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#cybers log
What exactly is your manic deku au about. It looks amazing but I don't quite grasp the premise of it.

Deku just stops caring about consequences and goes feral.

He’s incredibly petty and spiteful.

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Could Blowdart Izuku puré/cut up items, ingest them, then create the object as a whole, or does he have to ingest the object as a whole in order to create it in it’s entirety?

He needs to ingest the material, then he can create the objects shape if he’s familiar with it.

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Iida is accidentally the U.A traitor. Not because for any malicious reason, but because he loves talking to the rat boy about his day and where he'll be on field trips

Iida would be so heart broken if he knew that he was the leak.

Not that Deku would snitch on him.

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I’m confused, why does Manic Izuku steal Iida’s trash and does he know?????

Deku doesn’t like getting stuff from the league, so he just gets whatever he wants. However, most of the time he doesn’t have money.

Iida is very aware he is in his trash. He keeps giving stuff to the poor rat child.

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Blow-dart AU Deku eats a gun and there’s just a time when he just regurgitates a full pistol

He has a shit-eating grin every time he does this.

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everyday I come to your blog for my daily dosis of happiness and you never let me dow, thank you 💗🌺

Good to hear! That’s means I’m doing something right :)

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Not a question but I’d like to state that I find it funny with how often you post on here lol. I get on here and then I’m like oh shoot I gotta catch up!

Sometimes I’ll look for a post to add another question on to and I can’t find it,,,

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If you don't mind me asking, for I might be missing completely, but was Manic!Izuku born quirkless or was hus quirk taken? Thank you for indulging us in your answers.

He was born quirkless.

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Instead of stealing quirks, can Transformers!AfO take pieces of autobots/decepticons/etc and use them for himself? Say he rips a lazer off of one of his opponents, could he just link it to himself and use it as his own?


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concept: blowdart au, but never once in the entire fic does Izuku ever actually produce a dart or any other dart-like object, and no one ever comments on this or even bring it up. Whatever has to be done to make alternatives seem more practical or effective in the moment must be done. The quirk is still called blowdart, though, just to frustrate readers that extra little bit. As a treat.

That’s exactly why I chose that name.

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I keep seeing post about Izuku putting things in his mouth and sitting out stuff is the just a few postor is there a story

Blow Dart!

Izuku inherits a combination of his parent Fire Breath and pulling small objects.

He breaths small objects.

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I greatly enjoy the concept of pro blowdart Izuku never being aware that half of Japan makes thirst tweets about him

Yeah that’s definitely what’s happening.

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