of what is going on around him, other than the feeling of your touch, only makes things more intense.
Ok so we all know as an Archon Zhongli has the ability to manipulate his body(specifically his dick) however he wants and he was very quick to express this to you. He is even willing to morph it into a more downsized adjacent to his dragon form. He has two, they glow a warm bronze-gold, are both equally girthy and heavy, ribbed with thick vertical veins and seem to ooze a never ending flow of golden cum. A little something like this
Tumblr media
🌈Oh! would you like some more?
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feuvyper · a month ago
‼️ cw // suggestive themes, shibari
Tumblr media
🩸 commission for @altschmerz-schonheit
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jaskierswolf · a month ago
Hey babe! I'm back to ask for more porn please and thank you! How about Lambert and his first foray in shibari? I just think he'd look awfully pretty tied up 👀
Hello my dearest Flower 🥰
This is 800 words, vaguely horny due to the nature of shibari but really not at all.
CW: Shibari, discussions of sex but nothing explicit, dom/sub relationship.
Lambert took a deep breath as Aiden fixed another stretch of rope across his chest. The ropes were a rich deep blue, on Aiden’s insistence, and felt a bit odd against his skin. This was a new experience for Lambert, one that he’d been desperate to try ever since he’d first seen it at a brothel but he hadn’t found anyone he trusted enough to let his guard down enough. A witcher tied up in the complex knotted harness was an easy target, and there were many people that hated witchers enough to take advantage of that, but Lambert had always enjoyed being bound in the bedroom. It settled his mind in a way nothing else could, and for those few precious moments, he could forget about the world, forget about being a witcher… he could just be him; the man he could have been without all… that?
Finding Aiden had been a blessing. Sure they’d fought like anything when they first met, a cat witcher and a wolf witcher meeting was never a walk in the park, but soon their arguing turned to flirting and a deep friendship grew between them. A friendship that had been born from a mutual hatred of the world and the people that had made them. They just seemed to fit, and the flirting turned to a genuine deep love. Lambert could truly say that he’d never met a better man in all his years.
Luckily for him, Aiden seemed to enjoy tying Lambert up as much as Lambert enjoyed being bound. He’d asked about it once, not really understanding the appeal. Aiden had blushed prettily, his hands never stopping in Lambert’s thick hair, and muttered something about finally having control over something in his life.
It sort of made sense. Every other choice in their life had been taken from them but it had made Lambert panic, maybe he was supposed to like the control but after one disastrous night of experimentation, they both agreed they were better off as they were.
And now they were taking the idea further.
Lambert was finally getting his wish, but he was nervous and the harness took so fucking long to set up. He hadn’t anticipated that when he’d asked for it, and his patience was bad outside of that floaty headspace that made everything else seem okay. He sighed heavily, getting his boyfriend’s attention.
“How much longer, kitten?” he grumbled, even with Aiden’s long nimble fingers brushing along his chest, and arms, his cock was soft and so far he was feeling incredibly disappointed by the whole experience.
Aiden just chuckled and brushed his lips along Lambert’s cheek. “Nearly there, little lamb,” he purred in a low voice. “Now, tell me, are the ropes alright? Not too tight? Tight enough?”
Lambert rolled his eyes but tested the harness so far. His legs were still clothed and free to move about. They’d decided to stay sitting for this set up, starting off easy, but he gave a wiggle of his top half. His arms were bound behind the back of the chair, and there was an intricate webbing of ropes across his chest. He blushed as he looked over the knots, each one was perfectly tied, and… well… he felt pretty? And now that he thought about it, there was something quite comforting about the blue ropes that were stretched across his skin. They were heavy and pressed down on his chest in just the right way.
He wasn’t sure how he hadn’t noticed that before. He hummed, nodding as Aiden’s rhythmic purring continued to rumble in his ear, fingers scraping against Lambert’s scalp.
“Words, little lamb,” Aiden breathed, another press of his lips to Lambert’s neck.
“Yeah, s’good,” he hummed, his tongue feeling heavy in his mouth and all he wanted to do was press against Aiden’s hands in his hair.
“That’s it sweetheart, well done, I’m almost finished.”
Lambert hummed again, whining slightly as Aiden’s fingers left his hair, trailing down his back. The knots on the front of the harness pulled back tighter against his chest as the final ropes were set in place, and Lambert could only imagine how he looked, bound by the complicated rope patterns that Aiden had so lovingly crafted. He’d never been particularly narcissistic but he suddenly yearned for a mirror, he wanted to see how he looked, how his boyfriend saw him.
There was a strangled whimper that must have come from his lips and Aiden’s fingers pressed gently into his mouth.
“What’s wrong, little lamb?”
Lambert suckled on the fingers in his mouth and he tried to formulate a response but it was hard when he felt like this. “Wanna see…” he slurred.
“Oh sweetheart, you do look so beautiful, next time, okay? I’ll make sure there’s a mirror.”
Lambert nodded.
Next time.
That sounded perfect.
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aztecbrujeria · 10 days ago
The Fox's Bindings: Kita Shinsuke x Reader
Tumblr media
NSFW CW: Sensory deprivation, Shibari, Edging, Mommy Kink, Handjob, Good Boy, Aftercare
Word Count: 1k
Summary: Kita has rope sessions with you to relieve the pressures of everyday life and headaches of running the farm. When he lets you have control he feels true bliss.
He hissed at the feeling of the nylon rope rubbing against the skin upon his sternum, the sweat beaded and slid down the planes of abdomen, “Oh, look at you, Shin you look so good with this color of red…” His cock twitched at the sound of your husky voice, with his sense of sight hindered from the silk blindfold. Every syllable you uttered caressed his ears making him ache and his flesh break out into goosebumps. He felt your feather light touch on the inside of his thick thighs to test the strength of rope as you followed the path of intricate knots. It was pleasurable the feeling of his knees aching from kneeling for so long, his cock was slick with need, his arms and wrists tied behind him giving you all the access to him. He moaned loudly, hearing the smile in your voice, when your soft hands reached to his center and gently cupped his heavy sac carefully rolling each ball in a massage, “Oh, what a good boy, you like the feeling of being tied up don’t you baby…” Letting go he whimpered at the loss of your touch, he heard the click of your heels as you moved to stand behind him, he became more sensitive as he tried to pin down what you were going to do next.
The feel of your delicate hands and precise digits caressing and teasing him made his cock throb, it felt like a thousand stars burned within him, his flesh was becoming his own constellation of sensations and relaxed the more he relinquished his trust to you. When he felt your pillow thick lips begin to brush his skin under the rope his legs quivered and his cock leaked down his shaft covering his heavy sack. The cool air and the movement made the tip of his red swollen cock even more sensitive, eyes rolling to the back of his head, he could feel his hips try to jerk for any kind of friction to his rock hard erection, “P-please m-mommy…” He begins to beg. He knows he’s so close and the feel of being denied and constricted is so euphoric he begins to feel the hot tears escape the blindfold to track down his hot cheeks. When he thought he might come undone from the sound of you walking around him he felt relief wash over his senses as he heard the timer on your phone, “Oh, Shin, my good boy, it looks like you’re ready for your reward.” He let out a calming breath and felt his cock protest by sending the bone deep ache of your edging rip through his system.
As you walked around him to see his blindfold soaked from his tears you felt your own need drench the cotton painties you wore. “Are you ready Shin?” He nodded, breath hiccuping, and you kneeled to sit on the backs of your legs while you carefully reached for his engorged purple cock and released a knot to let his cock spring free. He exhaled with relief before he hissed with pleasure and cried out your name as you cupped his tender balls and stroked his dick hard and fast getting him to the edge again, “Who's my good boy? Hmmm?” Kita’s entire body hummed into your hands and you heard him beg, “P-please, Fffuckkk, I’M YOUR GOOD BOY! P-PLEASE m-MOMMY!” He felt the heat in his lower belly coil and became hotter as he felt his orgasm begin to leak over your working hand. “Do you want to cum baby?” Letting his head fall back and fresh tears streak his cheeks, his wrists were becoming raw from wanting to escape and touch himself, “Ahhh—ahhh, YYESS P-Please…FUCKKKK!” He felt you use his pre to slick his heavy cock and with every rotation and stroke he begged until the coil snapped, “OH, FUUCK, I-I’M CUMMING!!!!” His shaft twitched I’m your grasp as he felt ropes of his seed shoot out of the tip of his sensitive cock, whining in pleasure as you continued to pump his cock, milking him for everything he had until he was spent and the muscles screamed in his legs.
Slumping forward, catching his breath, his voice was raspy from screaming your name. He felt you reach around and undo the knots making him become fuzzy and satiated. He loved how you took the time to check his wrists, massaging and kissing, putting a salve you made on him if they were rubbed to raw. He loved that you took your time cleaning him up and letting him cuddle your midsection while you ran your fingers through his hair. This is how his rope sessions went with you when he needed them to reset his mind and soul. “Shin?” He hummed into your tummy as you caressed his back, “Yes, my little Vixen?” You bent down placing a chaste kiss on his head, “I love you.” His heart melted and he snuggled into you deeper, “I love you too.” There you sat on the tatami mats in the bedroom letting him cool down and be safe from his high.
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stars-platinum · 21 days ago
Kakyoin Imagine 1
Cw: shibari, brattiness, ???
Could you imagine Kakyoin using Hierophant Green to tie you up and fuck you while he ignores you to play his video games because “You were a brat and have to be punished as such.”
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