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#cyanide & happiness
cyanide-latte · 13 hours ago
I don't think weeb kids today will ever know what it was like having a limited number of manga titles licensed in English to choose from, and you know what.
I'm glad they won't have to know that frustration.
Seriously. There's such an incredible amount of titles licensed in English now that I genuinely hope it's helped eliminate that bullshit social pressure of "you can't be picky what manga you read, there's only so much to choose from", because it was RAMPANT from 2000 to 2008 when I was in middle and high school (and at the height of my weeb phase.)
Like, ignoring the torrents and ""totally legal"" scan sites of fan-translated manga here (because back then it was still fairly abysmal in quality and accessibility,) only a fairly small amount of publishers were putting out manga titles. Viz and Tokyopop boomed back then and their dozens of titles tended to be the most easily accessible and widespread, and even then the number was still considered limited. (I remember when Del-Rey launched their manga imprint subdivision, and it didn't last long. Feels like that was the case with a lot of smaller manga publishing imprints.) But it was like there was this social pressure within the high school weeb community to have read every title that got put out if you somehow had access to it. If you saw it at a bookstore or the library or had a friend who could lend it to you, there was some kind of expectation you had to read anything and everything, and you were looked at weird if you didn't. Because what we had was limited and it didn't make sense to be "picky". I've always been a selective reader, and I'm a pretty damn hard sell anyway if you try to actively get me interested in something. So I did further limit myself because I didn't want to just read anything. Naturally, I was weird even among the weird kids, huh?
But I've just noticed in the past few days by sheer bizarre coincidence, people griping about how "good" newer waves of weeb kids have it, because now there's so much manga to choose from that they won't ever know the feeling of just reading whatever you could find no matter how mediocre, because it was all that was available. And maybe I'm just grumpy, old and combative but I feel I need to make some kind of pushback because 1: GOOD. FUCKING GOOD. IT FUCKING SUCKED BACK THEN. THE SOCIAL PRESSURE, THE LACK OF ACCESS, THE LIMITED LICENSES, TBE FACT SO MUCH OF WHAT DID GET LICENSED WAS SO MEDIOCRE? IT. SUCKED. Thank all the magic in the world it's not like that any more, and that it's becoming more mainstream. Kids and teens deserve more choices and options they're actually interested in, and I'M FUCKING HAPPY THEY HAVE THEM. And, 2: why the fuck are you bitching? Now you also have access to newer titles as well, AND more accessibility options. So stop being a whiny piece of shit. You sound like the Boomers you love to hate on. Grow the hell up.
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cyanide-latte · 6 days ago
Can I talk about demigender real quick? Yeah? Okay, I’ll try not to get too long-winded.
I was asked about identifying as a demigirl/demiwoman last night, and while I was able to convey my personal experience well because @becauseimrichandican is one of my best friends and we’re able to communicate with each other better than most, I woke up a few times last night trying to wonder how I could express it a little better if I needed to tell someone else, and I think I finally came up with something.
Think of it like this: when we’re born, we’re each given a personal mini pool, and the people around us who assign gender based on a binary system look at us and go “ah, you’re this” and toss a pink or a blue beach ball in the pool accordingly, and then everyone else continues to fill this pool with pink or blue objects. As we get older, the awareness of our pool and what is in it starts to set in.
Some people may go their whole lives without moving anything out of the pool. For some people, everything in the pool is wrong. You kind of get where this is going, right?
For me, it was a case of becoming aware that with all these pink objects in the pool, something wasn’t quite right. The pink objects weren’t the only things in the pool with me, and the more and more other people complained that there wasn’t enough pink things in the pool, the more a part of me start to quietly go, “but that’s not the only thing there.” The more aggressively certain people in my life continued to impress upon me the need to continue filling my pool with more pink objects, the more I started to subconsciously take a pool skimmer and throw most of the objects out. It was distressing and confusing.
Then at one point I realized, the other thing in the pool was water. Nobody told me my pool had water in it, but I think on some level, I always knew it was there, and I knew it was unquantifiable. It didn’t need definition, it was just there and it was right. So I tried to explain to people “there’s water in the pool too, not just the pink things everyone keeps trying to throw in there,” but nobody listened, and I grew more aggressive with throwing out all the objects until nothing was left but that pink beach ball, the water, and me.
And for a long time I held the ball and realized that while my pool was now just me, just the water as mysterious as ever, I didn’t want to get rid of that beach ball. No, everything else did need to go, but this didn’t. And I wasn’t sure why. I mean, it was a reminder that everyone else tried to force pink objects in my pool to define me, right?
To this day I’m not sure what spurred it, but at one point I looked at the beach ball and realized it didn’t need to be a brighter pink, or larger, or more ornately designed or stand out. Other people wanted to do that for me, but it’s my beach ball, and I’ll be happiest if it’s the way I want it to be. I get to define for myself that femininity and womanhood, I get to say what that means for me. Nobody else gets to complain about my pink beach ball not looking the way they want, because it’s mine and it only needs to fit me.
And then there’s the water. No matter how much space the ball takes up or doesn’t, the water’s always there, and it’s part of the pool as well. Nobody else has to like it or understand it, but I think it’s important to acknowledge that it belongs there as well. It doesn’t need a definition or a label, and it coexists within my pool with that pink beach ball.  They’ve both been there for a long, long time, they complete that pool, and it makes me happy that they’re both just there and it’s enough for me to understand and be happy with them.
That’s kind of what it is. For me, anyway.
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Minori: Hey, can you start saving your empty wine bottles for me? I'm doing an art project.
Teru: Sure thing, man!
[One week later...]
Minori and Teru: (sees the 'YOU HAVE A DRINKING PROBLEM' mural)
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Hideo: I'm gonna need to see your ID.
Ren: I just wanna fuck someone!
Hideo: Good. And now your super-ego.
Ren: Although I suppose I should wait until marriage.
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cyanide-latte · 11 days ago
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justarandompancake · 12 days ago
i reblog dream smp stuff sometimes specifically hoping youll see it :> <3
demon i love you so much.
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incorrectyttdquotes · 13 days ago
Joe: I ate the "do not eat" packet in my pepperoni. Am I going to die? 
Sara: Well, everyone's going to die eventually. 
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Asselin: I ate the 'do not eat' packet in my pepperoni. Am I going to die?
Soichiro: Well, everyone's going to die eventually.
Asselin: EVERYONE?? Oh my God... WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?
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thes-hitoverlord · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Joking Hazard 
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Amalia: Just a few questions before we get started: are you a smoker?
Robin: No.
Amalia: Any illicit drug use?
Robin: No.
Amalia: Are you sexually active?
Robin: Nope.
Amalia: *smiling* Ahhh! I feel much better about myself!
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Kai: *holding a knife* Ready for the KNIFE FIGHT?!
Aaron: *pulls out gun* Yeah...I brought a GUN to your knife fight!
Kai: *pulls out grenade* Well I brought a GRENADE to your GUN FIGHT!
Aaron: *lights himself on fire* Yeah? I brought a FLAMETHROWER to your grenade fight!
Kai: Whoa, whoa. I feel like this is just becoming an arms race.
Aaron: *jump-kicking him* I brought a LEG to your arms race!
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Zylas: *drinks an entire bottle of beer*
Zylas: *throws it over his shoulder*
Zylas: Hey baby, do you like bad boys?
Robin: No.
Zylas: *sweeps up the mess*
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Tori: *concerned* Does your demon bite?
Robin: Don't worry, his bark is worse than his bite.
Zylas: *bites Tori's arm*
Tori: OW! That hurt A LOT!
Zylas: BARK.
Tori: *blown to pieces*
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Aaron: Hey baby, what's your favorite position?
Tori: Offensive tackle.
Tori: *rams Aaron over*
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Robin, playing with Socks: Who's a good girl? Who's my good lil baby?
Zylas: I feel like that cat gets more attention than I do, and you just give me stuff to do to keep me occupied.
Robin: *picks up ball with a little bell in it* *throws it*
Zylas: *runs after it*
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Aaron as a child: Mom said I was born premature. What does that mean?
Tobias: It means you were born too early, son.
Tobias: *sips whiskey*
Tobias: In fact, you're still too early.
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Tori: Did you know that absence makes the heart grow fonder?
Aaron, tearing up: Wow, my dad must really love me!
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natasha-danvers · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
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