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justarandompancake · an hour ago
green and yellow
Tumblr media
yellow: mmmm no but i cant guarantee that some of the people in my head wouldnt
green: falsehood
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justarandompancake · 2 hours ago
Wait, Cinn, i just checked out your carrd and apparently we have some of the same taste! (Though im not sure my taste can be counted as good because its a mix of musicals and recent-ish pop punk/emo)
KDSFN:LKSD:F oh pogchamp!! that means u have good taste bc my taste is the only and best taste /j
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nayrs-thoughts-13 · 2 hours ago
hi!!! i am an idiot and JUST saw ur thing about things u want ur mutuals to tag, ((i am SO sorry if u saw anything u didnt want to bc i didnt tag it, i should've read ur intro post more carefully. adhd go brrr i cannot read)) so uh, just wanted to ask about the whole "modern mcyt" thing? is that like,,, dream smp?? bc if so i can totally tag my dream smp post kalsdnf;laksdf sorry
It’s fine, you’re the second person to see/acknowledge it at all, tbh. We should’ve made it more clear that it was there in the first place.
And yeah, that’s what we mean. 
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Your Weekly Drabble! - Alpha Tauri
Tumblr media
it’s me. i’m ambitious
Continuing directly from where we left off last week, i.e. Zhao hits the wrong fish and fucks up the whole planet.
This leaves Yue in the position of a less than gentle, loving lady who rules the skies with lunar goodness.....
- - -
He kneels in a savaged Agna Qel’a - when he prays, gods are not the ones who answer.
The flow of the oasis was stoppered years ago; if he observed the drawn rise and fall of his lashes, centuries of life on a green, prosperous earth seemed to slip out from underneath. After that scarlet night, he was omniscient long enough to witness the catastrophe of his own failure - yet every drop of Zhao was pitifully mortal, and to watch the heavens unfurl was the only power he had left.
Except this. To pray.
He hears groaning, a scraping that sounds deceptively ice-like... an all-too familiar hope that had been stamped out of the hardiest. Even the Avatar’s light dwindled. There was no water. Only fire - fire was life, it was energy, it sustained them... but without its pair, it burned them away as it kept them alive.
Wearily, his fingers - the tips flaked with ash, nerves unraveling - loosen their clasp, sinking into his lap. Zhao turns.
His mouth is forming words that he won’t comprehend. The world is a dulled edge, but she stands in sharp relief. People were often like the dead skin they left behind - piece for piece scattered where they fled, souls eroded into oblivion by an incongruous flame.
“You’re still alive?”
Zhao himself is a waning man, branded sevenfold for his treachery, among them anklets welded to his feet. It was for the ancient beasts and spirits that tore out of the drained sea floor to hunt him, to trail his sound. Her scleras are dark, with flaring twin points. Even from a distance, a raw sensation burrows into his gut that the moon hungered. Her partner is - was - the ocean... Zhao had as good as severed her from her mortality, humanity, or both.
The spirit’s - or a girl still, unable to die - clothes hang in rags, whisper on the dry ground. There was a ravenous note to her rasp, and it pushed Zhao to his feet, made him want to uproot the sword he’d dug into the grass. Or at the very least, run.
“Slayer...” His prayers feel less answered than they are judged. The girl herself seems elongated, tall and thin, skin greyed, features pitting like dunes.
“I watched my people fight to stay above the water... I watched them sink beneath the tide.”
Her clothes whisper because they hover. Their shadows are sweeping strokes, crooked lines on hot rock and dust. Zhao’s hands are too weak to even grasp the weapon’s hilt - or it’s her, her pulling the earth down like the weight of sorrow - and he abandons the effort when the spirit lunges.
Ducking around the first formation he sees that can bury his figure, he waits before scrambling to the next. The landscape resembles broken teeth. Chimes jangle from Zhao’s feet - his limp is profound - the spirits are hungry, they’re dying out, and she didn’t seem the latter as much as the former. Why?
The ocean was barren. Nothing could reunite her with her cohort... no one...
“I watched them...”
His feet disturbs the sand, the bells clinking softly.
“... vanish. My city turned from ice into glass. It shattered, descended to the depths.”
A fist launches right through the stone, taking apart a hole where her line of sight lowers. The pupil snaps to him. Zhao jolts.
“I roamed the surface, waiting.” Her hair is live and writhing, every limb rooted to her outstretched, beckoning come, come. He isn’t inclined to obey.
The chase is short-lived. Firebenders might linger, but only as long as a dim fate willed it. Around and around they fled, the most punished nation of the four; Zhao tripped, the ends of his skin that had crawled over fused metal ripping like a scab, blood littering the footpath behind him. He’s too late to jam his teeth into his tongue, too late to palm his chin and surrender to the quiet - trembling within a hot nausea that beats in his temples, counting on the lucky stars that hadn’t yet winked out of existence.
“Waiting... waiting...”
And still, she is the moon, full and whole and alone, and instead of a sky miles above and away from him, she lands at his broken feet.
... Maybe he prayed for it to end. Maybe fate took its meaning into bitter hands. Hers are braced in the light, tipped in claws. Face streaked in misery or hesitance, like an open chink, or an impervious faith that surpassed even the lone airbender’s. And who was left in the world that could believe in him?
“... for you.”
Yue struck out.
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justarandompancake · 12 hours ago
ur cool and also i cant start conversations to save my life heart emoji
Andmdnndnsnddj!!! hi!!! mmm dw me too I Cannot Conversation.
mmmmmm anyways how r u???
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cyanide-latte · 15 hours ago
I don't think weeb kids today will ever know what it was like having a limited number of manga titles licensed in English to choose from, and you know what.
I'm glad they won't have to know that frustration.
Seriously. There's such an incredible amount of titles licensed in English now that I genuinely hope it's helped eliminate that bullshit social pressure of "you can't be picky what manga you read, there's only so much to choose from", because it was RAMPANT from 2000 to 2008 when I was in middle and high school (and at the height of my weeb phase.)
Like, ignoring the torrents and ""totally legal"" scan sites of fan-translated manga here (because back then it was still fairly abysmal in quality and accessibility,) only a fairly small amount of publishers were putting out manga titles. Viz and Tokyopop boomed back then and their dozens of titles tended to be the most easily accessible and widespread, and even then the number was still considered limited. (I remember when Del-Rey launched their manga imprint subdivision, and it didn't last long. Feels like that was the case with a lot of smaller manga publishing imprints.) But it was like there was this social pressure within the high school weeb community to have read every title that got put out if you somehow had access to it. If you saw it at a bookstore or the library or had a friend who could lend it to you, there was some kind of expectation you had to read anything and everything, and you were looked at weird if you didn't. Because what we had was limited and it didn't make sense to be "picky". I've always been a selective reader, and I'm a pretty damn hard sell anyway if you try to actively get me interested in something. So I did further limit myself because I didn't want to just read anything. Naturally, I was weird even among the weird kids, huh?
But I've just noticed in the past few days by sheer bizarre coincidence, people griping about how "good" newer waves of weeb kids have it, because now there's so much manga to choose from that they won't ever know the feeling of just reading whatever you could find no matter how mediocre, because it was all that was available. And maybe I'm just grumpy, old and combative but I feel I need to make some kind of pushback because 1: GOOD. FUCKING GOOD. IT FUCKING SUCKED BACK THEN. THE SOCIAL PRESSURE, THE LACK OF ACCESS, THE LIMITED LICENSES, TBE FACT SO MUCH OF WHAT DID GET LICENSED WAS SO MEDIOCRE? IT. SUCKED. Thank all the magic in the world it's not like that any more, and that it's becoming more mainstream. Kids and teens deserve more choices and options they're actually interested in, and I'M FUCKING HAPPY THEY HAVE THEM. And, 2: why the fuck are you bitching? Now you also have access to newer titles as well, AND more accessibility options. So stop being a whiny piece of shit. You sound like the Boomers you love to hate on. Grow the hell up.
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xsirboss · a day ago
Tumblr media
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justarandompancake · a day ago
Top 5 fav books?
asldfkjalsdkfa;sdf uhhhh. i cant put these in an exact order, so just in no particular order:
1. carry on
2. counting by 7s
3.howl's moving castle
4. i. i cant think of any other books wtf
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bibirder · a day ago
Tumblr media
Atlas (Tack) Shrugged, watercolor sketch of a broken window and ivy.
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justarandompancake · a day ago
Hot pink and lime
Tumblr media
hot pink: TRUEEEEE <333
lime: eehehehehehehehehehh no my sandwich now
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justarandompancake · 2 days ago
White, pink and orange ^_^
Tumblr media
white: alksdf;alsknf;asdf i just like u too my friend <333
pink: alkdsf;laksdnf;laksdf awww thats very sweet thank u
orange: i DO i have the ONLY right opinions /j
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cyanide-latte · 2 days ago
🔥 Hit me up!
People who get into horror, like really become invested and passionate about it, are more likely to develop a pronounced sense of empathy and compassion for others than people who aren't into horror.
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cyanide-latte · 2 days ago
7, 11, 15, 21!
7: A song to drive to- Oh gosh, I'll listen to just about anything while driving, but if we're talking about driving for the hell of it? I Like It Heavy by Halestorm.
11: A song that you never get tired of- Oh that one's easy! "Kimi Ni Mune Kyun", whether it's the original version by Yellow Magic Orchestra, the Vocaloid version, or the Maria+Holic end theme version! The husband-creature calls it my "happy" song, because it pretty much never fails to cheer me up (and I have such a soft spot for the song's meaning too.)
15: A song that is a cover by another artist- ooh, the Silence In Stereo cover of "Clocks" by Coldplay has GOT to be one of my favorite covers ever!
21: A favorite song with a person’s name in the title- listen I realize she's not the subject of the song but Stacy's name IS in the title (and it's probably pretty sad that this is the song that immediate sprang to mind for the prompt.)
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justarandompancake · 3 days ago
nnnnnn and oh
Tumblr media
nnnnnnnnnnn: i do not know my own mind either tahnks <333
oh: NO SLEEP only tumblr!!! no thoughts head empty too
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justarandompancake · 3 days ago
*wii music*
Tumblr media
i indeed do not shut up (i need to learn to sometime lmao)
again i say. make me tumblr famous <333 /j
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justarandompancake · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
DFN:SLDKFN:SLDFKS tru tru tru tru. fun fact i dont actually know what im thinking or what it means either!!
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justarandompancake · 3 days ago
nerm-dirm-virgent, *wii music*, i coulda been named tubo?!?, slinky :> <333
Tumblr media
nermdivleakdsf;lans;dflansd;flansdf;l: SHHHH SHHSHHH ur right but shhhhhhhhh
*wii music*: LKSDNF:LKSDFN:LSKDF ILYSM. ((im not even close to famous. make me tumblr famous chat.))
turbo: i am a few frogs in a trench coat actually and yes i do love cartoons would u like to watch them w me friend
slinky: sleep is for the weak. no sleep no school only tumblrrrrrrrr!!!
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justarandompancake · 3 days ago
Do you have a favourite constellation?
DD: unfortunately i do not :((
ive only seen the stars twice in my life so idk what constellations look like irl
like ive seen pictures but u cant choose just from that
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the-spring-snow · 3 days ago
I think it would be good if there were effective agreed-upon content warning systems for YouTube and streaming services, including music and music videos. Like, TV has the age ratings with explanations (although those aren’t always helpful), but all you get for music is explicit labels and parental advisory stickers, which really aren’t helpful, as they can cover anything from a single instance of the word “shit” to graphic descriptions of sex or violence, and they don’t explain why they have the label, and non-explicit songs that deal with heavy, potentially triggering topics get zero warnings.
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