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evaneddiediaz · 25 days ago
Things 911 writers took straight (nothing is straight about this) out of fanfics. Season 5 Edition.
5x02. The whole episode was one huge fanfic, but let’s check each item separately.
▪️Silent conversation between Buck and Eddie after Bobby’s heart rescue
▫️Eddie’s heart eyes while Buck is rambling facts about zoo in the firetruck. And the smile? Have you seen this smile?
▪️He takes Christopher there all the time. Got this place memorized. It’s officially a canon
▫️Buck and Eddie being two little sh!ts during Bobby’s alpaca moment
▪️Also, have you seen their heart eyes and smiles few seconds later
▫️Christopher visiting his dads at the firehouse moment
▪️Eddie having another panic moment because Ravi (my love, my darling) called Ana his wife
▫️Buck and Christopher’s bear hug. Buck and Christopher’s bear hug (no, I’ll not shut up)
▪️Buck immediately seeing that something’s wrong with Eddie during their short interaction with Ana
▫️Eddie forgetting that Ana is there with them during the firehouse scene
▪️Buck and Eddie’s conversation. We deserved the tears. Well, we got ours
▪️Wiki Doctor Buck moment checking Eddie for symptoms. More of a parallel to similar moment with Bobby, but worried husband!Buck is a canon now
▫️Eddie admitting he’s with Ana because Christopher loves her. The amount of fanfics I read with this exact plot…
▪️Eddie being afraid of making a family with Ana while not seeing he already built a family with Buck (my favorite plot tbh)
5x01 list can be found here
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endless-licoricezz · 21 days ago
- Them as a parent[a bit short plus a bit OOC,along with being fluff with a hint of angst if you squint.]
| Espresso Cookie |
- He's not too fond of children, plus he finds them too clumsy.
- But if it was your child and his he'd adore the young one. he'd try his best to support his child!
- His stress is over its limit though,the constant times of having to wake up in the middle of the night to calm down your baby just stresses him out plus his constant nights of never sleeping.
- He'd do most of the work(he never said you couldn't but wants you to relax as much as you can)but someone's his good friend Madeleine would help him.
- Speaking of him he'd be the first person he'd go to so he could ask if he could babysit.
- Espresso is actually the parent to love buying clothes for the young one or even making his own. He's also pretty protective over you and your child.
- If the child at a older age wants to learn how to battle,he'd always go Madeleine to ask if he could teach them.
-Overall,he'd be a pretty decent father.
| Licorice Cookie |
- He keeps asking throughout the pregnancy if it's really his,he thinks he wouldn't be a good father his mind that is.
- The poor man makes sure D.E doesn't find out and moves in with you for a while. (he hops back and forth a lot).
- Once the baby is born his stress meter is up there,this is his first child after all and he knows barley anything about parenting.
- But he pulls through and helps you with the baby,hell he ends loving his child to death..he may be evil but of course he'd have a soft spot for his daughter/son!
- He gets tired fast so people help him- plus he's worried he may even drop the baby by accident(hell,his grip is too firm for that. He just over reacts).
- Sometimes this man even gets his licorice servants to help him when you and him take breaks. He always thanks them but sometimes hates to admit he just needed help with small things and needed them.
- Once the child gets older he MAY teach them dark magic, but makes sure its safe.
| Red Velvet |
- He's.. shocked really,he thinks he's not that worthy of having a child with you. Plus with him being with D.E he's worried she may try to hurt you and his child.. so he protects you at all cost even when the baby is born.
- The cake hounds actually protect you a lot also,always curling up by you and Red Velvet as you rest at night. They understand how stressed Red Velvet is.
- Once the baby is born, he's full on guard mode. Hell,it doesn't help the child ends up having cake monster in them and it showed.He understands people would try to hurt them anyways.
- He adores the child,how it loves being held by him and even the smallest things as small kisses to comfort it..he's happy he gets to have this amazing experience with you of all people.
- He likes the small times where he just can hold you and his baby close,admiring how peaceful you two look in his arms.
- He enjoys having peaceful times with you,but he dose have to protect you two. The main help he has is cake hounds,whom love the youngster. They enjoy getting pets from them after all and being able to help their master.
- Overall,Red Velvet just wants you to be safe,along with his child. He will do just about anything for you two.
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spooki-skelli · 23 days ago
Random CR:Kingdom + Ovenbreak family hcs cause i have a need to write something-
- Espresso is the son of Latte,but didn't know until a later time since she wasn't in his life till he turned 20(at the time he arrived at the kingdom).
- Almond now,since he's married to Latte is the step father of Espresso. He doesn't even mind since they both end up being really close. (Only cause they end up talking about their bright as hell s/o's.)
- This also makes Walnut and Cream Puff his younger siblings.(I headcannon Latte adopted Cream Puff-)
- Now onto another family, Pure Vanilla and Custard. Custard is the only son of Pure Vanilla but Custard didn't see him till way later on in his life so he actually sees Gingerbrave and the others more as family and parents.
- Though when he dose get to meet Pure Vanilla he's just a happy fella,being able to finally meet his father.
- Blackberry and Earl Grey are adoptive siblings but still consider each other siblings. They both were simple and cold at a young age but grew up together and taught each other.
- D.E and Licorice along with Red Velvet is more complicated family. D.E adopted both Licorice and Red Velet when they were only kid cookies and were nice to them at first. She did pick favorites though, that favorite was Red Velvet only because of his power. This is why Licorice pushed himself over the limit till D.E was defeated. At a young age the two always tried to do better than the other, even if it meant hurting themselves.
- Alchemist and Vampire are cannonly siblings but I always thought Pancake would be somehow related to them(that includes Roll Cake also in that case but also in a adoptive way). I don't have much of an explanation,honestly besides Vampire trying to be a supporting brother of both Pancake and Rollcake while Alchemist tried to keep the two from fussing over who's cuter and or the smallest things.
- Sparkling and Apple are father and daughter. Sparkling's a single father but he's just happy that he can spend time with his little girl as much as he can. (He sometimes ask Mint Choco or Herb to babysit if they're busy and rarely asks Vampire since he'd fall asleep).
- Rockstar is the adoptive father of Parfrait and was the one who got her into music at a young age just like how his father did. Once the two did kinda become rivals they played into it well,it was honestly fun for the two. Rockstar just enjoys spending time with his daughter and even teaching her still.
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mightbewriting · 4 months ago
May Wrap Up
Things I wrote:
7,932 words drafted in A Season for Setting Fires + two chapters POSTED!
4,508 words drafted in Untitled Novel Project. Had to step away.
10,021 words drafted in Don’t Make Deals with the Devil While You’re Drowning. 
5,553 words drafted and posted in Overwhelming Evidence, a birthday gift for @niffizzle!
Total words written: 28,014. This has been my lightest writing month in over a year and a half. Sometimes you just need to totally rethink your projects, have a couple meltdowns about it, spend some time gardening, and regroup. Here’s to a better June!
Things I read:
The Anthropocene Reviewed by John Green
Rosaline Palmer Takes the Cake by Alexis Hall
People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry
Twice Shy by Sarah Hogle
The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren 
A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow by Laura Taylor Namey
End of the Megafauna: The Fate of the World’s Hugests, Fiercest, and Strangest Animals by Ross D.E. Macphee
Second First Impressions by Sally Thorne
Apple Pies and Other Amends by toeatapeach (dramione, M, 76k, complete, reread)
A Thing With[out] Feathers by @senlinyu (dramione, E, 18k, complete, reread)
Best Shot by @acciomjolnir (dramione, M, 23k complete)
Between Certifiable and Bliss by @heyjude19-writing (dramione, E, WIP)
call it what you want by @hawthornewhisperer (dramione, M, WIP)
Carpathian by @niffizzle (dramione, M, WIP)
Contradictions by @ambpersand (dramione, E, WIP)
Live Rude Girls by @alovelyvillain (dramione, E, WIP)
Notte by @indreamsink (thlaise, M, 7k, complete) 
Once More, With Feeling by @wetpretzel (dramione, M, 106k, complete)
The Bodyguard by emmy_award (harmony, E, 111k, complete)
Tied in Lies by @niffizzle (dramione, E, 3k, complete)
(un)fulfilled by @ambpersand (panville, M, WIP)
Until the Ink Runs Dry by @acciomjolnir (dramione, T, 41k, complete)
Things I’m currently reading and writing going into June:
I’d like to finish a full first draft of Don’t Make Deals. Probably somewhere in the ballpark of 30k more words to go.
Post at least one more chapter of A Season for Setting Fires.
The Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse
Land: How the Hunger for More Ownership Shaped the Modern World by Simon Winchester
+ a bunch of other books I haven’t started yet AND all the wips I’m following.
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saturnswrld · 2 months ago
Hi! I was wondering if you could write a Blaise Zabini or Theo Nott imagine... Set during the war, the reader as a female Death Eater (a reluctant one) coming back home after a D.E. meeting to her husband, and Blaise comforting her. A little bit of both angst and fluff. I am sorry if I have missed any important information. This is my first ever request for an imagine. Thank you!
We face it together
Paring: Blaise x Reader
warnings: angst, vomiting
“Is that understood?” The Dark Lord questioned
“Yes m’lord” They all said in unison
The Dark Lord then scanned the room, his dark red eyes falling immediately on you. You gulped at the sight of his red eyes staring at you.
“Y/N Y/L/N, You understand what is being asked of you?”
“Yes my lord. I understand” You replied. Your obedient voice making the dark lord smile viciously.
“Very well. Meeting is adjourned” The Dark Lord stood, Nagini slithering close behind him.
You stood up as fast as you could, apparating as quick as you could to your home. You ran to the bathroom, quickly emptying your stomach into the toilet.
Tears flooded your eyes as you continued to vomit. You never meant for any of this to happen, you thought becoming a death eater would make your parents proud. Bring honor to your family but all it brought you was pain and anxiety.
You hated every minute since the mark was etched into your forearm. You didn’t even think that the war would last this long. That you would have to kill.
You were broken out of your thoughts by the feeling of someone’s hands running up and down your spine. You turned to see the warm eyes of your husband.
“Are you okay, Darling?” He asked cautiously
You couldn’t help but turn and fall into his arms. Gripping him tightly as you cried, he murmured sweet and reassuring words to you as he comforted you.
Blaise Zabini, the light of your life. You two met in Hogwarts, falling in love in the middle of a war was not what you had planned but it’s not like you could escape the charm of Blaise.
He was always there. When you were happy, when you were sad, even when you became a death eater. He was there.
The Zabini’s weren’t death eaters, they followed the rules of the Dark Lord but never had they taken the mark.
Blaise always waited for you when you attended meetings, staying up late with you as you confided in him about the horrible things you saw or simply helping you forget the way the Dark Lord's presence made you feel.
“You want to tell me what happened?” Blaise asked
“I’ve been assigned a task” Blaise stiffened slightly knowing well from his best friend that being assigned a task by the Dark Lord is never a good thing.
“What is it?”
You pressed deeper into his chest, shaking your head.
“I can’t. It’s too horrible. You’ll hate me”
Blaise inhaled at the broken sound of your voice. Pulling your head out of his chest, he held your face looking into your now red-rimmed eyes.
“I could never hate you. I took a vow to be by your side always. I meant that. Now tell me sweetheart, what’s the task”
You looked down, swallowing your tears. Before looking back at the loving gaze of your husband.
“Dolohov has been tasked to find the Greengrasses.Once he finds them, my task is to kill them”
Blaise’s eyes widened as you began to cry again. “I don’t want to Blaise but he’ll kill you” You cried into his chest. Blaise remained quiet as he held you.
You were never too close to the Greengrasses but Blaise was. He and Daphne Greengrass had been best friends in Hogwarts, speaking every day. She was even Blaise's “best man” at your wedding.
The Greengrass family had rebelled against the dark lord a few months ago, siding with the Order.
Blaise then pulled you out once again, this time planting a heated kiss to your lips. You reciprocated the kiss no problem.
When he finally pulled away he spoke. “We’ll try and find a way out of this, Dolohov hasn’t even found them yet. We will find a way.”
“But what if Dolohov does find them?”
“Then I'll kill them. Daphne and I talked about this before she left. You're my wife and I love you. Anything you face we’ll face together”
You only nodded and sank back into the loving arms of your husband.
A/N : I hope I did good this is my first request and I hope you liked it. My requests are open if anyone else would like one.
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all-about-marauders · 4 days ago
Headcanon #15: Regulus and Pandora
I’ve seen a lot of this so here’s my version!
Regulus meets Pandora after Sirius runs away from home and he finds in her someone like a real sister. This is till he becomes a death eater, then when she finds out she tries to convince him that’s not the right thing but he doesn’t listen so they start to tell apart. After he finishes Hogwarts missions with the D.E. start becoming really cruel and clearly wrong so Regulus finally understands how wrong was being a death eater. When he goes in the cave, and all of us know that he’s never going back home, he tells Kreatcher to go and give the medallion to Pandora and explain her she has to destroy it. Of course the elf does and so she goes to Dumbledore to ask him for help but he tells her “it’s not time yet” and asks her to put it back in the cave. What Dumbledore doesn’t know was that Pandora never did and she just started experimenting different ways to destroy it, one in particular goes wrong and gets her k!lled.
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sevenshoneybuddhachips · 11 months ago
Hello hello :D I was wondering if you can do the RFA and maybe the minor trio cuddling please? Up to what you want and can. Thank you so much!! Loviuuu ;3;
sorry this took so long ! i’ve been having trouble with online school so please forgive me haha!! and sorry, but no v or vanderwood since im not sure how to write them in this :( Warnings: - spoilers for general after endings/routes - might be ooc for Jumin Zen: - definitely the big spoon.  - likes to hold you in his arms; it makes him feel strong, like you can rely on him to keep you safe. - he also likes to rest his chin on your shoulder when he’s the big spoon, but sometimes he accidentally digs into your shoulder too hard lol - not to say that he wouldn’t mind being the little spoon if you wanted! He loves it when you cuddle up against his back as well. - while he usually has trouble falling asleep, if you’re with him he’s able to relax and just pass out - blanket hog ngl Yoosung: - Not really into spooning - Doesn’t really like being the little spoon, it makes him feel like he’s being babied.  - he’s okay with being the big spoon, but he gets too flustered when he does it so he prefers to just cuddle in different ways. - if anything, he prefers it when you put your head on his chest and hug him. Teddy bear Yoosung !! also it allows for him to be able to play on his phone lolol -  falls asleep really quickly, but he can’t really help it. Working all those long hours at the vet can get to him, and you holding him close makes him feel less stressed. - likes to put on relaxing music; maybe video game ambience. Jaehee: - when she was still working at jumin’s company, she didn’t really have time to relax and wind down - now that she has a cafe with you? you bet she’s spending as much of her free time cuddling with you as she can - suprisingly, i’d say she’s the little spoon! - likes it when you hold her; she’s so touch starved that she craves all the body contact she can get she’d never admit to that though - also loves playing with your hair while you guys just talk about your day - head...d.e.. head scratches... (for both of you) - when she’s restocking the pastries and you walk up behind her and hug her?she can’t stop thinking about it for the next hour Jumin: - big spoon. big spoon. big spoon. - does Not like being the little spoon. he thinks it feels “awkward” (even if you’re taller/bigger than him, he’ll just refuse you outright lolol) - specifically loves cuddling you when you wear a fluffy robe he bought you - “You feel as soft as Elizabeth the 3rd’s fur right now...” - In the morning, when his hair is unkempt, he loves it when you push it out of his face and look into his eyes. - generally, he likes it when you touch his face?? like a lot - if you cup his cheek, you might want to remove it pretty quickly because he’ll use his own hand to keep it there lol Seven: - cuddling King i swear - doesn’t mind big or little spoon! he just enjoys your presence more than anything - when you’re cuddling in bed, he likes to hold your hand and stroke your palm with his thumb? he has a hard time staying still, but that movement seems to calm him down - kind of guy to smell your hair and notice if you used new shampoo - if he’s working on another coding job not hacking, he quit that remember  and  you want to cuddle, he’ll invite you to come sit in his lap !! - the first time he asked that, he didn’t expect you to take him up on it. but then you plopped down on his legs and he just. ///////////// - likes to rest his chin on your shoulder!! leans into your neck a lot.. sometimes he’ll accidentally fall asleep because he’s too comfortable and you have to wake him up. Saeran:  - Takes forever for him to cuddle you - Don’t blame him, he’s just super nervous! He doesn’t want to accidentally hurt you or make you uncomfortable  - suit saeran definitely made him hyper aware of how he affects you, so he’s generally rlly hesitant to initiate anything - once he starts getting used to it though... dude he’s gonna be so clingy - the amount of touch starvation in this man is astounding?? even a simple brush of your fingertips sends him into a blush-y mess. - if you’re like actually cuddling him? he’ll malfunction - at the beginning of the relationship, he’d be more of a little spoon as he wouldn’t be the one to really initiate things? but it makes him feel kind of embarrassed. he’d rather be the one to hold you! - when he’s finally ready to be the big spoon... he has a hard time letting go lol - several times you’ve been late to something, just because he didn’t want to stop hugging you
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spooki-skelly · a month ago
A bunch of Fig headcannons cause I'm having a cookie run brain rot-
- Fig talks fast,so half of the time cookies say it's not his accent its how fast this creature speaks.
- He's Genderfluid in my headcannons along with being bisexual. He's okay with any pronouns but prefers He/They.
- Fig has long hair and that hair gets twigs and leafs in it a lot which caused Wind Archer to teach him how to braid his own hair-
-He loves to braid other peoples hair once being taught, he finds it as a way to bond with the friendly people outside and inside the forest!
- He's pretty lanky,but has some meat on his bones. He has only lived off fruits and such for plenty of years now. (Once leaving the forest,if did so he'd end up loving sweet things or just any sort of candy).
- He looks up to Millennial Tree,seeing him more as a father figure. He loves spending time with Millie and sharing stories back and forth,he even convinces Wind Archer to join at times.
- Fig loves the nickname “Figgy”,which is what the Cookiemals ended up calling him for a while. He ends up giving everyone who he's friends with or knows well a nickname!
- He spends time with Herb and his sister Spinach a lot but not much. It's about every other day that Herb visits but Herb loves to listen to Fig talk about the adventures he's had since he was gone and even tell his own along with Spinach.
- Fig is decent in combat (to an extent) but he's still learning!
- His accent to others is confusing but to about everyone who's in the forest or has lived in the forest understands him well enough even if he speaks fast to the point where it sounds like a hyperactive child.
- Fig actually is pretty touch starved, but he wouldn't just cling to anyone and make them uncomfortable. He is this way with Millie,maybe even asking to rest his head on Millie's lap. He finds himself calm being around Millie so he trusts him a lot more in his vulnerable and tired state.
- He doesn't sleep much,he doesn't even understand why but his body can last a week without sleep before he slumbers for four days. It takes a bit longer if its winter or cold.
- His coat and hair change with the season. He grows a fluffy white coat during the winter so on and so forth.
- He's around 5'9,very close to 6'0 but not really there. (For a bit of an idea of that,Millie's around 6'4[very close to 5])
- He loves learning things about the outside of the forest,Wind Archer or Herb sit down with him and talk about it for hours. This is somewhat why he decided he should try to leave and come to the kingdom.
- He has small horns under his hat (or helmet as I call it-) and ears. His horns are decently short but good enough for defence.
- His kind..has a habit for running into things at full force. It happens pretty often but he just gets right back up as if nothing happened.
- He has a love-hate relationship with a couple of the cookies in the kingdom. Some he knows because of D.E but the only “dark" cookie he's nice or okay with is Dark Choco.
- Him and Dark Choco get along well,they end up having a few disagreements but it's only over who knows somewhat better than the other.
- He also loves to try to spend time with Werewolf,trying to get him to talk with people more but never rushes it.
- His favorite thing to really do in the kingdom is to sit out on the grass and maybe play his horn or speak with Herb.
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evaneddiediaz · 10 days ago
Things 911 writers took straight (nothing is straight about this) out of fanfics. Season 5 Edition.
5x04. Remember how I said don’t expect a lot in 5x03. Well…5x04 is…
▪️More heart eyes? Seriously, just tell me what is This?
▫️Eddie being a word of wisdom and giving Buck an advice about Maddie and Chimney. My thoughts about their conversation.
▪️Eddie taking care of Buck’s shiner, we all needed him icing Buck’s eye, but oh well…
▫️Buck and Eddie hanging out after work drinking beer. Eddie’s in his date clothes😏😉 I miss them being like this…
▪️Ice goes on the eye, bud. Bossy dad(dy) Eddie.
5x03 list can be found here.
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twoidiotwriters1 · 2 months ago
Written In The Stars CLXIV (Harry Potter xF!Oc)
A/N: There's blood and graphic descriptions of violence here, so be careful! -Danny
Words: 2,799
Series’ Masterlist
Previous Chapter // Next Chapter
Listen to: ‘Intro’ -by The XX
Tumblr media
Chapter Twenty-Six: The Battle of The Astronomy Tower.
Mel ran up to her bedroom, when she came back her friends were still standing there.
"You heard Harry," She grabbed the map out of Hermione's hands. "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."
"Mel, c'mon, you can't possibly think—"
"I don't," She stated, walking up to her bag and pulling out the fake galleon she would always carry. "But Harry's intuition rarely goes wrong—Sure, he was wrong about Sirius last year, but he's right about Malfoy, and about plenty of other things. I'll rather be safe than sorry."
"Mel, be rational," Erick started, but she shook her head.
"Draco's a death eater," Her eyes skimmed through the map. "He's been planning something for months—Harry said that when he was in the bathrooms the day they fought he said 'Unless I do it soon, he'll kill me'—  Don't you understand?"
Her friends didn't respond, Mel shoved the luck potion onto Erick's hands.
"Get Daphne. Lucas as well—Tell them we need eyes that Malfoy won't notice. Ron, bring your fake galleon—"
"Bring it," Mel gave him one sharp look and Ron left. Then she turned to the Slytherin. "Ron will give you his galleon and you'll give it to Daphne in turn. Tell her that if the coin gets warm I'll need her to go back to her common room and make sure all the kids stay there."
"Who are we going to call apart from them?" Erick questioned.
Ginny and Neville walked into the common room just then, Mel dragged them to where the group was standing, she explained everything quickly.
"Will you help us?"
"Sure," Ginny said right away. "Where's Harry though? Are you sure he's fine?"
Mel chose not to answer, she looked down at the map and frowned.
"Malfoy's definitely on the seventh floor — He's not on the map. Keep an eye there, okay? If you see anything, you tell me..."
Ron was back, she seized her watch and grabbed Erick, pulling him closer.
"I rather look like a fool than to put my loved ones at risk," She said. "Please, help me. Just this one time."
For some reason, Barty Crouch Jr's words were echoing at the back of her mind:
"Told you to leave it to the adults, didn't I? But true to your nature, you kept digging... I guess I should be happy you're still young and gullible to listen to what you're told, otherwise I would've had to kill you."
Perhaps all those months doing nothing while people continued to die was making her lose it, or her breakup with Erick left her feeling like she just couldn't do anything right, especially knowing her uncle was dying, she needed to know if she was really worthy to take his place.
Erick drew out his own watch, he uncorked Mel's potion and drank a bit, then he tried to hand it back, she stopped him.
"Take it and share it with your friends. They're risking more than I am and it's better if they're uninjured once this is all over, no one will care about me—"
"That's not—"
"Go!" She pushed him away.
Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Neville drank what was left of Harry's potion, she told Ginny and Neville to get other members of the D.A. if they could, she told Ron and Hermione to stand outside Snape's office, Mel left the tower as well, not knowing where she was planning to go.
Erick sent her a message after fifteen minutes.
'NOT ALONE' — Below this, he put the initials 'D.E.'
Before she'd reached the seventh floor, she ran into Remus Lupin.
"Mel!" Her uncle exclaimed in surprise. "Isn't it a bit late for—"
"Listen," She told him urgently, showing him the Marauders' map. "I don't know how he did it but Malfoy managed to bring Death Eaters into the school—Look, they're making their way out of the seventh-floor so you can still stop them! I have to—"
"What? How could he—"
But she knew they were losing the little advantage they still had.
"JUST GO AND TELL SOMEONE!" Mel ran back towards her tower.
She was just getting to the fifth floor when a bunch of the D.A. students caught up with her, all of them curious to know what was happening.
"I need one of each house to stay in your common rooms and make sure no kids leave them," She ordered. "There are Death Eaters in the castle and they won't hesitate to hurt you. Lock the entrances once you're inside and don't let anyone in, understand?"
Her friends looked frightened, but they were reluctant to speak against her, soon enough two students (one Ravenclaw, one Hufflepuff) left the group, the rest followed her to the tower.
"What about Malfoy?" Ginny questioned. "Who's trying to get him?"
"I ran into my uncle a few minutes ago, they must be taking care of it now, Erick and Lucas must be there as well," Mel looked at Dean. "You'll keep an eye on the kids of our house— Ron and Hermione, they're still guarding Snape's office?"
"Yes, but Mel—"
"I need to warn Daphne..." She pulled out her galleon and changed the numbers so the girl knew it was time to go back and look after the Slytherins. "Erick hasn't reported anything since his last message," She anxiously looked down at her watch. "I hope they succeeded..."
She waved her wand and her Patronus flew out of sight, carrying the message so the rest of the school staff was informed of the situation. She looked back at the faces of her friends, most of them with pale, terrified expressions. She couldn't drag them into this.
"I won't judge you if you decide to back out," Mel said calmly. "But I need you to choose right now, you won't get another chance later."
None of them moved, she nodded once.
"We'll be okay."
Erick found her when they were nearing the Astronomy corridor, Lucas was with him. They had dust and dirt on them, but no injuries to show.
"Remus alerted the guards in time. Daphne's looking over our housemates," His expression grew darker as he handed her the luck potion. "Greyback's here."
She passed the bottle to the students behind her.
"Drink it. I won't allow any of you to be touched by that animal."
They were around six people total, the potion ran out quickly, but at least they were safe.
"Did you drink some before it was gone?" Erick asked tensely.
She stared at him.
"I don't need it, I have myself."
Tumblr media
This time they had more people fighting on their side and they had drunk Felix Felicis, her being the only exception. Mel watched the tense and angered expressions of the death eaters as the group rushed in.
They couldn't touch her friends and this gave her enough liberty to attack without having to keep an eye on everyone. Weirdly enough, she felt this was similar to the time she'd lead the Quidditch Team, she would yell instructions, threw spells to get rid of the hostile group...
She spotted Malfoy and ran to get him. He glanced back with a wild expression on his face. The boy reminded her of a scared cat, eyes wide open and face so tense he looked like he was going crazy.
"Sectumsempra!" He yelled, but Mel created a shield between them.
"You spoiled prat!" She shouted. "What were you thinking bringing all these idiots here?"
"You never learned to keep your mouth shut, did you?" He shouted back, still fighting to get to the tower's staircase. "You're going to die tonight, you bloody lunatic!"
"I don't care about dying!" She threw a spell at him but it only brushed his side. "As soon as my uncle gets here your little club will get locked up again! And you'll go with them this time!"
Malfoy laughed, he got to the stairs and Mel followed.
"As soon as your uncle gets here, I'll kill him!"
She was going to ignore his comment because there was no way Malfoy was strong enough to kill Dumbledore and Voldemort knew that, but it was that exact thought what made her stop.
Voldemort wasn't expecting Malfoy to complete the mission, he was using him to torture Lucius. He was a scared seventeen-year-old who'd never done anything apart from throwing a few tantrums... Malfoy alone represented no big deal and Voldemort knew it. Myrtle had heard him cry in the bathroom, Mel had noticed his decay...
For the first time, she felt angry not because of Malfoy, but for him.
"What's the point of living like this?"
Her voice was so calm that Malfoy didn't reply right away, maybe wondering if she was actually talking to him.
"You could've talked to my uncle," She climbed the second step, Malfoy climbed up another two. "You could've told him. Voldemort—"
"Dumbledore could've protected you!" She insisted. "You know he'll kill you anyway! Why did you do this?"
Malfoy's face twisted in frustration.
"My father would've died had I done otherwise." He was done talking to her. "Crucio!"
She was doubling in pain, this wasn't good for Harry, she couldn't distract him. Mel tried to keep all the pain on her side of the lifeline, she wasn't scared, she didn't need him. Malfoy ran away while she was still recovering, she stumbled down the stairs and panted, swearing aloud as she stood up again. Greyback found her, his smile widening at the sight.
"Dumbledore," He growled, sniffing her in a disgusting manner. "The first thing I'll eat of you will be those eyes..."
"Good luck trying," She grunted.
Greyback pounced and Mel flickered her wand, the man fell backwards roughly and she jumped over his body, she stepped over a second figure and looked down to see an unconscious and heavily injured Bill Weasley. Her stomach sank in horror and she turned back to make sure Greyback wouldn't try to finish the job.
However, the whole group of death eaters ran towards the stairs and she was roughly thrown back against a wall, they locked the entrance and none of her group could go through.
Time didn't make sense anymore, she didn't know how long had she been fighting, Mel stood up and touched the side of her head, feeling disoriented. Her body was covered in bruises and cuts, but she was still alive.
Snape showed up, the rest was so distracted trying to get in they didn't question how did he manage to walk through so casually. Lupin and Neville tried to enter, but they were thrown back with force, the group decided to throw spells at the barrier, but it wasn't working.
A few moments later all the death eaters ran back down, and the fight started again.
"It's over, time to go!" Snape yelled as he ran past, Malfoy was running ahead.
"No you won't," She growled.
The halls were all deserted, they reached the main entrance and continued to run, her eyes were on Snape and Draco, and they were leaving... There was a greenish light covering the school grounds, and she looked over her shoulder: The Dark Mark was there.
Harry was there too, running way ahead of her. Blue lightning got him and he fell forward, the Carrow siblings were approaching. Mel petrified Amycus, but Alecto kept going. Harry moved and yelled 'Impedimenta!' and Alecto fell.
Mel spotted Hagrid in the distance, trying to keep the death eaters from escaping. She ran towards him and stunned the man that was attacking him, but he was huge, he recovered quickly and as he tried to launch at her, she pointed at his face and waved her wand decidedly. The spell hit him square between his eyes and he doubled, Hagrid grabbed him by the neck and threw him away.
"No Unforgivable Curses from you, Potter!" Snape was yelling a few feet away. "You haven't got the nerve or the ability—"
Hagrid's cabin was on fire and Fang was inside. She kicked the door open and quickly entered, Fang was at the corner of the place, she ran in and dragged him out with all her might.
"Hide somewhere else!" She coughed, pushing him in the direction of the forbidden forest.
"Fight back!" Harry was screaming outside. "Fight back, you cowardly—"
"Coward, did you call me, Potter? Your father would never attack me unless it was four on one, what would you call him, I wonder?"
She threw a few curses in line, Snape barely got time to deflect them before Harry tried again, but he couldn't do nonverbal spells, so he was no hard opponent.
"Blocked again and again and again until you learn to keep your mouth shut and your mind closed, Potter!" He shouted to the remaining Death eaters, "Now come! It is time to be gone, before the Ministry turns up—"
"NO!" Mel yelled in frustration.
She threw curse after curse and some hit the targets but others were quickly rejected. Harry had his full attention on Snape, and Hagrid was still fighting with the huge blond death eater.
"No!" Snape yelled to a Death Eater that had attacked Harry. "Have you forgotten our orders? Potter belongs to the Dark Lord—we are to leave him! Go! Go!"
"No, Potter!" Snape threw Harry backwards and her friend was sent away flying. "You dare use my own spells against me, Potter? It was I who invented them—I, the Half-Blood Prince! And you'd turn my inventions on me, like your filthy father, would you? I don't think so... no!"
Harry tried to reach for his wand, but Snape threw it further up the grass.
"Kill me then," Harry said fiercely. "Kill me like you killed him, you coward—"
"DON'T CALL ME COWARD!" Snape moved his hand and Harry's whole body was thrown to the side.
Mel's insides seethed in anger as she felt the pain on her own cheek. She'd never witnessed Vernon and Petunia Dursley hitting Harry, but she knew they had done it at some point. This, the sight of Snape slapping him, a man who had used him for years to relieve some of his anger towards a dead man, was enough to boil her blood.
She threw Greyback away from her with a spell and left him unconscious on the ground. Buckbeak appeared out of nowhere and slashed Snape's front, Alecto tried to point to the creature but Mel stood in the way, throwing her away too and causing her to land on top of Greyback.
"Sectumsempra!" Malfoy shrieked from beside her.
The blood poured out quickly out of her neck, Mel's hand went up to stop it, but there were several cuts all over her body and she couldn't hold all of it at once. Hagrid caught her and started to mumble something, he was telling her that she'd be okay. Mel moved around trying to look for the death eaters. Harry's voice rose over the silence, he was getting close.
Harry kneeled next to her, the flames reflecting on his glasses reminded her that Hagrid's home was still on fire.
"Hagrid, what can I—"
Mel tried to speak, but she only spluttered blood.
"If yeh don't stop moving I can't help yeh!" Hagrid yelled at her anxiously, he'd grabbed her wand and was now doing his best to stop the bleeding.
Mel grabbed Harry by the shirt, she pointed towards Hagrid's cabin.
"Right — right!" He stood up to put down the flames, she realized there was nothing else she could do, she was starting to get dizzy, she was losing lots of blood.
Hagrid took her in his arms and started running towards the castle, Harry quickly caught up with them.
"We've ter take her ter Pomfrey..."
Harry touched her arm.
"Let me help..." He begged. "I can't lose you, c'mon—this is why we kept the connection!"
Suddenly she felt a bit more awake, but that also meant she was starting to feel all the agony she'd been too numb to notice. She heard Harry breathe heavily next to them, he was giving half of his life at this point, all for her.
"What're they all lookin' at?" Hagrid asked as they approached the entrance. "Wha's tha', lyin' on the grass? See it, Harry? Righ' at the foot o' the tower? Under where the Mark... Blimey... yeh don' think someone got thrown — ?"
Mel saw the distinct shape of a body on the grass and she recognized it. A pained, muffled cry left her and she hid her face against Hagrid's chest, staining his clothes with blood. She heard Harry urging the man friend to take Mel inside, then everything went dark.
Tumblr media
Next Chapter —>
@dee123ksha @vampiregirl1797 @siriuslysirius1107 @stardusthigh @mikariell95 @thesuitelifeofafangirl @tomshollandz @reverse-hxlland @vernon-dursley @hamiltonwc @omiwashere @t-rexs-world @21bruhs​@dielgonacoffee @thelastpyle​ @cedricisnotdead @greengarsstuff @aconfusedslytherin @talksoprettyjjx @i-am-scared-and-useless-bisexual​
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endless-licoricezz · 11 days ago
“ ᴘʟᴇᴀsᴇ ʀᴇsᴛ.. ”
Tumblr media
| A soft+short Licorice fic,reader will use they/them pronouns and Licoice will use he/they pronouns. ʰᵉ ⁿᵉᵉᵈˢ ˢᵒ ᵐᵘᶜʰ ᵐᵒʳᵉ ˣ ʳᵉᵃᵈᵉʳˢ ᶠᵒʳ ʰⁱᵐ..ᵃⁿᵈ ⁱ'ᵐ ᵍᵒⁿⁿᵃ ᵈᵒ ᵗʰᵃᵗ ᶠᵒʳ ᵖᵉᵒᵖˡᵉ ⁱ'ᵐ ᵃˡˢᵒ ˢᵒʳʳʸ ⁱᶠ ᵗʰⁱˢ ⁱˢ ˡᵃᶻʸ ᵈᵘᵉ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ˡᵃᶜᵏⁱⁿᵍ ˢˡᵉᵉᵖ ᵃⁿᵈᵈᵈ ᵃˡˡ ᵒᵛᵉʳ ᵗʰᵉ ᵖˡᵃᶜᵉ..ᵉⁿʲᵒʸ |
A soft yawn came from the slouched figure,whom had a book placed down in front of them. They needed rest but he had an urge to finish was for his dark queen after all but a soft voice from his bed took his attention away from his book. “ Licorice.. please come rest. ” They said in a soft voice, sitting up from the silk sheets. Licorice's visible eye showed a hint of worry,did he wake his love up..possibly by his rambling. “ I'd love to , y/n but.. I need to finish this spell up! I-..I need to-” He was cut off by the (height) cookie coming over and gently grabbing his hands from the book,rubbing his knuckles with their thumbs.“ please..I missed holding you close and cuddling you. bat-cat is even worried..”. once the cookie said this the fluffy bat-cat turned their bright eyes to the two,letting out a soft yawn. licoice sighed,giving his lover a small nod he missed laying with lover but didn't want to upset his dark queen.
he allowed his lover to lead him to the bed,laying down on their shared bed. he missed feeling his lover wrap their arms around his lanky body, a soft yet happy sigh came from him. “ licorice.. promise me you'll rest more. ” y/n spoke,running her fingers through his dreads, gently playing with their hair. licorice thought for a moment.. he loved his s/o but didn't want to make anyone upset..especially D.E,he simply sighed and rested his head on y/n's chest. “ ..of course, my dark crystal. I'll rest with you more but ONLY for you.”
this made a soft giggle come from the (cookie type/idfk-) cookie,giving him a soft kiss on his forehead. this made the witch like cookie smile softly,holding them closer. oh he couldn't help but fall in love with this amazing cookie..they're probably the best thing that's ever happened to him.
..maybe he can take a break. just a bit longer.
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bearyberriez · 6 months ago
Cookie run licorice cookie, he’s in kingdom but he’s coming to ovenbreak
YESYES alrighty!! - he’s definitely capable of powerful things but he isnt entirely sure on how to DO said things yet -doesnt handle criticism well at all  -is a softie but doesnt wanna seem that way -thought working with D.E. would be a way to prove himself -- but he still finds himself getting pushed around by everyone else still -lowkey kind of unhappy working with some of the subordinates (cough, POM, cough) but others are.... tolerable! -his diary and scythe are very precious to him. would literally be so upset if anything happened to ruin either of them -more about the diary -- definitely a way for him to vent. really tries to keep it hidden from the others so they dont pry -after seeing how it is working for D.E., he may begin to have.. doubts about if he truly is happy there. may even consider leaving. cant actively do anything though as he doesnt wanna risk being caught in some shitty little escape plan that fails. -ok but for real he deserves happiness. let the man do magic and not get treated like shit pls <:’] 
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mightbewriting · 5 months ago
April Wrap Up
Things I wrote:
3,007 words drafted and posted for The Couch Collection
40,762 words drafted in original novel draft
15,247 words drafted in A Season for Setting Fires
5,350 words drafted and posted for two secret projects: Rendezvous Receipts and Scone Strategies
Total words written: 64,366
Things I read:
This Time Next Year by Sophie Cousens
The Dating Plan by Sara Desai
Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall
The Space Between Worlds by Micaiah Johnson
Serena Singh Flips the Script by Sonya Lalli
My Favorite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren
A Pho Love Story by Loan Le
To Sleep in a Sea of Stars by Christoper Paolini (DNFed at 30%)
Jonny Appleseed by Joshua Whitehead
Fanfiction (I read fic this month whaaaaat?):
Between Certifiable and Bliss by @heyjude19-writing (dramione, E, 4,500 words, WIP)
The Healer’s Guide to Transfiguration by @malpal132 (dramione, E, 15,506 words, complete)
The Perks of Farmers Markets by @niffizzle (dramione, M, 7,568 words, complete)
I Am the Ferret by @niffizzle (dramione, T, 4,702 words, complete)
Mutually Beneficial by orphan_account (dramione, E, 35,095 words, complete)
Five Days by raviesnake (dramione, E, 30,707 words, complete, reread)
Once More, With Feeling by @wetpretzel (dramione, M, 53,923 words, WIP) 
Things I’m currently reading and writing going into May:
Several fic WIPs.
A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow by Laura Taylor Namey
End of the Megafauna: The Fate of the World's Hugest, Fiercest, and Strangest Animals by Ross D.E. MacPhee
FINISH drafting original novel project (i’m thinking ~20k more). Then set on a shelf until June.
Begin poking around previously shelved accidentally-reaping-souls-for-the-devil novel again (i wouldn’t be mad about drafting 10k)
Draft 10k in A Season for Setting Fires
Post two (2!) surprises.
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ladyherenya · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
I’ve taken forever to finish this post. Such round-ups are easier when I haven’t read so many books, and when the pandemic isn’t being so distracting.
Also read: A Bride of Convenience by Jody Hedlund, Cutie and the Beast by M.E. Carter and “Dueling Magics” by Stephanie Burgis. 
Total: sixteen novels (including four audiobooks), two novellas, one short story, one graphic novel and one comic volume. 
Cover thoughts: Tarashana is my favourite, followed by A Natural History of Dragons. I altered the covers for the Stevenson trilogy -- I like my versions more! 
Did not finish: The Long Distance Playlist by Tara Eglington. 
Still reading: Love in the Blitz: The Greatest Lost Love Letters of the Second World War by Eileen Alexander. 
Next up: The Order of the Pure Moon Reflected in Water by Zen Cho. 
My full reviews are on Dreamwidth and LibraryThing. 
A Portrait of Loyalty by Roseanna M. White (narrated by Susan Lyons): Romantic historical mystery, set in London during 1918. Christian fiction. Features characters from the The Number of Love and On Wings of Devotion.
I was surprised by how long it took before I really cared about the characters and their relationships. It was interesting to consider the way dark-room photography could be used -- and manipulated -- in aid of the war effort. 3 ★ 
Playing Hearts by W.R. Gingell: Portal fantasy based on Alice in Wonderland. Novella. 
I like retellings and Alice in Wonderland references and Gingell’s storytelling, so I was a bit surprised by how long I took to warm to this. I liked the final section a lot. 3 ★ 
Dawnshard: From the Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson: Fantasy. Part of the Stormlight Archive, set after Oathbringer. Novella.  
I struggled to focus, distracted dredging up and searching through my memories of this series. But Sanderson is a successful storyteller, and the end of this adventure was satisfying. 3 ★ 
Game of Hearts by Cathy Yardley: Contemporary fandom-y romance. Features characters from Level Up and One True Pairing.
The characters’ respective family issues were resolved far too readily, but I find this sort of fluffy romance is acceptable if it comes with fandom references.  
Bel Lamington (1961) by D.E. Stevenson (narrated by Patience Tomlinson): Romantic fiction. Features characters from the Dering Family trilogy.
Delightful. A very gentle sort of story, although it’s not just gardening and picturesque scenery and new friendships -- Bel also encounters stressful difficulties at work. I could predict how everything would all ultimately turn out -- but was surprised by some of the turns the story took getting there. 3½ ★   
A Bride of Convenience by Jody Hedlund: Historical Christian romance set in 19th century Canada. 
An interesting glimpse into an aspect of history I didn’t know about (bride ships), but neither the pacing nor the tone appealed to me. 2 ★ 
Torch by R.J. Anderson: YA-ish fantasy, faeries and shapeshifters. Sequel to Swift and Nomad.
A satisfying conclusion with some surprising developments. I was glad to see things resolve happily for Ivy.  3 ★  
The Dering Family trilogy by D.E. Stevenson: Romantic fiction set in England and Scotland. 
Vittoria Cottage (1949) (narrated by Leslie Mackie): Nothing too dramatic happens but it’s a fascinating insight into postwar life in England, still with rationing. I like that Stevenson considers the concerns of a middle-aged widow worthy of this sort of attention -- and of this sort of romance.  3 ★ 
Music in the Hills (1950):  James Dering goes to stay with his aunt and uncle in Scotland, and learn about farming. I knew how James’ romantic endeavours would unfold (from reading Bel Lamington) but even with that foreknowledge to make things extra predictable, I wanted to keep reading. This has such a strong sense of place! And the characters are very likeable.  3½ ★ 
Winter and Rough Weather (1951): Follows on from Music in the Hills.  A vivid insight into how poor roads and poor weather can isolate one from the outside world. I didn’t mind spending time with James and Rhoda’s friends, but they rather became the focus towards the end and maybe I’d have liked this book more if that hadn’t been the case? 3 ★ 
“Dueling Magics” by Stephanie Burgis: Short story set after A Most Improper Magick. Children’s fantasy. Verdict: cute. 
Fangirl: the manga, vol. 1 by Rainbow Rowell (story adapted by Sam Maggs and illustrated by Gabi Nam):  First installment in the manga adaptation of a young-adult novel about a fangirl going off to college.
A lovely way to revisit Fangirl! Judging from my memory of the novel, this is a remarkably -- and satisfyingly -- faithful adaptation. I really liked the artwork. 3½ ★ 
The Tuyo series by Rachel Neumeier:  Fantasy. 
Nikoles: A prequel side-story about a minor character from Tuyo. A thoughtful look at what causes a conflict between two peoples to escalate -- or to be resolved -- through the eyes of a likeable protagonist.  3 ★ 
Tarashana:  A direct sequel to Tuyo. I loved it. It’s a journey into the unknown, full of difficulties and danger in that way that good fantasy quests so often are. Very tense!  I was also impressed with the way this story explores the challenges of justly judging people, and how this gives Ryo a more nuanced perspective, but the events of the novel thematic cohesion. 4 ★ 
The Long Distance Playlist by Tara Eglinton:  Epistolary Australian YA. Unfinished.
Two teenagers reconnect through email and share Spotify recommendations for dealing with breakups. I didn't finish this before my loan expired -- maybe I'll read more when it becomes available again.
Second First Impressions by Sally Thorne: Contemporary romance between two 20-something employees at a retirement village.
Thorne has a gift for vividly capturing the quirky personalities of two people and capturing the different ways in which they like each other. There were a few small-ish things in this story I didn’t personally like. Mixed feelings, I have them.  3 ★ 
Copper Mountain by Rachel Neumeier:  Urban fantasy. Part of the Black Dog series, set after Shadow Twin and Black Dog Stories III.
Dimilioc deals with demons. I was reminded that I do care about these characters. This wouldn’t have been so tense if I wasn’t so invested! 3½ ★ 
The Year’s Midnight by Rachel Neumeier: Death’s Lady, book one. Portal world fantasy.
Compelling. I really like how, even though Dr Daniel Dodson doesn’t believe his patient Tenai is from another world, this doesn’t actually undermine his ability to help her. Because he believes that Tenai fully believes her story and that it’s important for understanding her anger.  3½ ★ 
A Natural History of Dragons: a memoir by Lady Trent by Marie Brennan (narrated by Kate Reading): Fantasy. Isabella tells of her childhood obsession with dragons, and how, aged nineteen, she joined an expedition to Vystrana.
Such a novel and interesting approach to dragons. Isabella’s adventures are eventful, and her observations are astute and often delightfully expressed.  But  I came away feeling unsure if I found the ending satisfying, because as a reader, I’m HERE for the emotions. 3½ ★ 
The Murderbot Diaries: Fugitive Telemetry by Martha Wells: Science-fiction. Set between Exit Strategy and Network Effect. Novella.
A less intense installment. On the other hand, I would happily read about Murderbot solving any number of mysteries. ANY NUMBER. It was interesting to see Murderbot working under a different set of restrictions.  3½ ★ 
Cutie and the Beast by M.E. Carter:  Contemporary romance, single-parent co-coworkers, roommates-to-lovers.
I finished it but it wasn't really my thing.
Runaways: Canon Fodder (volume 5) by Rainbow Rowell (illustrated by Andres Genolet): Marvel superhero comics.
The previous volume had more scenes which stood out to me as memorable or quotable, but this volume had a strong, complete story arc and that was really satisfying! As is the rather pointed commentary about being a superhero. 3½ ★
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night-rhea · 6 months ago
Future Au
Tumblr media
Guess who finally designed your -hopefully- fave Death Eater for my fave timeline in game. Yes me! War time is running wild in my head, and now it has bit of physical form!
When a new face -or in more accurate way- mask joined Death Eaters, no one actually noticed for a while. It was just another wizard who only brings chaos and death like every other D.E.. But of course Cursed Vault gang couldnt know there was a familiar face behind that mask.
Tumblr media
Close ups is under the cut ✨
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wait black hair??? Wha?? Yea yea thanku Colorovia, Night is looking like a real Rhea now.
And here's the full mask
Tumblr media
For whose doesnt know already (i know i am talking about it a l o t but still there might be someone who doesnt know right??) Night is a double agent in Death Eaters, actually working for Order. But during their mission, they did a lot questionable things that makes them no better than real Death Eater.
What i cant wait to figure out is cursed vault gang's reactions when they see Night with Dark Mark, and of course other mc's reactions✨. Give me some angst ig you can will ya?
Thanks for reading! 💜
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devioustreats · 6 months ago
What would be your dream plot involving D.E and company?
Dude honestly, I love any plot centered around either Dark Choco and Licorice, both are like, my top favs for Cookie Run , and they things they kinda deal with?? Idk, it’s hard to explain but man, hopefully i’ll be able to develop a plot for this blog once I really get into the swing of things.
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horrorlocke · 2 months ago
i appreciate all the sad faces on the cuno pieces because without spoilering things for me you all are making me go ‘oh no’ and want to furiously load D.E up to find out what happens 
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glenthegremlin · a month ago
The Worst Place I’ve Shifted…
  The worst place I have ever shifted to was Marble Hornets. I honestly don’t know why I even shifted there. It was the worst thing ever. It doesn’t help that shifting is really vivid. I stayed for only a week because it was that scary. I’ll tell you what happened.      I woke up in my house, and I’m happy because yaaay I’m in marble hornets. I get up, grab my camera, and walk out. It starts off like any other day, I’m recording my steps because it’s marble hornets and shits going on. Nothing happened during the day, all I really did was stop at a coffee shop and go to stores. Shit like hot topic, target, dollar general, and shit like that. Then everything went haywire.   About 7:00 am in my DR I was paranoid for awhile. Tbh I completely forgot that I was dreaming. At the corner of my eye I would constantly get glimpses of The Operator. It would be getting closer and closer at each glimpse to the point it was only five feet away. The glimpses were more like making eye contact now. I’m sprinting home terrified that I’m going to d.e on my first day shifting to Marble Hornets - I forgot to script that I don’t d.e. I make it home and I lock all doors and windows. I draw all my blinds and I’m just sitting on my bed curled up in a blanket.
  Next day i decide to go on a walk because I’m most safe in the day. I take a walk and I’m out all day because at night I’m sitting in the same spot. When the sun starts going down I’m running home. I see the operator again and it’s not shy and showing it’s entire body. (ISTG DONT LET YOUR MIND GO THERE YOU NASTIES) As I’m running home, I’m crying so I’m wiping my eyes and KACHOW right at the end of the sidewalk so I turn and run to Jay’s house. I’m banging on his door and I’m like “OPEN UP” he opens and is like “bitch why are you out at this time you stupid idiot.” Then I say “BITCH IS CHASING ME” and bitch is behind me where it’s shadowy so you faintly see it. Jay pulls me inside and locks the door.
Then I stick with jay and go to alex’s house and we get chased by Tim. Then chased by Brian. Operator is still stalking and we’re coughing like crazy. Then operator is right in front of me then I wake up.
I threw away that script and now I’m careful on where I shift.
I still love marble hornets but fuck shifting to it
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thebirdandhersong · 6 months ago
I was tagged by @called-kept (thank you so much!!!) to share 5 things about myself, and tag 10 people. 
1. I read 4-5 books at a time: usually a mix of few classics, new books, and old favourites. At the moment most of the books I’m reading are the light, bright, and beautiful sort (because exam season and also I needed a bit of consolation after Notre-Dame de Paris): Wodehouse’s Thank You, Jeeves, D.E. Stevenson’s Miss Buncle’s Book, and Alexandre Dumas’s The Count of Monte Cristo (and just finished the EXCELLENT Adventures of Sally).
2. My current writing project is slowly chugging along!! When school is out I’ll spend hours scribbling away in my notebook. My goal is to add links here on tumblr, finish the whole story by mid-May, and have physical copies printed for my incredibly patient high school teacher before the school year ends!
3. I love my siblings :) I mention mostly my little sister (affectionately nicknamed Muffin. Out of the options we came up with she likes Muffin the most, for some unfathomable reason) but I also love my not-so-little brother (nicknamed Froglet here, because it’s cute and I know it’ll annoy him if he ever finds out).
4. I cannot watch horror movies, or anything made specifically to evoke  feelings of horror, fear, disgust to the extreme. I used to be able to handle that sort of thing, but now I find the violence level in Marvel movies hard to stomach. I still enjoy the stories (or at least I LOVED Agent Carter when I watched it this year) but blood and people in distress keep me up at night. That stuff stays in my head.
5. My childhood crush (or fictional beau, I guess) was Glorfindel. I loved him. I had the fall of Gondolin chapter bookmarked in my copy of The Silmarillion, and whenever we visited any bookstore I would make a beeline to the fantasy section JUST to find a copy of The Silmarillion, flip to the Glorfindel chapter, read his name, and mentally wave at him.
If your favourite season is spring/you’ve seen at least one flower or squirrel in the past week/you’ve been listening to Fearless/you would like to, consider yourself tagged!!
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