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#cw tying up
potatotrash0 · 4 days ago
*looks at the tags* oh this is gonna rip me to shreds ;;;;;;
*proceeds to bookmark it anyway*
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viverridae · a month ago
Tumblr media
#time to SadPost™️ in the tags again#cw for d3pression and suic1dal ideat1on and all the stuff#looked at job listings bc i’m. starting to hate my job.#bc i can’t do enough to keep up and even though i’ve been doing my best#aka 5 fucking months of 6 day workweeks. these past few months almost every shift has been 9+ hours no breaks#but i’m not enough. i can’t keep up.#the senior baker that quit 5 months ago WAS able to keep up. and all the expectations to fill her role have fallen to me#but i’m not her. i can barely do half the work that she did#and i was thinking it was just that my workplace was the problem#but when i went looking for job listings. they ALL sound like too much#and i just#idk.#i think. getting this job was a mistake#i think if i’d just stayed where i was. in that filthy place with that filthy man#i could have been brave enough to have k1lled myself by now#but i didn’t. i got the job. i moved. and now i have like. more things worth living for#and it doesn’t feel good.#i wish i had nothing tying me here. i wish i didn’t have hope or determination or pride#i wish i could just fucking do it#anyway. yeah you could say the job isn’t going great#but whatever. 6 months from now i’m going part time#and in august i’m taking two weeks off#usually the bakers just figure that out between us and we don’t need to put in a request for Official time off but#it doesn’t look like my boss is really trying to hire another baker even though we desperately need one#and when august comes. if it’s still only the 3 of us. they won’t let me take that time off#bc that’s too much work for them. i know this#and i don’t care. i’m going to fill out the official time off request form#so that when it’s approved. it’s in writing. and no one can accuse me of not giving them fair warning#bc i told them abt it months ago#anyway. anyway. all i have to do is keep going
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potatotrash0 · a month ago
hi i saw a talent au a while back (forget the artist, will go looking!!) with a tattoo/piercing artist nagito n i think you'd like that SKDJJDD
i remember him having like a septum piercing and a lip piercing and a few others and he held a lil tablet and pen in his hand it was magnificent
hey hey anon i love you for telling me this?????? (/p) hhhhfkdbdksbdksnx sorry i’m overloading rn you have no idea how much i’m into this idea holy crap
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reduxed · a month ago
Tumblr media
@veilati​​​ asked: ❝ [ extra ] from green uvu ❞ ✦ potentially romantic prompts
Tumblr media
    It would be an exaggeration to say that Red is afraid, but a blatant lie were he to claim he’s perfectly calm.
    Four years of estrangement weigh heavy over the teen’s head as it belatedly occurs to him that their conversation on this parkside bench will be the first instance of he and Green spending one on one time with each other since their championship match——and that match couldn’t possibly be something either of them fondly recall as a romp between friends. Not when it turned out the way it did.
    An image of his former neighbor’s turned back, not even minutely obscured by Professor Oak’s guiding hand, burns hotly behind Red’s closed eyes as a reminder of that much.
    Truth be told, the last time they were on any form of amicable footing was when they were much, much younger. Half their current ages, at minimum.
    In other words, back when they were hardly people.
    It’s right as the trainer begins to stew over the implications of this and what they could say about their current compatibility—or incompatibility—that he notices the very same former neighbor’s return, all of the built up tension in his body clambering to his shoulders in a sharp, taut hike. The gut reaction of an expression that flashes across his features when he pieces together exactly why it is that the other took off so abruptly after picking a spot for them to sit is equal parts stunned and doubtful.
    Evidently, Green had it in mind to buy him a can of juice from a nearby vending machine. Pineapple, by the looks of it.
    Regardless of whether or not the gym leader rummaged through a childhood memory or two for the sake of recalling that it was one of Red’s old favorites or simply took a shot in the dark, the thought is touching enough that the beginnings of a smile take shape, muscles gradually relaxing in tune with upturning lips.
    Prior to clasping the already persperating treat, he raises his dominant hand to sign a timid, but hopeful, Thank you.
Tumblr media
    Perhaps the two won’t be at odds with one another after all. Or at the very least, not as severely as he worried they might be.
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toshidou · a month ago
so... anyone wanna talk about how tendou definitely has a thing for shibari??
not just for the sexual side of it, but there's something deeply relaxing and rewarding to him about spending long periods of time carefully weaving rope across your body. both for the almost rhythmic feel it takes on, and also the fact you remain completely pliant for him the entire time. your total willingness to submit to him just makes his heart soar, and he loves it so much <33
and he obviously loves it because he can watch every minute reaction from you as you're forced to accept whatever it is he decides to make you take hehe
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acenancy · 2 months ago
ok one of the upcoming episodes is nancy’s bday and i hope they bring up the fact that it’s not her actual birthday. carson and kate gave her a birthday months after her actual birth i just want them to mention that
Yeah, I’m sure that’s the intention. No doubt the faux birthday situation will be addressed. The writers are good at tying up loose ends like this in a satisfying way, thank God.
Her birthday will probably send Nancy into identity crisis mode too, considering her Hudson family drama is really starting to kick off. Plus, Hudson business interrupting a Drew tradition? Ech. Just let the girl eat her cake.
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eunahfmd · 2 months ago
👀 what is your dream vacation? 👀 what is the worst and best date you've ever been on?
Tumblr media
👀 what is your dream vacation?
“it’s a little predictable, but mostly i’d just like the chance to spend some proper time with my family, and some time exploring seattle as an adult. i was, what, fourteen when i left? a baby, basically. i want to go to all the places my friends and i said we would when we were older. i want to go see an evening show at the seattle rep on a week night and go for drinks to talk about it after, instead of catching a saturday matinee and running home to finish a georgraphy project. i guess it’s sort of cheesey, but i think it would be really fun.”
👀 what is the worst and best date you've ever been on?
“my worst date? it was with jeon jaeyeol -- blinde date, fancy restaraunt. i’m not interested in him. he’s not interested in me. we spend a long awkward silence trying to get things rolling, he drinks wine, i stare at the menu the whole time. i order a salad and a vodka diet coke, and i get id’d. if it wasn’t for the fact that i didn’t want to make things even more awkward at the next dimensions united event, i’d have asked someone to call me to help me get out of there early. it’s alright though -- looking back, it’s pretty funny. i’m glad to call him a friend now. my best date, though? that’s a little tricker ... once, a guy i was dating dragged me out by a lake to confess to me under the stars. not really a date, but probably the most romantic thing that’s happened to me yet.”
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bionicware · 4 months ago
"tommy keeps getting rewarded by the narrative" the techno apologist says, while watching tommy cry his eyes out over L'manburg's destruction.
"tommy does nothing but betray people." they continued, seeing tommy time and time again stick to tubbo's side even after everything that happened.
"tommy deserved what he got!" they yell, seeing tommy attempt s/icide and almost succeed.
"hes just selfish!" they beg, while watching him give up the discs over and over for tubbo— despite tubbo telling him to run.
"he only cares for hims—"
"what am i without you?" tommy murmured out, watching his best friend— platonic soulmate— brother walk towards his doom, fully ready to die for tommy's own safety.
the biased fan watches as they have to remember: each content creator had a unreliable narrative, with Techno's being the most. While they were cheering for L'manburg's destruction,
Tommy was crying for the place he called home was now gone for good. His last memory of his brother was gone. Yet...
Tommy is rewarded by the narrative.
/rp /nm
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hotthembosummer · 4 months ago
CW: Bright/neon colors
Back at it again 😎 screw consistency if I post three edits in a day and then don't have any ideas it's worth it. I must create or my ideas will die. Anyway click for better quality cuz after I hit post tumblr forgets what that word means :)
Tumblr media
[Image ID: An edit of Mai, Azula, and Ty Lee from the shoulders up against a neon green to bright blue gradient background. On the left is an image of Azula smiling open mouthed in her Beach Episode outfit. She has been edited to have a silver septum piercing, a sunset lesbian flag heart on each cheek, and a semi-transparent "crown" of pink hearts on her head. In the middle is an image of Mai in her Kyoshi Warrior robes with black makeup under her eyes. She is facing to the right and has turned her head to glare at the viewer. She has been edited to have a black industrial piercing decorated with a cat on a crescent moon on her visible ear, and is also wearing a silver dangly pentagram earring. There is a sunset lesbian flag on her cheek and she also has a "crown" of semi-transparent green hearts. On the right is an image of Ty Lee in her Beach Episode outfit. She has a friendly, wide eyed expression. She has been edited to have a sunset lesbian heart on her pink choker and a femme lesbian pride heart on each cheek. She has pink roses edited over her scrunchie and has an edited "crown" of pale pink hearts with white angel wings on her head. The picture is bordered by semi-transparent neon pink hearts and sparkles. In rainbow bubble letters, the top text reads: "Yeah we're gay" and the bottom text says "keep scrolling"/End ID.]
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hotthembosummer · 4 months ago
Okay guys I know I kinda implied that I would only create edits when I hit a follower milestone but you know what screw it this is my little hell hole and I couldn't sleep last night cuz cramps so here you go:
Tumblr media
[Image ID: An edited screencap from The Beach Episode of Ty Lee, Azula, Mai, and Zuko in their beach clothes, huddled together staring down at the viewer/camera. Ty Lee is in the upper left corner and has an edited "crown" of pink heart and flower emojis, with femme lesbian flag and sunset lesbian flag colored hearts added as well. Azula is in the upper right corner and has an edited "crown" of semi-transparent sunset lesbian pride hearts. Mai is in the bottom left corner and has a "crown" of nonbinary pride flag hearts and various yellow, white, purple, and black emojis. Zuko is on the bottom right corner and has on an edited "crown" of men loving men pride flag hearts. In cyan, the top text says, in all caps: "You're gay" and in black the bottom text says: "you literally look so gay"/End ID.]
Sorry it's so grainy looking ajdhwjsjbs also click for slightly better quality cuz Tumblr stole it
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tangled-pnumbra · 7 months ago
Hey, i've seen people talking about what if Varian died because of the mindtrapped brotherhood, but, what if he died during cassandras revenge? He was thrown around a lot, and his ribs were at a risk of being broken. (Which could've potentially impaled his lungs and killed him. Also its more angsty, and cassandra would have to process the fact that she just killed Varian with her own hands. (Also, what if the brotherhood found out. Adira, Hector, Edmund, and Adira would be pissed.) + Eugene.
I've def seen this concept explored before! Or at least many fans treating his injuries from that episode more seriously.
But I feel like w/ AUs or what-ifs where Var dies, there tends to be a lot of focus on just the angst/suffering aspect, which is honestly too bleak for me. And unsatisfying if that's the long and short of it?
So I'd be more interested in this question in relation to the aftermath and how other characters would be affected by the Varian-shaped hole in their lives.
Varian dying before figuring out the Demanitus scroll would actually change a lot and really throw off the plot, b/c Ziti's plan to free herself would be set back without him to translate the second sun incantation for Raps. That’d be a whole diff thing to consider... but if he DID give them the incantation, and didn't make it due to injuries, things would prob proceed much as in canon. Just more somber.
Unintentionally killing someone would really be an event horizon for Cass; it could make her realize this isn't what she wants, leading her to relinquish the moonstone early, or maybe fleeing Corona, and wanting to atone. Alternatively, she could double down on the path she's on and become completely unreachable, b/c this kid dying really confirms her fear that she’s gone too far to turn back- but no matter how she processed and responded to it, I think she'd struggle with deep regret and be pretty horrified. (B/c there IS a big diff btwn Cass killing someone in cold blood and her accidentally fatally injuring them b/c she doesn't know her own strength. Of the cast, besides his dad she might be MOST affected.)
The other characters' reactions are interesting to consider.
Smth that I don't see touched on as much is that in an AU where Varian- the youngest of the group- dies, Raps and Eugene would probably also have a lot of guilt to work through in addition to their grief. They did directly involve him, or allow him to be involved. They'd blame themselves too. 
I think Varian would be seen as a hero or martyr, with lots of posthumous honors for his sacrifice. Post-series I can see them naming a library or academy/scientific institute after him, and maybe Raps/Eugene remembering him by naming one of their children after him
Quirin losing his only son to the same force that claimed his homeland and much of his life would be deeply tragic, and I don’t know if his spirit could ever truly recover.
The Brotherhood obviously should've been involved in canon, but smth like this happening in an AU would validate/confirm their fears and beliefs abt the danger of the moonstone and definitely lead to them joining the fight. And yeah they'd be angry? But I think there'd be more sadness than anything.
(Privately, I think Hector might believe this outcome should've been expected, even if it's a tragedy... but I think even he would have the sensitivity and awareness to not to say that.)
Me being me, my take is that grief would bring them together and Hector + Adira would step in to support Quirin in their own ways. The other Old Coronans could rally and manage his farm while he mourned, too. 
And then in AUs where something in his life goes seriously awry, I tend to see Quirin traveling back to the DK post-series instead of staying in Corona, b/c it'd be less painful and he'd have an increased sense of purpose there.
Tl;dr I feel like an AU like this would actually be less about Var angst, b/c it isn’t really ABOUT him- he’s just a catalyst, and the real area of interest is his friends and family dealing with loss.
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6thchairman · 8 months ago
🎵 Daigo, Saejima >=]
Like a spent gladiator,
Crawling in the Colosseum dust,
Who can count on his remaining limbs,
All the people he can trust.
Like the one who stands behind him,
Cheering him on.
Ecstatic when he stands defiant,
Wild with abandon when he's gone.
Just stay alive.
Oh taboo, how I both love and hate you
How some days I only want to break you
But what is broken seems a mess at least to be
The one who breaks the silence, to face alone the violence
Whilst I sit and watch in safe and silent agreement
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deer-trees · 8 months ago
Does it suck that the part of me that gives me the worse dysphoria and puts me in physical pain and also actively throws blood everywhere is the most irremovable? Yes
Will I refuse to do anything abt this and just lay in bed with my arms folded? Also yes
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miskatonicsreanimator · 9 months ago
irl benrey on my post...
#like if u read da tags pls iz personal#ty king i needed dat 💞💞#cw 4 ableism n maybe talks of past suicidal ideation idk if ill bring it up:#woke up from a dream where my dxd had done smtn dat made me rlly rlly upset bc it v quickly dosturbed like a WHOLE routine#n it started w dream him fr thowing a whole new bowl of cereal it was implied i poured (jus 2 show how sudden it was)#(it was like. a new like.. dietary plan sorta???? cuz my brx n i were eating 'too much of da same tings')#n i was tryna eat da food he gave me but it jus made me feel rlly sad n i put da food down n was kina obviously gona have like a meltdown??#n dream dxd fr said 'yk im starting 2 tink u only act autistic when ur upset so u can get da tings u want' n dat fucking HURT#so dream me instinctively flipped him off bc i had NO idea how 2 react 2 it (he laughed like it porved his point) but immediately regretted#it. i tried 2 communicate 'i cant explain it rn' firs by touching my throat n saying 'no speak' but dat wasn right so i gestured 2 my head#n mouth but dat was unclear until i remembered da word explain n said 'no explain' n i was crying n da dream n den i woke up n it still HUR#i jus... FUCK wht he said was ouch it hurt a LOT n even doh it was n a dream i tink i gota talk 2 him abt it neway (obvs im not gona like.#scold him 4 smtn he did n a DREAM das not wha i mean.)#(k ya m gettin n2 it so tw) ig it xtra hurs cuz a few years ago when i was goin thru a real bad depressive ep i admitted 2 being suicidal n#licherally wanting 2 kill myself n my dxd (IRL) licherally said dat he was worried i was using my depression n anxiety as a crutch. n also#da VERY FIRS n ONLY ting he asked me when i let him ask questions was 'y haven u been doing ur chores?' n dat HURT SFM#n like. after i stopped CRYING i explaimed it was bc i didn have ne energy or motivation 2 dem (we werent given ne allowance or reward 4#chores so ne motivation had 2 b from inside) but looking back like. (4 neglect reasons) we had never Technically had chores when living w m#dxd???? n our cousins jus out of da blue w NO DISCUSSION from us kids took out a chore list n whole ass schedule 4 us 2 follow n like#n wanted us 2 immediately follow it n like!!!!! i know now 4 sure dat im autistic!!!!!! i was already n a depression n dey took away MY#SCHEDULE from me. da LAST semblence of control i fucking HAD so ofc i didn follow it n ofc i locked myself n my room as soon as i came from#school each afternoon!!!! idk dis dream rlly brought up old feeling n i jus feel sad n mopey n not listened 2 rn so waking up 2 benrey wuv#was v v pleasant n helpful tyyy 🥺🥺💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞
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flutewield · 9 months ago
Im simultaneously like let me talk about the trauma bonding btwn the sound 4 & the way they were isolated & prbly only had eachother & it was one of their only ways to cope was to know others were with them & then im like at some point tayuya's walked in & sakons just:
Tumblr media
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hawkbucks · 10 months ago
Thank you for breaking my heart :))) Can I ask for another one? Because misc no. 6 literally screams IronHawk rights I'd say ;) Thank you~ 🍩🍩🍩
6. “Did you seriously just get your foot stuck in a toilet?” “Maybe.”
Tumblr media
“Tony? Yeah, uh, d’you think you can trace my location? I’m kind of... stuck.” Clint looks at the unconscious man sitting propped up against the wall across from him as he talks into his communicator. It was supposed to be routine drug bust; these guys were selling to kids, and he didn’t appreciate that at all. Except that the fight ended up moving into the bathroom, and, desperate for a foothold, he ended up putting his boot into a... yeah. He can only be glad that it was dry. 
“What do you mean stuck? Are you okay?” Tony asks. Clint can hear the whirring of gears and metal being slotted into place. “It says you’re in Hell’s Kitchen. Couldn’t you leave that stuff to Daredevil?”
“I was in the neighborhood,” Clint defends, shrugging his shoulders although he knows Tony can’t see. “And I’m fine, it’s just that I’m, uh... in a bathroom.” 
Tony sighs. Clint knows that Tony’s pinching the bridge of his nose. It’s what he does when he’s frustrated-slash-worried. “I know you, Clint, I know you and your shenanigans. You’re in a bathroom, you’re stuck--did you seriously get your foot stuck in a toilet?” 
“Maybe? No?” Clint pauses for a couple of seconds. “Yeah. I did. Please hurry. My ankle is tingling.” 
“I should be there...” Tony trails off. Then, the door opens and their connection cuts. “Now.” The faceplate of his helmet slides back, mouth turning into a grimace. “Oh my god, you really weren’t kidding when you said you got your foot stuck in a toilet.” 
Clint shoots Tony an offended look. “I wouldn’t joke about something like this. Get me out. I’m tired and I want to cuddle.” 
“Did you knock that guy out?” Tony gestures at the man up against the wall. 
“I did. Get me out.” 
Tony walks over, the right hand of his armor turning into something not unlike a hammer. “You’re lucky that thing is dry.” 
“Oh god, I know.” Clint cringes at the idea of liquid seeping into his boot. He quickly chases those thoughts away. There’s a time and place for him to lose his lunch, and this is neither of those. 
Tony sets to breaking the porcelain away. It’s really rather easy considering how strong his armor is. Once all the porcelain is gone, he allows Clint to lean on him as he tries to gain back feeling in his foot. “Do you want to go get a burger before we head back home?” 
“Please. With extra onions.”
“I’m not kissing you if you get extra onions.” 
“You’d kiss me regardless. Also, we should call Daredevil or something to clean up the mess I made.” Clint tilts his head towards the still unconscious man. 
Tony lifts an eyebrow. “Do you have his number?” 
“Of course I do... no, I don’t. I was just going to tie him up and leave him out on the street with a post-it that says ‘clean up for Daredevil’.” 
“You still have rope arrows?” 
“I’ll do it. You lean against the sink.”
Clint just does that. He equips a tipless arrow shaft with one of his rope tips and hands it over to Tony. “You look good with an arrow in your hand. You ever consider archery lessons?” 
Tony snorts. His gauntlets retract, leaving his bare hands as he moves the man around to get the rope around him. “Once, back when I was 14. I wanted to be like Robin Hood.” 
“That’s so cute,” Clint responds gleefully. Now he can’t get the image of little Tony with a green hat and a red arrow sticking out of it out of his head. 
“I’ll find another toilet and stick your foot back into it,” Tony threatens. 
“You wouldn’t do that. You like me too much.” 
“Maybe I do.” Tony finishes tying the man up and uses one of his lasers to cut off the excess rope. “Maybe.” 
“You do.” 
“I do.” 
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