#cw: misogyny
soul-dwelling · 5 months ago
I appreciate people who have actively called out his misogyny.
Glad to see some people being anti-bigotry.
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thighlerseguin · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
This is why no Crosby on MNF
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a-pasta-date · a year ago
The absolute audacity of Christians to be like: secular ideas of feminism, sexuality, and gender identity are so degrading and insulting to God’s plan for biblical womanhood 😡 Join our religion instead, where you will literally become the property of a man. Your only purpose in life is to have s*x with him, bear his children, and raise his spawn to serve their father and God. He can override your autonomy at any moment, and you’ll shoulder most of the blame if your relationship falls apart, but at least he’ll honor you by *pretending* he doesn’t watch p*rn! We’ll also pretend we don’t have a thriving, capitalistic industry dedicated to helping single and/or infertile 18-40 yr olds cope with the fact that they are worthless in the eyes of our blatantly objectifying and patriarchal belief system!
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sedlex · a year ago
Yesterday I had the terrible not good very bad idea of taking a peek at Kevin Smith's Instagram.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
There was another nasty one about his past hearth attack that I flagged by instinct before even taking a screenshot and I can't see anymore.
So to recap: do not do again.
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sylvanas-girlkisser · a year ago
Honestly, thank you for putting the reply to that dude into words. I've seen a few threads about the blizzard situation and it just made my blood boil how many of the top comments focus on the playing videogames thing or whine about the warcraft 3 remake instead of all the truly horrifying stuff and i couldnt even articulate it so. Thanks for putting it into words
It annoys me so much, how every time anything happens in the gaming scene, especially traumatic events like the stuff with Blizzard, you see gamers coming out the woodwork yelling "Aha! This is definitive proof that there is a grand conspiracy to make [game] not live up to my entirely reasonable expectations!"
It feels so fucking exploitative of other peoples pain not to mention utterly divorced from the reality of game making. The idea that the majority of gameworkers lack both passion and knowledge about their field is so prevalent and works directly in service to keeping abusers in positions of power. After all: This is your dream job, you're not one of those lazy devs who only want to exploit gamers for their money (which you don't see a dime of), so what if the boss is a creep and your coworkers make rape jokes, you're not gonna cause trouble, you're just here to make good games.
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30-seconds-to-marx · a year ago
I've been playing through Christine Love's games and god damn she is such a good writer and her approach to non-tradionally structured interactive narratives is so interesting. So far I've played Digital: A Love Story, "don't take it personally, babe, it just ain't your story" (both free), and Analogue: A Hate Story. Just starting Hate Plus and then Ladykiller in a Bind. I'd highly recommend to anyone who likes games with good writing, themes of transhumanism, and queer love.
Definitely look up the content warnings before getting into them, though. Some of them have very grotesque and uncomfortable descriptions of misogyny, homophobia, suicide, and rape, plus Ladykiller is very nsfw (but with an option to disable nudity, and a rape scene that was changed to be flagged with a warning and made skippable.)
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badwomensanatomy · a year ago
Tumblr media
WOmEn cAn NoT bE HApPy wIthoUt MaLE ApPrOVAl
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lilithgenetrix · a year ago
Absolute nobody:
Asian men: The small penis jokes kids made are more oppressive than the lives of Asian women, who are aborted as fetuses, abandoned as children, and treated as second class citizens by our families and in Asian societies. Also no one swipes on my tinder. It must have nothing to do with my personality and misogyny and everything to do with racism!
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fire-dwelling · 4 months ago
Looking over a ton of “anime opinions that will get you cancelled” in a Twitter thread today, three I saw appear a few times were:
Soul Eater is overrated/underrated. (Bonus take: The anime ending is better than the manga ending.)
Fire Force is underrated.
The Arthur vs Dragon fight is the best fight in current gen manga.
Here's what I think, briefly:
It's rated about the right amount--not the worst thing, not the best thing. (I won't get into it below, but as for the anime versus the manga: nowadays, I do think the anime was the better ending--almost anything from the anime is better than Chapter 113, although at least that manga conclusion had Maka blush in front of Soul.)
No, it's overrated.
I've seen the same ideas handled better, and going back to Point #2, I can't believe how much good will this series tossed away.
Let me go over each of these in more detail below.
Spoiler warning for One Piece. Content warnings regarding Ohkubo's misogyny when it comes to sexualizing an underage character like Tamaki.
Soul Eater is overrated/underrated.
I wouldn’t have run a fan site for a number of years if I didn’t think Soul Eater was good. Upon re-evaluating it after Fire Force, my affection for it has diminished substantially, and I do think the quality of it suffers, especially given that we have had other works come out since that do as good or better in terms of what made the Soul Eater manga and anime good (paneling, illustrating, character designs, acting, animation, music, plot, themes, message, inclusion and representation). I wouldn’t say it’s overrated, I wouldn’t say it’s underrated–but I do shudder anticipating that, once Fire Force animates its crappy twist ending, the “Soul Eater is overrated” takes are going to increase, because, good god, that Fire Force ending is so forced and is one long middling love note to Soul Eater based on cheap fanservice (“Look, baby Maka and finally showing her mom!”) rather than anything that re-emphasizes what made the message of Soul Eater work and barely offers anything deeper about the messages of Fire Force (life is worth protecting but not if it gets you killed, etc).
Fire Force is underrated.
Ohkubo ended his series with a long “take that” at readers who were pissed off he kept sexualizing Tamaki, and his defense was he was trying to teach younger readers about sex. Fuck that dude, fuck Fire Force, fuck any take saying that series is underrated–it is overrated. I didn’t translate chapters to see the finale fail this badly; I didn’t keep trying to give this series a chance to see the finale fail this badly; I didn’t stick with it only to see it contradict its own messages for the sake of being a forced prequel to act like anything is underrated.
Which leads to the last point…
The Arthur vs Dragon fight is the best fight in current gen manga.
Not even close.
I am not going to pretend I can point to what I think is the best fight right now in current gen manga. However, it has barely been a week since Luffy went Roger Rabbit on a dragon’s ass–that is really hard to top, and it is thanks to building up on the previous chapters. If you think that’s unfair to compare Fire Force to One Piece, fine, I’m with you on that: One Piece had years and chapters of build up, it’s not technically next gen. But when Fire Force is pretty much in the same time period as My Hero Academia, even with all the flaws that series has had especially in the most recent arcs, I just feel like the Arthur vs Dragon fight tops anything–it’s just kind of there.
If Fire Force had not poisoned the well so many times already, I would be more forgiving and enjoy a lot of what the Arthur vs Dragon fight offers. But I don’t care about its message, either, so even the stuff I should theoretically like–the video game aesthetic, the fight in space–doesn’t appeal to me, in part as well because I’ve seen other stories do those same details. The video game aesthetic isn’t just an allusion to Dragon Quest, it feels like it is such a straight-up ripoff that the references don’t come across as charming but lazy. I’ve seen Scott Pilgrim play around with this video game motif better.
And it’s a ripoff of Soul Eater, too–not an allusion to that series finale, a ripoff.
I have another post I’m working on that there is this weird parallel structure you can read in Fire Force, starting when Sho stabs Shinra, that you can match to when Soul Eater started getting good. Think about it: Soul gets sliced by Crona, gets medical check-ups by a snake-themed doctor, then gets a significant power up to help save the day in the finale while in an otherworldly realm (Crona’s soul space within Asura). Fire Force does the same beats: Shinra gets stabbed, healed by Huang, has a significant power boost, saves the day while inside that Adolla-esque realm.
Too bad Soul Eater largely kept getting better after Soul was sliced, while Fire Force got worst after Shinra get stabbed.
I think before Shinra was stabbed, Fire Force was as good if not better than all of Soul Eater: it was a good build up and a good mystery regarding Sho’s disappearance, what happened to Shinra’s mother, and what the White Clads are planning. Then Shinra gets stabbed, he is healed by a snake-themed doctor, he gets a power up related to said stabbing–and things go downhill, as we now know where Sho is but don’t reunite him with Shinra until pretty much the finale, we learn what happened to Mari but don’t see her until the finale as well (then screw her over with a dumb “she’s the Evangelist’s doppelganger” plot twist that makes no sense and undermines so much of the series–and no, no amount of “she represents unconditional love” makes up for keeping a woman silent for almost all of Shinra’s final fight), and the White Clads’ plan just devolves into a “if you believe it, you can make it reality” / “all gods are fake” storyline that is used to give Arthur and Dragon this ridiculous overpowered fight that has no stakes and no payoff.
At least when Soul Eater ended its last fight on the Moon, it was “crazy fun”: I don’t need to know how Black Star can swallow and vomit a laser, it’s just awesome. But Fire Force felt like it needed to explain every last detail about how Arthur and Dragon can survive all of this, and the solution comes down to “the Adolla dimension is bleeding into Earth, so physics and reality don’t matter”--which is lazy–and “Arthur and Dragon are ignorant, so they can just survive this stuff–which is not only lazy, but cartoonish. I know, I just said Luffy went full-on Roger Rabbit and that was awesome. Some of that owes to One Piece having a visual style where this cartoony physics is easier to stomach. Fire Force kept trying to insist it was taking death seriously–that was Akitaru’s entire lecture to Shinra and Arthur early on–and now we’re just supposed to shrug and say “I guess death doesn’t matter if you ignore it.” This isn’t “Elmur Fudd can’t fall down if he doesn’t know what gravity is”: this is “Arthur and Dragon don’t understand how to die,” and that’s not making me invested in their stories.
Speaking of which, why should I care about Arthur or Dragon here? Dragon just wants to die: this comes the fuck out of nowhere, and it is a cliche “I am tired of living, I want a worthy opponent” storyline–and I hate it. Arthur has shown no desire that he wants to die, Ohkubo depends on narration to tell us Arthur is fine facing death–and yet Arthur just survives, all so he can give some pep talk to Shinra that doesn’t feel earned because I have not for one second ever thought Arthur and Shinra had any care about the other. I never got a frenemy vibe from them; I just got a “these two annoy the hell out of each other, but at least they don’t want the other to die.” It never came across as two colleagues butting heads but respecting each other–it came across as two people who really don’t like each other. And don’t say “but they’re teenagers!”--I know adults still as stubborn as these two, this is not a kid thing, this is a person thing.
I know all of this is rambling and not coming out as clearly as I want it to, so, to wrap this up: I just don’t see what people got out of Arthur vs Dragon. In terms of a fight structure, it’s just “slice slice slice.” In terms of any surprises, I just said that Dragon Quest, Scott Pilgrim, and even Soul Eater did this same thing but better. In terms of making me care about the characters, I don’t–Dragon dies when we have little interest in him, Arthur survives without a scratch so he learns nothing and doesn’t come across as a more in-depth character. About the only thing this arc may have going for it is, if it gets animated, maybe being in color will look more appealing than the dull black and white art looked, to give the Moon and space some color–but I’ll be damned if I’m sitting through the Fire Force anime after the shit show the manga turned out to be. I ‘ve heard other say a good ending can redeem a flawed story; I also think that, when Fire Force ended so badly, it can’t redeem what was flawed earlier, and I definitely think Arthur surviving without a scratch makes the fight worse, because the stakes are lowered. I get it, at the time you read it, maybe you are excited, wondering whether the heroes will make it and save the world.
But when your ending is “they save the world, but make it the Soul Eater world, and no one gives a shit about dying,” that is annoying.
If I could keep this rant going for a moment, to get personal: I do wonder if I would have looked at this series in a better light if I hadn’t read the ending upon its release after I lost a parent. Before I lost a parent, I could see Lord Death in Soul Eater and not think “Oh, this is about death, I’m depressed now.” I can’t read Fire Force now without thinking, “Oh, this manga says death is no big deal, I still lost my parent, that fucking sucks, I’m fucking depressed about that, fuck this manga for minimizing the importance of loss and mourning.”
About the only thing Fire Force did well as a message was conceptualizing humanity’s drive to despair over death. The problem is how it decided to solve this problem: a nihilistic mantra of “just don’t care about death.” That’s not how this works: people mourn the loss of people, you just don’t stop caring about it, you learn to live with it and appreciate the people you knew before they were gone. It’s not even like this manga ended with not mourning those we lost but celebrating those we got to meet: it’s just a cynical “let’s bring back everyone because this is fiction and the rules don’t matter” ending. Fire Force started by treating death as a big deal–I think showing that people died and were not coming back was kind of a vicarious form of mourning that I wasn’t able to make as clear in my own life with my own loss. So, when the manga decides to Doctor Who it and say “everybody lives,” it’s hollow. I think Doctor Who has had a long enough history of loss that one victory for a traumatized Doctor suited that moment perfectly. I don’t think the same with Fire Force. Shinra was able to bring ack everyone, even people who died before he was born. That is empty. I know that saying “loss makes you appreciate what you have” is cold and heartless–yet I sit here and think, why should anyone give a shit about loss, if Shinra is just bringing people back for this one time thing? This isn’t even Dragon Ball logic where people are just accustomed to being brought back and it’s a joke–this is Fire Force taking this narrative cheat as sentimental, and it is gross. Maybe, if before I lost my parent, I wouldn’t think this way, but I have to imagine someone in the target demographic for Fire Force–which I am not in–has had a recent loss, and I wonder if they read this manga and also think, “I just lost someone close to me, and Shinra’s resurrection stuff doesn’t feel like fun escapism, it feels like a middle finger towards what I’m feeling right now.”
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soul-dwelling · 5 months ago
Always infuriating to see the hack creator has appealed to the red hat Nazi crowd here in the US.
Fucking misogynistic jackasses. -_-#
I get it, it is almost impossible after 2016 not to see anime fandoms co-opted by these fucking Nazis. But, Jesus, take some responsibility not to appeal to those hateful weirdos.
Really wish a certain anime-focused web site would ban those twits, too: they're about two steps away from 4channers.
Like, if you look around, and see that the people enjoying those misogynistic chapters are some of the worst people, maybe that's not a crowd you should hang out in--or write to.
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mywitchcultblr · a year ago
How to reject creep in Tumblr who slides into your DM
1.Pretend to be lesbian
2. Pretend to be a guy
Stay safe!!!!!!!
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stuckybingo · a year ago
Title: 1960s Avengers Sweatshirt Creator(s): plutosrose Card number: 012 Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/28839999 Square filled: E1, Avenger(s) Rating: E Archive warnings: Homophobia, misogyny Major tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Alternate Universe - College/University, Fraternities & Sororities, Non-Serum Steve Rogers/Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes | Shrinkyclinks, Gay Bucky Barnes Summary: One night, Bucky runs into the eccentric hipster he's been pining after at his frat's house party. Word count: 3,091
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smokey-mickey · a year ago
ian’s visceral reaction during sex had little to do with mickey or switching. it was about mickey’s use of “bitch,” which unintentionally grated on every frustrated and self conscious nerve in ian’s body. it’s all deeply rooted in misogyny and i love that V called it out, but ian equates being a bitch with being weak and having no control, and his day job makes him feel like a bitch. so when he heard it, it kicked up a lot of shit.
but ian walking off that job was huge. he trusted in himself and his relationship with mickey to make that decision. ian knew that despite the bickering, mickey would be there when he told him he quit. was mickey’s response what we all hoped for? of course not, but they’re in this together.
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queersoundspod · a year ago
CW: Misogyny, Internalised homophobia
It took a while for Vera to come to terms with her sexuality but luckily music was there every step of the way. First there were some hints towards her liking girls. For example something that, with the power of hindsight, could be labeled as a crush on Avril Lavigne. A few years later there was a fateful night that showed the power living your truth. Finally, in there here and now, she's using her platform at Dutch Public radio to get more queer artists on air.  
Flashback Track: N.E.R.D. - Maybe Queer Artist Spotlight: Arlo Parks - Eugene Best Live Experience: King Princess - 1950 Recent Discovery: 070 Shake - Morrow
Consider supporting through Patreon.com/QueerSounds
Lesbische Liga
Arlo Parks at 3fm
Hannah Ewens - Fangirls
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gra-sonas · a year ago
Why are people even anti aurora wtf? What has that poor woman even done (despite daring to date vlamis and, as far as we know, make him happy)? Does chandler get hate too?
Oh, you know, the usual. A confident and successful woman dares to date a white guy, all while being black. THE NERVE!
Of course it’s all for PR (in the middle of a pandemic when there’s zilch to promote), she’s jealous of his fun relationship with his co-worker, she’s controlling and forbids him to interact with said co-worker (and thus deprives his fans of the content they crave), everything she does is for attention and BLAHBLAHBLAAAAH.
The list goes on and each argument is more ugly and ridiculous than the one before. 
I’ve received maybe a handful of anti Chandler asks in total, and I’ve never received a single anti Ariel post. 
Tell me how this isn’t about people being racist assholes? 🙃
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foramomentonly · a year ago
Your meet ugly fics are sooooo amazing!!! Can I please request Malex for 55..?
Author’s Note: Yay, I finished another one! Thank you for the prompt, anon, and I’m sorry for the ridiculously long wait.
CW: Michael exhibits some unconscious racial bias here that leads to mistaken identity. I want to be transparent in case that isn’t what someone wants to read right now or ever.
my twin clearly did something to piss you off, but you obviously don’t know I’m a twin so I’m listening to you tell me how much of an asshole I am and am very amused and it’s making you angrier
“Hey, Manes!” 
Alex turns at the familiar, but unexpected voice and freezes. Michael Guerin is coming towards him, striding across the parking lot. Michael Guerin, with his wild curls and scoop neck tee shirts, his letterman jacket heavy on his broad shoulders and a pencil perpetually stuck behind his ear. Michael Guerin, who Alex has been hopelessly, laughably in love with for at least two years; probably since middle school, if he’s being honest with himself in a way he definitely wasn’t ready to be in middle school.
Alex is so caught up in the miracle that is Michael Guerin wanting his attention that he doesn’t register Michael’s anger until he’s being crowded against the Manes family vehicle, a shabby behemoth of a Ford Explorer, with Michael bearing down on him. He doesn’t touch Alex, but stands obstinately before him, denying Alex the space to open the driver’s side door and escape into the car and blocking his path forward into the open expanse of the lot. A few groups of students are lingering, jangling keys in hand while they make plans and wrap up conversations, but no one is close enough to notice them, and Alex is grateful not to have an audience to whatever is about to go down between the skinny, emo kid and the genius, varsity football captain.
“What the fuck, Manes?” Michael demands, hazel eyes blazing gold in the bright, afternoon light, nose and brow wrinkled in a sort of grumpy way Alex can’t help but be charmed by. “What did you do to my sister?”
Alex blinks, tries to take a step back, but he’s already pressed against the door of the car and he succeeds only in kicking up dust and a small collection of pebbles onto Michael’s sneakers.
“What?” he asks. “Your sister?”
“Yeah, my sister, asshole,” Michael parrots. “You broke her fucking heart!”
Alex takes a deep breath and bursts out laughing, doubling over and nearly headbutting Michael in the process.
"You think this is funny?" Michael hisses, jaw tense and teeth bared.
“I do, actually,” Alex manages between breathless giggles, wiping tears from his eyes with the cuff of his sweatshirt.
Michael growls in frustration, but he doesn’t move, his hands flexing impotently into fists at his side.
“You really think you can dump Isobel a week before prom, call her a ‘frigid bitch,’ and I’m not gonna have anything to say about it?”
Isobel Evans. 
Alex connects the dots quickly, ties noticing Isobel Evans’ puffy eyes in class together with Michael and Isobel’s apparent relationship and his own brother Flint’s posturing comments at the dinner table earlier in the week and reaches an easy conclusion that wipes the amused smile off his face.
“Sorry, wrong guy,” Alex says, and lurches forward, knocking Michael back with his shoulder and pulling open the car door. 
“Bullshit!” Michael replies, stepping forward again and holding the door open with one hand, gesturing to the Explorer with the other. “This is the car that always picked her up and you’re the fucker who was in it.”
Alex whirls around so fast his backpack falls off his shoulder, and he leaves it in the dirt as he advances on Michael, poking a vicious finger into his own chest.
“I’m Alex Manes, I’m a junior, and I’m gay,” he spits. “My brother, Flint, is a senior and, apparently, as shitty of a boyfriend as he is a person. We both use this piece of shit to get around, but we’re definitely two entirely different people.”
“B-brother?” Michael stammers, taking an uncertain step back and staring at Alex in confusion.
“Yeah, man. Brother,” Alex says with a snarl. “Believe it or not, there are two Indigenous guys in this shithole of a school. But I guess I can give you a pass since we’re actually related.”
Michael deflates, shoulders slumping and head falling forward into his waiting palms.
“Fuck,” he mumbles, dragging both hands roughly down his face and raising his chin to meet Alex’s gaze directly. “I’m so sorry. I never really met the guy or saw him up close and I—Yeah, there’s no excuse. I’m sorry.”
Alex rolls his eyes; he’s still offended, but Michael’s apology seems sincere and in Roswell that’s a lot more than he’s come to expect.
“Yeah, well,” Alex mumbles, picking his backpack up off the ground and knocking it against the body of the Explorer to shake loose the dust clinging to the bottom, “whatever. Flint’s at some ROTC thing. He’ll be back tomorrow.”
“Wait,” Michael says, stepping forward to grip Alex’s arm before he climbs into the car. Alex glares at him and Michael rescinds his touch quickly, but Alex’s heart still flutters at the momentary feel of Michael’s strong, calloused fingers wrapped around his bicep. “Can I ask you something?”
“Why not,” Alex sighs, tossing his backpack into the back seat and leaning against the door he just slammed shut, arms crossed.
“Why weren’t you afraid of me?”
Alex scoffs.
“You didn’t even flinch when I was comin’ at you and,” Michael puffs out his chest and shakes out his shoulders, presenting himself to Alex exaggeratedly, “I’m pretty intimidating.”
Alex laughs despite himself, shaking his head, and Michael grins as the tension in the air dissipates just enough for Alex to admit he still isn’t impervious to Michael Guerin’s charm.
“You might be hot shit now,” Alex says, and Michael raises an eyebrow in interest, “but I remember scrawny Michael Guerin who had to leave the room every time Ms.Turcios fed her snake a live mouse in middle school.”
“So, what I’m hearing is you think I’m hot,” Michael says, smiling slow and suggestive, and if Alex didn’t know better, he’d think Michael Guerin was flirting with him.
“Even if you don’t know who I am,” Alex continues, and Michael winces, “I know you, Guerin. And you’re not a guy to throw a punch unless you have to.”
Alex watches Michael’s expression shift, the corners of his mouth dropping as his smile softens, his eyes growing wider and his brows raising as though in surprise. He looks younger, open and vulnerable and hopeful; he looks every bit like that goofy kid from middle school whose good-natured showboating in class always made Alex laugh and whose innate intelligence took his breath away. And Alex realizes he hasn’t seen Michael look like that kid since the head football coach recruited him out of gym class freshman year, moved him into his basement (if the rumors are true), and dumped the weight of a lackluster team on Michael’s shoulders, reviving his own career in the process.
“All right, Alex Manes,” Michael all but whispers to himself, stepping close enough for Alex to smell his refreshingly subtle body spray, to catalog the highlights in his curls brought out by the sun and the flecks of green in his eyes, “prepare to be known.”
Alex laughs breathlessly.
“What does that mean?”
“It means what are you doing right now?” Michael flicks his eyes toward the Explorer, a bit of swagger creeping back into his smile. “Wanna give me a ride?”
A drive into the desert, a long, intimate conversation, and an impromptu blow job later, Alex thinks Michael might just have been flirting with him after all. He also thinks, for the first time in his life, he owes Flint one for being a dick and for hogging the car.
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