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dionysus-complex · 11 months ago
You ever try so hard to be progressive and edgy that you accidentally reinvent ancient Greco-Roman sexual norms regarding the penetrator/penetrated dichotomy, wherein sex is only empowering if you’re the penetrating partner and being penetrated is automatically shameful and degrading
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politicalsci · a year ago
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akindplace · a month ago
As a woman I am tired of being expected to do things that are seen as "kindness" but are actually very destructive to my mental, physical and emotional health and are not expected from men but are considered "a woman's thing to do". I also don't want to be more "understanding" of other people's needs when it means deleting my own and pretending that I don't exist as an individual. No I am not willing to argue or discuss why I think I am a human being with rights
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sing-from-the-hair · 9 months ago
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nerdygaymormon · 4 months ago
hey david, i wanted to ask for your thoughts on genesis chapter 34. im kind of bothered by the fact that it wasn't included in come follow me, and i wonder why it wasn't included. to me it feels important, and i don't like how it wasn't included. what do you think it's trying to teach/why was it excluded? i want to learn about it just like everything else :(
Genesis 34 is the rape of Dinah & the response.
Here's a summary: Dinah is the daughter of Jacob & Leah. Dinah is visiting other women in the area. A man named Shechem is son of the prince who is ruler of this area, he sees Dinah and rapes her. The thing is, Shechem says he loves her and asks his dad to arrange things so Shechem can marry Dinah.
Shechem & his dad show up to meet with Jacob to arrange a marriage with Dinah. Jacob's sons were in the fields, but when they heard about the meeting, they hurried to be on hand because they were very angry their sister had been raped.
Shechem's father proposes the two families intermarry, that Shechem marry Dinah, and her brothers get to marry his daughters. Shechem chimes in to say that whatever you ask for as dowry for Dinah, he'll pay it.
Jacob's sons agree, the families will intermarry, they'll become one people, there's just one problem. All your men will need to be circumcised as we are.
Shechem & his dad agree. They go to their city and all the men are required to be circumcised. While the men are sore and recovering, 2 of Jacob's sons, Simeon and Levi, take swords and slaughter the men of the city, including Shechem & his dad. The other brothers show up, seeing all the men are dead, they gather up all the animals (sheep, oxen, asses), whatever was in the fields, and any valuables in the city. They also take the women & children captive.
Jacob is upset because surely the other Canaanites in the area are going to hear what happened to this city and will seek retribution
This whole story is a mess, and a failure of patriarchy.
1) What did Dinah want? Did she like Shechem? Did she want to or not want to marry him? Did she want Shechem killed...and his whole city? Her voice is absent from this whole story. The men make all the decisions without regard to her wishes.
2) Jacob is the patriarch of his people. He has nothing to say during this whole chapter until the end when he's upset that what his sons did might cause trouble for him. Unfortunately, Jacob acted like many male leaders do when it comes to reports of abuse & sexual violence, which is to ignore or minimize it in hopes it doesn’t cause issues for him.
3) The brother's plan is to commit genocide. Where are the women's voices? None of Jacob's wives or daughters are consulted. This is men acting out their anger. They're punishing a whole city for what 1 person did, that's not justice. And to do it, they trick all the men into entering a covenant with God. Dinah was violated, and now God was also violated.
This is a great example of what happens when you limit the voices of who is heard and who makes decisions. Men do the wrong thing all throughout this story with no one providing any checks or other viewpoints or suggesting any other course of action.
Dinah's brothers centered their anger instead centering what Dinah wanted. Her voice is never heard. I suspect they were more concerned about the loss of value in this culture when a woman is no longer a virgin.
It’s interesting how with the story of Sodom & Gomorrah a lot of people like to say the attempted rape is proof that gay sex is wrong, but in this story there is actual rape and bad things come from it but no one goes around saying this is proof that straight sex is wrong.
You know I like to see how the principles from a scripture story apply to queer folks. Here's some thoughts on that:
In our church, the leaders at the top are old, cis, white (mostly), straight men who make decisions about queer people. They do so with no queer representation, our voices are not considered, we aren't at the table, not even in the room. Women also aren't at the table, and for most of our history we've not had any people of color at the table.
As they speak about what to do about the gays and the trans members, they center the institution, they center their comfort, they center their power and not wanting to upset the way things work.
Think of all the damage & violence done to the LDS LGBTQ+ community by teachings & policies which erased us, said we're broken & need to be fixed, which said even feeling attracted to a person of the same gender is a sin. And then when this life is over, we’re to be separated from the people we love and be shunted into a��“lower kingdom.”
In Genesis 34, the brothers convince the Canaanites to enter a covenant with God that isn't appropriate for them, or at least to get the symbol of the covenant. These people aren't going to eat kosher and live the Jewish law and code of behavior, celebrate the Jewish holidays.
Our church has encouraged gay people, especially men, to enter covenants not right for them. They said the best thing for gay men is to enter mixed-orientation marriages. Often they encouraged the men not even to confide in their wife that they're gay, to keep this secret at the heart of their marriage. Most of those marriages fail, so many broken families from a covenant not appropriate for those entering it.
White, cis, straight men always have their questions answered about their place in God's Plan. They talk about what things a god does...but then are silent about what a goddess does and what women can look forward to. They draw boundaries and restrict others from leadership, from priesthood, from the temple, but never themselves. As a group, white, cis, straight men have always been favored in this church, they have their concerns & needs addressed, and that's because they hold the power and center themselves & their experiences.
I absolutely believe having queer voices at the table would bring different discussions, and different results.
Last year I had a temple recommend interview with a member of my bishopric. He interrupted the interview to say he's very uncomfortable with this idea of a gay man getting a recommend. It didn't matter if I met the qualifications in how I live, simply being queer was enough to put me in the "other" category and therefore not entitled to all the same things as himself. 
He has never seen a gay person in any sort of leadership, they aren't apostles, they aren't Seventy, they aren’t bishops or stake presidents. In fact, they're mostly absent from church because it's a hostile space for queer people. Our absence made him assume we're automatically unworthy. The truth is that our absence is designed by the men in power who have set rules that disqualify queer people, our voices aren’t heard.
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absinthe-and-alabaster · 6 months ago
fuck this guy.  robert adrian should lose his job.  i am so infuriated by this whole case.  it is brock turner the rapist all over again.  
drew clinton is a rapist.  he should go to jail.  
dishonorable robert adrian sentenced the guy as guilty and then just reversed it to avoid minimum sentencing laws.  he made disgusting remarks about the victim and her family.  he kicked the prosecutor out of the courtroom on an unrelated case because the prosecutor “liked” a facebook post criticizing the judge’s decision.  
how is that legal?  
Tumblr media
according to this redditor who lives in the town, drew clinton the rapist’s aunt works for the county clerk’s office.  the all fucking know each other.  i am so disgusted.  
here is the change dot org petition that people are signing:  https://chng.it/fbvtbq5LFC.  reminder that giving money to the petition gives it to change dot org and not the petition organizers.  
i really wish this had more attention.  it’s a fucking outrage.  
i have completely lost faith in the justice system.
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lordbelacqua · a year ago
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marisa coulter + drinking moods 
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as-if-and-only-if · 4 months ago
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fellas, is it respectful of women to think your gender can make you inherently worthy of death?
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whoreforpatriarchy · 5 months ago
hello! I got banned for the 2nd time and now i’m back as whoreforpatriarchy! I missed you all :)
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neurotichunter · 10 months ago
This moment when you have the police on every speed dial button and buy yourself a pocket knife so that you can walk your dog in the evening and feel safe.
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blog-o-randomness · a year ago
Men be wanting women with long legs, a big ass, thin waist, but they do not realize the mistake they have made.
They do not realize what they have been truly wanting all this time.
Do you know what actually has those proportions?
The luxuriously long legs and waist as thin as a pencil?
Tumblr media
Moral of the story, if a man is a creep about how your body looks, throw a paper wasp nest at him so he can get what he wants and you don't have to waste any more of your time dealing with a little bugfucker bitch. That is all.
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sistersummersisle · 2 months ago
tumblr if i posted a picture of me idk vibing with my tits out: this is pornographic and we’re censoring your blog
tumblr when there’s hardcore ‘male supremacy’ blogs saying shit like ‘all women are subhuman sets of holes that exist to be r*ped by superior men’: *crickets*
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disabled-hamlet · 2 months ago
Patriarchy isn’t even the only oppressive hierarchy to backfire on the oppressors. The British Stiff Upper Lip that’s pretty much exactly what’s often talked about toxic masculinity and such, the antiblack origins of modern fatphobia and of schizophrenic=violent. The fucking hostile architecture that is designed to harm homeless people and ends up fucking things up for literally everyone. That’s just off the top of my head, there sure might be more.
I think the reason the gender one is the most talked about currently might be just that here it is the most apparent in the modern world. At least partially.
Calling oppressors oppressors is not saying that they are not oppressed on other axises or even that their own can’t colossally backfire on them for fuck’s sake!
And when people actually do that, don’t say that the problem is calling oppressors oppressors.
Late (in that I actually can add this to here) thought but the point of this post also applies to aggressor states.
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hearyouhowling · a year ago
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working on reclaiming my body
#before i even begin i want to preface this by saying i know this isn’t that big of deal.#and may even seem ridiculous to some of you but it’s just something i’ve been confronting lately.#and this is my safe space to talk.#body image cw#i have for most of my life been opposed to wearing anything that showed off my décolletage area.#this isn’t because i dislike that area of my body. in fact it’s one of my favourite parts of my body.#i feel joy when i adorn that area of me with jewelry or interesting high neck tops.#and i waltz around my home happily wearing lower tops that allow that part of me to breathe.#but when i step outside i never allow that part of me to shine.#because i am always cautious of how i allow men and the patriarchy to perceive me.#because i don’t want to allow them access to any part of me without my consent.#the male gaze takes so much from us. and this was my tiny way of not allowing them to steal my body from me.#but the reality is my body has already been stolen. regardless of how i dress myself.#regardless of what parts of my body i allow to be accessed. it will still be perceived.#so i wore this shirt around my house all day yesterday. and i felt incredible.#and then i wore it to the grocery store. and took back the reins of my body.#it’s a small thing.#but it’s something that helped me remind myself that even if the male gaze lingers. it doesn’t mean my body is less my own.#so anyways what are you reclaiming from the patriarchy today?#my face#me
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sing-from-the-hair · 11 months ago
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enby-axels · 11 months ago
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The banner is here for a reason. OP of the below thread is TMA, and I don't want this post to get attention from the wrong circles and cause harm to her.
Anyways, sharing this to my followers because this is a very insightful analysis some of you might appreciate.
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image description below cut
[ID: The above series of images are screenshots of a twitter thread by May Peterson (@/maidensblade), from February 11th, 2020.
The first tweet reads: "Something more (white and/or cis) feminists could do with understanding is negative masculinity. (Thread)
Think about how a white cis man can scapegoat “male transsexuals” (trans women) as predators and at the same time be scaremongering about the “danger” of men of color."
The second tweet reads: "You see a lot of instances of this, where the male/masculine traits assigned to a group are used to drive the cultural terror around that group, because they’re imagined as brutal and invasive and that powerful white cis men need to protect against them."
The third tweet reads: "This pattern looks counterintuitive to feminist analysis that insists a masculine attribution = unilaterally preferred and privileged and feminine = hated and oppressed."
The fourth tweet reads: "Something that gets missed a lot here is that the frailty/“need for protection” of white cis women isn’t a narrative they have independently.
Cis white men speak this narrative as part of their own story, that they have to protect their women from degenerates and invaders."
The fifth tweet reads: "White supremacist normative masculinity is both the flip side and the ordinate condition for white cis female frailty and infantilization.
By talking about “their women” being vulnerable, white cis men are also narrating THEIR OWN sense of vulnerability."
The sixth tweet reads: "In this system “good men” are supposed to protect from “bad men,” and that distinction comes from where the lines is drawn between who is the hero and who is the enemy."
The seventh tweet reads: "The hypermasculinized “outsider” is a typical model for the Enemy in this formula. Negative masculinity is the male/masculine attribution of the Enemy and it’s not the same as the maleness of the Hero."
The eight tweet reads: "There’s an Enemy femininity too, just like there’s a Heroic femininity. Consider the distinctions made between sex workers and “good women,” deceptive temptresses (a negative femininity also ascribed to trans women) and innocent maidens."
The ninth tweet reads: "Gendered stigma is complex and compounding, and feminist analysis that simply goes with the idea that femininity is considered bad and masculinity is considered good is not adequately capturing how gender is used to draw lines."
The tenth tweet reads: "Bloomberg can be found recently demonstrating multiple forms of negative masculinization scaremongering.
We just can’t ignore the way a form of male rage/male appetite is ascribed to certain oppressed people in this way." End ID]
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alwaysscreechingbasement · 6 months ago
“Judge Robert Adrian then went a step further, kicking a prosecutor out of court on Wednesday for simply “liking” a Facebook post that criticized Adrian’s shock ruling.“
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