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#da aesthetic
keatingwilde · 20 hours ago
she’s patient- she waits for full moons and halves. she waits for flowers to bloom. she waits for her turn to twist the knife and snatch what she deserves when she doesn’t get it.
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ghostdruggie · a year ago
social distancing is okay for me bc ive been touched starved since the 15th century. im used to it.
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coffeeacademia · 8 months ago
writing poetry for someone is a love language,, someone composing music for you is love language. yes i might be in love why'd you ask
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inmediasre-s · a month ago
dark academia / new academic year
• trying to fix your sleep schedule yet choosing to stay up late listening to the storm outside
• doing extra reading in preparation for your first lecture on your way to school in the morning as if to tune your brain into the right state for studying
• returning to the university library, taking in the smell of the thousands of books in the vast room before diving into the aisles again, excited to learn something new
• planning a few outfits for busy mornings – as the weather is getting colder, you can finally wear your favourite turtleneck, jumper & wool coat again
• trying to revise for the new academic year by going through your notes from years past – a towering pile of black leather-covered notebooks balanced on top of a rickety antique chair by your desk
• going on early morning walks in nature when it’s softly raining to clear your head of any stress, simply listening, smelling & feeling the world around you
• examining your schedule & neatly marking down all deadlines into your calendar in an old-fashioned cursive – starting to plan study sessions, museum dates & reading time around your other commitments
• sitting in a dimly lit, wood-paneled pub with some new & old friends, heatedly discussing some current or historical event, everyone’s cheeks glowing red from their drinks or just the warmth of the place
• spending whole afternoons researching for essays – opened text books, printed out scientific articles & scribbled notes scattered on the table at your spot in the university library
• lying down on your bed late at night, listening to mahler & letting your mind rest after a long first week back at university
• walking the centuries-old cobblestone streets & visiting cosy little shops to buy whatever supplies you need for the new semester & retrieving your favourite pair of oxfords from the cobbler
• preparing a batch of vegetable soup to eat during the week – jazz playing softly in the background as you take your time chopping carrots
• going to lectures early to get your favourite seat in the hall & to exchange a few words with the professors – listening attentively while writing notes in blank ink, answering as eloquently & precisely as you possibly can whenever a question is being asked
• taking a coffee break outside of the university building on a gloomy, grey day, feeling the autumn wind on your neck but the warmth of the cup on your fingers
• lighting a softly scented candle as you study by the window, feeling oddly thrilled to be doing your first homework assignment of the year
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sheofsoundmind · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a midsummer night's dream
dionne, the japanese house // if we were villains, m. l. rio // dead poets society, dir. peter weir // fallingforyou, the 1975 // a midsummer night's dream, william shakespeare // primavera (detail), sandro botticelli (1477-82) // the secret history, donna tartt // a midsummer night's dream, william shakespeare // dead poets society, dir. peter weir // dead poets society, n. h. kleinbaum
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keatingwilde · 2 months ago
soon it will be autumn, and i'll have a cup of warm tea, an old, unread book with crinkled pages, and the leaves would be a beautiful shade. everything would be alright again.
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booksartandpoetryy · a month ago
i HATEEEE when someone writes something meaningful and beautiful, just for a bunch of salty people to make fun of the writing and of the person by saying shit like "r/im14andthisisdeep" like !! maybe they ARE 14 and it IS that deep to them!! leave them alone. as a writer i have always been terrified of putting out my writing in the world because of gross fucking people like that who will do everything to suck the joy out of some people's lives. these are the same people who will call literally everything "cringe" thinking they get brownie points for being cooler than everyone else. and yes, i AM very offended, and i have a right to be. everyone is entitled to their own opinion but NOT when that opinion includes tearing someone else down for no fucking reason u sadistic pricks !!
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princessmarigolds · 7 months ago
concept: dumb academia—people who can’t add or subtract and don’t know what trivial means but read and learn because they enjoy it or like how pretty a word sounds it and that’s it. no pressure to understand. i think we are all dumb academics.
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stardustnotes · 10 months ago
i deserved a handwritten love letter to put between the book pages today but whatever.
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classicsclique · 10 months ago
i wish college was free because i want to major in everything
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coffeeacademia · 10 months ago
must be nice to write a research paper with actual research. i'm just mowing this baby down on vibes.
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inmediasre-s · 9 months ago
dark academia / winter capsule wardrobe
• a black turtleneck. preferably cotton or cashmere.
• a white collared shirt. silk, cotton or linen.
• a dressier top. something to wear with jeans when having poetry nights with your friends; i would still advise to go for black, but the style can be more extravagant – puff sleeves, maybe?
• a basic long-sleeved t-shirt. choose a dark, muted colour or go for black.
• an oversized knit. white, grey or black; wool is best at keeping you warm.
• basic knit. possibly black; doesn’t have to be boring in style – could be a wrap cardigan, a turtle or mock-neck, balloon-sleeved...
• a pair of black straight-leg jeans. stick to 100% cotton.
• a pair of black or dark grey trousers. wool or cotton is good.
• a black skirt. mini or midi; wool is, again, great for winter, but anything will do.
• a long-sleeved little black dress. pick a style you like, be it frilly or clean cut.
• a dark knit dress. just try to stay away from acrylic & polyester, they won’t keep you warm.
• a few pairs of bras. go for neutral colours & comfort.
• enough underpants. black or baby pink lace is always nice; cotton is good.
• different types of socks. black & white, thick & thin; make sure your ankles are covered.
• black tights. they keep your legs warm when you wear a skirt or a dress.
choose gold or silver, whichever suits you best, & stick to it.
• two dainty necklaces. you can wear them on their own of stacked together.
• a few rings. one bigger & more interesting, the rest more minimal to complement the more intriguing piece.
• a pair of everyday earrings & a more elegant pair. if you wear earrings; make sure both pairs fit your other jewellery.
• an over-the-shoulder leather bag. black or brown; it should fit your school papers & at least a few extra books.
• a small bag for special occasions. whatever style you like; it should go together with your little black dress & fit at least a lipstick & everything you might need at a party – a tiny bottle of vodka & a small notebook?
• a black or checkered (but dark in colour) umbrella. for those beautifully gloomy, rainy days.
• a leather belt. black or brown, depending on the colour of your bag & shoes.
• a scrunchie. black velvet or white satin.
• a pair of black or brown boots. either a chelsea boot or a dr. martens type shoe; these should be the same colour as your everyday bag.
• a menswear-inspired shoe. should match your bag; oxfords, brogues, derbys...
• occasion footwear. type depends on your style; could be heeled ankle boots, pumps, ankle-strap heels, loafers, ballerinas or even the same derby shoes from the previous point.
• a long woollen coat. preferably black; could also be a checkered dark grey.
• a tweed jacket or checkered blazer. in grey or brown tones; could be worn under the oversized coat for added warmth.
• a pair of mittens. in a dark colour; maybe a friend or a lover knitted them for you?
• a big long scarf. matches the mittens; favour natural materials for warmth.
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