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Dragon Age 4 plot:
Solas: "Hey, hi I鈥檓 the one who fucked up things in the last chapter of the game, and I've unleashed the rage of the Evanuris, once confined for approximately 8000 years in the fade. Now, could you help me to destroy them before they'll destroy my eggy ass? Thank you kindly, I promise I won't do anything stupid. Again." My hero: "I don't even know who you are." Solas: "Yeah, sure my name is Solas, also known as Fen'Harel, the dread wolf." Fenris: "Fuck you!"
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walpurg2 days ago
Okay but the fact that non of the potential wardens (except for Tabris) don't know shit about economics and money. Like. Cousland and Aeducan are both rich af, they probably never paid for themselves, their families just bought things for them. Both of them are "How much could a banana cost? Ten dollars?" meme. PLUS ther're a lot of things on the surface that Aeducan simply never saw before. Like an apple. And they see it and ask Alistair about it and he says "oh it's an apple?? you never ate one???" "no, there's no such things in Orzammar. is this some sort of delicacy??" "AN APPLE?!"
Amell and Surana both lived in the Circle since they were kids, everything of their personal stuff were given to them by the chantry and it was only the basic necessities. They had the same robes as everyone else, they had the same staffs as everyone else. And now you expect them to buy things? With real money?? They've never had a coin in their hands and now they have to buy food and tents and weapons and not only they don't know how much any of this things cost but they also have no idea how to tell if this clothes are poorly sewn or this food is badly cooked (i bet they didn't have fancy meals in the Circle you know). Help them.
And then there is Mahariel. Who barely even knows what money is. It's the first time they have to worry about equipment, the first time they can't just hunt for food. They are so used to the fact that the clan's craftsman would always make armor and weapons for them, that they can trust Ilen with this. And now they have to trust some human merchants? This armor is not even that good why must it cost so much? And Alistair says that this is a normal price? They should pay 5 golden coins and for what. Plus in a way their situation is also similar to the Aeducan situation, ther're a lot of things that Mahariel didn't even know about. Leliana tells them about fancy orlisian boots and they're like??? Ther're different types of boots? For what???
Brosca knows that shit is expensive. Ther're so very little people in Orzammar who would trade with a casteless and sometimes they would overcharge and it's a fact that there's a whole ass shadow market in the Dust town. And then Brosca goes to the surface and suddenly they no longer need to lie or pay extra money, people are willing to trade with them. But Brosca is never sure because what if they're trying to fool them? What if this thing is actually not so expensive? Or what if this food is spoiled because there's no way that the meat is this cheap??? Alistair's trying to tell them that this is not "too cheap" it's actually quite expensive but this is kinda normal for meat prices and Brosca says that they've paid twice as much for the piece of meat that was twice as small.
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shaykai2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Soladaar doodles from school (they aren't related but it sure looks like they are cdjdn)
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dankou17 hours ago
Listen, the reason why the teasing between Carver and Varric doesn't really bother me the way that some of the other teasing between other characters and Carver is because when it's with Varric, it feels more like mutual teasing and they think it's funny to make fun of each other whereas with other people it often feels like it's one-sided and winding him up for the sake of winding him up
And it makes sense because Varric is also the little brother in his family
Plus like. They actively admit they find it fun to insult each other lmao it's just how they interact
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f0mo8 months ago
okay but waking up in the middle of the night to soft rain and knowing you've got hours to sleep, when you're toasty warm and comfortable and sleep has made you forget all your worries and you go back to sleep feeling as content as ever.
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keatingwilde2 months ago
soon it will be autumn, and i'll have a cup of warm tea, an old, unread book with crinkled pages, and the leaves would be a beautiful shade. everything would be alright again.
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local-deadpoet6 months ago
drug of choice? english teachers complimenting my writing.
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somethingacademia9 months ago
people who know random things are so platonically attractive to me like yes let me be your best friend tell me about the history of liquid soap
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memoires-blessees12 months ago
Re-blog this if:
- you鈥檙e gay - can read - support gay people - want to hold a match between your fingers as you wander the halls of an ancient castle because it鈥檚 your only source of light amidst the ghosts of people long past - are an antelope - or want a chocolate bar.
No one will know which applies.
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porthavens10 months ago
im losing my fucking mind so im sorry if ur not into dragon age but i need to compile this somewhere
1. mark darrah (among others at bioware) announces his resignation from bioware
2. greg ellis (noted transphobe, racist, and va for cullen) takes a fucking shot at darrah
3. mr darrah shoots the fuck back
4. greg ellis does this video IN CHARACTER AS CULLEN decrying the 鈥渟ocial justice warriors鈥 that are spreading a 鈥渂light鈥 of 鈥渃ancel culture鈥 or what the fuck ever. the video desc is REALLY funny too
Tumblr media
5. "men are pigs. ...or so goes the lazy insult."聽
6. mark darrah confirms that greg ellis can get in trouble for using cullen鈥檚 likeness to pass off his ideals
Tumblr media
7. greg ellis responds to darrah鈥檚 earlier shots, darrah responds in kind (both are in that link)
8. twitter is real confused about which cullen we鈥檙e talkin about rn
Tumblr media
in short i cannot fucking wait to see bioware sue this guy please please dont fail me 2020
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