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#d20 fantasy high

Okay, hear me out. A lot of the times when I say “I never could have imagined how much their dynamic would mean too me”, or “I didn’t know how emotional their friendship would make me” I mean that, but i exaggerate a little bit for the dramatics of it.

But when it comes to “The JocksTM” I completely mean that and not only because I could have never imagined that they would take Ragh with them on their adventure in FH:SY and that we would get a whole season of amazing content with him and the other boys. But because we got that, and all three of them mean quite a lot to me, let’s talk about Ragh Barkrock, Gorgug Thistlespring and Fabian Aramais Seacaster.

And what I love most about them, is the fact that all three of them have their own problems with masculinity, what it means to be a man, personality traits that are seen as masculine and just general toxic masculinity. And all three of them had to go through a journey in these two seasons of finding their way through all their misconceptions and helped each other with that quite a lot.

Gorgug, who always saw himself as the opposite of everyone around him, especially his parents, who were kind, small, talented, smart, understanding and never once raised their voice. And Gorgug? Gorgug is tall, big, “stupid”, strong, a loser, angry and full of rage that he himself doesn’t really understand. And because of that he has always seen himself as less than everyone else. Because everyone else who he saw as good, were the complete opposite of him, so there was no way, that he could be good or smart or talented too, right?

Ragh who didn’t have a father figure growing up, and I am not saying that that is inherently bad, but that has lead to him desperately searching for one. And in the end he found it in Coach Daybreak, a homophobic racist who was mean and rude to everyone that was different. And he found a best friend (a crush) that was all these things as well: homophobic, a bully, rude and mean. So of course, if the important men in his life are like that, that means that this is the way to be a man, right?

Fabian, who wanted to be just like his father in any way since he was a little child. Strong and brave and fearsome and Bill Seacaster drove that into Fabian as well. That Fabian had and should be like him, should be strong and brave and fearsome and the leader, because a Seacaster doesn’t follow, he leads. And of course Bill never meant any harm in that, he just wanted to be sure that his boy wouldn’t go under in this big world, but it send a message to Fabian, even from a young age on. There was one way to be a man, to be a hero, to be good. And for that you had to hide your emotions, you had to lead, you had to make people fear you, that was everything that matters, right?

No! No to all of that, because with each other they learned that those things were not true and that there was another way for them, a better and healthier way.

Like Gorgug, who saw that you could be big, strong and angry. That you could be a barbarian and an half-orc and you could rage and none of that made you bad, none of that made you less than anyone else around, none of that meant that that was all you had to be. You could rage but also be kind. You could get angry but still be supportive towards the people around you. You could be strong and made to hurt others and still help them in a different way than physical like through relating to them, like with Ragh on the Bloodrush field. Through getting to know them and knowing what means a lot to them, like with Fabian and the Hangman. Through offering emotional support, like with Ragh and the hug and kiss, or Fabian and the hug or Fabian and Ragh and the countless chestbumps between these three. 

Like Ragh, who saw that the men around him were not friends, were not family, were not people worth looking up or towards too. Who learned that you could be kind, nice and sweet, like when Gorgug kissed him at Prom. That you could be strong and witty, like all his conversations and fights were him, Gorgug and Fabian work together. That you could let yourself be supported, like the hugs shared with Gorgug. That you could let yourself be weak and emotionally vulnerable, like in the van when he talked about his mum. And none of that made you less of a man. None of that made you deserving of getting hurt emotionally or physically. He learned that he was a men, but he was also himself and himself first and whatever he needed and wanted was nothing to be ashamed about, even in the name of being manly.

Like Fabian, who saw that there was more to being a man than what his father told him, that his father didn’t know everything and that his father wasn’t ideal either. No, Fabian learned that he could show his love for people and it would be appreciated, like when he promised Gorgug to buy him an orange or when he told Gorgug that he was a really good friend. He learned that he could let himself fall and he would be caught and helped up again, like when Gorgug repaired the Hangman, gave him and orange or planted the sword of the Seacasters in front of him again and again. He learned that he could show emotions and that this didn’t make him weird or weak, like when he cried after biting the glass and Ragh told him to be honest about if he cried. He learned that there was more to masculinity than what he was used to, that one could be kind and sweet like Gorgug or open and supportive like Ragh and still be able to absolutely kill it. 

These three boys learned what masculinity really meant and really could mean. They hugged, (platonically) kissed, held onto each other, followed each other, held each other when times were rough. And through everything they never lost trust or faith in each other. And for three boys, teenage boys, that could seem weird to others, it seemed weird to others. But those others didn’t understand how much these boys needed that, how much was actually behind their friendship, how much these boys have grown because of each other.

But these three have known (”We will do great things Ragh Barkrock”), do know (”You are a true friend”) and if it is on them? Will always know (”Springbreak, I believe in you!”) 

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I got to the party fight in season one and I love how down Fabian was at the beginning with the kiss lmao

Also some Rizz sketches !

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top five dropout tags on sophomore year ep. 18 “fearful symmetry” featuring such lines as “let’s go down the line. what’s everybody afraid of?”, “you’ve been through hell”, and “what is expectation without love? because that’s what you’ve given me” are as follows: Ghosts, Rock And Roll, Kissing, Evil, and Investigations

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I really hope no one has done this (fh season 2 spoilers-ish):

Biz (a raging incel):  And it’s not like fair, like all the hot guys get the attention…

Riz (a raging asexual/aromantic): Are you giving me a nice guy speech right now?!?!?!

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I’ve gotten my partner hooked on fantasy high mwahahahah

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It has been a while, so I guess here I am, talking about more Fantasy High friendships, because that is what I do best:

And listen. Maybe it is just something about the symbolism of the main damage dealer and the healer of the group, but I adore Kristen and Gorgug and their friendship so much and it makes so much sense why thinking about them makes me emotional.

Gorgug Thistlespring didn’t have any friends, as far as we know, for years. Nobody to talk to, nobody to spend time with, nobody that cared about him. He was always too big, too angry, too quiet and to sensitive, so it was way easier for others to bully and make fun of him, instead of trying to get to know him and be his friend. And of course he had his parents, that love him so endlessly, but he always saw himself as less than them. He saw these talented, smart, kind gnomes that were always nice and sweet and then looked at himself and saw the exact opposite. And we have seen multiple times how Wilma and Digby, despite their best efforts, were not able to understand Gorgug either or connect with him. 

And then we have Kristen Applebees, who had a lot of people around her at all times, while growing up in a family with four (?) children and having the big church community around her. But most of the people around her, that weren’t literal children, were either super religious, homophobic, racist or in a straight up cult that wanted to bring about the end of the world (most of the time they were even all of those things). So while she had a lot of people to talk with and that talked to her, she always had to be cautious about what to say and what questions to ask, because if she was unlucky she would get yelled at, not talked to anymore or lectured about Helio and right and wrongs.

And these two not only find each other, but a whole group of people and even partners, who love them, understand them and are not only willing to ask them questions, but also answer questions. And while that is absolutely amazing, that is something that neither Kristen nor Gorgug had before and if you are not used to that than you a promised to make mistakes and fuck up and the two Bad Kids are not exceptions from that. 

Gorgug forgetting to prioritize talking to Zelda before he left, because he is still not used to have anyone care that much about him, that somebody might want to know where he is, what he is up to or even that somebody would want to keep in touch with him. Kristen having the fight with Tracker because it was always easier to just let things go instead of “sticking her nose into other peoples business”, but forgetting that Tracker loves her and trusts her and has always been so honest and open towards her, to afraid to get scolded or in trouble with Sandra-Lynn.

Maybe that Is why these two are so good for each other and get along so easily, because they both know these struggles of being terrible at communication, of not knowing what to say or when to say it or even if to say it at all. And because they both now that trouble they don’t have to worry that much about accidentally hurting each other because the other will know not to take it personally. And they have been good for each other since their first day of school and have not stopped since then.

Like Gorgug always trying to to protect Kristen in battle and wanting to stand between her and the danger. Making sure that Kristen can get, where she needs to go and taking damage instead so that Kristen can help the others. Offering to carry Kristen out of the Forest of the Nightmare King before Fig revealed that she would be faster. Offering Kristen his headphones, when she needed to be blind and deaf. Apologizing for not being there for her the second time that she died.

Or like Kristen, defending Gorgug from himself when he called himself stupid. Trying his best to help him when he texted Zelda that first time. Immediately agreeing to call him Skipper when he was feeling down. Complimenting Gorgug on his strength or style. Wanting to help him built a celltower, even if she herself had no idea how to do that.

The moment they both shared in the Hangvan when Kristen found Gorgug still awake, was so important for both of them and highlighted their relationship so well. Gorgug not taking Kristens comment about how there was no time difference between Fallinel and Elmville personally, but instead using the  moment to ask her, if she also had a problem with communication. Talking about how neither of them was sure how to fix their problems with their partners. Sharing the hug that they both needed so badly in that moment and then promising each other that they wouldn’t make the mistakes from their relationships with each other.

They care about each other so much, with all their flaws and all their problems. Two teenagers just trying to learn and grow and help the people that they care about in their own ways and as best as they can. 

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underappreciated goof

[ID: a drawing of gorgug thistlespring from fantasy high sitting on a curb and looking up at the viewer. he is a teenage half-orc with green skin, small tusks, and a mullet hairstyle. he is wearing purple sweatpants and a grey sweatshirt with a t-shirt over top that says “her daddy’s little demon”]

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These two’s reactions to the Fig and Ayda kiss were the best

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Crown of candy is good but it’s stressing me out cuz of the politics imma rewatch fantasy high cuz they’re kids who don’t give any shits lol

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[ image description: kristen applebees, a girl with fair skin and ginger hair, wearing a purple, green and blue tie dye shirt. She looks down with her hands clapsed in a prayer position, standing in front of a yellow sun, the clouds surrounding fading from bright yellow to a dark blue right at the edges of the canvas. in front of her, written in callligraphy is “saint kriste applesbees”. ]

the only thing keeping me sane is drawing the bad kids

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[ image description: a green goblin hand holding a family photo of three goblins. in the middle is pok, the father, with green skin and darker green suave hair, wearing a grey shirt and blue jeans with his arms around his wife and son. to the right, sklonda, with a cropped green bob haircut, wearing a pink t-shirt and brown trousers. to the left, riz, much shorter than the other two, a small child, with wild dark green hair and wearing a brown suit. behind them in a blue wall with a light yellow banner reading “happy birthday riz!” end ID. ] 

finding a family photo at a time of lonliness. 

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[ image description: kristen applebees, a teenage girl with ginger hair in a ponytail is split into two halves. one half shows her wearing a rainbow tie dye shirt with a corn cob on it, golding a green arched staff in front of a cornfield and a sunset, her eye filled with yellow and golden light, no pupil or iris. The other half has her wearing a purple, green and blue tie dye shirt in front of a nebula, her eye is filled with a similar beula to the sky.

on the left, in front of the sunet, it reads “Why is there so much suffering in the world?” and below that in a different coloured font, implying another person speaking, it reads “Later!” 

on the right, in front of the nebula, it reads “If you want to follow me, then I want to take care of you…”

end ID ] 

chosen by god, chosing a god. 

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