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contextfreedungeon · a day ago
Bard: (out of character) Sorry we kept dropping your body.
Rogue: (out of character) It's okay. I don't think I can get more dead.
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zhjake · a month ago
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1/3 unique Highfane lineages, Erfitt.  big crab, we love
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bards-anonymous · 3 days ago
Me, when I have my character do something that gets them in trouble that could have been avoided:
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dm-clockwork-dragon · a year ago
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Time for a trip to the magic pet store: Here is a preview of what will be
Clockwork Dragon’s Guide to Arcane Familiars
Familiars have always been an exciting prospect for me, but 5e’s handling of them is... well, lackluster at best. To that end, I took it upon myself to retool the familiar system and provide a suitable myriad of options for people seeking to keep and train a tiny magical companion.This supplement is still in progress, and likely needs quite a bit of play testing. The final release will have a total of 100 familiars, but quite honestly, I am burnt out on familiars, and want to work on another project for while, so for now please enjoy 13 new Feats, and the first 50 familiars in this extended preview.
 As a major notice on this bit of brew: the guide to familiars is still a work in progress, and I’m still in the process not only of adding new familiars, but also sourcing all of the artwork. I don’t do any of my own art, and I always try to credit that artwork back to the original creator. The final published release of this document will contain citations and sourcing for all artwork, but as ths is only meant to be a WIP preview so you all know what I have been working on, much of that is still missing, and will be updated as I work through it.
Preview images above are low resolution, and does not contain all 50 familiars. For the latest high-resolution PDF, as well as a whole host of other work I have done, check out this handy dropbox link. And be sure to tell me what you think!
If you like what I do and want to support me or just generally help out, Check out my Patreon page, or throw some coin at me through Paypal.me. If you wanna just come say hi on my Discord, that’s great too!  
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wonkykatcomix · 9 months ago
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The gold yarn gets em every time. I hope you enjoy this D&D inspired comic!
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dndspellgifs · 4 months ago
Last week my D&D group got to fight the dungeon boss. I could see that we were winning and wanted to flex a little bit, and my Life Cleric saw our monk go down on while solo fighting a huge hound monster. I asked my DM how he would rule the fact that I had Beacon of Hope on and wanted to cast Life Transferrence, and he said take max damage and heal.
Anyway that's how Beric the Cleric, at 5th level, healed our monk in a single action for 69 HP. 😎
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Good type of min-maxer: hey I was curious so I looked through the rulebooks and figured out exactly how to make a monk that can run at 100 mph
Bad type of min-maxer: check out my Homebrew race! Its defining feature is that all their attacks do quadruple damage. It's balanced because they have one less hitpoint. Glass cannon!
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slythnerd · a year ago
Kaer Morhen D&D
When Jaskier is invited to Kaer Morhen to spend winter with Geralt and his brothers, Jaskier introduced the witchers to the wonderful world of D&D.
Geralt doesn’t understand why they’d pretend to fight monsters when that was what they did anyway.
Lambert really got into it. His character was an Half-Orc Barbarian who liked to rage. He was strong and could hit monsters all he liked.
Eskel enjoyed it too. He created a character who was a tiefling druid who loved nature. He was good at healing and a friend to animals.
Even Vesemir joined in. He was a Gnomish wizard who was very wise and liked to tinker and invent new contraptions.
Seeing that his family were getting into the spirit, Geralt created his character with help from Jaskier. He was an Elf paladin who wore shiny armour and had taken a sacred oath to protect people from monsters.
Jaskier was the Dungeon Master, and gladly played all of the other characters their party encountered, giving them different voices and acting their parts.
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sleepysnapdragonart · 7 days ago
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Chapter 3 page 1~!
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themegglesart · 7 months ago
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I promise I won't just be posting about my girl. But she is my favorite original character. How can you not love her? She is so fun to draw too!
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cetidswell-author · a year ago
The Unappreciated Importance of D&D
I think more people should be talking about how Dungeons and Dragons and other tabletop roleplaying are unintentionally great educational tools. Not necessarily traditional education like maths and reading, but social education. Think about it:
Want improve your puzzle solving skills? A lot of campaigns encourage critical thinking.
Want to become a better storyteller? As a GM you get to form the world your players exist in and as a player you get to flesh out that world and your character, giving you a free space to expand as you improve.
Want to get better at thinking on your feet? RPGs are basically all improv, so you’ll learn to react fast.
Want to make new friends and improve your social group? RPGs bring loads of people together with an existing common interest. A good RPG group lets you interact while being kind of goofy and unapologetically embracing what you love.
I’m sure there are other advantages too, but these are the ones that spring to mind right now. These games aren’t just fun, but potentially very helpful to a lot of people.
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contextfreedungeon · 2 months ago
When your party's plans go terribly wrong but somehow you succeed anyway
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zhjake · a month ago
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Highfane Advanced class 4/4: Stonesoul.  If you talk to the mountains long enough, they start talking back.
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bards-anonymous · 7 days ago
Me dealing with my character's corruption arc:
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nicthedm · a year ago
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Lurking in the deep waters of the river Styx, the Styx Dragons are creatures driven by hunger and malice. Use them on your players :).
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPcFsxfrenLv_Nx0oxSmBhA
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yeoldebogwitch · a year ago
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Finally finished Olivar and Fens pallets
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xb33nx · a month ago
New fic just dropped!
This is a short fic set in Neverwinter. Branar Grudaire and his coffee urn are in for a ride awakening...
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smarsdiana · 2 months ago
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Brie, The Hag killer monk
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admiral-rakkani · a year ago
Long story short: in my current dnd game, the players ended up charming the half devil leading the attack of the armies of hell on their town, deceiving him by convincing that he needed to go back to hell to deliver an important message. They also convinced him to take his pack of hellhounds with him, as he would need them to protect him. Confused, but determined, he vanished, taking all his dogs but one with him.
Instead of fighting the one remaining hellhound, they tried to befriend him...
Several successful animal handling checks later, the party managed to adopted the giant firebreathing hellhound...
They named him Mouse...
It was later communaly decided by the players that Mouse was non binary...
Since then, I can't get the image of Mouse holding a non-binary pride flag out of my head, so here it is:
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zannianator · 7 months ago
After months of hard work and dedication, I’ve finally brought the first episode of my dnd campaign to life! I hope you guys enjoy it, and if you do please consider reblogging as well as sharing the video around with your pals.
Thank you to my oldest friends for your constant love and support, without you guys we would never have made it this far in our campaign, and I love you all to death. To many more laughs and emotional moments in the future, hope you all enjoy!
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