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nao-tf2 days ago
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ren-fangirls2 days ago
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excuse me they ask for no pickles
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battered-sausage2 days ago
Hot Rod: One time Soundwave soundblasted me so hard the flames came right off my grill
Everyone else at the eulogy:
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emperor-kumquat2 days ago
What do you think of the animation has to has done over the years? Do you think that the animation quality has improved in the modern cartoons like transformers prime or do you prefer the old style of animation like in G1?
I like the variety. I like the realistic (ha!) designs of G1 and the old Japanese shows like Masterforce and Victory, I mean humans being proportioned like humans and buildings drawn with detail. G1 just has some legendary errors and screenshots. Beast Wars, Beast Machines, Energon, and Cybertron are just atrocious so all 3D animation looks way better now.
I do like the anime feel of RID2001 and Armada. Those shows look good and they show the zany excitement they bring (anime does energetic wacky stuff to show emotion). Animated is also fun like that. I think it depends on what mood and genre the Transformers show is. I like the detail and realism of the old shows because they were showing more Earth locations and people. Transformers Prime isn't the worst because they didn't include many people, but when they did, they were ugly chunks of Play-Doh next to the robots. And the robots are properly proportioned, but the kids aren't with their big cartoony heads. I like TFP as a 3D show because they actually showed us parts moving in transformation instead of just cheating, but TFP in old style would have been great too.
Animation as in the movement has been nice, but I think we're talking about designs really? RID2015 and Cyberverse are very bright and colourful, which impresses me. RID2015 are just ugly on whole unfortunately. Cyberverse and Rescue Bots Academy do a great job feeling warm and friendly, and I just feel calm watching. That is a great development for Transformers cartoon animation. Then we have modern shows I just find god awful like the Prime Wars Trilogy and what Netflix just spat out. Ugly, twisting rectangles, lazy animating... still better than Beast Machines but ick! Those shows would be more palatable in 2D G1 style. We haven't actually seen anyone do another 2D realistic Transformers show in a long time, which is a shame because that would be great for a dark one.
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alchemor2 days ago
grimlock 鉂
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so-na-r21 days ago
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Volcanicus and Arcee 鉁
I like them so much
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robot-brain-rot22 days ago
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The fact that this is quite literally Cyberverse Soundblaster鈥檚 backstory asfgjgksh
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polygonal-trees5 months ago
Transformers Cyberverse Where Everything Is The Same Except Soundwave Plays Actual Hits From 2007
Warning: loud
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kst-art17 days ago
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So, this post and it's tags... Had to draw.聽 Text under read more
pic 1 Grimlock: Which number shall we call first? Arcee: Let's try...Primus. *click* pic 2 Rung:Hello! You called Rung's office. How can i help you? pic 3 *Call disconnected* Rung: Huh... pic 4 Grimlock: Guess it was a wrong number after all.
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taishi00022 months ago
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