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#dabi x reader

Welcome to my villains masterlist! These are the characters I am comfortable writing about for now, I might add more characters as I go. 

|Requests: Open | | rules |

|to see where I am with requests, click here|

|a - angst, c- comedy, f- fluff, s- smut|




  • daggers
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Chisaki Kai (Overhaul) 


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Shigaraki Tomura


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Updated on February 26, 2021

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A/N- okay so I had this idea where the reader is part of Gen Z, aka the generation of crackheads, and they’re insecure about smth but like in a Gen Z way, yk what I mean? (also super self-indulgent) Also written at night and is un-edited so sorry-

Warning- Insicureties, cussing, angst. 


  • Ok like the true Gen Z'er you are you have some sort of insecurity 
  • Whether it be about your body, skin color, sexuality, gender whatever it is your insecure about it. 
  • Now imagine your reaction to Dabi, literally, the hottest guy on the planet, asks you out. 
  • You’re like Nani???
  • Did you miss a memo or something? Like why is this beautiful chunk of man asking you out?
  • Of course, you accept because like who wouldn’t?
  • You geek out over it with your friends and you two have a pretty good relationship. 
  • Not too many fights, he’s reassuring, he’s honestly everything you want in a man
  • But like the Gen Z'er you are, you keep your ininsicuretes hidden. 
  • Well…
  • Not completely hidden…
  • As a Gen Z'er, you say shit like “lol I hate myself" 
  • Or "If I’d have to choose between ride or die, I’d chose die." 
  • Dabi just assumes this is some messed up humor 
  • But it’s not
  • So you keep this thing really well hidden until an encounter. 
  • This encounter could have been with anyone, but whoever it is triggered your insecurities like nooo tomorrow. 
  • There you are crying in the bathroom, crouched on the floor, not even able to look at yourself in the mirror
  • Dabi comes in the room expecting a hug and a kiss but is waaaayy thrown off when he hears very soft cries from the bathroom. 

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[ study date - part two ]


Originally posted by anime-scenery-tofy701

PARING: Bully! Yandere! Hawks x Reader x Bully! Yandere! Dabi

CW: quirkless college au, yandere, noncon/dubcon, mindbreak, dacryphilia, boot licking, boot humping, humiliation, degradation, cum eating, spanking, physical abuse, verbal abuse, scumbag dabihawks

AN: finally part two is here!! sorry about the long wait. mind the tags and enjoy!!


The situation was all too suspicious. You couldn’t put your finger on it, but you knew the two of them had something to do with it. They always have something conniving up their sleeves, inventing new ways to torment you.

Not less than a day ago did you receive that dreaded phone call, and of course, the pair of them were there to witness your breakdown because of it. Because of your failing grade in chemistry, your scholarship was revoked which meant that you lost your housing privileges for the campus. And those two seemed all too happy to watch you crumble and sob in front of them like a child.

“Sounds like you’re down on your luck, princess. What’s a girl to do?”

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Welcome to the continuation of my Valentine’s Week Special! [EXTENDED] 🥳🥰❤️💜💗💛

It’s here! IT’S HERE! It’s finally fucking here! *Throws drafts into the Recycling bin cause’ she a bitch that cares about proper waste disposal*. I’m finally happy with what I’ve written, and now it’s out. YAY.

Although, with that said, this series will be taking a short break. Because of the writing during Valentine’s Week, my real-life adult stuff is starting to kick me in the butt, and now I have to prioritize that before I can come back to this. There’s one chapter left after this one, so hopefully I can get that sorted soon.

Rating: M/18+

Warnings:  Dark!Fic, Rape/Dubcon/Noncon, Dom!Dabi and Sub!Reader, Daddy/Little girl, Manipulation, Reader is tied but it’s not Rope Play, Slight Choking/Asphyxiation, Oral sex [Male receiving], Cockwarming, Big Dick Dabi, Piercings, Nipple Play, Slight Orgasm Delay/Denial, Dabi is Yandere-ish but not really, Pet names, Swearing, Lingerie

Words: 1.4K

<- Previous Part - “Third”

Next Part -> [Coming Soon]


The store clerk took one look at Dabi, and recoiled; a reaction he very much expected. Dabi’s sure that he’s been served by that particular shop assistant in the past week. Even if the staff have some unspoken rule on the discretion of their customers, he was certainly the strangest man there, and liable to gossip.

Continued on AO3

13 notes

Boys included:

  • Bakugo
  • Dabi

Pairing: Fem! Reader

Plot: “Take me laser tagging, push me into a corner and kiss me. then shoot me and walk away” — Prompt from Pinterest, enjoy lovelies.  

Warnings: sOmE spice, gets a lil steamy, I’d say 16+



Originally posted by shigashimura

I watch Katsuki let out a psychotic laugher as he shoots Mina with the laser gun in his right hand, and then Kirishima with the one in his left.

Don’t even ask me how he managed to get two; he just did.

Mina and Kiri’s grumbling is drowned out by Sero’s battle cry as he jumps into the scene and attempts to shoot at Bakugo. With both of his guns out of commission for another 4 seconds, he locks eyes with me and grins, running towards me and then proceeding to use me as a human shield so that Sero hits my vest instead of his.

I turn around to give him a piece of my mind, as he shoots out from behind me with a quick, “don’t worry, I’ll get revenge on that tape face” and bolts after Sero, who ran away after shooting me.

Kaminari shoots me before bolting himself, knowing how competitive I can get.

And competitive they will receive.

I put my game face and plan a strategy that would leave these idiots all in the dust. Including Katsuki Bakugo. That little shit is going to learn a little lesson today.

I run after where Bakugo chased Sero, deliberately letting my hair out of my pony tale and letting my breathing get ragged. Lowering my V-neck shirt, I apply some lip gloss and practically strut over to where Bakugo is shooting Sero.

I watch Sero’s eyes widen as he takes me in, and with a jerk of my head, he runs away, leaving me alone with Bakugo in this corner of the arena.

His vermillion eyes meet mine as I watch them travel, taking in my messy hair, considerable cleavage and heavy breathing state.

I smirk, strutting over to him as I extenuate my long legs clad in black jeans. His breathing hitches in his throat, and his guns lay forgotten in his hands as his eyes continue to take me in.

I trail my hand down his chest, feeling along his abs as his breathing hitches once more.

“I wanna play too, Katski” I whine softly in his ear, my hands still trailing his well defined chest. Going lower, I drag my long nails under his shirt and along the band of his boxers. I smirk once more when I feel that his sweatpants were getting a little too tight for the considerable length hardening under my hands.

I palm him, and he grunts in surprise, his big hands letting go of the guns to grip my ass instead. The clatter of those toys on the floor has me smiling in victory.

 The plan is in motion.

I continue to palm him, his erection growing harder and harder as he growls and grabs the back of my head as he smashes his lips against mine.

The kiss is heated, lust oozing out from every pore in our bodies. He breaks the kiss, now working on my neck and shoulders, one of his hands coming from my hair to caress my boob.

A loud gasp escapes from my mouth as he bites me just where my shoulder and neck connects.

“Katsuki,” I whisper, which only makes him go harder. I shove my hands into his soft, soft hair, and tug, which makes him moan loudly.

He flips us around so that my back is on the wall, and as he starts to undo my jeans, all thoughts of why I instigated this flew out of my brain.

Just as he felt the lace of the drenched pink underwear I was wearing, Kaminari runs in on the promising scene, then proceeds to scream and runs away saying “my eyes, my pure innocent eyes!”

We pause, looking at his retreating figure, my hands entwined in his hair and his hands on the front of my jeans, which were undone.

All of a sudden I’m reminded of my brilliant plan to get back at him, and sadly reel my animalistic needs back within me.

Bakugo seems unaffected by being busted by Kaminari and attacks my lips once more, his hands once again roaming around my ass, the front of my jeans forgotten.


I don’t know if I could’ve done what I’m about to do if he had continued down there.

He continues to bruise my lips with his, and as I back away, he growls, looking at me with a flash in his eyes.

I smirk cruelly and causally side step out of his grasp. Having already brawled with him before, I know how to get out of his hold.

During our heavy make out session, I had made sure to kick away his laser guns.

I bring out my one with ease, having slung it on my hip before I came in here, and shoot him square in the chest.

He growls, lunging for me as I easily skip out of his hold and run out of the secluded corner we were in, my hair a big mess and my lips swollen and throbbing.

At least I got my revenge.

But if I know Katsuki, his revenge will be a million times worse than mine. And for the same reasons that he loves me, I can’t freaking wait. 



Originally posted by demigodxtonio

I steady my breathing as I watch Shiggy and Twice run past my newfound hiding spot, aiming at both of their chests and grinning as they realise they’ve been shot and blame one another.

“I thought we were allies! No, it’s okay, it was a moment of weakness. YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR BETRAYAL!” Twice went on, switching between his two personalities. Shiggy rolled his eyes and shot him while he was distracted, let out a dry cackle and ran off.

Twice regained control and ran after him, still arguing with himself on how he should feel towards Shiggy after he betrayed him a seemingly second time. I chuckled, tightening my high pony tail as I look around, watching out for a specific person in particular.

I shoot everyone who walks by, none of them being able to see me since my all black outfit blends in with the dark walls of the arena.

I shoot Toga, who whines when she realises she can’t shoot Spinner who was right in front of her, and just as I’m about to shoot him too, a blue flash catches my eye.

I turn, coming eye to eye with none other than Dabi, who found me with the aid of his blue fire. I immediately crouch down before he’s able to shoot me. He’s startled for a second, redirecting his light to see me more clearly. In response, I activate my own quirk, black fog. I make sure he sees my smirk before my fog distinguishes his flame and I run away, hidden in the curling smoke seeping out of my pores.

As I run, I shoot all the other people I see running by. Once I’m confident that Dabi is sufficiently lost, I will the smoke to dissolve, allowing my convenient cover to disappear.

I shoot others who come by, getting Shiggy a few more times and laughing every time he tries to locate me.

I turn, about to shoot yet another unsuspecting victim before I crash into someone.

Illuminated in his fire, Dabi’s eyes turned electric, glowing in the dark before me.

“You think you can just activate your quirk, hide in a cloak of darkness, shoot everyone and win this thing? I know you didn’t think that, y/n.”

I gulped as he took an impossible step closer, his arms on either side of my head and my back flat against the arena wall.

“You have to shoot me to win, Dabi. Not lecture me because your jealous of my brilliant strategy.”

My voice is surprisingly clear despite his close proximity and my racing heart.

As soon as I saw that vicious glint in his glowing eyes that I new all too well, I knew I was done for.

My knees started shaking as he slowly, so, so, slowly, leaned in, his straight nose brushing against mine.

His hand moved from bracing himself against the wall to violently grab my thigh and bring it up, hooking it around his hip. That same hand now firmly holding my ass, he snarled as he crashed his lips against mine, the piercings on his bottom lip bruising the bottom half of my mouth as he violently kissed me.

My head spins as I realise I need to breathe, but as I try to pull away, he lets out yet another snarl as he slaps my ass that he was gripping so tightly.

A whimper escapes the back of my throat as he breaks of the kiss, peppering mini kisses down my jaw and then my neck, where he sucks so intently that the hickey there would probably never fully fade. I gasp for breath, feeling along his muscular chest as he continues to make me forget where I was.

The need for him deep inside me almost drives me insane as I pepper some of my own kisses on his scarred neck. He grunts, grabbing my chin and forcing me to meet his eyes, which were now laced with hunger.

“I’m in charge,” he says roughly, his deep voice echoing through my body which results in my walls to painfully clench around nothing.

I look into his eyes as he kisses me once more, and then shoves me off of him. I blink in confusion, my body instantly feeling cold from his missing heat. He smirks, calling me all sorts of degrading names from his look alone, and promptly shoots me with his laser gun.

I look at him in shock, my jaw hanging open and my lips still throbbing, as our guns stop working as our session finishes.

“Close your mouth, babe, I want it in optimum condition for when we take a detour to my place.”

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Oh, yeah. We all know this man’s audacity cannot be stopped.


Pairing: Yandere!Dabi x Yandere!Reader.

Warning: 18+, abuse, dark themes, extreme manipulation, masturbation, oral sex, toxicity, yandere behaviour.


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No Matches Timeline and Character Sheets

Caution: This might contain spoilers depending on how far you’ve gotten.


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Dabi x Femboy reader 🖤


  • Thinks you look hot and kickass. He actually really likes the look.
  • He likes it when wear black skirts and makeup.
  • He wants to learn to do makeup so you teach him and he’s actually really good at it.
  • He does his own eye shadow and paints his nails. He likes it looks cool.
  • He likes to brag about how cool you are to anyone.
  • He loves when you wear black tank tops.
  • He steals buys you makeup or anything he thinks you’ll like.
  • Toga taught him how to pick out clothes so he suprise you.
  • He likes those chain chockers. He likes how they look.
  • You rock the villain look.
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A/N: NSFW is implied but nothing graphic

Characters: Dabi and aged up Bakugou

Dabi (I couldn’t find any credit but this was just too perfect)


Dabi worked on a very large ship as part of the crew for the most deadly pirate of the seven seas, All for One. Dabi was one of the deadliest pirates about the sea, rumors about him being able to seemingly set ships a blaze. People would run in his wake, he wasn’t exactly able to hide with all his burn scars and his unique look. Then he spotted you and boy were you the best treasure he has ever seen. He approached you from behind, wrapping his arm around you. “Hello there.” He said with a not so subtle wink and flirtatious tone to his voice. Dabi was very attractive, weather you wanted to admit that or not. When he noticed you didn’t smirk he smirked. “Good. Now listen closely, little mouse. You are gonna come with me.” You nodded a bit, admittedly finding him attractive and it was clear he wasn’t trying to kidnap you or he would have been way more sneaky and/or violent. Dabi brought you to a huge ship. Despite it looking bigger than the others nothing else stood out about it. It was so the ship could blend in. They weren’t here to murder a bunch of people, just a quick stop for food and such, so they choose not to stand out. Dabi smirked as he took you to his private quarters and well you can imagine were it goes from there ;)

Bakugou (Credit to AKrCosplay on Twitter)


Bakugou was not a very well known pirate himself but his crew all together certainly was, considering one of them was a female and had pink skin and all that. You, very very mistakenly, tried to slip onto the ship to steal some of their luggage. When Bakugou had approached you, you didn’t even hear him until you heard a floorboard creak behind you. You quickly grabbed a nearby sword and the two of you stood face to face with one another. Bakugou just scoffed. “You’ve never held a sword before, have you?” Bakugou asked you before striking at you. You managed to react fast enough to pull away but he did end up cutting your shirt slightly. The two of you fought which consisted of you running away as Bakugou took multiple strikes towards your figure until he wounded you. Bakugou smirked seeing you fall over. “You have fast reaction times.” He said as he squatted before you and grabbed your wrist, causing you to drop the sword. “Maybe I’ll let you stay a bit little stowaway.” He said with a smirk and dragged you off to the prisoner cell for now. He kept you well feed and the both of your relationships grew deep, romantic and sexual together. Funny how that stuff happens.

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Dabi x reader

Warnings: kinda an open ending, sick!reader (pancreas problems), a little bit of cursing, sad topics T_T

Summary: based on the story ‘I want to eat your pancreas’ but with my own twists here and there. You were sick and Dabi was able to manage you just fine. He was not the caring type, but maybe he changed a little because of you. Teenager! Dabi and teenager! Reader. (Honestly I really recommend you read the light novel of I want to eat your pancreas, cuz holy shit that thing made me feel so many emotions at once)

“It’s your fault for finding my diary, I didn’t tell you to pick it up”, you said as you were happily walking behind Touya while he clearly told you to stop following him. “I mean who does that? Opening the diary of a stranger? You must have been pretty curious, hm.”

“I opened it because I had to find to owner, no more to the story. And why are you still following me? It’s been three weeks since that incident, get over it”, Touya said annoyed.

“Because, my dear Dabi”, you said as you quickened your steps so that you were in front of him, walking backwards with your face pointing his way. “You were the one that found my diary AND you’re the only one who doesn’t give a shit that I’m dying.”

“First of all, I told you not to call me Dabi anymore and second of all, why are you happy that I don’t care about your death? Aren’t you like, supposed to be sad about that?”

“Ah dear Dabi”, you said again, to work on his nerves, ”you do not understand the brain of a dying person.”

Ever since you found out he had a nickname for his online games, you decided to call him by that name whenever you tried to annoy him. He told you not to use it, but if he really hated it that much, he could have put effort onto stopping you. But he didn’t.

“I thought you had pancreas problems, not brain damage”, he said. You weren’t sure if he was being serious or not, but you being you, you didn’t really care about that stuff. You just spoke your mind.

“I mean, my brain does hurt ever since I met you, but my pancreas is really the one with issues”, you said.

Your first encounter with Touya was in school. Though both of you never really said anything to each other you did see each other quite often. Your real encounter, the one that made both of you talk to each other, was the one in the hospital. You had left your diary on a seat and Touya had picked it up. Because he wanted to know who it belonged to, he had read a part of your story. A story that was only meant for you to read and for other’s to see after your death. A kind of gift you wanted to leave behind for your loved ones.

Ever since then you just kind of stuck to him, not caring what others might think. You had a bubbly personality anyways, people would just assume it was you being nice again. You realized that he didn’t treat you any different ever since he got to know your truth that you had been hiding, the fact you were slowly dying because of your pancreas. And because of that realization you just knew he would be the perfect person to be around with. He didn’t really liked your company all the time and he wasn’t ashamed to tell you, but he never shut you out meaning he probably didn’t mind your presence that much.

“Funny. You know what would be more fun, if you actually left me alone”, he said as he grabbed you by the shoulders and lightly pushed you aside. He quickened his steps and tried to get rid of you. But you were a dedicated person and you would get what you wanted.

“Do you have plans for Saturday?”, you boldly asked.

“Besides reading, no”, he casually answered as you kept walking behind him. You had noticed that he had started walking faster, so you also spend up .

You took a small sprint so that you were walking in front of him again. You stopped walking and turned around. When you did that he stopped in track, looking confused at you. You raised both eyebrows and laughed. He hadn’t caught on and it was pretty funny to see that. “That means you’re free to hang with me, am I correct?”

You knew he couldn’t lie for his life, and that he couldn’t make up an excuse to not spend a day with you. His face scrunched when he realized he had fallen in your trap. You started laughing loudly. “I’ll meet you at the station at 1 p.m. Be on time, you wouldn’t want to make a girl wait now do you?”

He shook his head while closing his eyes. You could tell he wasn’t the happiest about it, because in the end you had stolen his free day. He was the type of person to not be that active. He didn’t like doing stuff, or going out. He liked to spend his days inside with a book or by playing games. Even while playing his games he wasn’t interested in teaming up with others so he always played solo. You laughed at him for it, but he called it independence.

He let out a sigh as he walked past you. “Don’t forget! You refused to give me your number so I won’t be able to remind you through text!”

He stopped walking and took his bag off of his shoulder. He opened his bag, but you weren’t able to see what he was doing. He zipped his bag closed and threw it over his shoulder. He walked in your direction as you tilted your head to the side, looking questionable. When he was in front of you he stuck a sticky note on your forehead. Without saying another word he turned around and left.

You took the sticky note and read what was on there. It was his number. You knew he wouldn’t forget about the so called date, but he still gave you his number meaning he probably enjoyed your presence. “Dabi Boy so cute!” You screamed to annoy him one last time.

“Don’t call me that!”, he screamed in monotone, not even looking back.

You laughed to yourself as you looked at his phone number. you started jumping around while screaming a little bit, making some people turn their faces in your direction. But you didn’t care, you were happy and the world could know this.

You excitedly saved his number on your phone and directly texted him.

“Sick girl texting, bet this is Dabi Boy!”

“I will end your bloodline if you call me Dabi Boy again.”

“So harsh Touya! That makes me sad.”

You didn’t get a response, but you weren’t really expecting one. He was the type of person to only text back when he really felt the need to, but in this situation it wasn’t really necessary.

You were excited when Saturday arrived. You had texted Touya in the morning telling him you’d wait for him. But you being the problematic teenager that you were, came late on purpose. You could feel it, he would call you out for being late because you had told him to not make you wait.

You happily hopped your way towards Touya, who was sitting on a bench with a book in his hand. You plopped next to him and grabbed his arm to get his attention. “So. What’s the planning?”, you asked.

“First of all, you are 20 minutes late and second of all you are the one that set the date so I was expecting you to make the planning”, he said while trying to pull hiss arm away.

“Aha! The answer I expected, but my dear Dabi, that’s not the way to my heart. Try again next time. As for now, I did make a planning so you’ll have to following me”, you happily said.

Of course this wasn’t a date to you guys. He knew this and so did you, that’s why he didn’t feel the need to answer on your remark. it’s not like he wasn’t your type or that he wasn’t interesting at all, it was just that you couldn’t really attach yourself to someone when death was so near to you. Though it was hard, to not feel anything at all.

You allowed yourselves to enjoy today. From walking in the park to eating at an all you can eat restaurant and filling yourselves until you couldn’t even walk anymore. You did everything to enjoy your day and looking at the fact that Touya wasn’t complaining you were sure he was having at least a little bit fun.

“Hmm, what about love interest? What is your type? Or what kind of girls do you fall for, if your interests are limited to girls”, you smugly said.

“Never thought about it”, he just casually said as the both of you walked on the beach with your shoes in your hands.

“Boring”, you sang. “Is there really no girl in class that you think is cute? Come on there has to be at least one person.

“I don’t really pay attention to people I don’t want to engage with. But if I really have to give you an answer, I do think you look cute”, he said without a pause in his sentence.

You felt your face heat up and even if he got at least a little bit embarrassed, he didn’t show it at all. You acted like it didn’t effect you and casually shook it off. “I mean of course you think I’m cute, I look amazing”, you said as you walked in front of him while cupping your face with your hands while you stared at him.

It wasn’t really the best idea to be walking backwards with your instability. Before you knew it you were stumbling over your own feet, but before you could hit the ground Touya had you in his arms to stop you from falling.

You blinked twice, and again, and again. He did exactly the same, shocked about his fast reflexes. He pulled you up, but removed his hands from around your waist the moment you were stable on your both feet. He started walking without another word and cleared his throat.

“Thank you”, you muttered.

There was a long silence while the both of you walked. The sun was setting and you just silently followed behind him. He didn’t slow down for you and you didn’t speed up for him. You followed the steps he left in the sand and noticed how much bigger his feet were. A small laugh escaped your mouth and he confusingly turned around.

“What are you laughing about”, he said. If a random person had told you that same sentence in that tone you would have taken it offensive, but because it was Touya talking you didn’t take it serious.

“Your big toe really is… big”, you said.

He looked at you with a concerned look on his face and that made you laugh even more.

“I mean, that’s why it’s called the big toe?”, he annoyingly said. “You really search for the smallest details to make fun of me don’t you?”

“Well it’s easy to annoy you and your reactions are always priceless. Plus you’re never really offended when I call you out for stuff, that makes it all the more enjoyable. To put it shortly, you’re just able to keep up with my bullshit.”

“God, why must I have been the chosen one. She is crazy”, he said while looking up.

You were quite shocked to see this reaction. He wasn’t the type to say things like this in a sarcastic way. He wasn’t even a person that used sarcasm. So when he said that he kinda just caught you off guard. “He has chosen the words of sarcasm”, you said as if it was a miracle. “You make me prouder with every passing day.”

He looked you dead in the eye, but failed to keep a straight face. You could tell he showed a lot of emotions to you today. You finally understood how his raising eyebrows and slightly widening eyes meant he was excited about something, or how his face tilted up a bit when he had won an argument with you. You were proud to say that you were the reason behind all those expressions and you were happy to have experienced them with him.

You knew deep down that you actually liked him, but telling him would cause a problem. Besides the fact that it could ruin the friendship you had, it could also ruin the fact that he did not care about your death. It was a treasure you held. He was the only one that wouldn’t get sad when your death was mentioned and he was the only one that didn’t judge you for living this way. You didn’t want to loose that. But yet in a way it felt like he didn’t care at all. It felt like your death would mean absolutely nothing to him

He didn’t say anything on that, because he felt the same. He never knew he needed this. He never knew that opening up would lead to him feelings things that not even his books could give him. He was just clueless to those feelings. Calling you cute, was nothing out of the ordinary for him, because for him it was just a fact that could be know, and a not a secret that should be held.

“Oh, let’s watch the sunset there”, you pointed at a place on a rock that was hidden away from the public. He looked at you once before looking at that place. you started walking that way when you received a not of approval from him. “I bet it’ll look amazing”, you excitedly said. “It’s not everyday I get to watch the sunset with you.”

He didn’t budge on your flirting attempt, but looking at his slight rosy cheeks told you you had succeeded in whatever it was that you were trying to get out of him.

The both of you sat on the rock with your face pointed to the view. It was beautiful and it was a good way to end the day. Reflecting on your day with him was something that made you smile. You were able to get the best out of him. The person that did not like taking pictures, allowed you to take selfies with him. The person that was so called emotionless had rosy cheeks when you failed at a flirting attempt. You had seen him smile and laugh. You seen the confusion on his face whenever he didn’t understand something and it was heartwarming in your opinion, because he felt comfortable enough to show you all these emotions.

But here was something you had noticed. Something you had been thinking about, but never brought up. He didn’t talk about you dying for even a little bit. Whenever you brought up the subject, he tried to shake it off. You were confused, but didn’t question it. You were keeping a lot to yourself too so he probably had his reasons.

You tried to lay down on your back as you looked at the dark blue sky, stars almost visible, but just not yet. “Have you ever had your first kiss?”, you asked.

“Nope”, he replied.

“Pathetic”, you said.

“Did you?”, he asked without looking at you.

“Well I wouldn’t call you pathetic if I hadn’t kissed before”, you shrugged,”so yeah I’ve had my first kiss.”

He didn’t respond to that. “Why do you never talk about me dying”, you said.

He saw him tense up, but he didn’t respond. perhaps he didn’t feel the need to answer this, but you didn’t like it. of course it was good that he wasn’t feeling bad about it, but the least he could do was worry.

“I mean, it’s okey to talk about it from time to time, I don’t really mind. I just hoped that you cared at least a little bit. I know I told you that I didn’t like it when people got sad when they saw me, but I feel comfortable around you so I want you to at least care about me and my condition”, you said, in a soft voice.

You had never spoken this silently or with this many sad emotions. You had felt him turn around, but you didn’t look up. He was squatted down in front of you and he tilted your head up with his fingers. His actions shocked you, but he didn’t seem budged by it.

“I do care about you and I do get sad when I think about your future. But because of that I don’t talk about you dying. Because I don’t want you to be reminded of that while you are with me. I want you to only remember good memories when you are with me. So I rather didn’t want to open that conversation. But if you really thought I didn’t car, you are wrong. I care too much”, he said.

He just looked at you with soft eyes and you didn’t know what to respond. Instead of responding, you did something you hadn’t expected. Something that even left you in shock.

You kissed him. And strangely, he kissed you back as if knowing that this was about to happen.

When the both of you pulled away, you had tears falling down your cheeks. “What if I told you I was actually afraid of dying? What would you say?”

His hands were still resting on your cheeks. “I will stay right here with you until the end. I have no intention of leaving.”

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𝐌𝐲 𝐨𝐧𝐞, 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐨𝐧𝐥𝐲 𝐲𝐨𝐮.❞


𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: real name revealed!

This gif instantly made me thought of something at midnight and he’s just chilling in bed listening to a old song.

𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐞 𝐦𝐞!


Touya was deposit in the solace of the small-scaled mattress, nonchalantly staring up at the ceiling as it so often flashed a beam of white light, originating from the broken curtains which revealed a enraged thunderstorm between the leaning window blinds.

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inmate 78987 (m)


✯pairing: prisoner! dabi (todoroki touya) x reader

✯synopsis: Struggling with your constant loneliness, your friend suggests you write letters to inmates, thinking it would do you good to have some type of human interaction. Unfortunately, you end up taking interest in the wrong inmate.

✯wordcount: 9.7k

✯warning: dubious consent, mental coercion, sexual coercion, manipulation, knifeplay, choking, degradation, humiliation, toxic relationships, spit kink, marking, quirk play, burning, Dabi burns the skin of your thighs, blood and injury, yandere, yandere dabi, dark content, creampie raw sex, wrap it before you tap it, rough sex, oral sex, cunnilingus, dabi has genital piercings, slight size kink, stockholm syndrome, cum eating, and that’s it I think. 

✯note: just wanted to let you know that I do not condone this behaviour! Also! Shoutout to Jeannie! @nakachuchu My lovely girl! Thank you so much for beta-reading!!


“You want me to write letters to prisoners? Like…a penpal type of thing?” You tilted your head in curiosity, causing your friend to reach over and pinch the fat of your cheek. Scowling, you swatted her before signalling her to continue speaking. 

“Yeah! Look! There’s a whole list of people you can send letters to! You can also see the crimes they committed, mostly for safety purposes but it’s still interesting. Their date of birth, an intro, and their inmate numbers. Just scroll through and see if anyone interests you okay? I gotta run,” she said as she pressed a kiss to your forehead and made her way out, giving you a sheepish smile before closing the door. 

You went to lock the door, dragging your feet as you threw yourself on the comforter and inhaled the soft scent of your detergent before turning to look at your laptop. Your curiosity gets the best of you as you search for the site. Looking at their profiles wouldn’t hurt, would it?

Scrolling down, you mostly avoided the copious amounts of people who committed some type of murder, which was quite concerning seeing as a number of them were said to be released in the next ten years. A few profiles caught your attention.

NAME: Shigaraki Tomura

D.O.B: April 4

AGE: 20


CONVICTED OF: Mass murder, Mass destruction, Terrorism, Familicide, Assault, Kidnapping, Torture, Theft, Mutilation, Vandalism, Sabotage, Kidnapping, and Conspiracy.


My name is Shigaraki Tomura. I like playing video games and causing destruction. You may be judging me for the crimes I committed but I don’t really care. I don’t regret anything I did and once I get out of here, I’ll continue being the same, doing the same things, upping my kill count. My favourite video games are–

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Well another repost cus tumblr hates me.


Dabi doesn’t drink often. He might have a drink here or there if he can get one for free, but getting drunk is never an option. Dabi doesn’t get drunk.

Except for today.

Although, it could be said that his inebriation was from you, less than the alcohol he slowly sipped on at the bar. Mr. Compress was showing you and Toga a magic trick, the both of you giggling at the showman’s antics. Dabi couldn’t take his eyes off of you, the way your own sparkle with happiness and laughter, a feeling foreign to him. He focuses on the way the corners of your mouth pull upwards. The way your soft lips stretch, showing your teeth. You’re radiating a warmth that even his flames can’t match.

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Idk why but I think that Dabi!canon loves the stars. I imagine him all alone, on rooftops or in opened spaces, just smoking a cigarette and staring at the starry sky for hours. It’s his favorite thing to do and calms his nerves, brings him a sense of peace and security.

Also if he had a special one, he’d take them out often, going to rooftops to just lay down and see the stars together, holding hands softly until they both fall asleep.

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characters: dabi and touya todoroki (aka twins!!!)

notes: set in my lil twin au!! more specifically, based off of this ask and this ask

warnings: mentions of/implied self harm (burning), psychotherapy, poly relationship, uhhh incest (??? just in case i guess), angsty as heck

words: 857


“You did,” he insists, voice laced with a firm finality with no room for discussion, no room for argument, vibrating against his twin’s back. “You always do,” he adds, a little softer, a little more tender, strong arms squeezing the pair of you.

It’s a familiar feeling, a comforting feeling, a welcomed feeling, and Dabi begins to cry harder, stubborn sobs prying their way past his clenched teeth, materializing in the form of sticky spit and damp breath on your flesh as they wrack his body.

He didn’t. He doesn’t. He never has.


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You had another fight. It was another night he came home smelling like a crematorium, his own flesh burnt with the overuse of his quirk. No matter how hard you try to explain that you’re just worried for him, he brushes you off and further isolates himself.

“You really know how to make me cry,” you whisper to no one but yourself.

You crawl into bed and let yourself cry until sleep finally takes over. Sometime during the night, you feel the bed dip. You’re unsure how to feel. Frustrated at him for how he reacted earlier? Or maybe just relieved he came home. Relieved he’s still alive.

You roll over, neither of you touching one another. He won’t apologize and you know it, but you can’t help but soften after looking into his eyes.

His eyes that swim with pain.

His eyes that carry the weight of all of his sins.

His ocean eyes.

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Dabi and hawks dealing with a shy lover who gets nervous during sex.

A/n: the ask box is open, sfw and nsfw is okay! Plus I have the anon mode on for those who want to be anonymous. Have a good day and drink a lot of water. Just something to post.

if we are being honest- who wouldn’t get nervous while having sex with either of them. nsfw ish



having sex with hawks is actually a ride of different emotions, he can make you feel like a queen to his fucking slut in a matter of two seconds. anyways, he’d be the type to encourage you while taking note that your shyness makes him think your cute and plus it adds to his horniness. he would hold your face and smirk down at you. don’t be scared it’s just you happy go lucky hawks, he promise he won’t be rough.

dabi doesn’t take that well. why the fuck are you nervous for? be happy that you get to have his dick, so when you get all nervous and kinda scared to take his big ol dick in at once you don’t have to worry because he will do it all for you. he can’t promise that he wont be too rough.

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