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#cw: weed
artsy-fartsy-trash · a month ago
Tumblr media
A late birthday gift to myself of some good old stonernatural! They’re talking about the dinosaurs cas met or something
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amelettes · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
lungs of steel i'm tellin' ya
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misquotedladybug · a month ago
My mom just said we needed to put weed in our earthquake kit.
Juleka Couffaine
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cowsaresushi-coral · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Oh, I also had this I was doing a bit earlier today, went to do something else, and now it’s like ass o’clock, and I don’t want to work on this anymore. I’d like to go to bed now.
Enjoy a maybe accurate interpretation of him beyond “TV MAN HAWT” that I see a lot (he’s built nice, but let’s not kid ourselves. he is a grade A wanker ass clown.)
And the joke image that was supposed to be paired with the above. Twas supposed to be one nice pic of RGB, and then the above clown pic. Got tired though.
Tumblr media
Enjoy his nakey state without his colors.
Tumblr media
Now he’s less naked.
I’m the OG artist with the drawing files. I do what I want, and I wanted him in high fashioned attire, my good btches.
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fw00shy · 6 months ago
What Harry likes most about weed is how all emotion slows to a roll, drifting by one at a time so that he can reach out and touch it, feel it, hold on to it. The joy of Draco's knee against his as he fumbles with the rolling paper, finesse lost to fingertips crushed with kush. Fear and expectation drowned out to a half-parted mouth, an unhurried transition horizontal onto the sofa. When was the last time Harry could focus like this? Latch on to Draco's face and lose himself in the shell of an ear, waiting for it to echo back his devotion.
For @drarrymicrofic prompt, technique! (or a lack of). happiest belated 420, my dudes
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CW: Drug usage (weed) But you could not...Get high with Nathan Bateman...And then jokingly ask, like, ‘do you think robots have feelings’ Because he would give you a ten hour lecture with legitimate answers. ...Either that or he’d just start giggling like a maniac.
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sweet-tea-records · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
MEET THE NEW BOJACK S.I! Decided to try a new style with soft brushes and lineart?
Ky is literally me, physically and personality wise, except older!!! I even used my real first name this time, which isn't something I do a lot! They're just literally me!
Fun fact: All of their clothes come from small shops and thrift stores!!!
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waxhouse · a month ago
Scents  - Slasher OC Edition
Tumblr media
- Audrey has clearly adopted many of his mother’s personal hygiene habits. He tends to take about 1-2 showers per day, depending on if he’s exerted himself or not, or if he’s been to work (he’ll usually shower before and after). Sometimes he’ll take more if it’s absolutely necessary.
- Audrey prefers woody, “masculine” scents for himself. He’ll usually use a cedar wood or “forest” scented body soap, deodorant, and some cologne if he’s feeling fancy or needs to/wants to impress someone.
- Audrey smells like his personal care products (all of the above mentioned products, aftershave, any sort of hair products, etc), laundry detergent (depending on if he’s wearing fresh clothes or re-wearing them), sometimes cigarettes, and sometimes a little bit like a hospital. - He’s definitely got a “man” smell about him, but it’s not unpleasant and it’s pretty clear he’s clean and takes care of himself as best he can manage.
- Much like his mother, he has had all sorts of jobs, but the one he’s been able to hold down best over the years is as a hospital janitor. The smell from work sometimes clings to him a little bit, but usually he showers after anyways.
- He’s a social smoker, but doesn’t do it too much as he gets older. As a teenager, he might have smoked weed a few times, but it didn’t interact well with his mental illness and meds for said mental illness, so he stopped eventually.
Tumblr media
- James has pretty good. He’ll use a plain or scentless soap, or whatever is on hand.
- He works in a diner, and you better believe he brings the smell home with him. It’s not unpleasant, though-- He smells like the fresh bread they make at his work, and like delicious food, savory and homey.
- He probably uses an Old Spice scent of deodorant, and he’ll have that clinging to him.
- He tends to re-wear clothes a lot, which don’t smell dirty so much as worn-in, like his skin and like himself.
- Honestly, a little bit like weed. He likes to smoke in his van after work and on his days off, it helps him relax and take the edge off.
- Art supplies. James is an artist, primarily working in collages, though sometimes he’ll do colored pencils or watercolors to augment the collage he’s working on. There’s also always the chance that he might smell a little bit like photo developing chemicals, as he sometimes develops his own photos.
Tumblr media
- James smells primarily like dead leaves and forest. He’s very earthy and Autumnal. A bit like dead wood.
- There’s a lingering scent of blood, and sometimes the lightest whiff of rot coming from him. It’s not too intense, and it comes in waves. He smells more like blood and rot when he’s upset.
- Altogether not wholly unpleasant, but definitely not like anything really alive or human.
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f0xfordcomma · a month ago
i highly recommend eating orange chicken and getting high and watching the last season of adventure time w your hubs on a thursday night. thats all. send post.
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amelettes · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
cecilia lit up a fat blunt at the wedding reception lol
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misquotedladybug · 5 months ago
Adrien: I ate a brownie once. It was intense. It was kind of indescribable, actually. I felt like I was floating.
Adrien: Turns out there wasn't any pot in the brownie. It was just an insanely good brownie.
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foramomentonly · 10 months ago
Stoner Michael Ficlet
This is all the fault of @skinsharpenedteeth and that one picture of Vlamis in his own merch, looking like everyone’s stoner brother. Which is absolutely teen Alex’s type.
Link to AO3
Alex follows Rosa and her new, maybe-definitely crush Isobel Evans into the Evans’s impressive, Southwest Contemporary home, scowling. The promise of a lazy afternoon in the cool, dark shadows of the turquoise mines with his favorite disaffected friend had convinced Alex to call in to work, but by the time he made it to the Crashdown, Isobel and Rosa were huddled together at the counter, whispering and laughing, and making plans to “drop by” Isobel’s so Rosa could borrow some DVD, and Alex had officially become a third wheel.
The girls head into the kitchen for snacks—a quick stop having already turned into a movie marathon—and Alex wanders down a long, bright hallway, idly searching for a bathroom. He passes several closed doors marked with the personalized touches of private spaces: brightly colored floral decals and a freshly-drawn heart made of a chaotic labyrinth of looping lines Alex recognizes as Rosa’s work decorate Isobel’s bright bedroom door, while the one across the hall hosts a neat collage of handwritten quotations from authors Alex didn’t think anyone his age read absent the threat of a failing grade. The final door on the left, at the end of the hall, is cracked open, the room dark, but Alex can hear Audioslave playing at a low volume inside, and when he inhales he catches the unmistakable stench of bad weed on the air.
Alex pushes the door slowly open with a finger and steps inside, glancing around the dark, messy room filled with what looks like worn, secondhand furniture, stacked textbooks and notepads in every corner, and a pristine drafting desk with a sleek, overhead lamp attached, an outlier in the otherwise typical teenage boy space. There’s sunlight streaming in via a sliding door in the corner of the room, and Alex steps through it onto a small side patio shaded by a flat stucco roof and shielded from view by the outward jut of the house where it extends farther into the yard on both sides. On the patio to Alex’s left is a small, wrought iron table and a cheap, plastic deck chair, and on that chair is a boy.
When Alex had stepped out onto the patio, the boy had turned his head slowly, appraising Alex with lazy eyes, but he otherwise hadn’t moved. He’s slouched low in the chair, one leg slung open, knee up and resting against the arm of the chair. His head lolls against the slope of the chair’s back, and his feet are bare, the rest of him covered head to toe in black, from the beanie pulled low over his messy curls to his soft, faded sweatshirt and sweatpants. As Alex watches him, he brings his right hand up to his lips and takes a slow drag of the joint pinched between his thumb and forefinger. 
“That smells like shit,” Alex says, and the boy huffs a laugh.
“Tastes like shit,” he answers easily in a low voice, licking his lips and casting an inquisitive glance Alex’s way. “So, what are you doing here, Alex Manes? You don’t seem like Isobel’s usual type.”
“Rosa Ortecho dragged me here,” Alex answers, and the boy laughs in earnest this time to some private joke.
“She’s definitely my sister’s type,” he says, whistling low, and a lightbulb goes off in Alex’s head.
Isobel Evans has two brothers, unofficially. Max Evans, keeper of the pretentious quotations, a shy, boy-next-door type with heart eyes the size of Texas for Alex’s other favorite Ortecho sister, Liz; and Michael Guerin, the genius stoner Max and Isobel practically forced their parents to take in when they found out he was sleeping in his truck. As a deeply mediocre student, Alex isn’t in any of Guerin’s AP classes, and the kid is so quiet he slips under most people’s radars, Alex assumes by design. But as Alex looks at him now, light, honey eyes and long lashes, soft curls around the edge of his hat and broad hands with long fingers, a perfectly crooked nose and light casting dramatic shadows across his cheekbones, Alex wonders if this is the first time he’s actually seeing Michael Guerin. Discovering, seeing, and losing his breath as Michael stares right back, a suggestive smile across his lips and his tongue pushing against the inside of his cheek.
“You, uh, you want some?” Michael asks, holding up the small joint, and Alex nods, stretches out his hand so Michael can pass it over.
Instead, Michael finally moves his body, shifting to spread himself open in the chair and arching his long neck, tilting his head farther back and pushing his beanie lower on his brow.
“Come on, then,” he offers softly, and brings the joint to his lips again, pulling smoke into his lungs and holding it in his mouth. 
Alex should call bullshit, should tell Michael to fuck off and take Rosa’s keys from her backpack, let Isobel drive her home; but Michael’s eyes are soft and a little hopeful, and he doesn’t reach for Alex or make any sort of move to touch him. So Alex steps in front of Michael and slides into his lap, straddling him, and braces himself with both hands planted against the back of the chair on either side of Michael’s head. He leans in close, close enough to smell the citrus scent of Michael’s soap underneath the haze of weed, and drops his mouth open. Michael parts his lips and blows thick smoke in a steady stream into Alex’s mouth, the tip of his tongue dancing hesitantly across Alex’s bottom lip. It could be an accident, but they both know it isn’t. 
Alex sucks the dank, foul-tasting smoke into his mouth, lets it sit heavy on his tongue and coat the roof of his mouth, and when his head begins to feel light on his shoulders, pleasantly untethered, he drops it back and releases the smoke into the air above him, his hands sliding onto Michael’s shoulders absent-mindedly, fingers finding their way under Michael’s beanie to wrap around the silky curls trapped beneath. Michael finally walks his fingertips up Alex’s thighs and curls his broad palms around his hips, pulling Alex closer with a soft whine. The joint is already snuffed out against the wire table and discarded at their feet.
“So,” Alex breathes, rocking subtly against Michael’s cock as he feels it fatten underneath him, “I’m more your type, huh?”
Michael grins around a soft groan, digging his fingers into the flesh above Alex’s ass.
“I’ve got good taste,” he murmurs, one hand coming up to wrap gently around Alex’s neck, guiding his mouth towards Michael’s parted lips.
Alex smiles.
“In guys, maybe,” he replies. “Not weed.”
Michael is still laughing when Alex finally seals his mouth over Michael’s, kissing him quiet.
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accio-strawbz · 3 months ago
sirius: wanna get high?
james: you have weed??
sirius: what? i meant on our brooms
james, whispering to remus: are you sure this is the one you want?
remus: unfortunately
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cottagecore-peach · 8 months ago
i’m currently high as fuck with my friend, soooo send me asks!! i wanna talk to people 🥰🥰
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catradoramma · a year ago
Adora was the type of high that made her want to lay on the ground on top of a shag carpet and listen to Fleetwood Mac on a record player. It made her want to open a window only to smoke another joint. She wanted the smoke to hang in the air like a thin fog.
She wanted Catra to join her.
Adora was the type of high that made her want to turn her head on the carpet and smile at the love of her life, laying on the carpet next to her. She wanted to laugh, and then hear Catra’s laugh back. She wanted to roll onto her side and reach her hand across the space between them. She wanted to feel every soft-rough fibre in the carpet.
She wanted Catra to meet her half way.
Adora was the type of high that made her want to pull Catra onto her feet and dance with her around the room like they were at a concert instead of their living room. She wanted to twirl Catra around and then pull her in. She wanted to slow dance with Catra. She wanted to lay her head on Catra’s shoulder and just sway to the music.
She just wanted Catra to be there.
Instead, Adora was at a party, squished onto some dingy couch in someone’s dark basement. Someone she didn’t know was squished up against her. She thinks they might have the same Spanish class. They’re looking at her with dimmed stars in their eyes and Adora didn’t know how to tell them she was already in love.
Adora was the type of high that made her want to admit she was in love.
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hayplayssims · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
So yeah Johnny Zest is a total stoner and when he’s not trying to be a comedian he’s selling the devils lettuce :)))
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exlibrisfangirl · 7 months ago
Are you a giddy weed-drunk or an emo weed-drunk? I'm both I guess, 'cause I just spun my cat around the living room going WHEEEEE and giggling like a 5yo and then promptly sat down and cried for like 10 minutes because I'm not good at drawing, idek lol.
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