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vaults-n-wyverns · a year ago
Things I Include In My D&D Games That My Players Don't Know About
If they hold a wooden bowl and walk into a locked door, they'll phase through it like it's Skyrim
If they attempt to jump backwards up a set of stairs, with a high enough dex roll, they will launch up the stairs, through the roof, and into the upper atmosphere
There is an Anti-Tarrasque.
Trolls have 12 different blood colors, with only 2 existing in aquatic troll varieties.
If they enter a new area fast enough, they can catch the birds flying without moving anywhere.
Trees DON'T make sounds when they fall and no one's around, there's just no one around that can prove that
Lazer guns exist, they're just shy
If you get knocked prone on a sloped surface, there is a 1% chance of clipping into the terrain
There's a 1% chance of the textures in someone's face not loading correctly
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dndaddyissues · a year ago
I pass one of my players a folded note. She reads it. Her eyebrows raise, and her peers heckle her, trying to take the paper from her. She insists it is nothing. The gnome is now cursing. My player curses back. The fighter calls her a traitor and declares an Insight check. I allow it. My player attempts a Deception check. I allow it. It is a dead tie. The table erupts in hoarse accusations. The note falls to the ground, forgotten. It says: “Read this; raise your eyebrows; say nothing to the others; and I will give you a +3 longsword.” I lean back behind my DM screen and watch the fireworks implode. This is my design.
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peridorkcipher · a year ago
Dungeon Masters, don’t be afraid to challenge your players!
Sometimes you need to really throw something threatening the party’s way, something out of their league. Not in a DM v Players situation, in a genuine reaffirmment that stakes are real and character death is possible. The goal is never to kill players, but a truly terrifying and epic fight is sure to leave the players feeling awesome for defeating such a powerful enemy.
Challenge Rating is not an accurate measurement of a creature’s strength, a single CR9 could be easily beaten by a band of level 4s. I won’t go into action economy because that’s not what this post is about.
So how do we throw a deadly encounter at our players to make them feel cool?
Well first, pick or redesign a monster to play to the party’s strengths in subtle ways.
Have an archer PC? Give the monster a vulnerable point that’s hard to hit. For example in my most recent game a low level party fought a large clockwork dragon, illusionist and a swarm of cultists, the dragon had 3 weaknesses 1. A maintainance hatch that if hit could deal critical damage, perfect for a rangers well placed and timed arrow to hit. 2. A combustion engine that could be extinguished briefly using our sorcerers water or ice spells. 3. Legs that were vulnerable to attack from the barbarian causing it to lose movement. These weak points were hard to hit and required tactical thinking to approach and exploit adding complexity to the combat. This could be achieved in many ways, perhaps the basalisk has a soft underside that would leave it vulnerable if they could get close enough to strike it, or the armour of a battle ogre has a cannon shot hole in it perfect for a well placed arrow. Make these weak points easy to spot, and hard to act on without forethought.
Second, tailor the environment to the encounter
If your monster is too powerful, give the players pillars and tables to duck for cover behind. Hanging chandeliers or breakable platforms are great assets to an offensive and battlefield changing encounter. But these features aren’t exclusively helpful, powder kegs and coal heaps are great for both players to utilise in strategic attack but also pose a constant threat to anyone close enough that a well placed scorching ray may leave them unconscious. Chances are your players will take on the information and strategise, luring a creature to a dangerous place or having to choose between facing the beast head on or risking a trip over the rickety bridge. My last campaign ended with the PCs ultimately tricking a demon lord to the edge of a cliff before banding together to trip them over. A good set piece may be the foundation to a satisfying fight! (This applies to all encounters not just boss monsters)
Finally, Don’t pull punches!
The players will be way more proud and excited about their victory if it’s earned. Yes, there is a time and a place for fudging rolls or having a monster not attack the lowest health character for a while. But don’t rig the combat, to challenge your players and give stakes to your game the reality that PCs can die is important. So yes, don’t go all out on the players with a monster well out of their league, but definitely don’t turn the frightful beholder into a plush toy who’s eye beams keep narrowly missing while it sits and soaks up damage. There’s a very fine balance you have to find between keeping the fight even and keeping the fight threatening. But in my experience if one or two PCs are downed and the healer is scrambling to save them both, as the fight comes to a close and everyone barely scrapes through alive are usually the ones that get the best reactions. Again the goal is NOT to try and kill PCs, the goal is to push your players to strategise and earn their victories and feel AMAZING going it!
If anyone has any further advice or just stories of a perilous battle feel free to share them, and remember the number one rule of D&D is that everyone should be having fun!
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sashaforthewin · 9 months ago
I need anyone that DMs a game of Dungeons & Dragons to do me a favor. There is legitimately a real jewelry store called Klug's Country Gold and it cracks me up every time I get a job from them. Please if you can, add into your campaign a store called Klug's Country Gold and then please tell me about Klug and their store.
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yenaprompts · 2 months ago
write a story about other animated garments, not unlike animated suits of armor: animated plague doctor outfits, noble robes, barbarian furs, jester garb, and more.
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justbeingapolarbear · a year ago
Terrible D&D Idea #207
Instead of rolling dice, you play MASH to decide what happens
Tumblr media
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ditzeethespritzee · 9 months ago
What do you think D&D languages sound like? Part 1
I’ve always imagined that Celestial sounds like conversational Latin
Infernal sounds like a mixture of Welsh and French
Elvish sounds like French and Scot’s Gaelic had a baby
Undercommon sounds like Welsh but pronounced backwards
Sylvan sounds like every gaelic mixed together
Orcish sounds like all the sounds that make Japanese were mixed with each other and given an accent of RAGE
Auran sounds like Throat-singing of all sorts mixed together
Aquan sounds like Welsh but every syllable is repeated twice
Pyran(?) consists of heavy breathing and tongue sounds
and Terran sounds like Italian and Japanese had a baby
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tavernwall · a year ago
Greeting's Adventurers! Welcome to the Oilfish Inn! We are located in the remote town of Fairwick, and sincerely hope you enjoy your stay and the services our humble inn has to offer.
This is @GhostPrinceIII 's Dungeons & Dragons sideblog where Daniel will be rambling about D&D whenever he so chooses. If you choose to follow this blog you may see Character Concepts, Dice Hoards, In-Character Text, Adventure Ideas, General Talk, and More!
If you would like to submit a D&D idea of your own, whether that's a fun character concept, art/writing, an in-or-out-of-universe quest for other adventurers, item ideas, or a story about your D&D experiences, feel free to submit something to the Noticeboard! It is both an in-universe board and an out-of-universe one, so you've got plenty of options.
If you'd like to learn about the story of Fairwick (Daniel's Homebrew Town), participate in some In-Character interactions, or ask about the blog and it's posts, send in a Querie and I'll get back to you as soon as I'm able!
Please enjoy your stay at the Oilfish Inn, and we hope you find what you're looking for on the Tavern Wall!
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dndaddyissues · a year ago
the DM: and then the reigning champion emerges from a cloud of dust. the four of you stare up at...
the players:
Tumblr media
the DM: ...her...
the players:
Tumblr media
[Image ID: The first picture is of a cartoon cat, staring attentively at something off screen. The second picture is the same cat, except their pupils are blown wide to a ridiculous and adorable amount. End ID.]
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peridorkcipher · a year ago
Ways to make the Ranger class better - Without Changing It
I honestly don’t understand the indifference to downright dislike rangers get. They have a unique place in the game as the ingenuitive, practical, foraging, animal taming, hunters.
Let’s get the criticisms layed out:
They are underpowered in 5e
Archery Fighters are basically them but better.
Druids make them obselete
They’re far too situational! Basically useless in most campaigns.
So let’s fix them without even a scent of home brewing.
Are they underpowered in 5e. Honestly yes, in many ways they certainly are. Their damage output swiftly gets buried by other classes, their spells are limited, and their health is average to boot. But that’s missing the point of a ranger. They work best as a tactical class, they aren’t about damage output or spell slinging in the way that a fighter with a bow or a traditional caster is. Their spells are like extensions of their practical skills rather than true Spellcasting. They are best used for their high wisdom score to survey their environment and use their wit. If you play a ranger like a fighter they’ll end up weak, if you play them how the class seems to have been built, you may find them to be a great asset. To better understand this let’s look at the next criticism.
Aren’t Archery Fighters the same thing but better? In sheer strength yes, in roleplay, flavour, and combat strategy. Far from it. Rangers are a Wisdom class for a reason. High perception, natural cunning, and practical thinking. When a fighter sees the battlefield they see ways to most effectively use their attacks, where to fire their precious couple arrows. When a ranger sees the battlefield they see where an arrow is best placed to clear a path, where a spike growth might cut off an enemy, who needs their good berries. In other words, the key difference in combat between a fighter and ranger is that a ranger is about battlefield control and practical planning.
Outside of combat though, what separates them and lets them shine in a unique light? What can they do that a Druid can’t? Well, druids are generally more about protecting nature, communing with the forces of nature, and animal friendship. A ranger on the other hand, knows their favored terrain like the back of their hand. They are expert navigators, trackers, and hunters, they can make traps and find poisons. A ranger is an expert at using their favored terrain to their advantage. While a Druid is an expert in the forces of nature and can freely communicate with the wildlife, they’d be comparatively lost when trying to build a trap or hunt for food. Key difference being: a Druid has nature work with them, a Ranger works practically to use nature to their aid.
That’s all well and good. A ranger has a unique role, it doesn’t matter when that role is so obscure it’s unhelpful in the campaign we’re playing. Are Rangers Situational? Kinda yeah, but there are ways to make sure your ranger fits the campaign. Number 1: in session 0 speak to your DM, what is the environment of your campaign? What kinds of creatures live there? Once you know that you can make a ranger that fits the game. If you think that limits your ideas, thats ignoring the fact that your character needs to fit the setting anyway. If you know you’re playing a tundra campaign in the icy north, why would a desert ranger be up there? Make sure your concept meshes with the campaign as you would in any other class. Number 2: If you feel like you’re not getting enough opportunities to shine, ask your DM. They’re there to make the game fun for everyone equally, if you feel like your ranger doesn’t get opportunity to track, or not enough plant creatures have shown up to make use of your skill set. Your DM could put in a quest involving tracking an NPC through the nearby woods. Or you could find a new kind of plant monster. If your ranger fits the setting this shouldn’t be a problem for them. And finally Number 3: Your wisdom isn’t limited to your favored terrain. You’re perceptive, deductive and practically thinking, these are incredible skills in most situations. Just because you’re in a town doesn’t mean you can’t be thinking with the same mindset as in your favored terrain. Rangers are a very fun class to play if you think of them less as legolass and more as bow and arrow wielding Bear Grylls. I love rangers, and if you want to play one then don’t let the “power” of the class stop you! If playing a ranger is what you want it’s because you see roleplay, you see style, you see an aesthetic, you see a unique kind of class. Play a ranger however makes you enjoy it because that’s what we play DnD for.
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dmgrimoire · 2 years ago
Just a quick sketch for a new character. I like the idea of a sorcerer who's skin sort of cracks open and glows out of the cracks when they cast spells. Just wanted to solidify the idea some more.
Tumblr media
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wedostupidthings · 2 years ago
Gift of Elesia
This disease infects the lungs, pores, and tear ducts of those who pick the flowers within the Gemstone Glades without some form of protection over skin, nose and eyes. This often kills the victim by causing flowers, vines, and mushrooms to rapidly grow from affected areas. The process usually takes three days to fully consume the host and turn them into a lovely flower garden.
The first signs that an individual has acquired this are coughing blood and patchy rashes across the body. Next thing one will notice is the intense tight feeling in the chest, similar to asthma or some panic attacks, and the first plants starting to grow from the patches of irritated skin. The final symptoms are a garden shaped like the affected individual and death.
Wood elves seem to be mostly immune to the final result of the Gift (death). Their lungs and eyes are rarely affected, leaving the plants to grow from the skin. It is very painful, but is often considered a painful blessing from the goddess of forest, Elesia.
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misscake114 · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
OC Vani
#DnD #halfling who through experiments become #sorcerer #wildmage.
Made by: Caroline Petri
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D&D Player Character Idea
Playing the prince/princess or main heir in a warrior like society or clan. This might be a good starting point for a character with a Far Wanderer background or a character you want to associate with far-off lands; ike Kara-Tur or Dambrath.  In a group outing, clan meeting, hunting trip the entire group is hit by a sandstorm/tornado/avalanche or other freak accident of nature. The only (known) survivor is your PC who doesn’t exactly remember what they were doing before, has been moved quite a distance from the original site of the accident and has no way of finding survivors. For some reason, the passage is now blocked with snow or flooded out, they can also not return to their home. It’s now up to the player to take this character in whatever direction they see fit. Will they carve out a new life for themselves? Eventually return to their homeland? Find another survivor from the event? Find out there were very sinister, very deliberate causes for what happened? I hope you guys like this, please take it and tell me what you think.
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vaults-n-wyverns · a year ago
BBEG Idea: Druidic Lich
A druidic version of a Lich. I don't know what it would be called tho!
Instead of having a Phylactery, this druid has basically absorbed the life force of some ecosystem, and released their life force into it, so much that they effective share the ecosystem's life force.
Because of this, their bodies would become a horrific amalgamation of the plants and animals that call this environment home. They may not remain humanoid, but they keep their own mind in tact if this is done successfully.
In the forest, it could become a hulking wolf, with the arms of a bear, and skin like an oak tree! Porcupine quills cover it in ugly patches, with bird feathers mixed in. The face attempts to be like that of a deer, human, and beaver all at the same time. Their voice carries the sound of trickling streams and falling trees.
In the desert, they could have the body of a snake, ending in a twisted scorpion tail. They have the legs of a jackal. Their flesh lumps together randomly, forming spiny, cactus-like blobs of flesh. They posses the feathered wings of a vulture, horrifically mixed with the membranous wings of a bat. Their vulture face opens to reveal the mouth of a spider inside. Their voice would carry the soft sound of moving sand and skin cracking under the sun's intense heat.
Just some ideas!
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