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Android Karenina by Ben H. WintersLeo Tolstoy


“Android Karenina an enhanced edition of the classic love story set in a dystopian world of robots, cyborgs, and interstellar space travel.

As in the original novel, our story follows two relationships: the tragic adulterous romance of Anna Karenina and Count Alexei Vronsky, and the much more hopeful marriage of Konstantin Levin and Kitty Shcherbatskaya.

These four, yearning for true love, live in a steampunk-inspired 19th century of mechanical butlers, extraterrestrial-worshiping cults, and airborne debutante balls. Their passions alone would be enough to consume them-but when a secret cabal of radical scientific revolutionaries launches an attack on Russian high society’s high-tech lifestyle, our heroes must fight back with all their courage, all their gadgets, and all the power of a sleek new cyborg model like nothing the world has ever seen.“

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Other cyberpunk monster AUs

Dracula or vampires in general have a nanobot plague that infects their blood and develops macroscopic cybernetics which allow the draining of human blood. I’m thinking an array of syringes linking back into the vampire’s bloodstream, and their blood is seething with dark metal nanobots.

Headless horseman that has transferred their brain and neural pathways into their chest, with their head being an optional and detachable structure, with sensory information being both wirelessly transmitted back, and recurved through torso mounted equipment.

Werewolves whose cybernetics are capable of shifting into a more feral form, but they’ve contracted malware that forces this shift based on a lunar criteria. Dumps drugs into their system causing aggression and mindless hunger.

Zombies or revenants that are whole dead bodies puppeted by exosuits in a hivemind. Slack jawed, they move in jerking twitches that sometimes break their bones as they scramble after prey, eyes glowing with hijacked optic programs. Programmed to attack anything that moves, and the fallen are latched onto by new exosuits that are dispersed among the robotically undead horde.

Dopplegangers with near completely adjustable bodies and almost amorphous features in how malleable their face is. Pure form have totally smooth, mirrored faces and skin. Immensely strong and naturally tall, delight in deception and identity crimes for the sake of it.

Digital ghosts that cause malfunctions and code corruptions by their presence, or that manifest magnetic disturbances or ball lightning. Hijack widespread hologram systems to appear in a variety of terrifying projections and neon laced horrors.

Acquatically endowed cyborgs in the labyrinthine mega sewers of the giant cities. Hunt vermin and waste workers with sharp metal teeth and scuttle through the water like mechanical crustaceans or terrifying cybernetic reptiles. Filter water through bulky oxygen scrubbers shoved into their chest cavity, and have lidless mutated eyes sealed behind waterproof contacts.

Feel free to add more~!

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Ok but I just got an idea for a gravity falls x reader.


An orphaned cyborg reader that lives in the mystery shack and everyone else finds out they’re a cyborg when they get absolutely drenched and some of the wiring stops working and sparks start flying out. They’re just like - “ah fuck not this shit again” The reader just takes out a screwdriver and FUCKING TAKES OFF PART OF THEIR ARM. They just start replacing the wiring (they always carry more wires bc ya never know) and completely forget that Dipper, Mabel, Stan, Wendy and Soos are in the room.

They realise people are watching and it’s just basically for the next seven hours–






“Bro I’m not human–”


Soos is the first one to figure it out, knowing what he does about futuristic shit and everyone just shoots down that theory like, “nah no way they’re a cyborg” then the reader reveals that Soos is right.

Then when Ford shows up and he’s told that there’s a fucking cyborg living in the mystery shack he doesn’t know how to feel. Like he’s really surprised since he wouldn’t think that there would be anyone smart enough or willing to create a half human half robot. But then there’s the excited part of him that just wants to know everything about the reader.

Like he always wants to look at the wires n that shit but they get really defensive and refuse to let him see it. It’s nothing personal, but the reader explains it to other people like “bruh he’s basically asking to look at my organs and that shit’s messed up. Like you guys are interested by it but you don’t ask to see my fucking organs”.

I kinda think some of Wendy’s friends like Lee, Nate and Thompson are like really into it and just love asking questions and learning more about what she is.

Then there’s Robbie and Tambry. Tambry wants to share it online, that’s how the reader “accidentally” rewired her whole fucking phone and completely wiped all the photos, texts, videos and saved phone numbers. Robbie is just kinda creeped out and tried to keep away from them.

Now it’s just an unspoken rule among everyone that knows to not mention this to anyone else who’s not in on the secret.


The reader has always known about their half robot part and have been pretty good at hiding it.

They have like most of their body normal like just skin and bones but then a good portion of it is just wiring, coding, and that sort of stuff.

At first they were human, until there was an incident when they got hurt and were fatally damaged. Luckily their parents were smart enough to rebuild a robotic part of them so they could continue her life. The reader doesn’t actually remember being full human. The furthest back they remember is being told that nobody can know what she truly is. I guess she fucked that up.

But then a year later their parents died. AND NO IT WAS NOT A CAR CRASH OR CANCER I’M NOT THAT CLICHE I PROMISE. They actually died due to something going wrong in the tech they made. A large spark was created and electrocuted them with thousands of volts.

But before they died, they taught the reader how to repair themselves. Just in case when their parents did pass on and something happened they would know what to do.

They’ve lived in Gravity Falls for their entire life, but nobody really ever knew who she was.

As you probably guessed already, the reader can’t have the wires get wet, since they begin to fail. They’ve been looking for a way to water proof their robotic side, but to no avail.

They’re incredibly strong, partly because a good portion of their body is metal.

Sometimes they’ll act like a normal human, but then sometimes they just throw that out the window and not hide the fact that part of their skin is silver I don’t think that’s normal–

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It’s a horror game. But why is it so creepy?

IMSCARED and other horror games like it play with the boundary between being a game and being a virus. IMSCARED at certain points will close the game completely, changing as soon as you open it up again, and even opens a Youtube video while you’re playing. Most games give you a sense of control, since whatever happens in the game tends to stay in the game. Games like IMSCARED remove this safety. You’re never sure what the game is going to do, both inside its .exe and outside it, or when.

Other games, like Doki Doki Liturature Club, create and edit files on your computer. Other games I’ve seen change your desktop, or emulate you’re desktop so you’re never sure if you’ve left the game or not, or if the game has finished playing. I suppose this also toys with the boundary between reality and fiction.

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Dr. Bright

Dr. Bright just recently left an administrative position on the SCP Wiki, so here’s a post dedicated to his on-going character.

Not sure if anyone’s read The Broken Masquerade, but Dr. Bright has a particularly dark story where he and is captured team and tortured and killed. Dr. Bright, of course, has his amulet that drops his soul into any body that it touches, so they tortured him by placing him in his friends’ bodies after killing his previous bodies.

So that’s dark.

But! It does make for a short and sweet cybernetic system. The components being Dr. Bright, his amulet, and every other living body in the room. The communication and feedback are provided when the amulet touches another body, which turns his previous body into a vegtable, and drops his soul into the new body. The goal of this system? I’m not sure what the goal of the SCP is, but Bright uses it to stay alive.

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As I was working on my final, I realized that the Maykrs of DOOM Eternal functioned within their own cybernetic system. The components for this system are the Maykrs, the Khan Maykr, and the Father. The Khan Maykr is the head of the hivemind for the race of Maykrs, with the Father being an entity that helps them revive themselves. Obviously, communication happens through the Khan Maykr, with the Father’s role in communication being unclear. The goal of this system was to spread the knowledge and wisdom of the Maykrs, but is changed to maintaining the Maykr race when Samur Maykr steals the essence of the Father (therefore putting their resurrections in jeopardy). 
How Samur Maykr acted independently, I’m not entirely sure. Maybe I misunderstood the Maykrs and they are independent of each other but still follow the will of the Khan Maykr instantly.

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“La permanente parcialidad de los puntos de vista feministas tiene consecuencias para nuestras expectativas de formas de organizaciones políticas y de participación. No necesitamos una totalidad para trabajar bien. El sueño feminista de un lenguaje común, como todos los sueños de un lenguaje perfecto, de una denominación de la experiencia perfectamente fiel, es totalizador e imperialista. En ese sentido, la dialéctica es también un lenguaje quimérico, que anhela resolver las contradicciones. Irónicamente, quizás podemos aprender de nuestras fusiones con animales y máquinas cómo no ser un Hombre, la encarnación del logos occidental. Desde el punto de vista del placer que encierran esa poderosa y prohibidas fusiones, hechas inevitables por las relaciones sociales de la ciencia y de la tecnología, podría, en efecto, existir una ciencia feminista.”

Donna Haraway, Manifiesto para cyborgs.

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Since I posted about monsters in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. I’m also going to use this opportunity to talk about the cybernetics, cyborgs, and robots that are in the game.

 The cybernetics and cyborg section is mostly going to focus on the character Barret Wallace. So Barret can be seen as a cyborg since one of his hands is replaced with a gun, which no longer makes him fully human. However, this can make people fear people that don’t know him because it makes him look different and more scary than most people. 

The game consists of multiple different mechanical beings. But they all would be considered robots and not androids due to the fact that they were built for their functions to be used as machines for defeating monsters and enemies.  These include enemies such as the sweeper, cutter, and many others.

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I’ve always enjoy stories, TV shows, and movies about robots and androids. The idea that we can use technology to create artificial beings is fascinating. I want to build an identification guide of various artificial being and share it in this tumblr (along side my current list of planets and aliens).

But I thought it would be a good idea to show how I define each classification.

  • ROBOTS: They are purely mechanical - they may be human in shape but not always. They could be created out of metal or other material but they do not contain organic skin or organs. A robot may have attained independent thought (artificial intelligence) or it may only perform programmed tasks or behaviors. Example: Robby the Robot in “Forbidden Planet” and the Robot in “Lost in Space”.
  • ANDROID: Similar to a Robot, an Android outer appearance can pass for human. It might have a mechanical frame covered by artificial skin and hair or even artificial organs but it is not organic. It may have attained independent thought and emotions. Examples: Data in “STNG” and Dolores in “Westworld”.
  • CYBORG: A cyborg began its existence as an organic being (born and grew up). By choice, necessity or forced, some or most of its organs and/or limbs were replaced by mechanical parts. These new parts may augment their abilities beyond human normal. The mechanical parts may be disguised to appear human. Examples: Steve Austin in “Six Million Dollar Man” and the Borg in “Star Trek”.
  • A.I.: Artificial Intelligence - this category is for computer systems that have evolved beyond their programming but their “minds” exist within the computer not in an independent mobile unit. Examples: HAL9000 in “2001 a Space Odyssey” and V’ger in “Star Trek the Motion Picture”.

It’s important to note that Artificial Intelligence does not equate with human emotions or moral values.

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