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#d&d necromancer

“No, no. I promise you, I am not /wanted/. As a matter of fact, I can never go back to… a certain place.”

Certain things were vaguely hinted at re: Taeder’s backstory during the last session…which of course got me thinking about the full story on how he got his start as a Necromancer.
So here’s a glimpse at his first (failed) ritual, about a decade before the current storyline.

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Hey wow it’s been a minute! Quick update! I’ve been pitched head first into Dungeons and Dragons thanks to @coollizzylou and her previous special interest and yeeted into Guildwars 2 because it’s her current special interest. And let’s be honest we are so similar in what we like so it was only a matter of time before she got me hooked

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Harlow & co. made it to Level 4 tonight, huzzah!

So, his wizarding gets that much better because stat bump, and I decided that I should probably take an actual damage spell in case he needs to kick in something beyond just control [Animate Dead comes soon, but not quite yet. Next level, as it so happens] - In case there’s things out there that aren’t so easily manipulated and we just need to put them down faster.

[Phantasmal Force has done some great things for the party - Completely shut down a drake last time and pinged it for a fair amount of damage. It’s nest-mate made its save quicker, but still, it bought our tank a couple of damage-free rounds. But it’s definitely not a damage spell. And Blindness/Deafness is useful control, but Con saves are common, and there’s no direct damage from it].

Scorching Ray seemed to be the most straightforward damage option for Level 2 spells, and best pound-for-pound, as it were. But, honestly, it just didn’t/doesn’t feel right for his character, y’know? He is attempting to become a necro-botanist (possibly the world’s first and only).

Fire is anathema to both plants and the undead, so an uninspired blast of fire just feels wrong for him. Like it’d be icky on all levels for him to use - It doesn’t reflect his creativity and it too easily destroys the materials that are most important to his goals. It’s just so gauche. It’s for those who can’t think of any more clever solutions to their problems than “uh… I dunno, throw fire at it?”

So, instead, I’m going with Shatter. It’s a little more unwieldy, but feels less like it’d be objectionable to him to use. And the damage type is less-likely to be resisted. So, there’s that, at least.

Plus it’d be effective against those heartless tin-can golems and constructs and the like. Come get y’all some home-grown, farm-fresh organic bog-zombies and swamp-skeletons! They’ll work all the harder, and they just have that honest, pure touch of nature that no slapdash hunk-of-junk can compare with!

[His other pickups at level 4? Minor Illusion (I toyed with picking up Message as my new cantrip, but MI is just so versatile) and Suggestion. So, how ‘bout y’all come on down and get y’selves a friendly new helper?]

Other things that happened to Harlow this session:

- Had some rocks dropped on him by a trap

- He dodged a lightning breath attack better than the party’s rogue

- Due to a critical fumble, ended up taking an arrow to the chest courtesy of the party’s ranger. Who he was standing well behind. Like, in the opposite direction of the enemies. Which did allow for two very relevant Disney sidekick (paraphrased) quotes:
“I’ve been impaled”
“Well, beats me. According to all known laws of physics, that should just plain be impossible.”

He’s had himself a day, basically.


Originally posted by ivangroznyi

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I interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you these “necromancer bromance” moments :P

[Image Description: images of a necromancer wizard having a bromance with his skeleton buddy, with the caption “necrobromance” at top. Different panels show the two sharing ice cream, going to the movies and laughing while eating popcorn, cooking a questionable looking dinner, playing videogames, and sharing a hug.]

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