will-o-the-witch · 21 days ago
Other people: Referring to their menstrual cycle as their "moon cycle"
Me: Referring to my mood disorder as my "moon cycle" because it almost ALWAYS matches up with the real actual moon For Some Reason
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rott-and-decay · 3 months ago
I’m in a mood (derogatory)
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screaming--agony · 18 days ago
Dear Diary,
I feel like I don’t feel anything until something happens then I feel every emotion all at once.
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strawberrysapphocake · a year ago
Guys. GUYS. Hypomania IS mania. It is a less "severe" mania, but it is still many of the same symptoms. It is not "just happiness" or "not a big deal." It is NOT an "upside" to Bipolar II. Just because it can't reach extremely dangerous or psychotic levels does not mean it is not a NEGATIVE symptom. It still drastically affects people's lives, usually for the worse. When I've been hypomanic in the past I have ignored important responsibilities, started fights, destroyed and damaged valuable objects, ended long friendships, spent too much money, and run away from home. Even less severe symptoms, like impulsively cleaning everything and starting a multiple new projects I'll never finish, can negatively impact my life in big ways. Hypomania is no joke; it is symptom of my disorder, and it hurts when people diminish its effects on me or tell me I should be fucking GRATEFUL for it.
On a related note: bipolar people of types I and II are not in competition with each other. We have our differences, but neither type is "better" or "worse." Bipolar I people are not more deserving of help because they're "suffering more." Bipolar II people are not "privileged" because we experience hypomania.
A little addendum: Bipolar I is a broader category than Type II. It can include people who experience equal severity of depression and mania, but it can also include people who have more severe mania and dysthymia, the depressive equivalent of hypomania; effectively the inverse of Bipolar II. Do those people have it "better" because they have different symptoms? No, of course not! What about people with cyclothymia? No, they're not "better off" either. Bipolar is a spectrum, and we're all going to have different experiences with it. Instead of creating arbitrary divisions and feeling like we have to compete in the imaginary suffering olympics, we should reach out to each other. We should build positive, affirming communities where we're all safe to share our experiences, exchange advice, and vent without fear of judgement.
We're all in the same boat, stop trying to push others overboard.
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nothingcatall · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
People don't care about your f e e l i n g s
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hellb0und-heart · 2 years ago
i dont like the fact that i exist
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talism00n · 4 months ago
I discuss everything Mental Health on my blog
I give my own personal experience, songs to listen to, information, and support to help you thrive.
Feel free to follow me on Insta or Twitter as well. Both @wendy.TOTM
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is just a small idea of posts on my blog. I hope you check it out.
Tumblr media
This is me🖤
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weeping-parasite · a year ago
Depressive: I am cringe and I should just die
Hypomanic: I am cringe but I am free
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traumabeads · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
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dragonborn-bhimbo · 3 months ago
I guess I deleted the post about self-diagnosing with cyclothymia, but here's the follow up: for the first time ever, a therapist took me seriously. She had me fill out a questionnaire, asked me about symptoms, and opened her physical copy of the DSM right then and there. And she agreed with me.
The validation, y'all! I'm finally accepting the hypomania for what it is, and that feels like a huge victory considering how dutifully I denied it during my twenties.
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neiyuu · 7 months ago
Fluctuation between mania and dépressive episodes is like asking yourself every moment of the day in which state you are at the moment. Only to find out you where in a depressed episode for a long time and only to understand it once youve reach mania again.
Or to sum it up: its like waking up one day feeling good and understanding that you were, in fact, in the Bad place.
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flaming-j-u-n-e · 19 days ago
being hypomanic is like being normal except when i wonder why i feel high it's not bc i forgot i took an edible earlier
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this-smile-is-real · 7 months ago
I am struggling so much. I have 10 cents to my name and have no money for food, medication, therapy, fuel and bills. I’m classed as disabled and unable to work and have been for 2 years now.
I try my best to make ends meet but it’s not happening and is a major source of distress and anxiety.
I have spent most of the last 5 years in hospital for my mental and physical health and am about to experience my 27th admission.
I have 6 significant diagnoses and take 26 pills a day medication wise.
I am desperate for help and right now I don’t have any money for even the smallest of groceries let alone therapy costs each week, fuel, medication and bills.
If you could help a girl out I would be ridiculously grateful for even just a few dollars x
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screaming--agony · 4 months ago
Dear Diary,
My anxiety is gone, now I'm pissed.
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mala-velka-kralovna · a year ago
I’m one year clean from s3lf h4rm. I don’t know if I should celebrate it? Make a cake with candles like on my birthday. I don’t know if I should be happy about that, because there is no day without thinking about cut myself again. So, I’m sober from doing it but not sober from thinking about it. If it make sense
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nothingcatall · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I havnt posted a selfie on here in years, but kinda feelin like I lost my self identity over the last 6 months
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unconfirmedbachelor · 10 months ago
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your-allie-bye · a year ago
me: oh gee golly I sure am glad I’ve figured out how to manage my all my medical conditions finally
my body:
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weeping-parasite · 9 months ago
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neopronouns · a year ago
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bipolar disorder | cyclothymia
an icon-friendly version of this bipolar disorder flag to match my icon-friendly depression flag, and a cyclothymia/cyclothymic disorder flag in the same format inspired by this cyclothygender flag!
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