themilkcans · 2 years ago
* Slams fists down on desk *
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feetdotgov · 3 years ago
dylan marron on the new episode of his podcast being like “i AM a faggot!!” i love him sooooo much
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thatgirlonstage · 3 years ago
Podcast Challenge: October Recap
This month was a little scattered and I wasn’t listening as consistently, but still made some progress! Since I’ve been listening very little in the past week and half, two weeks or so, some of the ones I’m “current” on I may not have heard THE most recent episode or two, but I’m not far off.
The Adventure Zone
That Halloween live show was legendary
Adventures in New America
I’m still trying to work out how much I’m enjoying this show but I’m definitely intrigued by it. I think it’s just, I haven’t really latched on to any of the characters too closely yet? But I think I’ll end up really loving Simon, I just haven’t gotten there yet
The Bright Sessions
I loved the Bright Sides episode this month. I really, really loved it.
No new episodes
Can I Pet Your Dog?
Episode 22-23, out of 165 episodes currently
Well those two episodes were nice, lol ;P Not quite on track to catch up with this show real soon but we’re working on it
Conversations with People Who Hate Me
I didn’t get to any new episodes this month BUT the second season ended and I only have four episodes left before I catch up, so I’m real close
Critical Role
Didn’t get to any new episodes this month
Ear Hustle
Almost current, but didn’t actually get a chance to listen to this month’s episodes
The Flop House
#72-80, out of #269 currently
I love these guys but they ramble and digress so much sometimes it’s indistinguishable from the Sleep With Me podcast
It Makes a Sound
No new episodes
The McElroy Brothers Will Be in Trolls 2
There was a new episode that came out right at the end of the month and I haven’t listened to it yet but it’s in my queue!!
My Brother, My Brother, and Me
Episode 195-206, out of 431 currently
Broke 200 baby
My Dad Wrote a P*rno
Oh No, Ross and Carrie! *NEW*
Episode "Ross and Carrie Try Kabbalah: Did You Know The Sun is Green?” - “Ross and Carrie Get Ear Candled: Wax Springs Eternal” | 2/174 currently
Oh, oh this podcast is going to be gross. I’m going to find it fascinating, but it’s going to be so gross, I just know it
The Orbiting Human Circus of the Air
Still have the Imaginary Symphony episodes to get to
The Penumbra Podcast *NEW*
Episode 1.01-1.04 | 4/59 episodes currently
Oh, oh I am already in love. I already ship Juno and Peter, how did they do that in just two episodes of interaction
Episode “Oil Pulling” - “Magnets” | 39/251 episodes currently
I can’t believe after years of seeing the word “lodestone” just kicking around in fiction and historical documents without ever bothering to properly look it up Sawbones of all things finally taught me what a lodestone actually is
Didn’t get to any new episodes this month :(
The Thrilling Adventure Hour
Have been waiting for them to post the back catalog on Patreon
Welcome to Night Vale
Continuing my relisten, but didn’t get to any episodes this month
Within the Wires
I don’t want anything bad to happen to Vivi but I feel like something bad is going to happen to Vivi
Wolverine: The Long Night *NEW*
I saw something that said Marvel was thinking about using this to launch a “podcast universe” which, please, I don’t need another MCU, but I’m really enjoying this story, not to sound cliche but I’m on the edge of my seat constantly
Didn’t get to any new episodes this month :(
Previously Completed Podcast: Alice Isn’t Dead
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pensivetense · a month ago
Tumblr media
Also the merch for this podcast slaps
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freshpickeddeath · 3 years ago
CwPWHM: They/them reaction
So...I was going to post something like this on Dylan Marron’s youtube, so I could directly discuss it with other listeners, but I didn’t realize Dylan stopped posting his Conversations episodes on his channel, or something along those lines (I didn’t find the episode on youtube, so I don’t know if it’s not there or I just looked in the wrong place?)
Anyway, this episode is probably the only episode so far that actually made me feel angry while I was listening. It’s probably because the legitimacy of they/them pronouns is a sore point for me, since I am an agender individual who is currently living with my family, of which my father is outright transphobic. So, I admit that I have a bit of a knee jerk reaction to people calling non-binary genders and gender identity fake, because I’m used to that reaction usually being followed by insults. So, I will recognize that I have a bias against Lennox, and feel a but defensive.
(full reaction under cut)
That being said, I feel like Lennox used very circular logic. His whole defense felt like it was “This is the way things are because that is the way things are” and even when Lindsey and Dylan tried to tell him about how things are from the opposite point of view, he mostly shut them down without really even considering things? Like, I understand that going from believing in a strict binary system to accepting gender as a spectrum separate from biological sex is a big step, and I was happy that he did budge a little bit by the end, but I just feel that Dylan and Lindsey were actually taking what he said and directly responding to it, while Lennox just responded to Lindsey’s explanations with outright refusal, no matter how much she tried to explain it in a way that, even if he doesn’t accept it as truth, he could instead see as a different point of view instead of, as he said it, a “delusion.”
One thing that I do think could have been used a lot more was the fact he viewed trans identity as a mental illness, and from what I have seen from both within and without the community, this is something that can often be used as a point of conversational compromise, where people can come to some agreement, even if some of the finer points of identity is still complicated. Yes, gender dysphoria is a mental illness. It is a mental quality that can and often does disrupt the life of the people who experience it. However, what a lot of people who don’t agree with trans identity (I’m trying to avoid words like “transphobes” because it might be too weighted a word for this particular discussion, especially because he specifically mentioned feeling offended by being called a bigot or homophobe), is that:
1. treating gender dysphoria does not “cure” someone of transgenderism. A person has dysphoria because they are transgender and their mental make-up relating to gender does not match their sex-based characteristics. A cis person does not (to my knowledge, at least.) doesn’t suddenly develop gender dysphoria overnight, save for maybe cases where dysphoria is not noticeable or acknowledged until later in life (and in that case, I still consider the person trans, and they just did not realize it prior, rather than calling them “a cis person who became trans”).
and 2. in most cases, treating mental illness always means giving the person what they need to cope with symptoms and function in life. Even if you want to call being trans a mental illness, rather than an identity that predisposes a person to certain types of mental illness, it does not change the fact that the best treatment is to help them make their body match what their mind thinks it should to the extent that is healthy, whether that involves surgery, medication, or clothing items that help to reconcile the disconnect. If you meet a person who has depression or anxiety, you don’t tell them that they’re wrong about the world and punish them when they show symptoms (no matter what my dad thinks thinks this method works *cough* >_> ). You give them medication, talk about what makes them feel that way, and then, once you learn what is triggering these feelings, you remove the triggers that you are able to and give them the tools and treatments necessary to cope with the rest. So, why should it be any different for trans people? Even if you see being trans and being mentally ill, you should still use their pronouns and allow them to have the tools to minimize their dysphoria (binders, packers, access to the right bathrooms, etc.) instead of telling them that being trans is “wrong” and telling them that their symptoms are unimportant and that they shouldn’t have access to treatment. Because guess what: every psychologist I’ve encountered, either personally or online, has agreed that accepting a person’s gender identity is better for their mental health than trying to convince them otherwise.
Furthermore, there is lots of evidence that gender and sex are not the same thing. Sex is only what role you play in reproduction (assuming you choose to participate in it) and the associated parts you develop to fulfill that role. A person who does not want to reproduce, or who chooses to engage in non-reproductive intercourse, does not experience any pain for doing so, just as changing the parts you use for intercourse does not affect anyone except you and your chosen partner(s). Gender, on the other hand, is the way your brain processes your body, your role in life, and the world in general, regardless of what it looks like in your pants. Science has already found evidence that the brain activity of the binary genders are different, and that the brain waves of trans people more closely resemble those of their identifying gender than those of their biological sex’s corresponding gender. Also, when looking at world cultures, both binary and non-binary gender non-conformance to  birth sex has a long history, rather than being the new-age “snowflake” identity that so many people accuse non-binary identity of being. For this reason, among a few others that I’m aware of but not knowledgeable enough in to fully discuss, many scientists are fully open to the idea that gender as a spectrum may be able to be proven through scientific observation someday, once detailed study into the brains of non-binary individuals is able to be done. So, the idea that here being only 2 sexes proves that their are only 2 genders is already in doubt, if not fully disproved.
But even if you ignore both the psychological and scientific implications of the debate, refusing to use a persons pronouns just because you doubt the legitimacy of their identity still just sounds like stubbornness, at least from where I’m standing. Dylan pointed out multiple times it doesn’t cost a person anything to call someone “they”. Even if Lennox doesn’t 100% agree with the reasons behind it, it doesn’t affect his life to say “Okay, Lindsey (or any other nonbinary person). I respect that being referred to as ‘they’ makes you happy and more comfortable. So, I will do it.” in fact, there are points in the episode it sounds like he is willing to do so for some people, if they ask politely. However, the fact he still complains endlessly about being “forced” to do so, even in cases where the person is just calmly asking for him to acknowledge their view of their own identity, does not sit right with me, and kind of makes me doubt any hope for him that I had begun to feel. It comes off more like he’s just trying to earn brownie points at the beginning of the conversation, to give the illusion he’s more open-minded than he is, before immediately proving without a second thought how close-minded he actually is on he issue.
I don’t know. I open to people who aren’t quite so close to the issue saying that he was more open-minded than I saw him as, just as I try to be open to people who say “I don’t agree, but I’ll still accept that you think that way”. He wasn’t the worse person in the world - he didn’t insult Lindsey for being non-binary or say anything outright harmful - but I still feel like he could have been better, at the same time, even without outright accepting Lindsey’s point of view.
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lifefilledwithstories · 4 years ago
Podcasts anyone?
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bebtea · 4 years ago
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codenamemaximus · 4 years ago
I think the reason why Chris has the beliefs that he does is because he's actually pretty open-minded but he doesn't really understand that other people aren't. He respects people so he doesn't think that they need extra protecting because he doesn't really see how dangerous it really is to be a minority
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e-skah-pay · 4 years ago
official verdict:
Conversations with People Who Hate Me is gr8 and the theme song is a bop
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coolerinenochian · 4 years ago
Dylan Marron is so considerate and responsible :,)
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kevinvoiceofdesertbluffs · 4 years ago
Episode 112 - Citizen Spotlight
A cute little episode, though frankly saying you'll profile a citizen sounds too crude even for Night Vale. Apparently Janice stole these secret citizen records. Did she do when she stole the Highschool Crush Records (or what the exact name is)? For a fake story it's a real one, and the state of the art government technology did indeed elicit one to four feelings in me. Also, good to point out, not all things can just be explained by multiple universes, even now. We got an explanation for some events, but many still remain mysterious. I don't really like the CWPWHM episode at the end. Are they that proud of it or is the podcast not getting enough listeners that they need to plug it in? Either way they could've gone with just a few minutes, not this much...
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feetdotgov · 3 years ago
new episode of conversations w people who hate me was so stressful... usually i dont mind the guests who write the negative comments but with this guy using the word f***** , calling dylan a “homosexual” right off the bat then calling transgenderism a mental illness/delusion i was legit tense the whole time
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thatgirlonstage · 3 years ago
Podcast Challenge 18/11/18
Bolded means I listened to an episode today. Strikethrough means I’m all caught up and waiting for the next episode, or the podcast is complete!
The Adventure Zone | Adventures in New America | Alice Isn’t Dead | The Bright Sessions | Bubble | Can I Pet Your Dog? | Conversations with People Who Hate Me *CAUGHT UP* | Critical Role | Ear Hustle | The Flop House | It Makes a Sound | The McElroy Brothers Will Be in Trolls 2 | My Brother, My Brother, and Me | My Dad Wrote a P*rno | Oh No, Ross and Carrie! | The Orbiting Human Circus of the Air | The Penumbra Podcast | Sawbones | Shmanners | The Thrilling Adventure Hour | Welcome to Night Vale | Within the Wires | Wolverine: The Long Night | Wonderful!
Podcast: Can I Pet Your Dog?
Episode: 25: Dog Pants
Time: 38 min, 63% of goal
Travis I will not stand for this Scooby Doo slander. How dare you. I trusted you.
Podcast: Conversations with People Who Hate Me
Episode: Is This Racist?
Time: 39 min, 65% of goal
Even though I know these posts are basically only for me and no one really reads them I don’t want to touch making a comment on this episode with a ten foot pole, not on this hellsite
Episode: Unfriended
Time: 44 min, 73% of goal
Oh look, it’s tumblr’s political discourse
Episode: I Hate This Podcast
Time: 38 min, 63% of goal
I think this guy just really wanted Dylan to be way more confrontational
Episode: I Hope You’re Eaten Alive
Time: 1hr 9 min, 115% of goal
Well I’m 100% on K’s side
I had much the same reaction listening to that initial You Are A Liar episode - smiling denial is a very good way to describe it. I’m glad Benjamin is reexamining his assumptions but that is the kind of man I know I can’t trust to ever help me. He might not be the person to rape me, but he would walk right past me while someone else chases me down the street and tell me it’s rude to run away
Episode: Listener Call: Kaleb
Time: 38 min, 63% of goal
That ended up being a lot more information about the Seventh Day Adventists than I was really looking for from this podcast
Podcast: My Brother, My Brother, and Me
Episode: 211: Mrs. Doubtfire 2
Time: 1hr 1 min, 102% of goal
Ah, here we see the beginning of TAZ: Amnesty
Podcast: Within the Wires
Episode: Season 2, Episode 0 - Karikari Contemporary (1969)
Time: 17 min, 28% of goal
“There is no real violence in this painting, but there is a dream of violence.”
It’s very strange to hear an episode from the perspective she had before she even MET Atieno.
Episode: Black Box, Cassette 1: PHL TO PWM
Time: 13 min, 22% of goal
It’s so bizarre to hear Cranor performing, I know his voice too well now I can’t think of him as a character
Episode: Black Box, Cassette 2: PWM to MDW
Time: 11 min, 18% of goal
Magnus Burnsides bursts through the wall, summoned by the chance to demonstrate his proficient ability to drive a vehicle
Episode: Black Box, Cassette 3: MDW to YYZ
Time: 15 min, 25% of goal
One of the things I liked about the first season of Within the Wires was how extremely immersive it was, because “you” were a character who didn’t even get named for so long. I like season 2 a lot, but one of the critiques I could make of it was that some of those tapes were not tapes that anyone would plausibly hear, while Season 1 and 3 really insert you as a specific character (Hester, Amy), who is listening and responding to these tapes. I know this is talking to Hester but it still kind of startles me to hear her name addressed because you spend so much time in the first season where you don’t have any idea what the character’s name is, or even their gender. They’re just more or less you, with a new backstory
Total Listening: 6hr 23 min, 638% of goal
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pensivetense · a month ago
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khoshek · 4 years ago
im not listening to the new nvp shows...... i tried it makes a sound and i didnt like it, im not rly interested in cwpwhm and i dont listen to the mountain goats so .......
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humancornhusk-blog · 4 years ago
catch up buckos
WTNV just released a promotion for CWPWHM and jokes on them i already subscribed like 30 minutes ago 
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