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it is big “making ur OCs on picrew bc ur too lazy to draw” hours!!! (picrew)

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Alexandra chuckled, the world melting away from the cold, wintry passages of the Emprise Du Lion, into the warmth-touched halls of Skyhold, scarlet light dancing on arms of burnished iron poles. “Neither. When I’m done with you, you’d wish it had been those two you dealt with.” And she carried you up the tower of Skyhold, calling out for two servants to summon your lovers to their quarters.

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Alexandra sniffed while her fingers smoothed the sweat-mangled hair, concern etching with foreword lines and a tight frown and green-golden eyes gently kindled. “I must get you out here,” said the Inquisitor, pouring her body with more warmth enough that snow beneath her feet and knees melted. Lifting you up, she turned back and trodden toward the portal, lines of water falling her steps. A glow of gold and white surrounded her in licking flames, toasting the air.

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Hey y'all I created a side blog that will probably become my main blog but it’s to talk about my boyfriend and all of his weirdness because I swear he is literally sherlock holmes sometimes and I need to have other people see his greatness and weirdness. Anyways lol here’s the link and yall should check it out cause I have like no followers yet!

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A cold wind blew, rustling and heaving spits of snow from creases in the gray stone walls you leaned on. Pale white light streamed from a tiny gape, and you shivered as the small fire you lit burnt a dying gold. The cold was unbearable, strangling more pain from the wound.

A line of flame sparked from the growing darkness of the cave, swiftly etching a circle of scarlet, sparking embers crackling about, until gold light spilled into the center, wavering. And than Alexandra stepped out, concern and anger in her eyes.

You sought to speak, your voice strained and crackling as you tried to reach nearer to the warmth which pummeled from the swirling pool of light. Alexandra rushed to you, and you shivered as her warm hands rested on your head. You pressed your head close to her chest, taking in that scent of vanilla and berries. “You ridiculous fool,” muttered Alexandra in a hard, worried voice. “You mule of a fool!”

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attention spotify users!! there’s a show called poem of the day by the poetry foundation and i thought you guys would like to know :))

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Title: Answering Beliefs 

Pairing: M!Hawke/Anders

Rating: Mature

Summary:  Set during Act II’s Questioning Beliefs quest, Hawke summons the courage to move forward with his relationship with Anders. Illuminating what happens when the screen fades to black.

Status: One-shot, complete. 

Word Count: 10k+


Anders grunted in response and strained against Hawke’s hold, testing. He smiled as he felt the grip tighten.

“I want you,” Hawke spoke through gritted teeth against the side of Anders’ face. He pulled a soft lobe into his mouth and nipped at the delicate tissue with tongue and teeth. He let the ear go and continued in a seductive rasp, “I need you.”

Breathlessly, Anders whimpered, “You have me.”

“No,” Hawke trailed the hand at Anders’ hip up his side and chest until it applied tantalizing pressure against his neck. “But I will.”


read more on AO3!

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*throws Alex and Amayian in my original story* Go get your wife some nice robes and shoes and a pretty crown.

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Io che provo scaldarmi due bastoncini al forno e mi ritrovo in mano la sacra sindone.

Più teneri delle love story che ho avuto io.

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On Far Horizons: A Brief Introduction

I’ve just come back from a long break and wanted to give a quick introduction to my main fic project for any new followers or anyone who is looking for a new fic to read this year!

What is On Far Horizons?

On Far Horizons is a Dragon Age, Cullen x Trevelyan long fic with a non-Inquisitor protagonist. It is currently a work in progress and sits at 31 chapters, with new chapters coming roughly every 2 weeks (subject to change, thanks to chronic illness/pandemic/life!)

What is it about?

Amelie Hargrove, the second child of Bann Trevelyan, hears of the disaster at the Temple of Sacred Ashes, where her brother had been attending the Conclave. Hearing that there were no survivors, Amelie travels to Haven, but finds him very much alive, and at the centre of a new organisation called the Inquisition. But while she is initially keen to return to a life of nobility and privilege, an attack on Haven leaves her trapped in the company of the Inquisition for longer than she had intended, where she becomes increasingly more involved in the events of Inquisition, and entangled in the fate of the one they now call Inquisitor.

In her time there, she meets Cullen Rutherford, Commander of the Inquisition, and quickly becomes enamoured by him, beginning a relationship that spans the Waking Sea and shows her a world that goes beyond the trappings of her former life.

Rating: E

Main ship: Cullen Rutherford x Female Trevelyan OC

Tags: Slow burn, strangers to lovers, canon divergence, long distance relationship, mutual pining, angst with a happy ending, eventual smut

Where can I read it?

Read from Chapter 1

Read from the latest chapter

On Far Horizons is posted exclusively on Ao3. Posts are made on this blog everytime there’s an update. But if you have an Ao3 account, and you want to make sure you dont miss out on any updates, then you can subscribe to the fic to receive an email whenever it updates!

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@kirkwallgremlin surprised me with this art of Amelie today! Thank you so much Emily for giving me such a generous gift, she looks so cute and it was so kind of you to do this for me ❤

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does anyone know how to do chemistry because i absolutely do not

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Aduriz da ánimos a sus excompañeros antes de la Supercopa

Aduriz da ánimos a sus excompañeros antes de la Supercopa

Aritz Aduriz tenía un gran objetivo: retirarse con el Athletic Club levantando un título. El delantero lo tenía todo de cara, pero el coronavirus le privó de su sueño. La final de Copa ante la Real Sociedad se aplazó, y Aduriz decidió retirarse sin poder tocar la gloria.
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