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melgillman · a year ago
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Here’s the new 24 hour comic I drew this year!  This one is called THE KING’S FOREST.  cw: blood, violence
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omnybus · a month ago
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tokkytikky · 2 months ago
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My name is Nugget and I’m a big fat chicken ♪
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otterlyart · 2 months ago
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He didn’t see that sunrise.
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lokihiddleston · a month ago
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mischievousdog · a month ago
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That willingness to bleed, I will get it back (x)
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edendaphne · 7 months ago
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Something that’s been in my WIP folder for months now: some expression practice I worked on little by little, featuring Discordant Sonata AU’s Ladybug.
(Also in one of the pics there’s a small teaser about what’s coming up in the story) ;)
I used a different pencil brush on each one, to see which ones I liked best, usually as a warmup. (I’ll post the brushes on my Patreon whenever I get the chance, since I’ll be flying across the country today to visit family for the first time in two years) 😃
Bonus: Flirty Ladybug, a little bit older than the AU’s current timeline, nonchalantly giving Chat a heart attack ;*
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munchy-k · 3 months ago
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got the sudden urge to doodle tonglu hc~
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fistraid · 8 months ago
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you STAB marcy? you stab marcy like shes nothing? oh! oh! death to andrias! death to andrias for One Thousand Years! 
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axolotlsketches · 10 months ago
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wherever you go, i go.  that’s the deal.
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and-not-to-yieldx · a month ago
patience and autographs - itto x reader
summary: A healer in the Shogun's Army, you're well known for your patience. Unfortunately for you, a certain Oni is known for testing people like you.
pairing: arataki itto x gender-neutral reader
genre: fluff. comfort.
warnings: light mentions of injuries, blood. cursing.
a/n: y'all, I had to get some Itto written. I can't wait to see more of this no thoughts man. enjoy!
Nothing about Arataki Itto had ever indicated that he would be a well-behaved patient, but you had been hoping maybe you were simply not giving the Oni enough credit where credit was due.
Unfortunately for you, your first impressions have never been wrong.
"Ffff—uck!" The larger man howls as you tease out another of the crudely fashioned hillichurl arrows from his back, his spine arching as he jerks away. The thin arrows that dot his back look more like the quills of a porcupine and seem to bother him as if they were as much - that is, until you start to remove them. You give a cluck of your tongue in disapproval at his squirming, watching as he slams a meaty fist against the dirt ground of the little alcove you two have found yourselves squatting in. Itto is anything but well-behaved as he curses and groans, turning his gaze on you from over his shoulder.
"I thought you Shogun suckers were supposed to be good at your jobs!" He bemoans, giving another hiss as you dab a disinfectant soaked rag against the little mark where the arrow had been. "Burns, burns!" He hisses out, scooting forwards in his cross legged position in front of you. It is not unlike trying to trim a dog's nails, you think, all curled lips away from fangs and wiggling.
"And I thought the Great Arataki Itto would know better than to use his actual body as a shield." You drawl in return. You've risen through the ranks in the infirmaries of the Shogun's army because of your patience and skill. You're not going to let one obstinate oni tarnish your reputation. It is already bad enough that you had your guard down while picking some medicinal herbs for the Shogun's supplies. Even worse that a certain infamous geo-vision wielding oni had taken it upon himself to play hero.
He gives some high pitched whine before slowly, reluctantly pushing himself back closer to you. You actually find yourself scooting back until your back is against the stone wall. The man is a boulder in front of you, and you are effectively trapped between a rock and a hard place it seems. You sigh as he grumbles something you can't quite make out under his breath - somethingsomething greatest, somethingsomething savior - and continue to dab at those little puncture marks of his that have already stopped their bleeding.
"Alright," After a few more minutes, you've got the oni as cleaned up as you can. "You'll need to keep these clean and...!"
Suddenly, he is bent backwards, long white hair pooling in your lap as his fanged grin shines up at you. You are inches away from each other, your eyes widening as the curve of his horns prod the front of your uniform. Whatever you were going to say catches in your throat as it tightens, your heart pounding so loud in your chest you are sure that it is echoing in the cave around you. And when his grin only widens, you are gripped by the thought that archons, he must be able to hear it, too. You hadn't truly gotten a closer look at him, detached in your clinical professionalism you'd always maintained, but now, as his red eyes stare into yours...
"Thanks, Nurse." Your heart does a sickening flip in your chest before stopping altogether as he manages a low growl. His red brow arches as his gaze goes from your eyes, to your lips, and back to your eyes once more, the corners of his eyes beginning to crinkle in amusement. A man who looks like a mountain shouldn't be as nimble as he is as he straightens and turns on his knees, staring you in the face.
"It's good to know," His voice is low as the heat rises between you - how the man isn't the owner of a pyro vision, you aren't quite sure - each word punctuated with an intensity that makes you squirm. Oh, how the tables have turned now, and you suddenly feel the firm stone behind you as you shrink and he continues to lean forwards. Your eyes begin of their own accord to flutter shut and—
"The One and Oni has admirers even in the Shogun's Army!" Wait, what? You open an eye to see Itto with his arms stretched to either side of him, drawn up onto his knees farther away from you as he sharply flexes. Is the man...posing?! His shit-eating grin has practically taken up his whole face as his muscles bulge, the leather straps of his outfit straining against his chest. He turns his head to look at you once more.
And truly, it's that stupid wink of his that finally breaks you.
With a speed that surprises even you, your boot connects with his chest, pushing the demon away from you. It is like kicking a boulder, and you're surprised you even manage to get him to budge as he topples back slightly. Much to your chagrin, he is all grins and belly laughs as you scramble to the side with the intention of putting as much space between you as possible. "I am not an admirer!" Your protest sounds weak and childish, "I...I am going to rest." And really, you're just mad that you fell for that stupid, stupid oni's charm.
His laugh is bellowing as you turn onto your side with a huff, drawing your cloak tighter around you as you use your healer's kit as a pillow. Oni bastard, you think as you scrunch up your face, pointedly ignoring the heat in your cheeks and the way your stomach betrays you with each bit of fluttering and flipping. General Sara was right. Arataki Itto was not worth a passing thought, let alone the focus of member of the Shogun's Army.
When you awake in the morning, the cave feels much bigger and you realize Itto is gone. At first you're pleased that the man seemed to have enough social intelligence to get the hint. But you realize it's not without a parting gift. A scrap of parchment - did he go through your bag?! - he's slipped into your hand, in fact. It's a giant, crude signature of his with a little heart at the end addressed to his biggest fan and personal nurse. For all your patience, you can't help the noise of annoyance that tears from your throat as you quickly ball up that scrap of paper in your hands. This is how he has thanked you? An autograph?!
But just as you're about to throw it, you pause as you take stock of the way the branches at the mouth of the cave have been carefully arranged to hide its contents. It is subtle, but it is certainly different than how you'd fallen asleep. Quietly, you lower your hand, the annoyance fleeing from you in one deep sigh. The autograph is tucked away into your pocket as you slip on your healer's kit, telling yourself you'll dispose of it properly once you're back at the outpost.
It has been a week. The parchment is in the side pocket of your kit, deeply creased and well-worn.
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paperlignes · 2 months ago
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Hannibal, (2013-2015)
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hleonaa · 5 months ago
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“Don’t stroll in the darkness anymore, because you are the most dazzling presence of all.”
— Xiao Zhan, about Wei Wuxian
(Translation credit)
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classyfruit · 8 months ago
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[CW: blood, vampire bites] "The Countess looked radiant against the encroaching darkness of your waning consciousness. Like the effigy of a saint made from blood-stained marble."
It has been an absolute pleasure working on this commission. 👌 Because who doesn't need Lady Dimitrescu to hold your frail mortal body in her arms as she drains the last drop of blood from you? (Just kidding, she'd much prefer to keep you alive and warm. For reasons. 👀)
The tune for this artwork was "Enigmatic Soul" from Thomas Bergersen - it aligned perfectly with what I had in mind for this piece to feel like! What has been the last song to REALLY inspire you? Much love and take care, everyone! 💕
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10kiaoi · 2 months ago
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Some screengrabs from Crossing Hiraeth I’ve never posted.
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mischievousdog · 9 months ago
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See if I care
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edendaphne · 2 months ago
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I had some people ask back in chapter 20, "IS HE DUMB?? HOW CAN ADRIEN NOT KNOW THEY'RE THE SAME PERSON, THEY HAVE THE SAME CUTS AND BRUISES???" So I thought I'd use the opportunity to compare just how powerful the glamours are and why it isn't so obvious. The miraculous glamour magic will do stuff like make you think birthmarks or scars are on the wrong side, or just hide them altogether. (I don't know if it's the same in canon, but that's how it is in this AU. It's my party, so I make the rules!! 😆)
Magic affects appearance and voice, plus the viewer's perception and memory
Ladybug: "How are you feeling, Adrien? Are you sure you'll be alright?"
Actual appearance (Detransformed)
Marinette: "D-don't worry about it! I'll be fine! I'm just glad you're okay..."
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avenging-fandoms · 4 months ago
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*content warning: knife kink. blood kink. possessive!rafe. carving of skin (yn&rafe). if these are not something you can read, that's okay! check my obx masterlist, there's milder things in there!
rafe's hand touched your thigh, thumb rubbing over your skin with his jaw clenched. his fingers gripped your skin slightly as you talked to john b about a school project.
"so i'll see you tomorrow then?" john b asked and you smiled, nodding and waving goodbye to him. you gasp and slap rafe's hand that left a red mark on your thigh.
"was there a reason you were gripping me so hard?" you took the last sip of your drink, you and rafe standing up and holding his hand.
"i don't like him, and yet you still talk to him" rafe opened your door and you hopped in, and he slammed it. rafe got into the driver's seat and drove off to his house, barely even looking at you.
"it's not my choice, jealous. we have a project together. it's too late in the project, not like i would switch partners anyway" rafe snapped his head at you and you chuckle, putting your hands up in a shrug. "he's a nice guy, rafe. plus he's dating your sister"
"and do i talk to my sister?" he asked, eyes dark. you roll your eyes and shake your head. "i don't trust that john b. he looks at you weird"
"no he doesn't! he loves your sister, and he knows i love you!" you exclaim as you follow him into his bedroom. rafe closed the door behind you, pressing you against it with his hand holding your cheeks, squishing them together.
"you're mine, hm?" rafe asks lowly and you nod, holding his shirt.
"all yours, rafe" you whisper and he smirks, kissing you roughly and pushing you onto his bed. you sat up on your elbows, your head touching the headboard and he laid in between your legs.
rafe opened his pocket knife, pressing the cool metal against your skin. rafe ran the tip of the knife over the waistband of your shorts, trailing it down your skin to your thigh.
"all mine" rafe whispered and pressed the tip into your skin, cutting a line softly. you gasp and sit up, pushing his hand away. you panted and looked as rafe kissed the cut. "i want everyone to know you're mine. i want to be the only one in between your thighs" rafe smirk, wiping his lips of your blood.
"you're fucking nuts, rafe cameron" you gripped his hair and kissed him. "and i'm fucking nuts for telling you keep going" you whisper, holding his hair as he continued. you hissed, screaming his name and twitching. "rafe, jesus fucking christ" you nearly pulled his hair out of his head, rafe grabbing a tissue and wiping the knife.
rafe dragged his finger over your new scar, drawing a heart next to his initials in your skin with the crimson liquid. his initials weren't huge, it was small. bigger than a quarter, nothing too big. but this was definitely crazy.
rafe cleaned you up, putting a large bandaid on top and kissing it. "rafe cameron, you are nothing like i have ever met before" you breathe, rafe climbing on top of you and kissing you slowly.
"do you want to put yours on me?" he whispered and you looked up at him, then watching as your fingers pushed opened his polo a bit to touch his chest over his heart. "do it" rafe taunted, holding his knife out to you.
you bit your lip as he rolled off of you, and you straddled his waist. you unbuttoned his shirt, pushing it down his arms. you flipped open the knife, pressing the tip against rafe's chest. you trailed it up his neck and under his chin, watching him with hooded eyes.
"are you jealous, rafe cameron?" you ask quietly, watching the knife move as he swallowed. you smirk, pressing it against his lips and pulling his lip down.
you pulled the knife down back to his chest, his fingers gripping your thigh and hissing as you scar your name into his skin. you smile and kiss your initials, rafe holding your chin and kissing you.
rafe hummed, the iron taste pouring onto his tongue. you pulled away breathlessly, shaking your head. "so fucking crazy, rafe cameron"
"i'm crazy about you" he breathes, holding the back of your neck and picking you up, taking you to the bathroom. you two showered, cleaning your newest additions.
you and rafe laid in his bed, and he touched his finger over his initials. "now i'll always be in between your thighs. and you'll always be mine, no matter if you have someone else" rafe whispered and you shake your head, kissing him.
"not like i want someone else anyway, you're the crazy man for me, rafe cameron" you whisper, kissing him slowly and rolling on top of him, your towel falling off as he tied his own.
"and you're the crazy one for me, yn" he smiled, kissing your chest and admiring you and you pressed your hips down against his, the both of you groaning.
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navyinks · 2 months ago
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a morbid lullaby fit for a kinslaying
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peathepirate · 4 months ago
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More for wings!au but this time it's klapollo n_n
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