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badoccultadvice · 17 days ago
How to spot a bot in the comments section
Many people lead their lives becoming very upset at comments they read on the internet, and spend a good deal of time trying to understand what those comments mean about the state of society and humanity. Often, this is time wasted, because they're not comments that any human is genuinely making. They're bots.
One reason people don't expect many human-seeming comments to be bots is because the assumption is that bots cannot act like humans. Different types of bots are able to take on different types of human behavior and some are very lifelike. Let's take a moment to understand how they achieve this, and to understand how bots exist at all.
Tumblr media
Types of Bots
This is not an exhaustive list, these are just bot tactics that are commonly employed in comment threads.
1. Mechanical Turks
A mechanical turk is a person who is hired to perform a routine action. The name "mechanical turk" comes from a story about a robot that would perform for the royal court in Turkey that was, in fact, a box with a person inside it who would essentially be the robot's brain and muscles. An army of modern mechanical turks can be hired from anywhere in the world now. A common task is for them to solve Captcha problems. Sometimes when a company says that they have an AI that can analyze images, they're really hiring people to just look at the images and sort them the old-fashioned way, then claiming they have a bot that does this. Mechanical turking is something that can be applied to any type of bot where programming isn't producing the behavior needed or the AI technology for it isn't available.
Also, this is the easiest way for a bot to pass a turning test--it's easy to think the other end isn't a computer when it really is a human that can make human decisions. The "bot" aspect is the scripted limitations that the person's interactions will be forced through to meet the standards of the job. For instance, holding strange personal views in a conversation, claiming illogical things, being involved in ludicrous conspiracy theory discussions--these are things a person can do for money without ever holding the view. You can often tell it's this type of bot when a person seems to be committed to arguing one way or to promoting a certain view, but their actual words and sentences don't hold a lot of internal logic, and they seem to easily lose track of the conversation. They're not personally invested in the conversation and it shows in their behavior. They'll often repeat boilerplate arguments that are designed to incite rage or other volatile emotions.
2. Grouped bots (balanced bot party)
A crowd of bots makes for more confusion than a single bot, because all of the sudden, there's threads of conversation between multiple people who all seem to agree with each other, or seem to always have the same "type" of conversation. Investment forum plants tend to have this type of dynamic where one bot pitches the perfect setup for another bot to really start up a discussion. Then you'll have a couple other bots who agree with whatever point is trying to be pushed, trying to project the image of crowd agreement and encourage human posters in the forum to join the artificially-created bandwagon. These are often tell-taled by their homogeny and genericness. They all sound the same, there's conversations in the comments repeating and always going the same way and repeating phrasing.
3. Cuckoo chicks
Some bots are operated in stages, and the early stage will usually be one where they blend in and behave like the rest of the chicks from the nest. They repeat popular community memes or ask very basic questions to look as if they regularly participate in discussions if one were to glance at their profile's post history. (This is tooled for forums that work like Reddit.) They do this for months or even years, depending on what the goal is and how long-term the operation is that they're part of. This "nesting" of profiles on strategic discussion forums is usually in preparation for a mass discussion event in the future where the person who hired the nested bots has the bots all engage in coordinated actions. This can be anything from flooding boards with spam to presenting the appearance that a community holds a different view than it really does by planting so many bots that the demographic appears shifted.
Tumblr media
Two different ways to spot a bot
1. Judge the logic
Programmed AIs or hired actors both face a fundamental problem-they are forced into certain patterns of behavior by their roles. A clown cannot deliver a newscast. A scripted spambot can't convince you that it cares about what it's saying. And a person following a script can't decide to act in a different fashion on the fly, that's not their job. So if there's just plain illogical interactions, people acting like a whole conversation was there that never took place, entire phrases and words missing, typos that don't make sense for people to type and glyphs/characters that aren't common for people of the forum's dominant languages to write in, you're looking at a bot-intense discussion. Threads often become a mixture of fooled humans genuinely replying to scripted humans and bots. Usually bots are encouraged to sow confusion, so the incoherence of the resulting conversations would be considered a fringe benefit.
If someone is espousing a very extreme view uninvited and unprompted in a place that makes no sense to do so, then a programmer may be testing out a bot. Someone found some discussions in PornHub video comments sections of several users all talking about their favorite stocks and using Reddit stock board memes, and of course it had nothing to do with the video. Either a developer was testing their bots there or they left that tab open on accident while launching something. Small discussion forums for niche subjects are sometimes used as testing grounds for operations, as you can easily start an argument in a fandom to test out bot behavior and no one will think much of it.
Testing is often necessary for bots because AIs can use a vocabulary bank you can swap out, so you can switch your racist bots to transphobic bots for different operations. So the word-swap glitch may show up in speech, people using vocabulary that's strange to that discussion forum but otherwise speaking coherent sentences.
You don't want to test the logic of the arguments themselves, because humans can easily hold and argue for illogical opinion-based views. It's more about testing whether this is a person speaking with functional language, or whether they're making sentence-building mistakes that humans just don't make, even when learning a second language. Sentences may appear entirely constructed by copy-paste.
2. Question the motivation
I like to evaluate this by asking: "Why go through all the trouble of this?" Does the person look as if they're spending a lot of time arguing on a very specific subject, especially across all of the comments they make? Could you estimate that they spend a good deal of time every day on this, or even notice by the timestamps that they're doing it at odd times for their user demographic? Why would a person get up at 3AM to argue about veganism and anticapitalism with fifty different people on YouTube and then leave three hours later abruptly in the middle of all discussions? Why would this person be meticulously copy-pasting their garbled sentences all that time? And why are none of the videos they're commenting on actually mentioning the subjects they're ranting about?
With mechanical turks it's harder to spot language errors but easier to spot motivation errors. They're often overly focused on projecting a cover story and drop unnecessary details about what they're trying to build up cover on. They often repeat popular views and phrases and stick with the bandwagon when it comes to social interactions, but never seem to have a fundamental, core sense of why they're there having the conversation, because they're just being paid to be there and they can't forget that they're on the job and they don't actually care about this discussion. They can seem overly purpose-driven. Their lives and backstories tend to be laden with sympathetic details. (Sometimes you can even spot them living out a fantasy like saying they met a celebrity the forum respects.)
Sometimes you can simply analyze for tone and look at the context. Someone being irrationally angry in all their phrasing, for instance, may be a bot's script limitations. Looping back on logic repeatedly is often a result of script limitations. There's only so many ways that a bot, or even an actor, can be scripted to act. I find the conclusion of a discussion is the most telling--bots and mechanical turks either never stop even when it makes all rational sense to, because they either don't get tired or aren't actually feeling the opinions they're scripted to have so they're not nearly as taxed by a debate and can go on indefinitely. It can be easy to get worn out by this, but if you look at it from a different angle, it's really a tell.
Motivation is usually about profit. Who profits from this? Was the discussion about vapes? The meat industry? Vaccines? Factory workers' rights in China? Is it something a certain government or political party really cares about? If the dots are easy to connect, then that's another tell.
Tumblr media
Bots are a part of the internet and always have been.
Hey, back in the 90s in the Sailor Moon fanpage webmaster community, people were spamming Guestbooks with fake discussions about the different webpage review groups they didn't like to try to stir up gossip in the community. That's basically a mechanical turk attack. Back then, it was pretty obvious that people were planting opinions, once you realized the greater context of the situation. And nowadays, it's still easy to spot planted opinions and bot discussions, once you know what's going on.
Who hires these? Who creates them? Well, there's a lot of contractor organizations who do this for politicians, governments, and corporations, and there's plenty of freelance programmers willing to take jobs on the grey market. Some tactics were developed by government espionage and security groups, some were developed on the open web in the wild by the current of social dynamics. I feel a lot of media attention that ought to be put on this sort of thing has been lacking because of a technical knowledge gap and a lack of understanding of basic espionage that the Sailor Moon fandom's teenagers sure seemed to grasp easily enough back in 1993.
If you're concerned, I suggest writing to your local representative about the issue. But most of all I hope you allow a little more hope for humanity. Some of those ugly discussions out there are just robots being paid to insult each other, which is sad, but it's a different sad than if they'd really meant it.
Why bother arguing with someone who isn't really there?
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snowharmonic · 7 months ago
Disclaimer : I am just a regular student and don’t know a lot about politics. But I educated myself on this topic now but some of the words may be not the correct for political use. And please ignore my verb tenses.
Feb 1
It was supposed to be a normal regular day for us. But I woke up to my brother waking me up at 6 in the morning with the news of our President U Win Myint, our State Counsellor, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and many other members of the parliament were detained by the military in the early hours of the morning.
It was a very shocking news. Never in my life I had imagined this situation happened to me. Many people were panicked and panic buying on the streets and in the market. Then, suddenly, all our Internet connections and telecommunication services were cut off. Also, our national news news television channels were being compromised. The only television channel that was broadcasting was MWD television channel. And it was controlled by the military and it only broadcasted the brainwashing songs and anthems about military.
 And the breaking news came in and they said they said that our country has been declared a state of emergency and the military will take over the country for a year. The junta, Min Aung Hlaing, said that the reason for the military coup was because of the alleged election vote fraud that was held on November 8, 2020 in which NLD had won by landslide. He stated that the vote fraud was over 10 M votes. He had repeatedly said to recount of votes but he had been rejected by the Union Election Commission and that is why he had to take over the country.
At the time I thought all our hope is lost and we will be in under the dictatorship for forever because I don’t believe the one sentence that came out of his mouth that he would only take over the country for a year. I think that he would continue to do so for many more years.
Some backstory
We actually just got our hint of democracy back in 2015 when National Legue for Democracy (The party led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi) were elected. All of our restrictions were lifted little by little and the country was not isolated anymore.
Before that, it was ruled by the military and we faced many oppression. Some examples are ; we had to pay about 1000$ just to get one sim card and had to pay penalty bill for about 2000$ for leaving the country if you are working under the government. (not even immigration, just visit) They also suck the country dry by stealing and selling national resources. And their sons, daughters and relatives were treated like a royalty and given privileges wherever they go.
There was also an 88uprising which is against the military coup. At the time, many were hurt and murdered unfairly. The military used armed weapons on innocent civilians mercilessly. The military starts the violence on purpose. There was even a history that blood ran river and beheaded heads were displayed on spike.
Back to Feb 1
The junta expected us to go out and protest as we did in 88uprising, but this time, Myanmar people chose not to do just that, because we believe it will give the same result.
So what do we do?
The military gave back our internet and telecom services about 4 hours later but he bombarded us with fake news. Some blue marked accounts were controlled by them. We were waiting for any news and orders from the members of NLD party and from international. But none came except that they strongly condemn the military coup and want the arrested persons free. So, we took matters to our hands and start shouting into the world about what’s happening in Myanmar through our social media platforms.
Still, the junta kept on doing what he want and replaced our Ministers with the ones he can control. Our Ministers of health, Finance, Foreign affairs, etc were replaced.
Police, soldiers, tanks, armed forces were stationed all over the country.
He also stopped all arrival flights to Myanmar. We no longer received Covid 19 vaccine we were supposed to get.
The day passsed with uncertainty and fear
Feb 2
Everything is still the same.
We are still calling for help on social media, praying our voices be heard.
But the doctors and nurses started the “Civil Disobedience Movement” by no longer going to the hospitals. They stated they will not work under the military dictatorship. And urge the others to join the movement. The purpose is that, the military can’t control the country if it no longer operates normally.
But on that day, only very few, numbers in ten were joined. The military kept on detaining more ppl
We also started our kinda ritual “Pot banging” to shoo away the devils (the military) at 8 pm everyday. It shows our rejection to the military
Feb 3
There were news that our president and state counsellor were forced to attend law courts under ridiculous crimes. The junta wanted to keep them detained as long as possible.
We continued to urge people to do Civil Disobedience Movement. More have joined.
We are still calling for help on social media. We feel very helpless.
We also made a Scout’s Honour Sign / Three Finger Salute that shows our rejection to the coup.
Feb 4
The military gave order to ban Facebook from Myanmar. Well, you see, over tens of millions of people in Myanmar use facebook. It is our main social media app. Banning causes blockage of news and freedom of speech. We still use it with VPN. And many moved to twitter and Instagram.
Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) is getting momentum now that a lot of health care professionals have joined. We urge more to join.
Feb 5
UN Security council called for immediate release of all those arbitrarily detained but still no response from Junta.
He knows that our voices are now heard through social media so he decided to ban Twitter and Instagram again, essentially blocking us out.
Feb 6
The military now released an order to cut down our internet for 2 days. It actually happened.
People started to protest on the streets, they are all peaceful protests.
There were fake news of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi being released. We had no ways of confirming it was real or fake but we all assumed it was fake.
Feb 7
People are still doing peaceful protests.
We got our internet services back at 2 pm that day.
We urged more people to join CDM since Feb 8 is monday and urged to not go to work.
Feb 8
The military starts to crack down the peaceful protesters using violence. They used water cannons on peaceful protesters in Nay Pyi Taw. Many were injured.
CDM is getting momentum. Other departments have also joined.
The Junta released a law 144, that says no gathering of over 5 people, and curfew between 8 pm and 4 am. But we rejected that because they are not our legal government.
Feb 9
A lot of departments have joined CDM and most services have almost stopped.
We are still protesting peacefully but the military used Water Cannons, Tear Gas Bombs to crack us down. They hit the protesters. And some fired rubber bullets to protesters. Violence broke out all through the country.
One police fired live ammunition in Nay Pyi Taw and shot a young lady in the head, causing brain death. It was headshot, it was intentional. It was murder. He also shot other protesters, 3 others were injured. I will never forget this day. How can armed police shoot defenseless civilians?
Neither the military or the police said anything regarding that case.
Feb 10
People were very angry on what happened to the young lady but still resolved not to do any violence. We protested peacefully.
Almost all of the country have joined CDM and the military is demanding them to get back to work, once with a threat, once with a bait.
Our news channels MWD and MRTV aired all false news. They were controlled by the military.
A draft of a new Cyber Law was released. It basically controls all our rights to have freedom of expression. It is designed so that they can arrest anyone. We will not have any cyber security. Or freedom. Or privacy. We shouted our disagreement on social medias and I believed we were heard.
Feb 11
We kept on doing peaceful protests. There were no brutal crackdown. Things were relatively quiet. Or so we thought.
Our CDM is almost at its success. So, the military tried another tactics. They arrested people leading CDM and UEC members at night without reason. They came in the middle of the night. And some even entered the house by climbing fence or breaking doors. This is violence. The police are using violence to arrest innocent citizens. People were living in fear of what would happen to them at night.
There were also news of the votes being burned and replaced with false ones. The junta is trying every way to maintain his coup.
Feb 12
It was a very eventful day. We woke up to the news of over 23,000 prisoners being released. Now, it is clear that the military wants us to do the same actions as ppl did back in 1988 uprising, which is violence.
In the afternoon, police arrested students in front of the Mawlamyine University and trapped many inside it. There are armed soldiers blocking the entrance to not let them go out. People protested peacefully to release students but they pushed them and fired rubber bullets. People keep on protesting and in the evening, they had come to agree that they would release everyone. Just then, they fired another round of bullets, which fortunately were rubber, but still hurt many students and civilians. One man was shot 13 times.
Now, there is no police or traffic control police or none on the streets. People were given no protection. We only have each other. Illegal midnight arrests without warrant are double / triple times of Feb 11. Though a lot less got kidnapped/arrested due to the unity of people.
Morever, as the prisoners were released that day, more violence and arson threats were seen. From two that were caught that day, one carrying a long sword. People said those who were caught seem to be high or on drugs. It has yet to be confirmed. There are threats/news of sticks coated with gasoline being thrown into houses after lighted. 5 houses were burned down that night, cause still unknown.
A shot of politics : UNHRC holds a special session for Myanmar involving 47 countries. They know everything that has been happening in Myanmar. They have come to a draft resolution regarding the situation of Myanmar. Just then, the so-called UN representative of Myanmar said we dissociate from the resolution. He never mentioned about the military coup. All he said was about COVID-19. He is controlled by the military. As you csn see, how can a Myanmar representative disagree and turn a blind eye to everything? There are six countries who dissociate with the resolution.
Feb 13
Protests are still peaceful. There is no brutal crackdown today.
We had news of thugs (released prisoners) drugging the water tanks of our neighborhood. People banged pots and pans to alert others. It happened just after 8 pm. People chased them and tried to detain them but only caught 3 of 5. Location of 2 of them are unknown.
Then, the neighborhood across our road ( I live on the main road) banged their pots again and there were shouting all through out. They chased away one thug. He casually walked passed our houses and joined others and drove away. After that, more alarms go out twice.
It is now 2:30 am in the morning. I can’t sleep because I thought I heard something in front of our house. Like the sound of water pouring. I was afraid it would be gasoline ( there are many places where they tried to set fire on) I also headd some scratching sounds. My brother came to me with the same concern and we waited in silence for a while until we decided it is either bird, cat or rat. But still I can’t sleep because I am afraid something would happen while I was asleep.
Feb 14
Everything is relatively peaceful. Until it isn’t.
We had news that our internet services and electricity will be cut down starting from 1 am Feb 15.
Our CDM is almost at its success so the military has planned to kidnap everyone who led CDM and other staffs to get to work on Monday.
We saw trucks carrying soldiers in various places.
A giant fireball came down from the sky and set a building on fire.
There are news of thugs everywhere.
And in MyitKyiNa, the police and soldiers raided the electricity power cooperation (EPC) and tried to cut down electricity. And they opened around 40 rounds of bulllets on civilians. Rubber or live ammunition, still not confirmed. But seemed to be live ammunition.
We are living in constant state of fear. The police are arresting people at night. The fired innocent people. There are criminals roaming our streets freely. They set houses on fire. We are not safe. We need help. Please hear us. Please help us.
Feb 15
We had news that six flights were recorded from Kunming to Yangon during internet cut down in this early morning. Many flights from China were recorded before, and they said that they are importing seafood. But we were suspicious that it was armed weapons. The fact is remained to be confirmed. But China and Russia has been actively supporting Junta since the start of the coup.
Since morning, military trucks, police cars, tanks, water cannon vehicles and armed forces were patrolling around the cities.
In the afternoon, they arrested students who were peacefully protesting in Nay Pyi Taw, but released them in the evening.
But they did a brutal crackdown of protesters in Mandalay. The police and soldiers used air force guns on protesters who are running away and hiding. They beat them down, stepped on them and arrested some. One of the police was disguised as a civilian and he was actively shooting people with air force guns. Many people were injured.
In Keng Tung, the police beat up and arrested four students without reason. They were going home from a protest. One of them is suffering from a heart disease, so people pleaded to let them go but they didn’t.
It is said to have another nation-wide internet cut down again from 1 am to 9 am. We are living in fear of what would happen to us in the night.
We also had rumors that the drafted Cyber Law is going to be published. It is only 15 days and he has been manipulating the whole country as he wants. We need justice. Please hear us.
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amexchange · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
There is the light at the end of the tunnel!
The CrowdPoint deployed exchange, is a horizontally and vertically integrated NexGen marketplace built on a technology stack for the sole purpose of delivering performance, protection, and privacy of the Human Identity.
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uh-quill-uh · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Just finished my first class of the semester and, woof, I’m out of practice with lectures. Here’s what my workspace is looking like at the moment. Full office tour soon!
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nerviovago · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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north-of-annwn · 8 months ago
In regards to the attack on the Capitol on Jan 6, 2021: 
I’ve been on hiatus from Tumblr while I focus on finishing college and managing a nonprofit, but I feel called to comment on this situation and how it affects me, my religious community, and other communities that I’m a part of. 
Last week many Americans woke up to a reality where alt-right extremists are able to carry out an agenda of terror to usurp the free and democratic norms of our culture. For people such as myself, this isn’t new. As a queer Heathen, I’ve been contending with alt-right infiltration and recruitment in my communities for years. Such experiences prompted me to become a security studies major and to involve myself in community-led education on extremist methodologies for the last 4 years.
The violence carried out last Wed is the culmination of successfully coordinated efforts by the alt-right for far longer. While many of us have rolled our eyes and mocked the most radical actors as ‘NeoNazis’, we’ve been unwitting participants in minimizing the threat they posed until it was too late. They planned it this way.  They played the long game with the goal of shifting cultural norms ever closer to promoting neofascist ideologies or, at the very least, inserting ideologies of cultural purism and exclusionism into communities that might inhibit their goals. Such efforts have included infiltrating religious communities, hobby communities, and co-opting cultural norms and language.
It’s this last part that is particularly insidious and why decent well-meaning people have been ineffective thus far in inhibiting the alt-right’s momentum. We’ve seen a lot of activism in the last few years of openly calling out racist rhetoric, refusing “nazis” entry to our spaces, and making it part of our rally cries that we will not stand idle while they co-opt our communities, religions, and symbols. But while call-out language, exclusionary policies, and antagonizing the alt-right may be the most natural reactionary response -
It’s also, unfortunately, the most divisive and fulfills the alt-right’s following goals:
They keep themselves at the center of our activism which prevents us from prioritizing the people and identities they pose the greatest danger to (BIPOC, LGBTQA+, and people with disabilities).
They remain an elusive and abstract enemy that keeps us distrustful of our allies and in a reactionary state of shutting out anyone who might have begun to be sucked into their propaganda, which just helps drive their radicalization and recruitment.
They keep us focused on who and what we are against, instead of identifying our own values and identity. In this way they keep control of the narrative and prevent us unifying over anything other than our oppression, fear, and anger at them.
All of this prevents us from maintaining appropriate boundaries with racism and fascist values and replaces them with arbitrary ones. Instead of self-assessing they keep us focused on policing others. Instead of holding ourselves personally accountable for confronting our own racism, biases, and prejudices we become fixated on pointing out everyone else’s. 
While I don’t claim to have the solution to alt-right influence, it’s clear that our approach will need to be as multilayered and intentional as theirs has been. The attack on the Capitol have made the world aware of the urgency now and new voices will enter this conversation. We can’t keep promoting reactive action.
Whatever we do now, we need to start by addressing how to avoid these recurring obstacles and, most importantly, how we can prioritize BIPOC and other marginalized voices to guide the solutions.
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nikki-2406 · 17 days ago
V.V.V.V.V. IMP!!!
Hey guys!! I know it's been so so so long since I came online on tumblr cough exams cough and I'm really sorry for popping up all of a sudden like this, but this is something which is really, really important. Also just noticed I hit another followers milestone so gonna do a giveaway SOOON after my exams!!!
So guys many of you [mostly in the choices fandom] may have heard of wierd stuff, texts, fake accounts and harrassing incidents from someone named "Zeke" [@ezekialbhandarivalleros and @daddyethanramsey, I think they have changed the username of the second one] Edit: it's @daddytyrilstarfury
WARNING: This post has mentions of online harrasment online sexual harrasment too, creepiness, stalking, cyber bullying. So please don't scroll through this post if it's triggering for you..
First of all I want to make it clear that my intention with this post is to not defame anyone or say something bad about anyone, I'm just typing out my experience with this person. I personally feel that this is something which is serious and more and more people should be made aware of this for everyone's cyber safety. I'll try to be as brief as possible...
I'm going to break this whole thing down in different parts:-
PART 1 [The Start]
I first met 'ezekial' during CHGG last year, when that event had just started.
Then in January, I saw a post from @ezekialbhandarivalleros and I replied to it then they replied back to that and then we eventually started talking about that thing their post was about over the DMs, eventually we exchanged our discord usernames [for privacy reasons I don't want to reveal what that thing was publicly but some of you who used to talk to me during dec-jan might know]. So that was one thing I had in common with 'ezekial' and ngl, they were a good friend during those first few initial weeks.
Then on 14th March they asked me to search for a hentai (over discord).
I panicked and asked around and found out that they have done the same with other people too.
I decided to soft-block them, meaning I stopped interacting with them but I didn't block them or anything. That's when they threatened suicide in one of my discord servers, also panicked and abused everyone who was present there.
I banned them from that server after this and they still repeatedly tried to come in contact with me by harrassing mutual friends (even minors, and also I was a minor too when this all happened) online, sending more suicide threats.
Then, someone who's username was 'drunkbetch' and went by the name of Anupriya (@daddyethanramsey on Tumblr)- "Can you please talk to Ezekiel? I don't like sex talk).
That was the last straw, I lost my patience and I went all off on 'ezekial'.
Later on I was also informed repeatedly that 'ezekial' is sending death threats to 'drunkbetch'. Then one day 'ezekial' themselves texted me saying that they have 'forced Anupriya to fly to Canada and have *** with her otherwise he'll k!ll her'. They also threatened to k!ll a puppy.
Being a girl myself, I sympathized with 'Anupriya'.
Then a mutual friend sent me ss about Ezekiel forcing them to join a NSFW server.
Ezekiel also sent me creepy texts like- "Good morning babygirl" or "Good night. Love you" or "Baby are you mad at me?" every single day, I ignored till the day I couldn't
I blocked Ezekiel. There was a part of me which wanted to expose this person right there and then but I thought that a 'mature person will quickly walk away' and I was dumb to think that.
Don't think that they'll change or something like that, they never do. Besides if there's someone whom you met online and is talking about s*x then that person ISN'T A GENUINE PERSON
PART 2 [CSYP and Jaz/DreamPie]
I created a choices server named "Choices: stories you play" with a person, let's say A in mid-April
After a while we were looking for mods for that server and we made a guy named 'Jaz' a mod [if you're active on reddit, then you probably know this person, their username is @cqjoker and they usually create choices playlists and soundtracks]
Long story short this person wasn't a good mod. They weren't good in implementing server rules themselves, let alone making sure these rules are followed by others. They made a LOT of unsolicited changes without informing anyone and for me, as an admin it was next to impossible to keep a track of those changes.
I stripped them off their mod title on 17th August, just a few weeks back. They went crazy over the general chats of the server and were stirring up drama after drama so I banned them.
2 hours after this 'DreamPie' entered CSYP and many other Choices servers. This acc was recently created and was asking about jaz repeatedly and 'why was he banned' and stuff which was the reason it was suspicious
Later on DreamPie confessed that they're Jaz but I swear the way they were texting and every single word was literally the same as what Ezekiel sent me when I had found out about his fake account [yes Ezekiel also created several fake accounts when I had blocked and banned them]
So DreamPie was Jaz and Jaz was Ezekiel; meaning all this time when I thought that this person is not in any sort of contact with me or any of my friends whom they had hurt and harrassed, they were in our lives all this time.
PART 3 [Anupriya being Zeke and the Confessions]
After all this, this person kept joining common choices servers that I was in using their "Ezekial T." account and they kept tagging me over there and saying stuff like "@*my username* are you not wanting to talk to me"
In one particular server I reached out to the admin there and then they confronted "Ezekiel T." where this person has confessed to everything that they have done, and I'm not kidding about any of this I have the screenshots to prove this ALL
...this is going to be shocking but "Anupriya" also confessed that they're "Zeke"
So after a LOT of craziness, in short 'ezekial' or 'zeke' or 'jaz' or 'cqjoker' NEVER existed. They were all fake identites of 'Anupriya' aka @daddyethanramsey
And tbh there's no way to find out whether 'Anupriya' exists too or not
PART 4 [All the things I've heard 'Ezekial' has done but not with me so I'm creating a separate part for this]
A friend of mine told me that 'Ezekial' has harrassed a 13 year old girl who's name starts with a B and ends with an E (not in the choices fandom so basically this person poses a danger to everyone who has social media accounts) for n*des and has posted them on an online forum. <Anupriya has confessed about this>
This is also something that didn't happen with me but I've heard of this happening so in this part I'm quoting the people with whom this happened:-
"i dont have much to say about Julie apart from the fact that she was Zeke's alt and was used to pretend to be "his best friend irl." the Julie account was more or less tame in *insert server name* but from what i've heard from someone else, they had explained Julie was a whole lot worse in another Choices server. shared a lot of NSFW furry fanfic involving HSSCA characters. Bat shit crazy bullshit with that one. i shit you not, he/she would write the UNDERAGE TEENS as ANIMALS or FOXES or whatever the fuck and wrote creepy stories about them doing disturbing things to each other. that much i know of"
"all i can say is Ezekiel was already weird enough, feeling the need to make an alt account, pretending to be someone who even gave a damn about him when in reality, no one gives rat's ass about him at all. it wasnt until after i heard about the unsolicited d!ck pics being DMed to girls on the Choices Instagram fandom, that i finally found him irredeemable and should be banned from the internet if at all possible. He needs professional help, period"
"I mean the biggest one is the stalking she actively stalked among of the gay guys in our server acting as "Zeke" like she pretended to he a gay guy and obsessed over him and then when he turned down Zeke tried to interact with him as Julie. Followed him to several servers and just openly posted about how much she loved him and wanted to get to know him until both the accounts were banned from out server. But she's also manipulative. She used one of her accounts to manipulate one of our members for 2 weeks on another server to get an invite back to our server. And was constantly messaging admins trying to get more access to certain people in the server. There was an incident where she talked about some underage furry NSFW fic she wrote trying to justify it by saying that If she turns the characters into animals she should be allowed to sexualize them and just posting a lot of uncomfortable stuff in our server. Our server isn't 18+ and doesn't support that kind of content, she broke that rule constantly. She's very good at that. She will lie, act, whatever to gain someone's trust. She also acted as *insert name* to try to start shit in our server. But the last straw was when someone was venting about an issue in her relationship and she kept posting about how she should just have sex with her girlfriend instead of actually fixing the problem or offering real advise, which caused some horrible anxiety and stress to one of our members. She as Julie and her as Zeke used to go back and forth about their *** life together which is weird now knowing they're the same person. That's really the gest of what happened before we banned the three accounts she used to get into the server and closed our server so no one could enter without an administrator permission. The admins have her blocked so she can't enter. She still tries to talk to the guy she stalked using different accounts. Her behavior is borderline dangerous. She's tried to meet one of our members in person as well. She found out he was in Canada and kept poking to know more about where he lived."
And this Julie thing happened before covid.
So this person be it Anupriya, be it Ezekiel, be it Jaz or Julie has been doing this since years now and there's honestly no guarantee that they'll stop now. Maybe they'll create another fake account and identity because they just have been doing this for such a long time. Maybe they aren't 17 as they say they are, maybe they're in their 20s or 30s or even in their 60s, maybe they identify with he/him or she/her or they/them, no one knows and there's no way to know this. All I can say is that this is my experience with this person, everything I've heard about them and their fake accounts; it's upto you to decide how to deal with this information
I have the screenshots to prove every, single thing I've typed in this.
And this is basically the tip of the iceberg, there's more to this huge saga.
To the person whom I have been talking about in this entire post-
If you're reading this then hopefully, after this you'll stop trying to reach out to me via fake accounts and identites. Hopefully you'll stop harrassing people you meet online one day. Please understand what you did, own up to this and move on. Get professional help. Also, if you try to reach out to me again, like you did on, I think Monday, I have a pretty long and detailed post with screenshots saved in my drafts which was actually the one I was about to post instead of this, and I won't even think for a millisecond before hitting on the post button
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stocklicko · 3 months ago
Nothing might be invincible
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gunpowdermilfshake · 6 months ago
you have a problem with minor making boundaries on who they want to interact with? like seriously the purpose of carrds is to establish boundaries, like cranky that you couldnt interact with someone?
i have a problem with minors willingly placing so much incredibly personal information in a single place on the internet where literally anyone can see it and especially with the culture that has normalized this to the point where it is expected and anyone who doesn't want to share that information is automatically viewed as suspicious.
you have 13/14-year-old kids listing all sorts of information that makes them vulnerable to predators (including the fact that they are 13/14!!! that makes them vulnerable!!) and that can make it easier to narrow down their real life identity. that specific tweet didn't talk about location but i have seen children list their location and what school they go to, and that genuinely terrifies me. i've seen lgbt teenagers making public tweets about how they've been kicked out by their homophobic parents and need a place to stay in a specific city—you are literally broadcasting the fact that you are young and vulnerable and your family isn't looking for you!! ANYONE can see that! that's fucking dangerous!!!
and the idea that you should list your triggers all in one place is also incredibly dangerous, like i know the point is to let people know what to avoid but what you're actually doing is giving potential bullies or predators a ready-made list of things they can use to hurt and harrass you. all of the things that that person listed as "basic info" is stuff that can be used to target you. it lets other people know you're part of an in-group, yes, but it also puts a target on your back. i've gotten racist hate messages, homophobic hate messages, rape and death threats, and i'm fine because i'm an adult and i'm not online that much, but it still takes its toll and i cannot IMAGINE being 13 and opening yourself up to those things online because everyone is now expected to list their race and sexuality and fucking trauma and medical diagnoses for everyone to see as soon as they click their profile.
the problem with saying "xyz people dni" is that only the polite and respectful people will actually listen and not interact with you. the people who you should actually be worried about, the people who actually actively want to hurt you, will use the information that you have willingly provided them to target you. do you think putting "terfs and fascists dni" on your carrd is actually going to stop terfs and fascists from interacting with you? if they want to hurt you they will hurt you, expecting them to respect boundaries just because you have publicly stated them is leaving yourself extremely vulnerable.
make boundaries by using the block button liberally, or like i don't know setting your fucking profile to private. protect yourself by valuing your own privacy and not actively providing people who might harm you with the exact tools and ammunition they can use to do so.
the idea that i could only be upset by this trend because i ??? want to disrespect people's boundaries???? is so fucking bizarre. i made that post because i am legitimately terrified for these children's safety. not to be all kids these days, but LITERALLY kids these days are sharing their face, their identities, their entire lives, with the entire internet on a public platform without a second thought, and expecting their peers to do that as well, and it has real repercussions.
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thedigitalempress · 27 days ago
Safeguard Your Personal Info Digitally:
💖 keep an eye out for hackers
💖 use a different password everywhere
💖 use multi-factor authentication everywhere
💖 update your software on a regular basis
💖 be cautious about what you share online
Tumblr media
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uh-quill-uh · a year ago
Tumblr media
It’s been a crazy, hectic week, but I’m so pleased with how my new work space turned out.
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xponentialdesign · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Potential Internal Bug | 8bit ASCII series (2 of 5) My entire 8bit ASCII series is up for grabs at 8ꜩ per unit ╠╣═╔╗ 0. Prequel 1. All Systems Nominal 2. Potential Internal Bug ◄ 3. Bad Sectors 4. Obvious Bad Sectors 5. UPWARDS DEFRAG PROCESS complete a full set = get a free personalized variation
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gunpowdermilfshake · 6 months ago
Do these kids saying they don't trust anyone without a carrd or laundry-list bio posted somewhere also not realize that people can, uh, lie? Online?? Very easily???
yeah that’s the other concerning part of this whole thing that i haven’t talked about yet, but other people have definitely brought it up. the flipside of this simplistic worldview where “i don’t trust you if you don’t have all your info available / concealing any part of your identity is lying and makes you inherently untrustworthy” is the implication that if you do have a carrd or bio with personal info that automatically makes you more trustworthy. and it just doesn’t. people will absolutely lie about their identities in order to ingratiate themselves into certain groups, and this culture of transparency and oversharing and blind trust in strangers as long as they use the right language is something people can and do exploit.
none of this is to say that literally everyone is out to get you and no one is who they say they are, or that you can never make friends with anyone online, but like.. kids please just exercise some caution i’m begging you.
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