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Scott, holding a ball of yarn: Hey Logan. *chucks yarn*

Logan: Oh, fuck you–

Logan: *cheeks become red, pupils widen, eyebrows raised, gets ready to pounce onto the ball*

Scott, with a shit eating grin: Go get it! Skitch it!

Logan: *pounces on the yarn*

Logan, giggling whilst playing with the yarn: Now guess where this will be going?

Scott: *eyes widen, covering his ass with both hands*

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2020 X-Men**

Scott, with a slit in one of his eyebrows: Stop liking my posts, you dog.

Logan: I’m sorry my fat ass thumb is in the way of seeing what’s on my screen.

Kurt, in full Adidas: Scott, stop trying to be an eshay, aye?

Alex: Kurt, you look like the definition of Shut The Fuck Up.

Kurt: That’s… But that’s 4 words, yah?

Logan: Shut up and stay away in a 1000 mile radius from me.




Scott: Okay boomer.

Alex: Shoot Scott on site. Make it snappy as well.

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He still looks so good in his ruby glasses. The best Cyclops in Foxverse.

From  Ben Schwartz’s Instagram on April 18, 2020.

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