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#dabi is touya

Why do I have a feeling this is going to be the first shot we’re going to get of Dabi in season 5, episode 1? Agghh w.e 😍❤️they both look so evil and …Dabi🔥😍


Credits to twitter @ixxxzu for the pic on twitter. Follow for great ShigaDabi fanart.

This is official art/merchandise.

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This art started as basic anatomy practice for arms but i liked it and made it a full piece


I’m still a sucker for the Hanahaki trope and wanted to include Forget-Me-Nots because they’re my favourite flower and fit Toya perfectly. So, we have this. The arms and hands look quite feminine though, but that’s only because i was using my own reflection in a mirror as a reference and i am unfortunately afab.

Also, i intended for the scars to have a glitch effect, but they honestly just look messy and the wrong colour, so i apologise for that!

- The side of Caspian that appears once in a blue moon and does half decent art

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I hate it but because I’m a Dabi kinnie and my best friend is a Shigaraki kinnie, we always violently argue over everything like those two dumbasses would.

Would Dabi violently curse Shigaraki out for eating salt and vinegar chips at 3am whilst calling him a masochist??? Yes. And so would i and I wouldn’t hesitate to shout, “FUCK FACE,” with passion before lighting something on fire and promptly moving to slam dunk her on the ground for daring to eat those chips in my presence.

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Enemies to Lovers anyone??

How would you guys feel if i did a REAL enemies to lovers story? I’m talking you guys hate each other, i will make you hate this person whether you want to or not, and then you will hate yourself just a little bit because you cant help but love them.

You cant help but fall for there stupid smirk and the spark in there eye when you give them a particularly good challenge. The arrogance that radiates from them, the confidence that seeps from there every pore.

I will make you fall and i will make you fall blindly, you will be nothing more than flailing limbs plummeting down looking for anything to reach, until finally you are caught by the last person you would think would save you.

You caught by the person who’s approval you so secretly needed, the person you swore would be taken down by you and you alone, the person you said you would rather die then be left to there mercy. And yet there you are, at there mercy.

You want to be shocked, angry, or maybe even fearful. But there it is, that stupid flutter in your stomach, and the stupid stutter of your chest. And you cant help but feel breathless as you look up at the person above you.

I will make you fall, and by the end of the day whether you admit it to me or not, we both know you love the feel of the fall.

So are you interested? I was thinking of doing Dabi x reader or maybe a Loki x reader?? Idk my simp heart also wants me to do my one and only katsuki so you tell me my lovelies. Oh and by the way it’d be a villain katsuki situation… or is it?

Or maybe it will be a character of my own design idk tell me what you think give me ideas! tell me troupes that are cliche but you just HAVE to see. Tell me those dialogues that live rent free in your mind, the scenarios you think of in the middle of the night!

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Ok so I know there are PLENTY of fics where Touya is a good big brother and everything, but are there any fics where Touya like is basically his dad- not actually, but you know, like, he raises him. Like,, and he calls him nicknames like his “icy flame” and his “peppermint” or “little peppermint”. Idk why but I’m crying. Like he’s still his older brother, and is like the protective one, but he’s like the most parental so it’s like they have a relationship where it’s a mix of Touya seeing Shouto as his little brother (and kind of like a son) and Shouto seeing Touya as his older brother, but also like the closest thing to a father (cuz Endeavor sucks- although Aizawa is a great father figure, but still). Also, Rei was a good parent I think, but with the abuse she kind of just broke, so she wasn’t in the right place to be a parent, and so Touya kind of took over- like, he was always sort of parental even when Shouto was first born, but he took on more of the role when Rei started to fall apart. I feel like he would be sort of automatically protective because of the whole situation already, but also he feels as though he needs to be the best older brother he can be, as he is the oldest (and feels as though he needs to protect them all).

⁃ Fic Idea: (This is all included as the backstory).

When Dabi first sees Shouto at USJ, someone tries to hurt Shouto (don’t know who, you can decide), and Dabi goes into protective older brother/parental mode (I feel like I’ve already written something similar to this before, so let me know if I have), and because of this Shouto figures out who he is.

OR- it’s at some other attack after the USJ between Class 1-A and the League. But, Shouto gets attacked when other villains join the League to go against Class 1-A, and a group or one from the group decides to hurt Shouto. It does not end well, as they did not know Dabi was Touya, and did not know they would immediately die if they hurt Sho.

(Written in Notes app at 4 am, don’t attack me lol)

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Toga and Dabi Childhood Friends Fic Idea

[Idea based off of ‘Once Upon a Park’ by Caitlin_Is_Bored on AO3]

So, I was thinking of a sequel to this fic, and I kept thinking of a fic where Dabi accidentally says something only Touya would know (or something specifically about Toga) or does something Touya used to do, and Toga realizes who he is. I don’t want it to be angst, mostly just her realizing and like being mad but hugging him anyways. Meanwhile, the League is either like wtf is going on, or she basically outs him as Touya so all of them are supportive. That’s basically it.

(It doesn’t need to have the same backstory as Once Upon a Park, just has to have them be childhood friends).

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Dabi and Miruko Fic Idea

Ok, so I was rereading a fic (‘The poor life choices of one particular married couple’ by MarcyDarkAngel on AO3) and I had an idea where, instead of Hawks and Dabi being childhood friends, Dabi and Miruko are. So, Dabi for some reason doesn’t know Hawks is best friends with Miruko, (Hawks and Dabi are dating- but they are not childhood friends, just in love- also, they know each other’s backstories and everything now so Hawks isn’t going to betray Dabi or anything, and Hawks also now hates Endeavor) and when Hawks decides to introduce Dabi to Miruko, they have an epic reunion (you can decide how it goes down, but I want it to be awesome, hilarious, and something that represents their chaotic ass friendship; something with banter and sarcasm would be even better).

OR- they could be in the middle of a fight (Heroes- and maybe Class 1-A if you want, and the League- DabiHawks is still a thing btw) and Miruko sees Dabi (mind you, she didn’t recognize him as Touya at first because she never paid attention to him, but once she saw him in person she recognizes him immediately). Anyways, you can decide what happens once she recognizes him, I’m sure people could come up with some awesome ideas for that- but here is my idea if you want to write something similar—

Idea for plot (optional)-

so they’re on the battlefield, and Rumi sees him, and she immediately is like “Bitch. You did fucking not.” and he’s just like “What are you talking about.” Rumi’s like “Bitch. You did not fake your fucking death and never fucking text me! You could have easily texted me- and do NOT tell me that you didn’t have a phone because you could have easily fucking stolen one! And don’t you dare give me some excuse about what you look like! You think I wouldn’t be friends with a burnt chicken nugget?! I’m already friends with this bitch! He’s a cannibal so it’s not like I could do worse.” *pointing at Hawks*. Meanwhile, Hawks is standing their with his mouth hanging open. “THANK YOU! Someone finally agrees with me!” Dabi of course says because someone finally sees his side of things. “Oh don’t think you’re getting off the hook. You know what, I have the perfect idea for revenge.” “Nonononono! No-“ “Yep. I’m calling Rei.”

The End.

Alternate Idea:

Rumi spots Dabi and immediately goes “Hey, I’m lesbian!” without hesitation Dabi responds “I thought you were American!” (You can decide what happens after).

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Well, if it isn’t @katslutski. Can’t pass up an ask from someone who literally gives me the horny Hawks angst I’ve been needing. I hope this blurb lives up to your scummy Dabi standards. Thanks for letting me be absolutely disgusting 🙏


Pairing: Dabi x reader.

Warning: 18+, creampie, cum play, dark themes, degradation, dirty talk, extreme manipulation, humiliation, kidnapping, noncon, sex toys, threat of violence.


Keep reading

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Dabi x GN!Reader on period

A/N- ok so here I am, on my period when I have an ephiphany. “Dabi x reader on period”. Now I know what your thinking. Don’t I normally write gender Nutrual things? Yes I do. And that’s not changing because trans men also have periods so once again anyone can read it.

Warning- mentions of blood


  • You a pretty sensible person
  • You don’t freak out over small things
  • Your pretty rational
  • But when your period comes it’s a whole new you
  • Dabi likes how you are rational and your calm most of the time
  • So one day when you don’t get out of bed at the normal time he wonders why and goes to check on you
  • He sees no one on the bed but he sees something under the covers.
  • He goes to open the cover but the moment he gets close a hiss comes out of the bed.
  • He takes his hand back and he speaks
  • “Y/N?”
  • No response
  • “Y/N what are you doing down there.”
  • A hand comes out expecting something.
  • He sees a bottle of Advil on the nightstand and he gives it to you.
  • You take it in and said “With the water bottle dip shit.”
  • “Excuse me-“
  • “Are you going to be helpful or not.”
  • He hands you the water bottle and after 30 seconds you take the covers off.
  • Your In a hoddie and sweat pants
  • “What did you need.”
  • “I wanted to know where my lover was.”
  • You were quite for a moment.
  • “Thats it?”
  • He’s confused.
  • “Come back when someone’s bleeding.”
  • You pull the covers back up.
  • Now, I peg him for not understanding untill you yell at him.
  • “Why are you being such a bitch?”
  • “You whore I’m not a bitch! I’m on my Fucking period take a hint!”
  • He’s quite as you walk out of the room.
  • He 100% got looks of disappointment from kurogiri.
  • Idk I just don’t see him getting too much into caring.
  • He’d probably leave you alone until you calm down
  • And once your calm he’ll ask you things like “Do you need something?” Or “How are you?”
  • And let me remind you this only happens when you two are together alone.
  • If you do want something like food he’ll be like “Wait a minute.” And come back with some food.
  • If you ask him to go to the store and get you something, he won’t ask you what type of pad or tampon you need, he’ll just get the most generic one.
  • Idk I can see him asking one of the lady’s something like “Which one is the best and has no leaks?”
  • I feel like he’ll get those long pads if you use pads, and the thick tampons if you use tampons.
  • Extra protection Ya know?
  • You think it’s funny because those ones you usually wear at night but you thank him any way.
  • But your not one of those weak bitches who sleep when they cramp
  • No no you push through the pain
  • Hence the bitchyness
  • When your flow becomes lighter your more up and working.
  • You can do things without cramps and your less bitchy
  • I don’t think Dabi would offer cuddles
  • I feel like if your already in bed, that’ll be like a welcome to cuddle with you.
  • You love his warmth
  • Especially for cramps
  • If your comfortable with his hands on your abdomen you will make sure they are when you sleep.
  • They ease the pain
  • I feel like he’s be an understanding boyfriend but he won’t do much unless you ask him too.
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Somebody should say to mr. eugenics Endeavor (and up to a certain extent Rei too) that there’s a big difference between 

  • Not encouraging your son’s dangerous and self-harming behaviour and
  • Completely ignoring him and his mental anguish and not help him or even think about asking for outside help like… Oh I don’t know… a therapist??? Someone who could help???

But no let’s have another child :)

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Dabi aesthetic wallpaper


Dabi asthetic wallpaper I saw someone else make this but with a different background

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Asking a depressed person how they are.

Izuku: Hey, are you doing okay?

Shouto: How are you doing?

Dabi: What’s up, you depressed bastard?

Bakugou: Hey, dipshit, you good?

10 notes

  • This man is an ASSHOLE
  • He’s just so gross its not even funny.
  • He’s not on forums like incel shiggy but he blames women for all his problems and knows all the terms
  • Just imagine this, you’re in his bed telling him you’re kinda embarrassed after telling him you’re a virgin then he’s about to go down on you and all you hear is “damn what the fuck is this?” He asks and you just sit up confused and he’s like “what is this? Roast beef? Fucking gross you lied to me too” he said and you get so upset and try and explain that’s how cooters look and he scoffs.
  • Takes a lot of convincing and facts for him to understand what a woman’s body is really like and that porn and white man erotica has lied to him
  • He’s gross,yes. Him,Tomura and Keigo go hand in hand and its all @libiraki ‘s fault. Their incel trio series is just so good you just cant have incel dabi without Keigo and Tomura.
  • Unlike tomura who’s a quiet incel who explains his frustrations through his forums and talks about women worth his friends Dabi is the comeplete opposite. He’ll say something stupid and mysogonistic to your face babe.
  • Never ever has been able to hold a girlfriend and even if he did they broke up with him before they even got the chance to fuck honestly
  • He’s just like “yeah and when you move in you could quit your job then just stay at home and cook and clean for me all day” then bam single Dabi
  • Then he’s all like “you were ugly anyways’’ or just says something about her being lucky because he wanted to date them even though they weren’t virgins
  • His cum tastes like acid
  • He smells like smokes and cologne but the cum is just a different story
  • He just drinks beer or soda all day and he smokes so that speaks volume
  • He’s the type to have “man” talk with the boys but its not really anything but the trio just talking about pussy they don’t get and how women just don’t like men like them even though they’ve probably never even spoken to one properly
  • When you just meet there’s a lot of putting him in his place to do “anyways what I just wanted to was to come back to my place and that I’d show you a great time, I’m pretty sure that’s what you’d want right woman?” Where you just snap back with “no you seemed nice earlier but not anymore pig” then walk away
  • If you guys do date and that is a big if he’d generalize a lot then when you come in with “have you even spoken to all women DabI’’ then he tries to be smart the fails at everything
  • His dick is also big.
  • Like big but he doesn’t know how to use it and you’re just awkwardly laying there the whole time while he humps your leg,entrance and pokes asshole like a damn dog
  • You’d sit through it then but 10 minutes is really a lot of fake moaning to do
  • Just take over babe
  • All in all he’s a charity case who needs his ass reset and put in rice so do that.
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Mh, this is one of the few things in BNHA which I am not happy about and that I still consider a festering wound. Unfortunately for Hawks, Twice is my second favourite character of the saga and even if I knew what was going to happen, his murder still makes me feel wobbly and sad. Twice is a character I really relate to, and before the incident I was pretty neutral to Hawks. This is due to two factors: a. a friend of mine hyped him so much and I was expecting him to be more present, or at least to have a fundamental role (which to this day I think he had only in regard to being the counterpart to Touya as for hero/villain and for Endeavour in terms of N2 Hero) - but this happens to me a lot (if I hear a lot about a character before I am familiar with them myself, I tend to love or hate them, no in between); b. I liked how he has been introduced through him being smart and sassy during the billboard convention about the Hero Rankings. However, I had been introduced to Twice way before that, and since I got this deep into BNHA and cemented my character preferences Twice has been very high up. Therefore, I did not consider the extent of how much I would dislike Hawks’ character after the murder. 

Hawks, as my friend put it, may as well be a ‘tragic hero’. He comes from a terrible background, a sad childhood, a runaway childhood and no parent to rely on. Only a dream, and the Hero Commission. Hawks, in a warped way, has been raised as a hero to atone for his fathers’ crimes. And while I do think this is very much tragic and heartbreaking, I cannot put myself into the position to feel anything for him but a slight discomfort. This is due to three factors: his relationship with the League, his past and him being excused from such a blatant act like murder (with no sound grounds) just because he is a hero. I do understand that he has been raised to exactly make choices like this, but at the same time my thinking goes straight to the point Toga makes: aren’t villains humans too? Did Hawks had to kill Twice?

If we reason with a logic by which the Heroes had a lot more chance to win this confrontation with the PLF without Twice, it might seem like Hawks made the right choice. However, there is a big but in there. Hawks saw himself constrained by his conscience and upbringing to make such a drastic choice, because as much as Dabi, he thinks that killing Twice is the only way he will be able to help the cause of the Heroes. I quoted Dabi here because besides of symbolism of lightness and darkness and how Hawks and Dabi come from opposite background and end up on opposite sides of the front, I think what they have in common is desperation. Touya was so desperate to show the world who Endeavour really is behind the curtain, that he thought the only way to effectively expose him, while also inflicting the max damage to hero society was to broadcast his abuse to the whole world to see. The same can be said for Hawks: Takami Keigo did not know any better than to trick and afterwards kill Twice in an attempt to give himself and Heroes the biggest advantage in the fight. 

This is all to say, that while I see how Hawks is not a bad individual, and that his choices have to do with the terrible childhood and then his salvation by this goddamn festering society, I still cannot forgive him fro Twice’s murder. This is purely selfish, because for me, Hawks had not a lot of relevance in the beginning, but he was just a pawn for the Commission, and Endeavour (and the fact that he, as much as Izuku does with All Might, idolises Endeavour to an unhealthy amount even after everything that has been said is testimony to that), after killing off Twice became a character which I do not care about, but that will probably cause trouble in the long run, especially in his parallels with Touya ( will Endeavour choose to help him to atone for Touya because he might see him in his place?), and that I really do not appreciate. However, as I said, my opinion of him is mostly driven by my strong feelings towards the League, so it might not be very objective. 

I hope this is not too long, and thank you for asking :^^.

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