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meineluft · a year ago
You can be a good person with a kind heart, and still say no.
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burlveneer-music · a day ago
Đ.K. - Eighteen Movements LP - excursions into the Fourth World
‘Eighteen Movements’ is a collection of recordings captured at live performances between 2017 – 2019. The record’s rich textures combine ambient, tribal rhythms, field recordings, ritualistic vibes, and a meditative feeling that runs through the entire LP. Đ.K. is in full flight mode, illustrating the project’s aptitude for deep transcendence.
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nofatclips · 8 months ago
Observable Future by Carmen Villain (remixed by D.K.) from the album Both Lines Will Be Blue Remixed
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wehot-hwiyoung · 11 months ago
If you ask my Mum to list some K-Pop groups she knows, iKon is always in the first three mentioned and I think that's beautiful.
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darkcrystal-art · a year ago
Tumblr media
iKON chibi series!
Day 1 - Donghyuk
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electronicka · a year ago
D.K. - The Three Realms
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seanmorroww · a year ago
D.K. - “Code Breaker”
Rising [Antinote, 2019]
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burlveneer-music · a year ago
D.K. - The Goddess Is Dancing - transcendent Fourth World tape from 2019 is now getting a vinyl issue (Good Morning Tapes)
We're very honoured to welcome Paris based DJ & Producer D.K (@d-k-music) into our family ashram.
Some of you may know him via his previous releases on Antinote, Jonny Nash's label 'Melody of Truth' or more recently his split EP via Second Circle.
He's also the melodic mystery man behind those jacking 45 ACP releases via dear brother Ron Morelli.
Though here on this 38 minute cassette, aptly titled 'The Goddess is Dancing', D.K. delves back into his ancestral Vietnamese past & blesses us all with 6 originally composed tracks that pay homage to the mysterious shamanistic dance of 'Hau Dong'.
As explained by D.K. here....
"This tape is an imaginary interpretation of the music used in Vietnam’s ancestral/spiritual possession rituals called 'Hau Dong'. It’s a ceremony in 5 parts, whereby spirit mediums dance on each song to honor the mystical goddesses of Forest, Water and Heaven. Whilst dancing during these rituals, the Medium's appear to transform themselves into different characters....changing their personalities, as if various spirits have entered their bodies."
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