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esthesiaart 6 months ago
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Dorian Storm 馃挄
(For those who are following my Harry Potter Inktober: it鈥檚 complete on Instagram -link in bio- and I鈥檒l soon post the remaining drawings here and on Twitter too!)
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necrodilus 8 months ago
Unimportant but.. for every D&D DMs in my timeline;
Feel free to use my character artworks as tokens for your homebrew NPCs! (I'd refrain using them as Player Characters--since they're already my Player Characters, but NPCs are all good!) Feel free to use them as you see fit, but do please refrain from editing them and claiming them as your own. You can change their names, their stories, their relations and everything, as long as you credit the art and (preferably) link them back to my social media accounts (@mossygator_)! I want everyone to have fun and if my artworks could help in translating your games to be fun and enjoyable, then by all means; go ahead! LINK TO DRIVE (Plus their names if you'd like to keep their names!): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1th8WLAg9C8kLA4uU0eUPT8V6SFPyImzb?usp=sharing
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'm going to constantly update the folder (since I mostly draw my setting's major characters most of the time) so you can always check back for updates and new characters! (If you want something specific, you can always commission me when the slots are open!)
And as always, please read the terms and properly credit me for the artworks. It's all I ask! Have a great day everyone :D
Have fun on your tables, adventurers! - M
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bcj-arts a month ago
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Paetina Glenbottle鈥檚 Had a child, and her child has had a child. You can have it all!
Paetina鈥檚 sorcerer collared pantsuit sounded like a fun piece of costume to figure out
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coffeepotcat 5 months ago
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Mayor Emilia Dawson and her daughter Lori are two beautiful fish people from the latest arc of my dnd campaign!!
emilia is a good person who does her best to run her town as generously and magnanimously as she can and is also a bit of a complete idiot fool, and her daughter is a sweetheart who tries very hard to be fancy.
not pictured: lori鈥檚 absolutely huge 10ft frog companion Pol who loves her very much.
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yourbitchystudentartist 8 months ago
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arc 4 just started for @transplanarrpg everyone should check it out, tout de suite
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ikeofeyes-art a month ago
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Some Elemental gals I'm doing for a commission. Still works in progress but I like the way they're turning out
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old-world-bird 10 months ago
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Lazyass quick sketches of dusk elves.
I鈥檓 running a Curse of Strahd module rn, and I needed a token for Kazimir, and then I was like 鈥渉eck, let me draw all of them鈥, so here we are. Both Velikovs and Rahadin.
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imperfectpirate a year ago
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feat. the many marvellous characters of @metamatronic, @androgynous-airship, and @z4chh3lms
crazy to think that this entire account is the result of this campaign starting one year (minus one day) ago
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yall i feel so productive today. ive done like. multiple things.
exhibit a: i re-organized my d&d folder and drew my new character! i hadn't done anything traditional in a while so i was pretty proud of this 馃槑
Tumblr media
(sorry about the flash, i didnt have very good lighting)
lmk if you wanna know more about her!! you can reply to this or send an ask 馃槑
exhibit b: i finished a drawing i was working on 馃槑 i like how it turned out
Tumblr media
they're canonically in the same art class i had to draw them together
exhibit c: i ordered a new sketchbook so i can get back into traditional art 馃槑
Tumblr media
if yall are interested in buying it too i can send the link!!
that's all for today bye bye besties
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raartblog 4 months ago
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My Monday D&D group, modern fashion.
Left to right:
Kve冒a Hrafnhar-- @gwynbleiddyn
Siggri Stormboom-- @lorspolairepeluche
Tor Arkenrae-- @soulventure91
Hyrr of the Akennathi-- @defenderofulth1
Arsen Valke-- @bladeverbena
Viktor Boel-- Me :)
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deli-cious-arts a year ago
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2020 in review
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supereffectivemoonblast 2 months ago
Everift - Chapter 20:
I found it in the ghost dimension
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This weekend in D&D, we returned to the world of Everift. Last time we saw our heores, they had just escaped a horde of militant Kobolds and the Undead accompanying them via a portal through time and space. (Read Chapter 19)
The party find themselves in a ruined hallway somewhere within the prison of Iron Bar Island, the location that triggered the sequence of events of this entire adventure. And by the sounds of groaning off in the distance, it seems the zombie outbreak that allowed their escape from the island has just happened. The party start to investigate the area, finding that although this looks like the right place, it may not be a the real deal. Arabella's Eldritch Sight reveals that every brick, every iron bar, every particles of air in the vicinity, is magical. It seems they have arrived in a plane unlike they one they're familiar with. A magical shadow of their memories.
Specific investigation of the space leads the party to find a blue gooey substance coating some surfaces, and on some walls, even painted into the shape of the Death Tyrant, a sigil synonymous with the forces of darkness to the party. They soon find themselves in a room resembling a study, and a desk topped with some sort of mechanical device. Nevaeh finds a small magical jewel, fits it into the device, and it glows. Arabella touches the jewel and falls unconscious.
Tumblr media
From her allies' perspective, Arabella appears to have died. To her, she has entered a ghostly imitation of the room, and sees her own body across from her. In a panic, Arabella dives into her body and gasps alive again. Once she describes the experience to her friends, Nevaeh quickly grasps the jewel and is thrust from her own body. Meredith follows suit.
Nevaeh and Meredith explore the ghost world version of the space to find certain things appear different. Arabella, and Lehran soon follow. The way forward from here is barred by the inscription: "Venture to the other side, and return victorious". After staying for most of a minute in this dimension, a painfully throbbing makes Nevaeh decide to return to her body. Meredith, sensing this throbbing too, also returned.
Tumblr media
Lehran and Arabella interpreted the clue "return victorious" as an endurance test, choosing to try to endure the throbbing. Until they feel their very souls begin to tear. The pair return to their bodies and they've become physically injured by this ordeal. Meredith has spotted some zombies approaching. Roll initiative.
A short combat sequence later, Meredith and Nevaeh have made a big mess, via magical sword and explosive magic respectively. Their actions have attracted the attention of a creature in the ghostly dimension, who they cannot perceive initially, but after another play with the ghostifying gem, Nevaeh sees the spirit of a Dragonborn Sorceror stuck in a cell. With Meredith's help, they open this cell in the real world, allowing the Dragonborn to move about, but the party still don't see him in the real world. In the ghost dimension they also find a magic artefact, and this removes the aforementioned magic barrier.
The party, ghost dragonborn included, explore more of the ruined prison. A disembodied, perhaps Dwarvish voice tells them about his research in this place between worlds, and that if they find his lab, there's some helpful stuff there. Around the rooms, they also find blueprints of various magic items, but not all the materials needed to make them.
This voice clearly sees the dragonborn, and tells him that his chances of returning to the main realm via his body (like Nevaeh and the others have been doing), would be difficult given that the dragonborn has been dead for months. However, elsewhere in the prison, there are "flesh puppets", empty bodies with no souls, that the dragonborn ghost could use.
Tumblr media
The ghost dragonborn and the party coordinate in and out of the ghost dimension to solve a couple puzzles, and eventually find themselves at a sort of mad scientist lab. In the lab they find books about the ghost dimension, some corpses, and importantly, one of those fangled flesh puppets. The dragonborn ghost possesses one of them and its shape crackles and morphs into the shape of his previous body, large black cape included. He finally introduces himself as Arturim, dark servant to Lord Caeldrom Persis (Lehran's awful father).
Tumblr media
While this happens Nevaeh decides to animate some of these other corpses, bringing a pair of zombies along for the ride. The party discover another blue ghostifying gem and in the ghost version of the room, there's a ghost married couple arguing over lack of business. Nevaeh inquires and finds that they could help complete some of the blueprints they've found, so long as we find the pieces.
And that is where this very long session ended.
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leendenfoxx 2 months ago
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Round 1 of my Birthday D&D art by my amazing wife聽@dish-licker. First off we have my Ratfolk LvL 3 Rogue Scout Hina. She鈥檚 a Robin Hood type. Bottom left is my Harengon LvL 3 Bard Alastair Crumby. And last but never least is my LvL 9 Fighter Sheik the runty Gnoll. She was my first and will always be special to me. Thanks to my DM for always putting up with my crap.
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desertdruidcrafts 6 months ago
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Campaigns Collection - Legacy of the Magi
If you鈥檝e got $10 to spare for more characters than you know what to do with, head on over to my Patreon for the Legacy of the Magi Campaign Collection. (Subscribing at that tier, of course, unlocks everything else I鈥檝e ever posted as well, including maps and supplements.
The collection contains every character mini I drew for the 4-year campaign I created and DMed, lovingly compiled into a file containing 346 individual characters. The preview honestly doesn't do it justice so I've included a few screenshots below.
Most of the characters are humanoids, though there are all kinds of fey, fiends, and dragons mixed in as well. If you like dragonborn, genasi, or yuan-ti, this pack is chock full of them.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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nerdstify 4 months ago
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giving a rogue a gun is a bad idea, so remind me why ours has two??
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freowyn 12 months ago
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Sparrow! My level 3 human path of the beast barbarian whomst I love a lot.
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frenchy-and-the-sea 3 months ago
OC Kiss Week - Payment
The fun part about OC kiss week is that it gives me both permission to work with OCs that I haven鈥檛 before, and a deadline to keep me in check. I鈥檓 still working through an Art Growth phase so I don鈥檛 have much for y鈥檃ll this week, but I do have about 2k words about my good friend鈥檚 half-orc barbarian Beau meeting my favorite cast of bastards.聽
Thanks again to my wife @colonelcupquake and to聽@urdnotgrunt for letting me steal their bard kids again. <3
~2300 words, set in a conveniently overlapping universe.聽
When Beau had limped his way into the local inn, clutching one arm and looking for directions to a healer, he had expected to be pointed back towards the center of town.
Instead, the grim-faced dragonborn running the bar had huffed a whorl of smoke at him and then nodded towards one of the tables huddled against the southernmost wall, where three figures sat in low, heated conversation. They were clustered together around a map spread out in front of them, held down at one corner by the elbow of a sunburnt half-elf with a sour twist to his mouth. He had his chin propped on one hand, a drink dangling loosely from the fingers of the other, and he was shaking his head so sharply that his thick nest of dark curls bounced.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 not traveling with a caravan,鈥 he was saying as Beau limped into earshot. The genasi beside him didn鈥檛 look up from where they were plucking at the lute in their lap, but they said, with the tiniest shrug of one shoulder, 鈥淭hen you will stay here.鈥
鈥淪ilk鈥檚 right,鈥 said the gnome between them. She was leaned forward across the table with both hands planted in the center of the map, chewing fussily on a long strand of curly red hair that had escaped from one of the buns pinned on top of her head. 鈥淚f we鈥檙e going to get out of this city without losing our coin and our asses in the process, we really, really need to find someone to travel with. Preferably someone that isn鈥檛 going to make us look like bait to the literal hoards of bandits stalking the place, which, I remind you, is a huge fucking problem by itself, so if you could just be a little cool about it, that would be 鈥 gods, what happened to you?鈥
Beau froze as the gnome鈥檚 eyes suddenly found him through the shadows of the tavern, dithering on whether or not to interrupt. Beside her, the half-elf glanced up and scowled.
鈥淥h, for fuck鈥檚 sake.鈥
鈥淵ou see? This is exactly what I'm talking about!" The gnome vaulted off of her chair with a grunt of effort and strode towards Beau, still halfway turned towards the half-elf behind her. "Every few hours, someone comes stumbling in here with some terrible injury or another, just from stepping outside. This town鈥檚 guard absolutely sucks!鈥
鈥淥r maybe it鈥檚 just that you need to stop making such a name for yourself,鈥 said the half-elf dryly, leaning back in his chair. 鈥淚f you hadn鈥檛 gone around healing every idiot who got into a bar brawl, they wouldn鈥檛 think that you were doing it for some sort of charity.鈥
鈥淗ey, they paid! They just sometimes didn鈥檛 know that they paid. Don鈥檛 worry,鈥 she added to Beau as she took his uninjured arm and half-guided, half-dragged him back towards the table, 鈥淚鈥檓 not going to steal from you. Probably. Not unless you were in a bar brawl, anyway. Which, if you were, you should probably just tell me now, because I鈥檓 just gonna find out later, and if that happens, it鈥檒l be bad for both of us 鈥斺
鈥淣o!鈥 Beau said, a little frantically, finally fishing his tongue out from the throbbing haze of pain still radiating up his tugged-on shoulder. 鈥淚 was just coming into town! There was a group of bandits running a toll scheme at the crossroads. I tried to get by, but they had another group hiding in the bushes with clubs, and it was just me, and I 鈥斺
鈥溾 got kicked around a bit in the fight,鈥 the gnome finished, easing him gently into a chair. 鈥淓asy there, big guy. You鈥檙e not the first person to tell us that story. We believe you.鈥
The half-elf huffed into his drink. 鈥淪ome of us believe you.鈥
鈥淎ll of us who have eyes believe you,鈥 the gnome said primly, offering a rude gesture over the table to the half-elf who returned it with astonishing familiarity. 鈥淣ow. I can handle those bruises no problem, but I think that arm of yours might be broken. Can you move it at all?鈥
Beau tried gingerly to lift his arm away from where it was clutched to his chest and hissed when it sparked a sudden starburst of pain all the way from wrist to shoulder. The gnome grimaced.
鈥淲ell, it would be, wouldn鈥檛 it? Hang on.鈥 She circled back towards her own chair, where the genasi was already lifting her pack up from the floor and holding it out towards her. She didn鈥檛 even bother taking it, just thrust a hand inside and rummaged around with both eyes narrowed in deep concentration. Eventually, she hummed a little noise of triumph and removed a very small, finger-length satchel of smooth brown leather. The half-elf on the other side of the table sucked a breath through his teeth.聽
鈥淵ou can鈥檛 be serious.鈥
鈥淲ouldn鈥檛 be the first time someone has accused me of that,鈥 the gnome said, shrugging as she moved back towards Beau. The half-elf opened his mouth to say something else, but the genasi beside him suddenly shifted in a way that suggested the warning tap of a boot against a shin. The half-elf scowled, but he dutifully swallowed whatever comment he was about to make and sank back into his seat, sulking.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 want to be any trouble,鈥 Beau said as the gnome appeared back at his side. He wasn鈥檛 sure what sort of trouble he was being, exactly, but the glare he was being leveled across the table told him well enough how unwelcome it was.
鈥淚t isn鈥檛 trouble,鈥 said the gnome, carefully picking the tie on her little satchel apart with her teeth. 鈥淚t鈥檚 just expensive, and Cas over there is a miser when he鈥檚 in a bad mood. Which is most of the time. Even though this isn鈥檛 his money and I鈥檝e got two more of these in my bag.鈥
The half-elf 鈥 Cas 鈥 rolled his eyes.
鈥淪till,鈥 she went on, 鈥渉e does have a point. I can鈥檛 exactly go around giving this sort of thing out for free, you know.鈥澛
She finally wrestled the bag锟斤拷锟絪 tie apart and tipped its contents unceremoniously into her hand, holding it up for Beau to see. Something coarse and glittering had spilled out into her palm, catching the faint lantern-light of the tavern around them in a thousand glinting facets. Something that, if he didn鈥檛 know better, looked very, very much like鈥.
鈥淒iamonds,鈥 the genasi at Beau鈥檚 shoulder provided helpfully, grinning.聽
鈥淥r what used to be diamonds, anyway,鈥 said the gnome as he wrenched around towards them, slack-jawed. 鈥淟ike I said, it鈥檚 an expensive fix. It鈥檒l cost you.鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 have any money,鈥 Beau said, a little frantically. His arm was starting to hurt quite badly, now. 鈥淣ot enough for that, I mean. They took most of my gold at the gate and even if they hadn鈥檛, I only have 鈥 鈥澛
鈥淕ods, I鈥檓 not here to take your gold!鈥 said the gnome, scrunching her nose in disgust. 鈥淚鈥檓 an acolyte of the Laughing Rogue, for gods鈥 sake, not some petty bandit! I just need something I can work with. Pranks! Jokes! Names of shitty people who deserve to get their very public just desserts! Anything I can put down as a favor to the Trickster himself so that he鈥檒l give me a little help with you, understand?鈥
Beau sank back into his seat as the gnome winked, trying to sort his thoughts out from the throbbing swath of pain that was his arm. Nothing about the last five minutes made any sense. Hells, nothing about the last day made any sense either, but at least being surrounded and robbed on a trade road was still within some realm of possibility. The idea that he was supposed to be paying for a handful of crushed diamond with a joke felt like something that ought to happen to a storybook hero traipsing through the Feywild, or in a particularly strange dream.
Some bit of his miserable confusion must have shown on his face, because he heard the genasi clear their throat, lean around him and say, soto vocce, 鈥淥h, give him a break, Fizz. He鈥檚 clearly had a long day.鈥
鈥淚 am giving him a break!鈥 the gnome hissed, equally audible around Beau鈥檚 shoulder. 鈥淚鈥檝e only done this twice before, and the last two times, I asked for payment just like this! I don鈥檛 wanna risk fucking it all up just because I broke the rule of threes!鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 sure Olidammara would appreciate you breaking the rule of threes 鈥斺
鈥淣ot if it鈥檚 by ignoring it!鈥
鈥淥h, for fuck鈥檚 sake, please do something,鈥 the half-elf across the table cut in, rolling his eyes in Beau鈥檚 direction. 鈥淎nything, at this point. The sooner you indulge her, the sooner you can finally go away.鈥
鈥淐as,鈥 said the genasi disapprovingly, but something about the dry irritation in his voice woke the last little drop of anger still left in Beau鈥檚 chest. He sat up, setting the pain in his arm aside with the sort of dismissal that always came with a rage, and turned back towards the gnome with his jaw set.
鈥淭wo elves walk into a bar,鈥 he said tightly. 鈥淭he third one ducks.鈥
The brewing argument behind him suddenly stuttered into silence.聽
Slowly, the gnome at his side turned back to face him, eyebrows raised like she was still waiting for a punchline. He could hear the faintest creak of a chair shifting behind him, the soft click of a mug hitting the table. He thought, for a long and terrible moment, that they didn鈥檛 get it.
Then the gnome snorted.
鈥淭he third one ducks,鈥 she said, grinning with such obvious satisfaction that the last of Beau鈥檚 bravado fled like a startled rabbit. Across the table, Cas groaned.
鈥淭hat can鈥檛 be worth a diamond,鈥 he said, leaning forward to leer down at the gnome as she shook the last scattering of diamond dust into her hand.
鈥淲hy not? It鈥檚 a classic! Probably got handed down from family, right?鈥 She glanced up to Beau as she circled around him, putting her back to Cas to offer a conspiratorial wink. Beau recalled, very faintly, how to smile.聽
鈥淢y dad taught me that one,鈥 he admitted, and was rewarded with another dazzling grin from the gnome.
鈥淪ee? What鈥檇 I tell you 鈥 a classic! Now, hold this.鈥
She gingerly twisted Beau鈥檚 arm until his palm was upright, and then sprinkled a small pile of the glittering dust into the center. With one hand, she carefully closed his fingers around it; with the other, she left a long trail up the inside of his arm, all the way to the elbow. Beau thought it should have scattered off of the edge of his forearm and to the floor, but it followed the path of her hand like an obedient pet, keeping to its unsteady line as if she had spread it across the flat face of a table. When she had left the last of it in a little pile at his elbow, she wiped her hand across the thigh of her pants and leaned down towards the closed curl of his fingers, muttering to herself. Beau just barely managed to make out her whisper of, 鈥淐鈥檓on, it was a little funny,鈥 before she chuckled to herself, and then pressed a gentle kiss to the folded knuckles of his fingers.聽
He didn鈥檛 even have time to pretend to be embarrassed. Warmth suddenly coiled in the center of his palm, uncurling like fire from the pile of dust he could still feel burning beneath his fingers. Except, it wasn鈥檛 fire at all. It was sun, the dewey heat of a nap in summertime, of an afternoon spent cradled in the grass of his family鈥檚 farm. It flashed up his arm in a sudden mad dash of nostalgia that made his heart stop, following the trail of diamonds that the gnome had left behind and brightening, burning. And then, before he could brace for it to hurt, it was gone.
鈥淭here!鈥 The gnome stepped back with a pleased hum, brushing the last little shards of dust from her hands. And they were dust, now 鈥 Beau could see them evaporating from between her fingers, turning into bright smoke that dissipated almost at once. When he opened his own hand, it opened without pain, and it was empty.
鈥淚鈥.wow,鈥 was as much as he could manage. The gnome鈥檚 grin widened.
鈥淲ow, indeed! That鈥檚 Olidammara for you. Doesn鈥檛 like to do things without a little show.鈥 She winked, and Beau was immediately struck with the thought that maybe she didn鈥檛 like to do things without a show either. 鈥淵our arm should be good as new, now. I know you鈥檙e still a little banged up, but you seem like you鈥檝e probably handled bruises and scrapes yourself before, and I鈥檓 a little tapped, so 鈥斺
鈥淣o!鈥 said Beau at once, gesturing her off. It was startling, how easily his formerly-broken arm moved now. 鈥淚鈥檓 fine, I mean. This is鈥.this is plenty. I don鈥檛 know how I can thank you, miss鈥.?鈥
鈥淔izz,鈥 said the gnome, offering a faintly-glittering hand with a smile. 鈥淔izz Ippkin. Grand mistress of chaos and mischief, left hand of the Laughing Rogue, and begrudged fan of the two best bards to ever grace this shitty corner of the realm.鈥澛
Grinning, she nodded back towards the genasi, who gave a deep sitting bow, and to Cas, who rolled his eyes again. Beau managed a smile and obediently took her offered hand.
鈥淏eauregard Himm. Beau, for short. Really, I can鈥檛 thank you enough for 鈥斺
鈥淏eauregard Himm, you said?鈥 Fizz cut in suddenly, with a raise of one eyebrow. A grin slightly less conspiratorial and slightly more wicked dawned at the corner of her mouth. 鈥淎re you telling me that your name is Himm, Beau?鈥
Across the table, Cas snorted.
鈥淭hat,鈥 he said, with a raise of his cup, 鈥渋s the joke you should鈥檝e led with.鈥
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ceilingcow 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Yeehawgust Day 4: Chaps
My D&D Barbarian, Calgari the Courageous, is a 5鈥 tall Quarterling (half-halfling) and he鈥檚 basically a fantasy-WWE wrestler. His signature act involves wrestling a聽鈥渂ear鈥. Naturally, the bear is actually his druid partner, and it鈥檚 all staged, but the audience doesn鈥檛 have to know that. ;]
That got me thinking of what the wild west show equivalent would be, and I think it would be riding a bear and doing rope tricks. While wearing chaps, of course.
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imperfectpirate a month ago
Tumblr media
鈥o im obsessed
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obscurelyscandinavian 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I has been my pleasure to commission the exceptionally talented @looceyloo a few times over the past year, and I am absolutely delighted each time with the results! Something that has always been important to me in my character designs is giving them distinct and varied appearances, and the way Lucy was able to bring that to life is just incredible! I arranged them in the order in which I commissioned them, with Thesseus being the first, and Immyraeth being the most recent. What can I say, I like elves~
A little bit about each character below the cut
Lord Thesseus Stormkirk Pronouns: He/Him Age: 23 Level: 7 Thesseus was born the eldest son to his parents, the latest in a long line of the illustrious Stormkirk family, dwarven stewards of the town of Mooncress. Against the common trend of nobility to be very insular, the Stormkirks have a broad range of people among their members, Thesseus' own parents being a high elf former adventurer and a half-elven nobleman with dwarven heritage. Chosen to be the next heir to the family's seat on the Council of Lords, Thesseus had been travelling to visit different towns and cities in order to gain a broader, more holistic view of proper governance when he was swept up in adventure with a very colourful crew of characters. He helped them find a sword, fell in love, and is currently helping them with preparations to fight a dragon who has been threatening the realm.
Amvyll Auvry'Torghym Pronouns: He/Him Age: 21 Level: 8 (Whispers Bard 6/Rogue 2) Amvyll was born to the matron of a noble house in Menzoberranzan waning in its power and clawing desperately to hold onto whatever she could. His upbringing was harsh, both physically and psychologically, but eventually he was able to break free and stumbled to the surface. That was not a happily ever after, however, and he found those on the surface cold and suspicious of his motives. Over time, he made friends, becoming one of a handful of chosen champions of the dragon goddess, Ethera, the matron of time and fate, whose power had dwindled almost to nothing when Amvyll and his friends stumbled into one of her holy places. He wields the tail of her previous great champion, Bollothar, Commander of the Steel Dragon Legion, and draws on his sordid past to accomplish his tasks as quickly and discretely as possible. In his free time, Amvyll loves singing, playing music, and spending time with his girlfriend, the camp medic. Always sticking up for the little guy, he hopes to one day be a hero worthy of legend~
Immyraeth Laphelkiir Pronouns: They/Them Age: 108 Level: 10 Born in the Eldeen Reaches prior to the dawn of the Great War of Eberron, Immyraeth has an insatiable curiosity for the strange and unusual. One part adventurer, one part researcher, and always ready with a cheeky quip, they've been investigating across Khorvaire to learn what has been causing the strange zombie-like disease and the black ichor that spreads it. The team's search has lead them once more to the Mournlands, a hot spot for the type of strange activities and mutations that Immyraeth finds especially exciting. Their canine companion, Epidote, was acquired in a trade during their first trip to the Mournlands. They gave a rock for the unusual skull which, in time, would awaken to be a fun and slimy pal~
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