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  • “As your friend, you’re not useless. Right now, yeah, you’re kind of useless.”
  • “It’s more that we just have a tenuous relationship with gravity.”
  • “Lead the way, you emotionally-stunted little runt.”
  • “Yeah, I know it’s not mind control, cuz when you’re mind-controlled you fucking stab your ex-boyfriend.”
  • “Either [her devil brother] is fucking bad at math, and the school system in Hell is not great.”
  • “[About Pandemonium] You mean they got the VACATION SPOT?”


  • “Toss a coin to your crazy rogue.”


  • “I want nothing to do with politics. That’s why I’m playing D&D.”
  • “The assistant manager of chaos, if you will.”
  • “Little fucker is trying to traffic drugs through JFK.”
  • “I’m going to assume that’s some kind of no-no magic.”
  • “Pocket sand! My next weapon.”
  • “Sneak attack! Pocket sand!”
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Chapter Summary: Xiantha pressures Len into scamming someone, Kamui steals fish, and hijinks ensue.

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“So..what else can we do?” Kamui asked through a mouthful of food. It had been either multiple hours or barely one, nobody bothered to check, but the ‘Disaster Trio’, as they’d dubbed themselves, had raided every facility that appeared to so much as hint at selling any form of refreshments. 

“Well, before I had a party I used to scam people to pass the time. I also pickpocketed…I did whatever I felt like doing to get money, basically.” the rogue smiled at the memory, “Kept forgetting to eat so I saved up quite a lot. At least enough to buy an alchemy kit once.”

“Oh, why’d you want an alchemy kit?”

“The reason may involve infinite randomised poisons?”

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My 6′6 Dragonborn paladin with a natural Intimidate score of +14, wearing heavy scale armour, wielding a sword taller than an average person: Gosh darn it!!! Heck!! Oh golly gee!!! Diddly darn it!! Hecking heck!!! Gosh!!! Oh my goodness!!

My 4′8 Kenku rogue with a natural Intimidate score of +3, wearing thin leather armour over his thin squishy fragile birb body, wielding two daggers that couldn’t weigh down a single piece of paper, in his high-pitched Elmo mimicry voice: CUNTS!! FUCKING SLUTS!!! YOUR MOTHERS SUCK COCKS IN HELL!!!!

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Asyna, questioning Aerana’s apathy: “God, I can already tell you’re already suffering low from the energy detrimental. Do you even feel anything anymore?”

Aerana: “I don’t care.”

Asyna: “You don’t care? You’re gonna die!”

Aerana: “Well, you know… What else is there to do?”

(incorrect quotes; source: Unus Annus)

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Me: oooo this DnD race is rather interesting. Let’s watch some videos on basic information about them, so I can decided wether I want my character to be that race or not

Me now: so… I know all their lore? I’ve watched too many videos. I can’t stop

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 I’m sure most of the D&D players out there have met someone who made a character based on a specific anime. I’m sure that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Dragonball, Naruto, and all that are fairly common ones to base off of. But never would I have thought that one day, I would DM a game with Eli Ayase… I’ve peaked.

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Had the fortune of sculpting the incredible Meribeth, a badass halfling barbarian, as a commission. Bonus stoneskin/marble version! THANK YOU FOR DONATING!

Reminder that I am currently doing commissions in support of the protests are open and the details can be found here.

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