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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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cyberpink replied to your post: Ive applied for work at places where they had a…

Such a crappy practice but sometimes companies do this because they have to satisfy stupid policies. Like they already have a candidate chosen, but they have to interview other people anyway to pad the candidate roster. Or they can only do internal hiring once they’ve reached a certain quota of outside interviewing, that kind of garbage. : |

Ugh, the worst, I applied at a studio my mom currently works at and she brought it up to HR (I dont even give a fuck about nepotism at this point I just want to work) and they said the listing is just ‘always up’ and Im like ???? why ???? 

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2, 28, 30, & 47 <3

Thank you so much for the ask! <3 

2. Pizza or chicken nuggets?

Chicken nuggets! I’m an unsophisticated bitch.

28. Do you like scary movies?

Uhh not really? There are only a few horror films I really like, the rest I think are pretty generic so I don’t seek them out to watch or anything. I also hate gore, so that limits my options. I can like thriller/suspense films though, when I’m in the mood. 

30. Favourite flavour of ice cream?

This is too difficult so my top 3 are mango, strawberry cheesecake, and pralines & cream! 

47. Favourite band? 

Young the Giant - their In the Open sessions are wonderful and their song Firelight just makes me feel like I’m sinking into something soft, I love it so much <3 

R.E.M are my favourite ‘broken-up’ band though! 

Ask me numbers and get to know me!

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cyberpink replied to your photo: The fandom can eat my entire you know what. Half…

I have to wait until my next payday but you bet your sweet patootie I am also preordering Anthem. and yes part of it will be out of spite too haha xD

Yep. The spite is just THAT powerful. BioWare games got me through hell, they literally saved my life. I won’t repay them with malice because they’re making one game that isn’t a SP RPG with romances. (While DA4 is already confirmed) I think that’s what hit me so hard. BioWare has been out there for us for years. Haven’t they earned a little better from their so called fans?

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Hey there! I LOVE your bee skirt-- but it's all sold out right now!! ;-; Are you planning on restocking that item in the future? I feel an intense need to have it in my life!!! Thank you <3 <3

thank you! yes, i’m getting more bee skirts as soon as i can! it should be in a few weeks but i’m not 100% how long it will take

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A codex entry for the lovely @cyberpink , one of the winners of my recent giveaway! The references to Emi Mahariel and the inquisitor are references to her lovely OCs. : ) 

A letter to Divine Victoria, not long after her accession to the Sunburst throne:

Dearest Leliana! 

Ah, but that is the wrong address now, is it not? Perhaps my dear Most Holy from now on? You have done quite well for yourself recently. Staying in the thick of things has worked excellently. Our little group from the old days all seems to be moving up in the world! 

On to other business: I am currently traveling with our mutual friend, and therefore unable to attend to any work myself. A disappointment, I am sure, to not have my pretty face around, but I can give some recommendations. Perhaps help facilitate some ties between the Sunburst Throne and Antiva, no? What say you?                                                                                                                        I would have preferred to look into you other question myself, but since I am away I had to rely on my contacts for answers.Unfortunately, it seems your inquisitor’s missing companion is quite wily. None of my associates have news of him. Or they are unwilling to speak of it if they do. My apologies, you’ll get an extra discount on top of the old-friends-discount for that.

It is surprisingly pleasurable to be traveling again, but that’s probably because of the lovely company instead of the location or act of travel. Emi is determined to see this through, and I will remain by her side no matter the outcome. If all goes well, I can perhaps stop by Val Royeaux for any further business in the future, yes? 

Emi sends her love and congratulations! 

Zevran Arainai

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