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bards-anonymous · a day ago
Explaining that absolutely wild theory you have about the Campaign to your DM who KNOWS 100% none of it is correct:
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vaults-n-wyverns · a year ago
Things I Include In My D&D Games That My Players Don't Know About
If they hold a wooden bowl and walk into a locked door, they'll phase through it like it's Skyrim
If they attempt to jump backwards up a set of stairs, with a high enough dex roll, they will launch up the stairs, through the roof, and into the upper atmosphere
There is an Anti-Tarrasque.
Trolls have 12 different blood colors, with only 2 existing in aquatic troll varieties.
If they enter a new area fast enough, they can catch the birds flying without moving anywhere.
Trees DON'T make sounds when they fall and no one's around, there's just no one around that can prove that
Lazer guns exist, they're just shy
If you get knocked prone on a sloped surface, there is a 1% chance of clipping into the terrain
There's a 1% chance of the textures in someone's face not loading correctly
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zhjake · 11 months ago
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you've heard of owlbears but have you considered aperavens
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clowncorednd · 5 months ago
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mocha-mothman · 2 months ago
Zodiac D&D make-a-character
I made this procrastinating on an essay, please enjoy. I’m a folk hero Tabaxi Druid myself
Sun: Race
Aries: Genasi
Taurus: Firbolg
Gemini: Tabaxi
Cancer: Aasimar
Leo: Tiefling
Virgo: Elf
Libra: Aarakocra
Scorpio: Goliath
Sagittarius: Dwarf
Capricorn: Half-Orc
Aquarius: Halfling
Pisces: Dragonborn
Rising: Class
Aries: Fighter
Taurus: Barbarian
Gemini: Warlock
Cancer: Druid
Leo: Bard
Virgo: Sorcerer
Libra: Paladin
Scorpio: Rogue
Sagittarius: Ranger
Capricorn: Monk
Aquarius: Wizard
Pisces: Cleric
Moon: Background
Aries: Pirate
Taurus: Scholar
Gemini: Entertainer
Cancer: Hermit
Leo: Criminal
Virgo: Spy
Libra: Knight
Scorpio: Outlander
Sagittarius: Folk Hero
Capricorn: Noble
Aquarius: Sage
Pisces: Acolyte
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lunar-eclipse-bunnies · 7 days ago
Long time dm here: 12+ years of experience. Here's some tips:
Relax. You got this.
It isn't all on you. DnD is cooperative before anything else. I like to think of my role as being like a video game console: I'm there to provide a physics engine and lay down a scenario, but that doesn't work unless my players help out by buying into the scenario and accepting the way I run those physics. If anyone at the table is throwing off the vibe, your job is to remind them that they need to cooperate or it won't be fun.
On that note, communicate with your players. Communicate frequently and make sure you talk over any problems anyone has, and also call out when people are being awesome.
Your favorite home brewed item, mechanic, or monster is going to break the game. No, not that one that you've suspected of wrongdoing for months. That one is going to be comically underpowered. I'm talking about the clever mythology reference that neatly explains why your favorite region is as cool as it is. Yeah, that. It'll let a level 3 barbarian become immortal or something. When this happens, calmly inform your players that this was a mistake and the game will be much better if Gregnagax The Oaken-Thewed can't suplex the tarrasque.
Seriously, you will need the phrase "that effect is unbalanced, so we won't be using it."
You will need the table of damage by severity and level. It's on page 249 of the DMG. It is absurdly useful. Anytime you need to improvise damage, this chart is useful.
Print out your monster and npc Stat blocks. Flipping through the books in combat sucks.
Your campaign will go off the rails. Your plans will be destroyed so badly you don't even recognize them. This is normal. After the damage is done, consider how the people in your world will react to what just happened. Congratulations, that is the plot of your next session.
Remember to keep play fresh. Spice up combat heavy areas with cool lore moments, throw social encounters into clue gathering, make the mayor a very silly person, let the stablehand whistle all the damn time. This is especially helpful if you're including mysteries or politics, since vibrant worlds can make allegiances and deceptions less obvious.
You are not Matt Mercer. Matt Mercer has a whole production team behind him, years of experience, and a party of professional actors. I love the DnD Renaissance, but it can make a dm feel really inadequate. This is a game of basements, rickety chairs, old dining room tables, and improvised miniatures. I promise that you will feel silly for your first couple of sessions. That's okay. You'll hit your groove, and it'll be fun tabletop evenings, not professional quality polished narrative and character arcs. Those silly low-budget moments are the best sign that you're doing it right.
Most campaigns are confined to one or two tiers of play. Levels 3-to-10 is common. Campaigns to level 20 take years, and I've never been in one or run one that got all the way there. You'll spend a lot of time doing shorter campaigns, one shots and the like. If you manage to play to level 20, great, but be ready to accept that you might not. Campaigns fall apart because people have busy lives, and that's okay.
And finally: relax. You got this.
i shaking this is extremely helpful thank you?? /gen
i never realized it before but the game console analogy is very helpful and also very true!! all the (good) dms i've had have always been very good at painting pictures of what's going on/explaining how the world works and if anything, i want my world to be really colorful! and i want my players to enjoy playing in it
thank you so much for sharing your wisdom!!! very much appreciated by this babey dm <:)
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cageyperry · 3 months ago
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Me after today’s D&D session of Curse of Strahd.
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mooreaux · 5 months ago
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Some tiefling commissions 💖😈
- @aldrovanda ‘s beautiful tief on the right
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dm-clockwork-dragon · a year ago
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Time for a trip to the magic pet store: Here is a preview of what will be
Clockwork Dragon’s Guide to Arcane Familiars
Familiars have always been an exciting prospect for me, but 5e’s handling of them is... well, lackluster at best. To that end, I took it upon myself to retool the familiar system and provide a suitable myriad of options for people seeking to keep and train a tiny magical companion.This supplement is still in progress, and likely needs quite a bit of play testing. The final release will have a total of 100 familiars, but quite honestly, I am burnt out on familiars, and want to work on another project for while, so for now please enjoy 13 new Feats, and the first 50 familiars in this extended preview.
 As a major notice on this bit of brew: the guide to familiars is still a work in progress, and I’m still in the process not only of adding new familiars, but also sourcing all of the artwork. I don’t do any of my own art, and I always try to credit that artwork back to the original creator. The final published release of this document will contain citations and sourcing for all artwork, but as ths is only meant to be a WIP preview so you all know what I have been working on, much of that is still missing, and will be updated as I work through it.
Preview images above are low resolution, and does not contain all 50 familiars. For the latest high-resolution PDF, as well as a whole host of other work I have done, check out this handy dropbox link. And be sure to tell me what you think!
If you like what I do and want to support me or just generally help out, Check out my Patreon page, or throw some coin at me through Paypal.me. If you wanna just come say hi on my Discord, that’s great too!  
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calpatine · 3 months ago
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Today’s dice: the Flaming Forge, a commission that I was ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN would never turn out (complicated handmade inclusions I couldn’t precoat! layered translucent color!) AND YET.
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artandstarstuff · 6 months ago
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Mountain plot hooks! Some may say I’ve peaked. Support or commission me here.
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dmdepression · 4 months ago
Cleric Domain of Madness
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For all you casters who want to drive the world insane. For more be sure to check out my Patreon, link in the reblog.
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zhjake · a month ago
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Highfane unique lineage 2/3, Woodwose.  Folks, if you liked big crab, I think I can interest you in big turnip
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za-ra-h · a year ago
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My first D&D character, I already love em.
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tigerjebes · 2 months ago
I made a uquiz where you pick a buncha aesthetic images and I assign you one of my favorite Dungeons and Dragons monsters!
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contextfreedungeon · 2 months ago
When your party's plans go terribly wrong but somehow you succeed anyway
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sketchydoodles · 26 days ago
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Stealth paladin
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gecko-vibes · 12 days ago
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Möth! My swarmskeeper Thri-kreen ranger! they re just, Baby, 2 f tall, Retired Mothman's beloved child going out to adventure on their own! very gremlin, local cryptid, 10/10 will eat your curtains
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mythmaker5e · a month ago
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INK MAGIC’s quintessential cantrip ✒
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thealyssa4life · 3 months ago
Idea for how to destroy the fourth wall in a D&D Campaign:
The Warlock's Patron is you, the player.
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