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#dabi x reader
ultimate-astridwriting · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
➽ haikyuu masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
kirishima, mirio and shinsou
bakugou, denki and sero
shigaraki, dabi and midoriya
todoroki, tamaki and overhaul
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Punishment and Reward
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izuku and bakugou
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
embarrassing sex moments; shinsou hitoshi, villains, bakusquad, dekusquad
jerk off habits and types of porn they watch; sero hanta, eijirou kirishima, denki kaminari, bakugou katsuki
reacting to their s/o’s ahegao; bakugou katsuki, tamaki amajiki, shinsou hitoshi
making a sex tape; tenya iida, shoto todoroki, izuku midoriya
size kink; togata mirio, mezo shoji, denki kaminari
punishing their bratty s/o; togata mirio, dabi, hawks
cockwarming; hitoshi shinso, dabi, tomura shigaraki
cockwarming ii; izuku midoriya, tamaki amajiki, tokoyami fumikage, twice
reacting to their s/o wearing lingerie; shoto todoroki, twice, tokoyami fumikage
head while playing video games; sero hanta, bakugou katsuki, izuku midoriya
cumming inside for the first time; tenya iida, eijirou kirishima, denki kaminari, tamaki amajiki
thigh riding; denki kaminari, bakugou katsuki, sero hanta, kirishima eijirou
s/o who’s good at dirty talk; tamaki amajiki, hitoshi shinsou, togata mirio
yawning during sex prank; bakugou katsuki, hawks
first time blowjob; bakugou katsuki, denki kaminari, eijirou kirishima, sero hanta
first time blowjob; izuku midoriya, tenya iida, shoto todoroki
thighs, ass or boobs; class 1A
they have sensitive nipples; sero hanta, denki kaminari, bakugou katsuki
getting edged; togata mirio, dabi, hawks
showered with kisses; tamaki amajiki, neito monoma, mezo shoji, sero hanta
someone walking in during sex; mezo shoji, tokoyami fumikage, tomura shigaraki, dabi
s/o with sensitive nipples; bakugou katsuki, denki kaminari, sero hanta
cumming too fast; tomura shigaraki, togata mirio, tamaki amajiki
roleplay; izuku midoriya, bakugou katsuki, shoto todoroki
getting flashed by their crush; izuku midoriya, denki kaminari, eijirou kirishima
vibrating panties; denki kaminari, izuku midoriya, shinsou hitoshi
riding them; hawks, dabi, bakugou katsuki
sending dick pics; sero hanta, eijirou kirishima, denki kaminari, bakugou katsuki
random kiss from their crush; neito monoma, bakugou katsuki, izuku midoriya
s/o wearing someone else’s hoodie; bakugou katsuki, mirio togata, denki kaminari
dom! s/o; dabi, hitoshi shinsou, hawks
getting called beautiful; tomura shigaraki, tokoyami fumikage, mezo shoji, neito monoma
calling your boyfriend “bro” prank; bakugou katsuki, shoto todoroki
s/o with nipple piercings; denki kaminari, mirio togata, tomura shigaraki
their s/o twerking in showy clothes; dabi, hawks, bakugou katsuki, mirio togata
getting nudes from their s/o; denki kaminari; eijirou kirishima; tamaki amajiki; bakugou katsuki
getting nudes from their s/o ii; tomura shigaraki, dabi, twice, spinner
bratty s/o; mirio togata
reacting to you saying you’d fuck them; tenya iida, sero hanta, izuku midoriya, tokoyami fumikage
reacting to you saying you’d fuck them ii; denki kaminari, eijirou kirishima, bakugou katsuki, shoto todoroki
reacting to you saying you’d fuck them iii; twice, dabi, tomura shigaraki
s/o complimenting someone else; izuku midoriya, shoto todoroki, bakugou katsuki
meeting their future s/o; dabi, tomura shigaraki, twice
s/o with small boobs; bakugou katsuki, denki kaminari, hawks
waking them up because you’re horny; denki kaminari, tomura shigaraki, bakugou katsuki
getting a ‘thank you’ kiss; kirishima eijirou, bakugou katsuki, tenya iida
getting a ‘thank you’ kiss ii; twice, tomura shigaraki, spinner, dabi
getting called “daddy”; tokoyami fumikage, tenya iida, bakugou katsuki, denki kaminari, kirishima eijirou
caught jerking off; dabi, izuku midoriya, hawks
overstimulation; tetsutetsu, kirishima eijirou, denki kaminari
overstimulation ii; izuku midoriya, sero hanta
pegging; shoto todoroki
shy virgin s/o; izuku midoriya, bakugou katsuki
risky blowjob; bakugou katsuki, tomura shigaraki, denki kaminari
risky blowjob ii; izuku midoriya, kirishima eijirou
risky blowjob iii; sero hanta, tamaki amajiki, dabi
catching their s/o masturbating; kirishima eijirou, izuku midoriya, mirio togata
catching their s/o masturbating ii; bakugou katsuki, neito monoma
catching their s/o masturbating iii; tamaki amajiki, dabi, tomura shigaraki
catching their s/o masturbating iv; denki kaminari, sero hanta, shinsou hitoshi
busty s/o; tamaki amajiki, mirio togata
busty s/o ii; shoto todoroki, izuku midoriya
jealousy; shinsou hitoshi
quiet and awkward; shoto todoroki
crackhead s/o; denki kaminari, hitoshi shinsou, shoto todoroki
fighting and making up; bakugou katsuki, shinsou hitoshi, shoto todoroki
affectionate s/o; dabi
random hcs; denki kaminari
ignoring prank; izuku midoriya
ignoring prank ii; bakugou katsuki
dancing; sero hanta, denki kaminari, shinsou hitoshi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
accidental rejection; bakugou katsuki
‣ summary: bakugou says something he can’t take back and now he has to deal with the consequences and the possibility of losing you
kissing him to shut him up; tomura shigaraki
‣ summary: you kiss tomura in a spur of the moment decision, was it a mistake?
first “i love you”; tomura shigaraki
‣ summary: you finally gain the guts to tell your boyfriend you love him
crushing on a healer reader; tomura shigaraki
‣ summary: you find yourself falling for the leader of the LOV but you have no idea why
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
comforting depressed f!s/o; bakugou katsuki
intense blowjob; izuku midoriya
“it’s my dick in a box”; denki kaminari
dacryphilia; izuku midoriya
consensual somnophilia; kirishima eijirou
sexual cosplay; tomura shigaraki
Tumblr media
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sauza · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
dabi x f!reader
Tumblr media
you've gone to the tattoo and piercing parlor that sits between the two family-owned restaurants before, never for yourself but as support for friends. The man with jet black hair who does a majority of the work always makes small talk with you, encouraging you to stop by for yourself. Your curiosity is piqued, if they can do it why can't you? It won't hurt that bad, right? It's not like his gaze alone lights a fire deep in your core.
tattoo-parlor au, no quirks, dom!dabi, needles, nipple play, piercing nipples, cock piercings, biting, vibrator, semi-public sex, masturbation, minor dacryphilia, overstimulation, teasing, squirting.
Tumblr media
"You're here again," You look up from your bag to the raven-haired man behind the parlor counter, "Are you finally here for yourself?" His tone is husky, creating a string of chills that rush down the length of your spine. He always asks you the same question whenever you step through the doors, you come here often because of your friends as sort of an "emotional support". You've never actually gotten a tattoo or piercing for yourself, and you don't really want one quite yet.
Your friend stumbling in behind you already gives him his answer, he gives an overly dramatic sigh and tuts, "C'mon, stop by for yourself, I promise to take good care of you. You'd look good with just about anything..." He leans in to examine your face, chuckling at how you sheepishly lean back. Your friend clears her throat, you know why she and your other friends always come here... for him. It is so obvious in the outfits they wear and their change in behavior, suddenly picking on you to get him to laugh is on their agenda. Not to mention how any ounce of attention he gives to you, they fight to win back.
Dabi, you learned that was his name a few weeks ago, hands her the clipboard before turning back to you. His arms lean against the counter, decorated in an array of traditional tattoos you cannot quite decipher but you find stunning, "Maybe a nose ring?" He asks, "You'd look cute with a little one right here..." He pokes your bottom lip, purposely dragging it down just a bit. You shove his hand away flustered, shaking off his suggestions with a simple I'd probably pass out.
He traces your features, humming at your words, and trying to picture something on you. He is genuine when he says anything would look great on you, but he finds your face so cute as it is, he would feel almost bad piercing a hole through it. He wonders how your supple breasts look, two metal bars through your nipples, he can imagine you holding up your shirt for him, so innocent you can't even realize his excessive groping is unprofessional. All the things he could do to you, and you probably would not even say anything, just take it. 
The clipboard hits the counter, his turquoise eyes snapping to your friend who has her arms crossed beneath her breasts, gradually growing impatient with the lack of acknowledgment. You tuck your bag under your arm and back away, knowing that you're only obstructing her chance at getting his number. Ever since the third time you visited the shop, Dabi has been talking a lot more with you. It was strange how suddenly his attention was diverting from your friends, who always looked stunning, to you who showed up in either pajamas or your casual attire from the day.
He always asks you about your day, you find it sweet that he cares enough, but lately, your friends have grown a little malicious due to him "choosing" you over them. It has not been fun, to say the least, having girls who you thought were your friends instigate you over some man.
"So, what're you getting?" Dabi asks, not even bothering to read what she wrote on the form. She answers a quiet tongue piercing, using that sultry sweet tone she is known for. He only hums, not really interested in details, before motioning for you both to follow him into the back.
Your friend doesn't appear happy with him waving for you both, which doesn't make sense since you always go into the back room with them, "Does she have to come in the back?" Your friend, Izumo, asks. You look to her with confusion, then back at Dabi, backing away slightly as to not cause any trouble.
"Well, no..." He says with a shrug, "But there isn't anyone to work the counter right now, so it'd be easier to have her in the back... she looks all sweet, but I bet behind that cute smile she's a klepto." Dabi looks down at you with a smirk, bringing his hand to the top of your head and guiding you to keep walking, "There's plenty of room, a tongue piercing is quick." 
There is no way to describe the tension, thick and anything but comforting. Between Dabi drumming his fingers on the top of your head, and your friend sauntering behind you both, you're sure she will tell you off after about letting him get all cozy with you. Truly, you don't mean for it to happen, but you don't want to be rude and act cold with him. He is really nice to you, and it isn't every day a guy bothers to ask about your day and give you attention.
The backroom is fairly spacious, the cold table set up where Izumo makes herself comfortable, Dabi pulling a chair from the neighboring room so you can have somewhere to sit. It smells just like him, which you can assume is from the small bottle of cologne on the counter where he has his personal belongings. He reeks of smoke, disinfectant, and that masculine cologne that has this lemony under smell to it.
"What about your eyebrow?" He picks up right where he left off, nagging you about ideas that just don't appeal to you, "Or maybe one on your ear? There's gotta be something you want..." He washes his hands in the sink beside you, looking at you fumble with your phone shyly, "If you don't want a piercing, I'll happily tattoo you." The sound of the glove squeezing over his fingers and snapping against his wrist fill the silence, other than his talking and you humming a small nope to him.
"You do tattoos, too?" Your friend pipes up, you and Dabi look at her on the table, "I didn't know that... what do you like to do?" It is clear what she is trying to do, Dabi knows this game, girls do it all the time. They scrape and fight for his affection or the slightest acknowledgment. He's seen how your friends treat you and it only makes him want to smother you more just to piss them off, as well as see you giggle and turn red in the ears.
He doesn't answer right away, laying out the tools he needs for the quick piercing, "Uhh," He puts on the tray a clamp, a needle, the tongue bar, and some pads to wipe around the tongue for before and after the piercing, "It kinda depends, I don't always tattoo clients... depends on if I like them or not, I'm not comfortable tattooing strangers." He sets the tray beside her on the table and stands in front of her spread legs.
"Oh, that's a shame..." She tilts her head with a frown, both disappointed in his answer and the fact he doesn't catch on to the fact her legs are spread open for him to stand between them, "Guess that means I'll just have to visit you more often, hm?" 
"Sure, as long as you make an appointment." He unwraps the clamp from its packaging and tests it, making sure it works properly. He uses the pads to swipe at the area of her tongue he is piercing, not wanting any saliva to obstruct the process, "Stick out your tongue as far as you can and don't move." As he swabs her tongue, collecting the saliva before grabbing the marker to spot where the needle will go in and out from, he calls out to you.
"Psst," He says over his shoulder, "C'mere, think you can order my lunch while I do this?" You look to your friend nervously, knowing she will be upset, but it would be rude to decline him. You cautiously approach him, following his vision to his phone, "Get that, the code is just a bunch of sixes... it'll automatically open once the right amount goes in." You follow his instructions, grabbing his phone, which isn't in the best shape, and press the six on the code pad until it unlocks, "Now go to the third folder, at the bottom should be that app... it's like bootleg Uber Eats."
At the bottom of the folder is the app you assume he is describing, opening it to see a bunch of recommendations based on previous orders, "Surprise me with something, I've been eating the same shit all week." His fingers wipe at the mark he made, adjusting it to sit more at the center of her tongue before applying the clamp, "Oh, actually... Thai sounds fucking great right now." 
You listen to him babbling about what he likes, inputting his order bit by bit, and making sure you get it right, "Isn't this a lot for just lunch...?" He hums, peering over your shoulder and pointing at what he could live without. You place the order, letting him know when it should arrive before putting his phone back where you picked it up from.
"Thanks, doll face," He coos at you, "Now when do I get to stick a needle in you?" You groan at his insistence, unaware of the growing aggravation of Izumo who watches the way he treats you. She had thought your mutual friends were exaggerating, but seeing how friendly he is with you in comparison to her, the jealousy in her stomach bubbles up. Here she is dressed up, her chest practically hanging out, and you're just sitting there and being shy... what is it that you have and she doesn't?
Internally, he is laughing at the absolute look of both confusion and distaste your friend is being consumed by, but he is also disgusted by how girls can so easily disregard their friends over a guy. You haven't done anything but sit there, he is almost embarrassed for the girl, bringing the piercing needle to the top of her tongue and lining it with the mark he made, "I'm going to do it now, okay?" She nods and closes her eyes, face scrunching up as the needle stabs through her tongue.
You watch him replace the needle with the metal bar, twisting the rounded ball onto the end of it whilst wiping at the blood and saliva that sticks to her tongue and chin. He draws away and hands her a mirror to examine the final product, Dabi silently cleans up the area, not saying much to either of you while your friend babbles about how good it looks, the reason she wanted it, and thanking him for taking care of her. Dabi brushes her off with a bland it is my job, making you slightly giggle.
"Ah, so she does laugh a little," Dabi leans over to look you in the eyes with a lazy smile, "Now it's your turn, cutie, get on the table." He nods his head to the table, to which you quickly shake your head, "Aw, c'mon, it'll only pinch a little... I think I know exactly what I wanna give you." His eyes trail down from your neck to your chest, smirking at the flustered expression that immediately crosses her face.
"She wouldn't be able to handle it," Izumo pipes up snarkily, coming to a stand and grabbing her things, "Last year we and a couple of friends wanted to get matching tattoos, but she chickened out on the spot." She flashes the small tattoo at her wrist that you were also supposed to have, you were shocked she would bring that up, especially since you cried an apology to them after the whole ordeal. You felt guilty for ruining the trip, and they even said it was fine, so why did she have to bring it up now?
The raven-haired man wipes his hands on his pants with a monotonous expression, "Well, they say matching tattoos are bad luck," He looks down at you, "Plus, it would be a hassle to get a cover-up if any of you were to stop being friends... she'll get a tattoo when she's ready," He traces down your body and swipes his tongue over his teeth, "And I'm gonna be the one to pop her tattoo cherry." 
His play of words has your abdomen tightening, you hate that you love his attention, how every time he talks to one of your friends he has to bring you into the mix, that you're the focus of his attention during these trips. You hate that you love seeing your friends get jealous and sneer at you, but it's just a little fun... right? Your friend heads for the door, smoking practically pouring from her ears at how he treats you.
Dabi moves behind you, sneaky fingers running down your back and pushing something into your pocket, "You have some strange friends," He whispers into your ear, fingers digging into the curve of your ass before he pulls his hand away, "When am I gonna get to be alone with you? Promise it won't hurt too much..."
"U-Um, I don't know..." You look down at the hand he keeps on your waist, "I-I'll think about it, maybe something new wouldn't be too bad..." He smiles at that, he just wants to have an excuse to be with you alone. You're such a pretty piece of ass, so naive and cute, he wants to ravish you and ruin you... but at the same time see how long he can keep you on the hook. See what you have hidden behind your innocent smiles and shy pouts.
You look over your shoulder at him, waving your friends as a farewell before you slip out the door with your friend. She immediately turns to you with a look you have seen before, "Ugh, what was that? Hinami said he would be all over you, but I thought she was exaggerating." You follow her to your car, unlocking the door, "Next time, remind me not to invite you, m'kay? You didn't even try to shove him away or anything, if you don't want him just say it so some of us can get a bit of that."
You don't really pay attention, whatever he slipped in your back pocket is practically burning a hole in your cheek, all you want is to reach back and see what it is. Though you know if you do, Izumo will only be in your business and raise her voice more. You definitely need some new friends, as soon as possible.
The drive is tense, but after dropping her off at her apartment complex, the tenacity from before evaporates into thin air and you finally have the chance to reach into your pocket. You pull out a folded piece of paper, his name messily scrawled on the front with a silly little smiley face, On the inside reads his phone number, and just below it is a note reading, 'text me when you get the chance, I'm gonna convince you to stop by for yourself one of these days.'
His words shouldn't make you smile, and you shouldn't add his number into your phone... he is no good, he has that look to him, one that reads trouble. You are sure he has his share of affairs, side flings. He reads heartbreaker, but part of you believes he didn't give you his number to be anything serious, knowing that will at least keep you from getting too close with him.
Nonetheless, you put in his number and text him. A few words won't harm anyone, right?
'Hi, Dabi... right? I just got the chance to read the note. I'll get a tattoo or piercing if I want, none of your convincing will change my mind, sorry! <3'
You send the rather light message, not expecting him to text you back, or at least not right away. You drive the rest of the way home, unaware that he so quickly texted you back. He had been waiting for your message, after all. To say that he was on the edge of his seat since you left would be an accurate description, he honestly did not expect for you to even acknowledge the note, but the moment an unknown number popped up and he read the text... he knew it was you.
When you get inside, and only after changing into pajamas and grabbing a snack from your kitchen cupboard, do you check the list of notifications on your phone; social media, the news, emails, miscellaneous... Dabi. The message burns into your phone and you almost think not to look at it, should you? You should, you did text him first. 
I didn't think you'd message me, pretty girl... did you just get home?
You give him affirmation that you're home, chewing the chip you just popped into your mouth. Not even the television is as interesting as this right now, you don't like how excited you are to see him waiting on your every response. So quickly texting you back, it makes butterflies come to life in your stomach.
That's good. Now about that piercing... how about the lip? Like a little vertical labret? 
He lists off different piercings, tattoo ideas... more than just dedicated to persuading you. Each time you give him cheeky rejections, reminding him about how you wouldn't be able to handle it. Dabi finds you amusing, he can almost picture you now in your cute pajamas in bed, looking at his messages. What he would give to see you, tight shorts and no bra beneath your shirt. 
You ask him about his day, to which he gives you a flirty little, 'Sucked until I got to see you walk in again, visit me more often.' It's such a cheesy comment, one that shouldn't make you smile against your hand, he shouldn't be making you feel like this. It is humiliating, but it's just a bit of flirting... no strings attached.
The message is sent before you even properly think it through, fingers quickly typing up, 'What do you think would look best on me?' The three dancing dots almost pop up immediately, as if he had been waiting for that specific question. You wait patiently, the dots appearing and disappearing, clearly, he is trying to word his message correctly.
As you wait, you think of all the times you have visited the shop. You're familiar with the faces who work there, aside from Dabi you have seen a blonde-haired young man with golden eyes and a slight scruff on his chin. You never spoke to him, but he did smile at you once, that was as far as the exchange went. Another face was a lanky figure with white locks, eyes red as blood and he looked to have a skin condition. He was not bad looking at all, and you spoke to him a few times after he recognized a charm on your keychain.
Of course, you have no seen him for some time, but that is as far as the exchange went, discussing mutual interests in shows or games. He was nice, a bit standoffish and vague, but still nice to talk with when your friends wanted Dabi to themselves. You wonder if Dabi had not picked interest in you if you would have found yourself chatting with the white-haired young man. You never caught his real name but you're sure you have heard the others refer to him as Shiggy. 
The message goes through and you look at your screen, the message is a bit longer, but nothing that you aren't willing to read.
Well, I was thinking of a lip piercing, but your face is so pretty... it would be a shame to poke any holes in it. Maybe something more hidden? A septum, a smiley... maybe I could do a tongue piercing on you, too?
They all sound fine, you would prefer something more hidden, but you've heard some disaster stories regarding both smileys and septums. A tongue piercing doesn't sound awful, but supposedly they are bad for your teeth and you're sure your friend will accuse you of copying her. Dabi finds your thinking amusing, turning each suggestion down with a more than valid reason. You're cute, not letting yourself live a little and take the risks.
You're just making my job a little difficult... what about one on your pussy?
Your eyes widen at the message, it is a bit much, the idea of having a needle near down there sounds painful. Your bottom lip is captured between your teeth, words failing you at the mere image of him between your legs. The pain would only be a second, his lips kissing it better... it sends shocks to your core and you find your legs crossing to secure the involuntary arousal his text caused.
Once again you decline the suggestion, fearful of this effect he has on you. You should not let yourself get drunk on his words, wait on his messages. Yet here you are watching your screen, watching him type, watching that delivered turn into read.  What does he see in you? It's humiliating to have someone so attractive hang over your shoulder. He is far out of your league on several levels.
You're killing me, babe. Come into the parlor sometime, I'll convince you to get something. (;
Of course, he will, you know he will somehow convince you. It is impossible for you to ignore the way his words have you wanting to please him, to impress him. It feels like high school again, doing anything to grasp the awareness of your crush, for them to notice you and set you apart from the rest. You hate this giddy feeling in your tummy, like a million little butterflies dancing and spinning, throwing a party simply over a few words some man sent you.
To say the least, it is humiliating. You need to end the conversation now before that heat between your legs begins to get hotter, or the palpations of your chest cause an attack. Your fingers quickly type a goodnight, 'I'll think about it! You've given me ideas to think about... maybe you'll see me soon. But I have to go to bed, it's been a long day. Get some rest soon, Dabi. (:'
He returns a cheeky, 'Good night, pretty girl who just so happens to be extremely stubborn.' You smile at the message, partially choking yourself out for ending the conversation so soon. It is for the best, you remind yourself, you need to understand boundaries. Your thighs rub together slowly, relieving only a sliver of the pressure, but you crave more than you want to give yourself. The embarrassment, the shame of touching yourself to the thought of someone you barely know.
But he won't know... not unless he has cameras set up in your room. Dabi doesn't have to know that you are slipping your fingers own your abdomen, imagining it is his tattooed hands doing it. You wonder how they would feel on bare skin, you have never felt his skin against yourself, but you can imagine his palms are rough from hours of accurately and precisely sticking needles in someone.
The thought of rough fingers tugging down your shorts and panties, leaving them to hang at your knees in favor of grazing the slick that covers your swollen cunny. What would he tell you? He'd probably call you pretty girl or babe, whispering about how wet you are, how your slick is sticking to his rings and countless rings that adorn his knuckles. You always admire the jewelry that graces his skin, the chains that hang from his neck, the tongue piercing that glistens against the light when he talks, no to mention the several studs and size 14mm gauges that pierce his ears.
He makes it all look so elegant, so mysterious. The piercings and tattoos going hand in hand, like a story over his body. You imagine your nails tracing the spirals and splashes of color along his skin, his raspy voice whispering the story of each into your ear. Sweat coating your bodies and sticking together all at once, your fingers speed up in their mission to have you cum. The knot in your stomach twisting but never quite snapping, edging yourself just so you can think of him longer.
Is his cock covered in piercings, too? Ladder bars running along the underside of his shaft with a metal ball piercing the crown of his cock, the thought of each metal piece dragging along your gummy walls, rubbing against your throat. Would it hurt? It shouldn't, right? You wonder if he would whisper sweet nothings in your ear, words of praise on how well you take his dick, how pretty you look beneath him... 
Your toes curl as the tips of your fingers rub that small patch, massaging the sweet spot that brings you right onto the edge. A spill of his name bleeds from your throat, filthy and soft, whimpering and whining as your fingers pump faster with intent. It feels so good, but you're sure he could make you feel a lot better than this. 
Finally, you pull your fingers from your tight cunny and watch as a drop of your cum splashes onto your pulled down shorts, ears tinted red and face scrunched up with pleasure. You sigh a final saying of his name, patting your swollen cunny to ease yourself through that sensitive stage of your high. Only when your poor clit loses reaction to your touches, do you roll over and take the walk of shame to your bathroom. You can feel your slick sticking to your thighs, a reminder that you had just fingered yourself over a man who you texted for no more than five minutes.
In all your years of living, not once have you touched yourself to the thought of someone. It always feels so awkward, strange. You fear that somehow, despite being alone in your room, they will know that the night before they were on your mind whilst your fingers touched places far too private. You go to bed that night sick, not necessarily with guilt anymore, but with something unfamiliar. A sick sense of want, an urge to visit him as he asked.
Maybe, just maybe, you will find yourself in the parlor for yourself.
A week goes by, small talk exchanged between you both, Dabi constantly trying to persuade you to let him take you out for lunch, and you cheekily declining. He is hooked on your game of cat and mouse, leading him on before declining any plans he tries to make with you. You're playing hard to get and he loves it, he finds himself craving your presence, texting you more often than he cares to admit.
Even his coworker, Tomura, noticed his strange behavior. He hates how easy he is to read, they know his games, when he finds a chick he is interested in Dabi likes to play a bit before taking what he wants and ghosting them. But you seem to know his game well, twisting and turning around every jab he tries to give. A dance between you both that he continues to stumble over. He wants to see you again, even if you're accompanying one of your many obnoxious friends, he wants to see you so bad it is frustrating.
So when he hears the bell of the door ring on a lazy Wednesday afternoon, he expects it to be a regular or an appointment made. His eyes casting up, but he catches sight of familiar legs he has ogled over a hundred times before, clad in the cutest stockings he has ever seen. He travels further up, over the curve of hips and chest, meeting your shy eyes. Part of him believes manifestation is real, that all this time he spent thinking of you is what got you to appear. Though he waits for a plus one to come in after you.
But they never do.
You quickly approach the counter, clutching that same bag you always bring, "I-I..." You look down at the outfit you put together, specifically for him, "I realized it wasn't your... um, lunch break after I was halfway here." Turquoise eyes trace your figure snug in the cute little dress you have on, you know how to get him riled up, if he had known you looked so good all dressed up... he would have been more persistent on taking you out.
Dabi watches you point to something, the clipboard to sign in, "You're getting something done?" His voice comes out a bit louder than intended, a tone of disbelief tainting his smoke-flavored tongue. You only nod, playing with your fingers, nails neatly polished, and taking the pen he offers you, "Did you figure out what you want?"
"I think so," You say, neatly scribbling your information on the paper, "B-But I wanted to talk with you about it... just a little nervous." He watches you bring the pen to input what you want, eyes glue to the paper as you quickly write down the one piercing he did not expect you to choose. His eyes falling from their sockets, rereading what you wrote at least five times. Dabi even rubs at the ink, making sure it was actually imprinted in the paper before accepting that those are your words.
His tongue swipes over his teeth, a devilish grin overcoming the look of shock he previously wore, "Well, it's my job to make sure you feel comfortable, right?" You nod and allow him to smoothly snake an arm around your waist, "You make me wait almost a month, begging you to let me have you on my table..." His fingers rub soothing circles against your side, side-eyeing his coworkers who peek out to confirm their suspicions that their friend finally has what he wants, "And you choose my favorite thing to pierce, babe?"
You enter the room you have been in many times before,  the same familiar scent of him surrounding you in a thick cloud. The only thing different from previous visits is that you're the one climbing onto the table and not someone else, your bag occupying the chair you have sat in up until this point. Dabi hates the giddiness in his chest seeing you there, so cute and scared, clawing at your dress and doing your best to hide the fear in your eyes. He can see through you, the anxiety and faint look of humiliation.
"What're you so nervous about, sweetheart?" He sighs, coming to stand right in front of you, closer than he would be if it were one of your friends on this table. He wants you to part your supple thighs to let him in, for you to lean forward and coo at him, begging for his attention. He wants you to be a ditsy little whore, but you just sit there and can barely meet his gaze without quickly looking away.
The question echoes in your head, so many things could be the answer to that. Maybe it's the fact you're going to be pulling down the front of your dress to show him your tits? The fact that he's going to have to hold them whilst piercing a middle through the hardened flesh of your nipples? All of it has a tingly sensation vibrating in your stomach, one that makes you hold your legs tighter together.
"I'm just not a fan of needles," You partially lie, "Will it hurt a lot?" He melts at the way you dwell on the little things, scared of the pain rather than him being able to easily take advantage of the fact you'll have your dress pulled down, "I just don't want it to be a hassle or anything." 
Dabi leans forward, hands on either side of your hips, his nose nearly brushing against yours. The action has your breath catching in your throat, he doesn't miss the way you clench your thighs together, crossing them just slightly to hide the fact you are aroused. He grins at that, thumbs caressing where your hips meet your thighs, "I'll take care of you. Let me start with seeing what I'm working with, is that fine?" His minty, smoke tainted breath wafts against your face in a warm cloud, the action alone making a shiver run down your arms.
He draws away to give you space, watching you slowly slip the bands of your dress over your shoulders, the elastic of your bra strap falling with it. The fabric of the dress falls around your abdomen, revealing the lace of your bra to his eyes. You can feel his eyes on you, the action making you more than just a little self-conscious. Do you look okay? Is he disappointed?
The cups of your bra hang loose when you unclasp the back and finally you remove the article of clothing and set it beside you. Dabi's eyes never once leave you, printing the image of your supple, perfect tits forever in his memory. He comes closer, "You mind?" Playfully making grabby hands at your chest, it is hard not to laugh just a little, giving him that nod of approval he needs. Calloused palms, just as you had imagined that first night, cup the mounds, feeling them a bit more sensually than you would have expected.
His fingers dig into the plush skin, feeling around the curve and tracing the tip of his nail over and around your nipple. He watches the little buds harden under his touch, your chest rises and falls in his very palm, and he doesn't miss the soft little whine that bubbles in the back of your throat, "I-Is something wrong?" You ask, looking at tattooed fingers against your skin, the cold rings the wrap around his fingers making you twitch and shiver, like cold little ice cubes tickling you.
"Nope," His voice is an octave lower, like a deep growl in the pit of his lungs, "You have nice tits." He gives your left nipple a playful squeeze, chuckling at the jut of your hips and scrunched up expression. The girly little whine making his cock ache in his pants, "You're a little sensitive here, though... so it'll probably hurt a little more than most." Your nipples are rolled between his fingers, taking in your held back reactions, shame written in your failed attempts at keeping your soft sighs and whimpers inside.
You hate the thought of pain, even worse crying in front of him, but he promised to be good with you, to take care of you. He has said it plenty of times and you want to believe him. Dabi pulls his hands from your chest, smiling at your conflicted expression, "I won't tell if you cry a little," He hums, fingers dancing across the exposed skin of your tummy, "Can be our secret... you can hold onto me if it'll make you feel a little better." His voice is so soothing, carrying such reassuring words. You hate how the soft smiles and sweet tone he pulls with you makes you feel safe.
Dabi briefly pulls away from you, feather-like touches still lingering on your torso, going to gather what he needs. You wait patiently, what else can you do? You never noticed the tattoos curl around to his back, faintly making them out through the collar of his shirt. He is handsome, you can see why your friends went crazy for him, but you feel like there is more to his character than just a shit ton of tattoos and even more piercings.
The familiar ringing of your phone interrupts your thought, Dabi glancing away from what he was going to your bag, "I got it, which pocket?" He asks, setting down the jewelry he picked to fit you. Last you remember, your phone was in the large middle pocket. His hand digs in there, feeling the vibration of your phone, he successfully pulls it out but not without noticing something else. A grin plasters across his face and he gives you that look, one that says 'Well what do we have here?'
You don't exactly know what he is giving you that look for, you made sure to empty your bag of anything embarrassing! Could you have missed something? Maybe it is just something silly like a bag of candy or one of your menstrual items... but you're not even close to your period date. He is making you nervous, bringing your dress up to cover your chest before shimmying off the counter and hurrying to see what he is focusing on.
"I-I..." Your heart just about stops at the embarrassing realization that your bullet vibrator is still tucked away in your bag, you don't use it often but sometimes it's nice to have it in while driving or just shopping. The subtle vibration always calming you, but you don't remember slipping it in your bag at all this week. Could it be that it fell in when you grabbed something else? Maybe you just forgot to take it out?
"You're adorable," He laughs and hands you your phone, "Wasn't judging, but you should do a better job of hiding that." You look at the name on your screen, seeing it is Izumo, the friend you came with about a week ago. You roll your eyes and toss aside the phone, letting it fall into your bag, "Someone you don't like?"
Dabi looks at your arms hiding your chest with the front of your dress, a shame that you aren't standing here with them out for him to look at while preparing his set up for you, "Kinda... um, remember the friend from last week? You did her tongue." He shrugs, giving you one of those I'm not sure sort of expressions, "She wanted to invite me to some cafe, but I'm still a little upset after last week."
"About the whole crying thing?" You nod, Dabi puts his gloves on and carries the tray to the table, patting the spot for you to come to sit, "Well, don't be embarrassed... I'm sure you look cute when you cry." The comment makes your stomach flip, it's a strange thing to tell a client, but you assume he is only making you feel better. You let the dress fall and reveal your chest, using an alcohol pad to clean up the area on your nipple and around it. He lays down the pad and looks in your eyes, "You okay? Look like you're gonna pass out..."
"Y-Yeah... just... that needles a kinda big, no?" You're getting a bit standoffish, squirming in place and fiddling with your fingers, "I just... just thought it would be a little-" Dabi shushes you with a sadistic grin, though you mistake it for one of playful amusement. His hands feel so good on your thighs, you wish you could continue to feel them without the added pain of that needle piercing your tender buds. 
Hands pry open your legs, allowing his hips to move between, your thighs sit snugly around his waist and squeeze him just a bit. He tickles your waist and shifts you just a tad closer, pressing flush against your, "You're shaking," He comments while feeling up your sides, stopping only when he has your face in his palms, "Poor baby, so scared over a little needle..." He muses and leans in until you feel his breath over your lips, "Maybe you need a little distraction, right?"
Two fingers run up your thigh and stop at the elastic of your panties, they're warm against your cold skin, making you shiver in his grasp, "Relax," The two fingers rub against your panties, massaging that little pearl right above your entrance, "You like that, princess? Makes you feel a little better, right?" He relishes in the sweet whines you let him hear, not to mention your soft fingers wrapping around his wrist to keep his hand close, "Good girl, just focus on that..."
While he distracts you with his index and middle fingers, each rubbing against your panties and teasing the top of the flimsy fabric, he eyes your tender breasts and makes sure that the marks he made line up. You don't even notice him continuing his work, so focused on the little surges of pleasure that wrack through you with every little curl and tap of his finger against your swollen clit.
A particularly loud whimper falls from your honeyed tongue, thighs squeezing around his waist tighter, "D-Dabi," You curl up at the intrusion of his fingers caressing the walls of your poor cunny, "N-Not there... too much-" His thumb presses down on your clit, making you shut up immediately. You become so submissive without him putting any effort, such a dirty girl, opening her thighs just for him.
"Alright sweetheart, I need both hands," His fingers are pulled from your sloppy entrance, but something small easily replaces it, "But you're such a smart girl for bringing that little toy," It turns on, buzzing inside of your cunny at the soft spot he had previously been poking and prodding against, "Now sit still for me, alright? Then I'll make sure to kiss it better..."
The buzzing against your walls makes it difficult to sit still, but Dabi lets you hold onto him for stabilization, checking the marks on your nipples one more time before he is lining up the sharp end of the needle with the target. You are so distracted by the buzzing of your bullet vibrator, you barely feel the pinch of the needle penetrating your nipple. In fact, Dabi notices the way your hips arch against him, sputtering at the flickering pain that bubbles on your breast mixed with the pulsating pleasure. He grins at the smallest sliver of drool that sticks to your lips, finding you to look your best when drunk on pleasure.
"Fuck, baby..." He replaces the needle with the straight bar, twisting the ball onto the end of it, "There's one, you did so well... and they look great on these pretty tits of yours." Palms cup your chest, making you giggle and roll your hips against him, "Shit, okay... one more and then I'll play with this cute little pussy, making a mess all over my table." He cups your next breast and once again checks the markings, repeating the process. The stinging of the needle stabbing through tenderized skin has you flinching just a bit, a soft moan bubbling on the inside of your throat.
"Nngh, gonna cum-" You look up at him with a lazy expression, not even caring that your poor tits are sore from being pierced, "W-Wanna cum, Dabi~" He finishes the second jewelry, taking a brief step back to look at you with your legs spread, panties pulled to the side and the little pink vibratory peeking out of your little entrance just a bit. You look so perfect, sweat stuck to your brow, whimpers of gonna cum and Dabi spilling over your little pink tongue, and your nipples swollen and shimmering from the metal bars through them.
If he could, he would take a picture, but right now he wants to see you fall apart in his hands, "Yeah?" He muses while pushing the little vibrator deeper inside of you, "You gonna cum for me, princess? Make a mess on my table?" Your head is bobbing up and down quickly, strangled gasps getting caught in the back of your throat as the seconds pass, "Mm, you're such good girl... gonna make sure you cum all over my dick once I'm done with you."
He drops to his knees in front of you, thighs are thrown over his shoulders, and mouth sloppily kissing the slick entrance of your pussy a few times. He relishes in the sweet little whimpers and whines of his name that sound so sugary when coming from you, he wants to enjoy your flavor, your delicious pussy. He wants to taste you more than he knows, but for now, settles on suckling the bud of your neglected clit.
Every lap of his tongue against your clit leaves your knees weak, a hand clasped over your mouth to try and quiet the noises spilling from you. The last thing you want is for anyone to hear, but Dabi does not seem even the slightest bit concerned about how loud you are. He is engulfed in the taste of you on his tongue, sucking every last drop into his mouth and savoring it.
"D-Dabi, gonna cum- oh, please~! Gonna cum, please, please, please... hah~!" His fingers bite the flesh of your thighs, keeping you in place as your high is met, a splash of your climax hitting his lips and tongue. He hungrily devours what little you can offer, considering he was practically eating you dry. You convulse within his grasp, hips flinch at the smallest of stimulation to your body.
You look so delicate, so worn. Your eyes rolled back and body rebooting to try and recover from the blissful euphoria you just experienced at the hands of his tongue and the still buzzing vibrator inside of you. Dabi peels his gloves off with a grin, grabbing you by the chin and tilting your head at the perfect angle for him to slot his mouth against yours, allowing you to taste yourself in his mouth. You are so eager to abide by him, lapping at his tongue with yours and tracing over his straight teeth, to distracted to feel his fingers fishing out the little vibrator.
The device is turned off and put aside, hands tugging at your dress so it's entirety is bundled around your waist, "You're so fucking hot," His fingers bite your thigh and spread them open to look at the mess you created, "Fuuuck, all that is for me?" You nod quickly and reach between your thighs to spread yourself open, allowing him to peer at your slick covered hole, "Damn it, babe. Give me a fucking break, gonna make me bust before I even stick it in."
His hands guide you to lay back on the table and your hands instinctively hold under your thighs to keep them to your chest, "Wanna feel you, Dabi... please." You're so greedy, so needy for him to give it to you despite having just cum. Your hole is noticeably clenching around nothing, watching his inked fingers pull open his pants, shoving them as well as his boxers down to hang around his thighs. 
"Calm down," He growls and brings your lower half to hang off the table, his cock adorned in piercings just as you expected, a pretty Prince Albert at the tip and a line of Jacob's Ladder piercings running down the underside of his cock. They sparkle against the light of the room, taunting you, mocking you for being so excited, "Think you can take my cock, babe?"
Why would he ask such a question? This is all you have been thinking about for a week and maybe more, to chicken out now would be a crime. You wiggle your hips and spread yourself wider for him, "Just put it in!" You whine while bringing your fingers to your swollen cunny, "Otherwise, I'm leaving." Your mindless pleas are all he needs to hear to convince him to edge himself closer. His cock feels heavy and warm on your soft lips, dragging each piercing over your throbbing clit to gather your slimy slick on his shaft.
Dabi brings his right knee onto the table and your left thigh hanging over it, he brings his tip to prod at your entrance, "So wet, you're so fucking sexy..." His hand spanks the inside of your thigh, laughing at the heightened yelp that cracks in your throat. As he gradually sinks his member into your entrance, the position he is standing in provides the perfect angle for his cock to drag along that spongy spot inside of you.
"Nngh~! Dabi... t-too much, please-" He spanks your thigh again, "A-Ah!" And again, the little sounds you make earning you a ruthless smack to your poor thigh. He lets his cock sit inside of you, admiring how pretty you look beneath him. Your face flushed and covered in a sheen of sweat, the faintest trail of saliva on your chin, and your perfect tits still a little swollen but so pretty with the metal bars through them.
He leans in and drags his tongue to gather your saliva, leaving a wet trail from the bottom of your chin up to your lips, sinking further to capture them in a sensual kiss. You moan instantly, fingers reaching up to brace against his shoulder and curl into the black strands of his hair. You're so vulnerable and yet you could care less, jutting your hips up to try and feel something.
Your actions are met with the dragging of his cock from your insides, all of his piercings clawing at your walls until he sits with his tip hanging inside of you. This time, the thrust is quick and pushes straight through you, the hottest moan muffled into his shoulder, "Fuck, there you go, take it..." He does the same thing, grinning as you give a similar reaction, "Damn it, don't squeeze me like that, princess... you're too tense- shit."
Dabi is drunk on the feeling of your velvet walls hugging his member, squeezing it with each thrust in and pull out. You feel perfect, like a sleeve meant for his cock alone, tailored to be his own little toy. No pussy has ever felt quite like yours, and despite having barely fucked you yet, he is addicted to this newfound tension you have caused within him. 
The thrusts begin long and fast, dragging his dick out before jamming it as deep as your walls will allow. Every snap of his hips sends your body back on the table, the force causing you to bounce off of him. You're so wet and it makes it so easy to just slip inside of you, you're body takes him so well and accommodates his length effortlessly. 
"Dabi, 's so big..." Your head tilts back against the cold table and your fingers dig into his back, "Ahh, can't... can't take it, too much~!" He feeds off of the tears that prick the corners of your eyes, dripping down the length of your cheeks. Your sniffles are adorable, he hates how badly he wants to hear more of them, you've been so good to him and all he wants is to fuck you silly.
"You can take it, look at you," His hips pick up the base, the table rocking under both of your weights, "Fuck, baby... you can take it, yes you can... you're takin' it right now." His words leave you high and in need of more, you want to be his good girl so bad. To make him feel good, to let him fill you up, for him to be proud of you. He makes you feel so good, you just wanna return the favor!
His hands take your thighs and fold you in half, exposing everything to his eyes. Your slick drools around his dick and down your ass, staining the clean metal of the table beneath you, "Haaah~ Please, please go faster! D-Dabi," You squeak when his hips snap against your ass, "Y-Yes! Like that, nngh..." He continues to the same pace that you seemed delighted in, snapping his hips against your stinging ass. His cock fucks your hole sloppily, not even caring about the sound of skin smacking skin, the table scraping against the floor, and your used cunny swallowing his cock.
A hand grabs the back of your neck and pulls you to his lips, smothering you in a messy, wet kiss. His tongue is uncoordinated and teeth clashing together in a fit of bliss, the two of you simply chasing your highs and unbothered by the world around you. Neither of you even hear the snickering on the other end of the closed door, no doubt his coworkers amused by the result of his long-awaited fantasies coming true.
Though, they have to admit you do sound cute.
You bury your face against his neck to try and muffle your sobs, whining about it being too much and it feels so good all at once. The sounds you make are intoxicating and he wishes he could hear them forever, but the squelching wetness of your pussy gradually growing closer and closer to that running high reminds him that you both are like ticking clock.
"You gonna cum?" He whispers in your ear, not letting up on the painful pace of his cock railing in you, "Cum for me, baby, cum on my cock..." He kisses your sore nipples, laughing at the little ow and no that your squeal. He can't wait for them to heal, that way he can pinch and play with your tits a much as he wants. 
"Y-Yeah, gonna cum... wanna cum for you so bad, can I cum? Can I cum on you, Dabi?" You're a babbling mess, no coherent words forming, all you are doing is weakly spouting nonsense. Your mind fried, all because of the fact you are being drilled into faster than you can process.
Dabi spanks your thigh, grinning at your cute giggle mixed with a whine, "Of course, sweetheart, don't even have to ask. Gonna fill you up if you're a good girl and cream on my dick, you hear me?" All you can do is nod along to his words, watching where he meets you, watching every inch sink inside and pull back out covered in your milky juices. It is so disgustingly erotic, to be fucking somewhere you shouldn't, to be making such a big mess for a man you still barely know. 
But it's so fucking addicting.
Two fingers meet the bud of your clit, fingering the soft little button while you wail and beg him not to. It's too much, it's making you feel funny! Poor girl, can't even take a few meek rubs to your petty little cunny. Your nails claw at his back, but are only met with the barrier of his fitted t-shirt, "G-Gonna cum, gonna cum, gonna cum!"
Your body tenses up, the sudden cold wave of your high washing over you forces every muscle in your body to lock up. Dabi pulls his hands from your thigh and pulls your body against his, keeping you from spasming too much while he continues to fuck your weak hole. He laughs into your shoulder at the warm feeling of you squirting all over his thighs and cock, making a spoiled mess of yourself and him in the process.
"Good fucking girl," He kisses your neck, the squeeze of your tight walls stimulating every nerve in his member, driving him straight over the cliff, "Fucking- gonna cum, ready? Gonna take my cum in that tight little pussy?" You can only tiredly nod your head, whimpering and holding onto him for dear life. The overstimulation of his hips slapping against yours making it difficult for you to enjoy the afterglow of your orgasm.
Dabi's cock pounds into yours a few more times, his breath fanning against your exposed neck, and just as his hips sputter in the wake of his climax, he bites into your shoulder to muffle his loud groans. His cock twitches inside, his seed hot and thick staining your walls white.  He falls limp in your arms, dragging his dick in and out painfully slow just to ride it out, smearing his cum all inside of your velvet walls. 
Finally, he drags himself out of you, watching his cum mixed with your spill from you and onto the table, He taps his softening tip against your clit, amused by the little jerks and twitches of your hips to get away from his abuse. Dabi pries away from your hold and presses his lips against the corner of your lips, holding your body tight against his for a few minutes to enjoy that stage of comfort that comes with the afterglow of hot sex.
"Fuck, babe..." He pants, fisting his cock a few times before pushing open your thighs to see the slick and cum sticking to your skin, "Let's get you cleaned up, then maybe I'll think about taking you out for dinner."
Your heavy eyes look up at him, a wicked grin pulling at the corners of your lips, "Who said I wanted to do this again?" Your words make him freeze, poor guy looks as if he was caught in headlights. It is amusing, to say the least, looking at his dropped expression and the confusion written in his eyes, "If you pay for dessert, maybe we can do it again...?" Dabi takes your hand and helps you off the table, ashamed he fell from your trick, but nonetheless you have his attention.
"You're gonna be the death of me, sweetheart."
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figaraki · 4 months ago
— nsfw // f. reader + various characters 
— dick prints + hand jobs + lap sitting + more
ft. deku, kirishima, shinso, aizawa, hawks, dabi, and shigaraki. 
— 1.1k words
Tumblr media
deku can’t resist playing with you when he realizes how much you want his cock. having caught you staring one too many times, he tugs you into his lap eagerly and holds you close, so close that you can feel his breath on your lips, a whisper away from a kiss. he asks you what you need, wants to hear you say every dirty detail until you’re squirming, shy and undone while sitting atop his thighs. 
his kiss is fervent, a fevered prayer as his hands guide your body in his direction. he holds your hips in place nudging your legs open a little further with his knees until he can grind against you, feeling your warm cunt through your panties, already slick against his cock. he chastises you for being such a silly girl; would you have let just any man toy with you like this? don’t you know whose cunt this is?
he’s rough on your clit, finding it quickly and attacking it with practiced fingers, proud at how quickly you’re reduced to little more than a slick, precious mess. he is unforgiving, cruel to your sensitive cunt, but he treats the rest of your body with care, as if you were a doll, holding you close and cooing honeyed words into your ear between each kiss and nibble down your neck, contradictory to each slap of his hips against your parted, trembling thighs.
“that’s my girl... tell me how you want it. you know how to ask, don’t you?”
kirishima isn’t shy when he realizes you’re staring. he laughs good-naturedly, baring sharp teeth in a sweet grin, and pulls you into a warm, playful kiss. he asks if you really want it, or you just like the view. do you wanna touch it, pretty girl? 
gently, he envelopes your hand in his. he guides your palm between your legs, lifting it to meet the bulge in his pants and curling your fingers surely around his half-swollen cock. adoration softens his features, drawing color to his cheeks, and he sucks in a shaky breath, pressing his forehead to yours.
“feel that, baby? that’s for you.”
shinso likes to compromise; you get to wear his hoodie, and he wears the sweatpants - that’s all. it’s good grounds for snuggling, a solid excuse, and nothing beats the sight of your pretty thighs peeking out of his sweatshirt. it‘s not his fault that his sweet little girlfriend needs his hoodie more than he does.
you pad into the bedroom after a sower, clad in little more than that while you towel-dry your hair, to find him lounging on the bed, bare-chested and lazily splayed out on top of your duvet. your eyes follow every curve and plane of his form, down to the cut v at his hips and the dark hair beneath his belly button, trailing lower and lower still, stopped only by the waistband of his sweats, settled dangerously low on his torso.
“see somethin’ you like, honey?”
aizawa finds himself hunched over his desk far too often, loses himself in the paperwork and grading he has to get done, even with you sitting so close. it’s hard to focus with your hand crawling up his leg, grazing his thighs every so often while your curious eyes wander over his lithe, powerful body until he heaves a sigh. 
his shirt rides up as he stretches, pushing away from his desk, baring toned muscle with the slightest motion; he sees you peering up at him, so innocent, sitting cross legged on the floor, and his breath all but catches in his throat when he realizes why your hands start to tremble. 
he doesn’t have to be hard for you to see just how big he really is, and you wait for him to open his arms to you, cooing out an invitation to his lap and promises of a reward for being so perfectly patient for him. 
“c’mere, baby... you want some of this?”
hawks is sure his heart skips a beat once his gaze leaves the book cradled in one single, sure palm, watching you crawl towards him, as ravenous as a starved predator seeking the satisfaction of sinking fangs into the hide of untold prey; the sway of your hips and the curve of your back catch his eye as you cross the bed, lighting an unspeakable hunger inside him. in one fluid motion, he preens, running a hand through his hair, still damp from the shower, and spreads his legs a little wider as you crawl his way, closer and closer still. 
“hey, pretty thing... i see you. ‘s hard for you - come ‘n get it.”
dabi watches you nibble on your lower lip as he checks himself out in the mirror. he’s no longer invested in his own vanity, and instead, peers back at you. your eyes do not meet, and you admire him from behind, sure that if you were to look directly at him your face might be lit aflame in embarrassment.
he is agonizingly irresistible, taking the time to trace a finger over the hard lines of muscle, the jagged scars and the staples that follow his flesh, and when you finally tear your gaze away from him, he turns to you.
clutching his fabric-clad cock loosely, he makes a show of adjusting to the size of it; he wants you to watch.
“you just gonna stand there ‘n drool, or are you gonna put that mouth to good use, doll?”
shigaraki clutches his controller, and his eyes hardly leave his console’s screen despite the familiar sink of the couch under your weight, shuffling as you crawl towards him, watching his gaze intently. deep reds shifting to violet in the cool, unforgiving blue light that casts upon his face, highlighting the shadows of his features. with every swerve and expert maneuver, the muscles in his back flex, rippling towards his biceps, and he knows you’re watching. 
warmth creeps up his neck at the feeling of your stare. he’s played this level enough times to know what’s coming next - he isn’t worried about losing, but he doesn’t expect you to touch him so soon, running soft fingertips over the rough, scarred skin of his shoulders; it doesn’t tear him away from the game, and he ignores the way his cock twitches to life, rearing at the subtlest graze of your hands on his body.
your lips tip up in a small, coy grin, and you lean in, daring him to look away from the screen while your fingers creep up his thigh, whispering a sweet promise to behave on the condition that he doesn’t let you distract him.
he curses, working his lower lip between his teeth when he catches you slinking to the floor, falling to your knees and finally settling your warm hand over his cock, practically throbbing at the first hint of attention.
as much as he wants it, he warns you:
“you shouldn’t start something you don’t intend to finish, dirty girl.”
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miyagoldenhour · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
→  pairing: bakugo, todoroki, kirishima, hawks, dabi
→ warning: smut
→ gen tags; ask box; navigation + taglist: @trifliz​   
Tumblr media
↬  falling in love with bakugo katsuki is like driving your car down the fast lane like no one is watching; it's thrills down your spine and a pulsing in your head; feeling breathless when he kisses you; being bonked on the head with test papers while studying; holding his hand while drive to nowhere in particular; passionate kisses that make your toes curl; seeing him at the pool and flushing like a cherry; late night phone calls where his gruff and husky voices makes you feel funny; watching him take down bad guys with a smirk on his face and never feeling more attracted to him in your life; it's knowing that with all his cold shoulders and complaining translate directly into how much he cares.
↬ bakugo katsuki falling in love with you is seeing you smile and scowling at that fluttering feeling in his chest; it's kissing your hand when he's holding it while no ones looking; feeling a heated urge when he sees you at the pool wearing that; study dates where he can't help but think how cute you look while you chew on your pencil; late phone calls where your soft voice lulls him to sleep; trying his best to impress you while he's blowing up shit, proud of himself; pretending he doesn't care but scared that if he showed you how badly he wanted you you might run away; seeing you walk toward him in the hallway with this glow and he never wants this to change. ever.
Tumblr media
↬ falling in love with shoto todoroki is like watching cherry blossom petals fall around you like a dream; it's gentle touches and longing looks; standing right next to him whenever the two of you are in the same room; it's because even when all you see and hear is chaos, he is the only sense of calmness and right everywhere you look; him giving you soba noodles that he so happened to accidently make too much of; his hand from his cool side touching you and still leaving a burning sensation on your skin; switching which side you walk on during dates depending on the season; seeing him as not just hot and cold, but warm and cool.
↬ shoto todoroki falling in love with you is breathing in fresh air on a chilly autumn day, hugs and cuddles for the first time; kisses that make a warmth in his chest blossom; being scared of losing you after villain's had attacked ua, holding you tightly against his chest; not being able to sleep and going to your room to chat; going to cafe's and having to be dragged away; whispering your name like a prayer in your ear when you're about to come, watching you sleep so peacefully afterwards; your eyes, filling with compassion and heartache and love when he talks about his childhood and father; his pride, when you don't take shit from his father and stand up to him; his world, right in front of him this whole time.
Tumblr media
↬ falling in love with kirishima is like stepping into the sun after being exposed to night for years; it's seeing him smile and a thousand emotions exploding in your chest; his support no matter what path you take; his love overflowing you like a current, reminding you how beautiful you are to him; his determination, filling you with a sense of pride; working out with him, telling you how "manly" you look; constant cuddles, so much that the other student of class 1-a tell you to get a room; getting the best hugs, ones that lift you off the ground and make your stretch out your legs like a leopard; loving kirishima for the selfless man he is.
↬ kirishima falling in love with you is admiring your strength and courage to be who you are and pushing him to be his best every day; it's soft cuddles in the bath, loving when you touch his long hair; it's walking you home from school; talking about you so much that bakugou threatens to blow his head up; texting you wholesome shit to see if you'll smile in class and then getting his phone taken away; it's having you officially join the bakusquad because you're practically a member anyway; it's the whole room lighting up when you enter; always being as close as humanly possible, because you light a warm flame inside of him.
Tumblr media
↬ falling in love with hawks is like running your hand into a steady stream that turns into a mighty river; it's watching him fly and your heart travelling with him; it's that smile of his that turns your insides to mush; him carrying you through the sky and kissing you on some rooftop; lunch dates where you just talk about whatever; seeing him on the pro hero charts and feeling a rush of warmth, congratulating him with a peck on his cheek; it's visiting his apartment at night, when the darkness begins to consume him; it's his wings wrapping around you both to pull you close as he fucks you from behind, murmuring praises into your ear and hold you throughout the night as he spoons you from behind, the haziness of the night swallowing you whole.
↬ hawks falling in love with you is watching you from buildings, worried about your safety; sometimes it's refusal to talk about work and you desperately calling out to him; later it's delicately kissing you on the head, as you bury your face into his chest; it's seeing you trust him, believe in what he's doing; listening to him talk about his past; it's thinking about you at night, grasping at the empty bedsheets next to him; standing to close to you in the morning at work, making you flustered with the attention; it's locking his office and using his wings to shield you; it's you gently cleaning his wings for him while he traces your hips in the shower; it's seeing you today and the next day and the next.
Tumblr media
↬ falling in love with dabi is like dousing yourself in kerosene and hoping you don't light aflame, and enduring as skin peels and blisters; it's watching him closely, too closely; it's catching his attention and finding yourself in an unknown basement, kidnapped; questions and questions but never about how you are, just who and when and where and why; it's seeing the sadness in his eyes, wanting to take it away even when he is your captor; it's joining the league, because as much as he hid his distress at the thought of you leaving, you knew; it's going to his bedroom at night because it's too cold and risking being turned to ash, just at the promise of a little warmth; it's him looking at you with wonder and curiosity as you hold his face in your hands without disgust, even kissing him.
↬ dabi falling in love with you is cold-blooded fear; it's something nostalgic and foreign in his chest that he doesn't want anymore, but it's heavy when he steps close to you; it's keeping watch over you the longest, though no one mentions it; refusing to answer to your questions, but still listening to your one-sided conversations; it's feeling his shoulders unclench when he hears your voice; it's panic in chest when shigaraki talks about letting you go again since you're not a treat to the league; it's aggressive tears that sting his face and creating a burning sensation again when he even thinks about it; it's ecstacy swallowing him whole when you tell everyone you're staying; it's holding you so tight he could break your bones when you slip into his room at night, afraid he'll break if he lets go; so he doesn't.
Tumblr media
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cellotonin · 8 months ago
☆ izuku, iida, shinsou, tamaki, & dabi reacting to “cummies” 🥴 ☆
⤷ feat: midoriya izuku, iida tenya, shinsou hitoshi, amajiki tamaji, dabi
tags/warnings: 18+, very suggestive, use of “cummies”, gn!reader
a/n: [insert “ah shit, here we go again gif” here] LMAO UM,,,,,, i mentioned making a part two as a joke but then y’all actually started asking for it LMFAIODCISXDKJCFGBH,,,,,, I RLLY SET MYSELF UP FOR THAT HUH 😭 
but uh :DD here’s part one if you need an extra reason to go “what the fuck” today AHAHA-
edit: jesus christ the number of times i used the 🥺 emoji JSBDKSNFG MY GOD— WHAT IS THIS
izuku midoriya
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tenya iida
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hitoshi shinsou
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tamaki amajiki
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ultimate-astridwriting · 7 months ago
Riding Hawks, Bakugou and Dabi
Request: hc’s of dabi and bakugo and keigo and riding them
Note: writing for these boys are just making me simp for them harder
⤑ requests are open! masterlist || taglist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he usually likes being on top and having the control but has no problem letting you ride him
he’ll just lay back and enjoy the show
likes it better when you’re facing him because he gets to see all the cute expressions you make
he also gets to see your tits bouncing while you’re grinding on his dick
his hands wander, a lot!
he’ll grab your ass
play with your nipples
and he’ll buck up into you just to see your eyes roll back
want to wipe that smug expression off of his face? edge him
ride his cock as if your life depends on it and as soon as he’s close to the edge just stop
his dom persona will disappear so quick
“Ngh- Why’d you stop? I was so fucking close. Come on, baby. Let me cum, please let me cum. Fuck! I wanna come so bad, I need it!”
keep denying him and he’ll get so desperate
when you finally decide to let him cum, overload his senses
bite his nipples, tug on his hair and his wings and bounce on his cock
he’ll cum so hard and he’ll definitely be out of it for a while, his head still clouded with pleasure
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he’s more laid back and chill
this happens when he needs a little stress reliever after a long mission
he likes it more than he’d like to admit
it makes him feel taken care of? in a way
riding dabi is more passionate than rough
you’re the one in control which means he can’t go as hard as he normally does
it also mean you get the chance to admire and explore his body
this is the perfect time for some ✨praise and body worship✨
compliment him and tell him about how good he makes you feel
leave hickeys and marks all over
he’s not good with words so he’ll show you he’s thankful by fucking your brains out
he’ll wrap his arms around you, pulling you into his chest and thrusting up
he’s not quiet about it either
he’ll moan out your name and throw your praise back at you
telling you about how beautiful you look
“You made me feel amazing, doll. Now let me return the favour, okay?”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
bakugou katsuki.
another guy who’d rather top you
he gets very impatient and he’d rather be the one in control
when you’re riding him he’s a huge brat
he’ll tease and annoy you the entire time
“Awh, don’t tell me you’re getting tired already? I knew you couldn’t handle me, babe.”
“I -fuck I don’t feel a-anything. Ngh- Fuck you!”
the only way to shut him up is to occupy his mouth with something else
gag the mf!
the view will be amazing
looking at him underneath you, a drooling mess, trying to pretend he isn’t feeling good
change up your pace
he’ll have such a hard time trying not to prematurely cream
as soon as he finishes don’t stop moving
his cock will be super sensitive and he cannot handle overstim
if you take off the gag you’ll hear his delicious broken moans, he won’t be able to think or speak
“What was that about not being able to handle you? Hm? Now I’m not stopping until I’m satisfied or until you beg me to, got that?”
Tumblr media
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gaysimpsstuff · 5 months ago
Addidentally Injuring Their S/o
Part Two Here
YT Video Here (thanks @vanillaicedlatte-yt)
Genre: a n g s t
Type: Drabble/ Headcannons
Summary: in the heat of an arguement, after a battle, etc., they activate their quirk and Y/n somewhat permanently.
Warnings: gore, blood, fighting/ cursing, crying, burns, toxic relationships, 290 spoilers, endeavor
Other: This was meant to come out yesterday, but shitty mental health got in the way, so yeet. Also, I’m sorry these get worse and worse as they progress, that’s usually how things go for me. This was also inspired by a Tik Tok that I can’t find where Shigaraki accidentally dusts y/n who’s trying to comfort him. It was a Cosplay, if anyone can find it please let me know so I can link it and credit the creator.
Characters: Shigaraki, Dabi, Bakugou, Todoroki
Angst Taglist: @smolchildfangirl @combat-wombatus @mandalorian-baby-bird @waffleareniceandfluffy (let me know if you want to be added to or removed from the taglist)
Tomura Shigaraki
Tumblr media
It had started as a great day, a perfect day even. Everyone was listening to him, the league was getting news coverage, people were afraid.
Everything was too perfect.
Something was going to go wrong, he was sure of it.
He hated the way everyone was laughing and joking together, Toga helping Magne do her nails, Spinner playing video games with Twice backstage, and you were chatting with Dabi and Compress about the league’s next moves.
Kuroguri was off doing something or other, and he’d mentioned another ‘follower of All For One.’
But something felt off.
And of course you would notice him.
You were hiding at an abandoned theatre, and he was sitting on the edge of the stage, staring out at the empty audience.
You were with Dabi and Compress in the wings, and glanced away from them towards your boyfriend.
He seemed stressed, scratching at his neck vigorously. You sighed, standing up and heading over to him, sitting beside him.
You placed your hand on top of his spare hand, offering him a soft smile.’
“Hey, baby~” you cooed. “How’s my boyfriend doing?”
He grumbled, yanking his hand away from you. Your theory was correct, he was stressed about something.
He didn’t want to talk to anyone, especially not you. You always tried to comfort him and convince him everything was ‘okay’ even when it wasn’t.
“Go away.” He growled. “I’m trying to think.”
“Thinking about what?” You asked, scooching closer to him.
“None of your fucking business!” He snapped at you, and you flinched away from him.
“Tomura, I was just trying to help-“ you frowned at him. He could be immature and bratty at times he’s, but he usually made sure not to get that way with you.
“I don’t give a shit! I don’t need your damn help!” He stood up, marching over to the wings to head backstage. You followed suit.
Compress and Dabi quickly rushed off the stage when they saw Shigaraki heading towards them. Dabi stopped for a moment next to you, looking at you.
“Good luck with him.” He said, jerking his head towards Shigaraki. You shrugged at him.
Shigaraki overheard Dabi’s notion, anger and distress intensifying. Good luck? Good luck?! What the hell was wrong with him?
Dabi and Compres joined Toga and Magne in the red velvet chairs, Compress requesting that he gets his nails done in orange and black when she finished with Magne’s.
Shigaraki pushed aside the large heavy curtains blocking his way backstage, finding Spinner and Twice huddled near a small TV, an old PvP game loading onscreen
They both looked over their shoulders, staring up at their boss. You quickly darted backstage, crouching next to the ‘gamer boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis’ as they had nicknamed themselves.
“I’m so sorry,” you whispered to them. “He’s in a bit of a mood. I’ll take care of it, okay?”
Did he hear you correctly?
A mood?
You’ll ‘take care of it?’
Of it?
“Say that again, to my fuckung face!” Shigaraki screamed at you. “Tell me I’m just ‘iN a MoOd’ again!!”
You turned to him, eyes wide and scared.
“I’m sorry, Tomura, I didn’t mean it like that- I just didn’t want our friends to worry!”
“They aren’t our fucking friends! They just work for us- they work for me!” He corrected himself.
You stood up, flicking your wrist to motion for Twice and Spinner to leave. They quickly turned off their game and rushed away.
“You might not consider them our friends, but they’re certainly my friends. And I won’t let you scare my friends.” You stood your ground, taking a step towards him.
He scoffed, turning around and marching back onstage. You sighed, following after him, again.
“Please, Tomura talk to me. I’m your partner I want to help you!” You exclaimed. “You’re worrying me, please!”
“Well I don’t want to fucking talk!” He shouted, “and I don’t have to!”
“Please, Tenko!”
He saw red.
His hand flew away from him before he could stop himself, a target missile. It’s destination? Your face.
You lifted your hands instinctively, and he grabbed your wrist, fingers curling around your skin.
In that moment, all he felt was relief. Thank fucking god you’d lifted your arms. It was the one thing that has saved you from him.
You screamed, pain shooting up through you from your arm. Your skin peeled, falling away in tiny fragments of dust.
The dust fell around his fingers, your hand and wrist were completely gone now.
You felt someone pull you backwards, and you saw a glint of silver as Toga quickly severed your arm, blood spilling onto the floor of the stage where the pile of dust that used to be your arm lay.
You fell to your knees, screaming, reaching up and clutching at your elbow- the point of separation- desperately, trying to will your arm back into existence.
“TOMURA!” You shrieked, tears falling down your cheeks. “TOMURA! FIX IT!!”
It was hopeless, you knew there was no way for him to un-dust you. You fell forward, forehead pressed against the floor.
Shigaraki took a step back, glancing at his hand. There were a few speckles of dust resting on his palm. His breath quickened, eyes widening as he cupped his other hand over his mouth.
He stared down at you, Blood staining your shirt as you screamed and cried.
It must have hurt.
He remembered the promise he’d made after you’d started dating, when he’d protected you from some assholes trying to mug you.
“I promise you, I’m going to protect you. Nothing, no one, will lay a hand on you ever again.”
It was a promised meant against anyone who posed a threat to you.
He never meant to become a threat himself.
Touya Todoroki/ Dabi
Tumblr media
Some days were always going to be better than others, that’s simply how it works when you’re recovering from trauma.
Today was one of the bad days.
He’d woken up with a thick, heavy, dark feeling in his chest.
He wasn’t even comforted by the warmth your body produced next to him.
Most days he’d roll over and wrap his arm around your body, pulling you close to his body to cuddle you.
This morning however, Dabi rolled away from you and climbed out of bed. You looked over your shoulder at him, confused and slightly hurt. Did you do something to make him upset last night?
You followed after your angsty boyfriend, walking out of the bedroom and down the hall into the kitchen.
He crashed at your apartment a lot, being a villain it was hard to get his own home. You didn’t know where he stayed when he wasn’t at your place.
He grabbed a box of cereal out of the cupboards, pouring himself a bowl. You pulled the milk out of the fridge, handing it to him with a smile.
He scrunched up his nose at your kindness, snatching the carton from your hand and angrily pulling the cap off.
You sighed, nervously pouring yourself a bowl as Dabi started to eat. He didn’t even bother to sit at the table.
“Hey, babe? You okay? You seem kind of... off today.”
Your boyfriend glanced down at you, cerulean eyes seemingly staring right through you.
“M’fine.” He grunted. Your frown tightened.
“I’m sorry, but I can’t believe that.” You shook your head at him.
Dabi glared down at you in annoyance. His scowl deepening. You took a step back, concerned and scared.
“Dabi, please talk to me.” You pleaded with him.
“Uzéndayo.” He grumbled angrily. “Fuck off.”
“Please, you’ll hurt my feelings.” You scoffed sarcastically. “You can talk to me, y’know.”
“Don’t fuckin need to. Leave me alone.”
“Dabi, this is my place. I’m not leaving you alone.”
“Then I’ll leave!” He snapped, brushing past you and leaving his cereal on the counter to sog.
He snatched his jacket off the back of the couch, shrugging it onto his shoulders.
“Seriously, Dabi! What the hell’s going on! Did I do something wrong?”
It pissed him off further to hear you blame yourself. You always thought it was your fault, but it never was.
“Oh shut the fuck up for once! Quit thinking it’s all about you! It’s not always about you!”
“Dabi just fucking talk to me! I’m not letting you leave until you tell me what’s wrong!”
You stepped in front of the door, flinging your arms open to block ilhis exit. He looked you in the eyes, seething.
“Nothing happened!” He shouted “Sometimes I’m just angry for no reason! Get out of my way and I’ll take my anger out on some rando and not on you. Then I’ll come back and we can pretend this never happened.”
“Dabi I won’t let you just kill some innocent person because you’re upset! Just sit with me and we can talk it out and-“
“That’s always your solution! Quit being a wimpy pacifist and move!”
“I’m not a pacifist, I just don’t think you should kill without reason!”
“Well I have a fucking reason!”
“And what’s that?”
“I want to!”
“That’s not a reason!”
“Just get out of my fucking way or I’ll make you!”
“Dabi, just talk to me!”
It was the last thing you said before he grabbed your arm and pulled your body forward to meet his. Your chest pressed against his, his face right in front of yours.
It’d be hot if you weren’t so scared.
“Listen here you little shit,” he growled, low and angry “I’m stronger than you in every fucking way.”
“I could kill you in an instant if I so desired.”
“Incinerate your filthy annoying ass any day I want, so be fucking grateful for once and watch your damn mouth!”
“SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LISTEN! I am superior to you in every way, you should be grateful I even share oxygen with you!”
“I DON’T CARE IF IT HURTS, LISTEN TO ME YOU DIRTY MOTHERFUCKER!” He screamed in your face, eyes wild with unchecked rage.
Tears flowed down your face as you sobbed, indescribable pain was shooting up through your arms.
Dabi’s eyes finally drifted downwards, and he froze, mouth falling slack.
Smoke was billowing off his hands, and his knuckles were white with how hard he was gripping you.
He snapped his hands away from you, curling them into his body as his eyes widened. He took a few steps back.
There were black scorch marks on your body in the shape of his hands. They looked real bad.
“Get out.” You whispered, so soft he couldn’t hear.
“GET OUT!” You screamed, pointing at the door despite the intense pain in your arms. “GET OUT OR I’M CALLING THE POLICE!”
“B-baby I’m sorry!” He shouted “I didn’t mean to, I promise!”
Dabi stumbled past you, quickly rushing out of your apartment and shutting the door behind him.
His back was pressed against the wood as he slid down, covering his face as he listened to your sobs on the other side, hearing your footsteps fade into the bathroom, probably to run cold water on your skin.
For a moment, all the could think about was the cereal on the counter, getting soggy.
“Fuck.” He muttered, eyes burning as they tried to produce tears without his tear ducts.
“I’m so fucking sorry.”
Shoto Todoroki
Tumblr media
Shit wrong emo scar boy with daddy issues, fire powers, and an evil older sibling with blue fire
Tumblr media
There we go
It was a shitty day. 
Well, most days were shitty days, but today was shittier than usual. 
A home visit, Endeavor trying to act like he was ‘upset about everything that happened,’ and pretending he was the victim in the situation.
It would be enough to set anyone on edge, especially Shouto. 
So it wasn’t much of a surprise when he returned to the dorms with a deep frown on his face.
Even when Midoriya, Iida, and Uraraka tried to talk to him, he still seemed angry the whole time. There was really only one thing that should be able to cheer him up. Let’s hope you do your job well.
“Knock knock~ Shouto it’s me!” you stood on the outside of Shouto’s dorm. You knew Shouto must be stressed, so you’d gotten him some brownies from the sweets cupboard, Sato’s locks were easy to pick.
“I don’t want to fucking talk.” his response was blunt, clearly annoyed that you’d bothered his brooding. “Go away.”
You sighed, he could act like such a child sometimes!
“Shouto, I just want to cheer you up! Let me in, babe.” a moment later, he swung the door open, am annoyed glare on his face. You smiled sweetly at him, handing him the plate of brownies. His hands remained in his pockets, glancing down at the brownies then back up at you.
“Um... can I come in?” you asked quietly. He shrugged, stepping aside to let you in. You stepped past him, sitting on the edge of the platform bed, setting the brownies on the nightstand. 
Shouto closed the door behind him, turning to face you.
“Do... do you want to talk about it?” Shouto huffed, shaking his head and looking away from you.
“Do I look like I want to talk?” he snapped. You flinched, his tone was harsh.
“Shouto I just want to help, you don’t need to be rude.”
“I don’t give a shit if I’m being ‘rude.’“ He growled, arms crossed. 
His eyes stared coldly at you. Yeah, he was definetly upset.
“That’s okay, we can chat about something else. Oh, Sato probably needs to change the lock on the sweets cupboard, I kinda broke it getting you these brownies!” you looked up at him, smile faltering as he looked down his nose at you. “Are... are you mad at me?”
“Wow, you just noticed that.” he rolled his eyes. “I told you to go away but you didn’t.”
“I-I’m sorry, I was just really worried about you. You’re my boyfriend and I love you, I don’t like seeing you upset.”
“Then maybe you should try fucking listening to me for once. If I don’t want to talk, then you can’t make me talk.” You nodded, apologizing again.
“Oh my god shut the fuck up!” he shouted. “You’re always talking, always apologizing, you’re getting on my fucking nerves!”
“Okay!” you stood up quickly, lifting your hands defensively. “I’ll just leave!”
You brushed past him on your way to the door, hesitating on the handle. You glanced over your shoulder at him.
“Would you fucking stop with the pity?” you looked at the ground, not saying anything.
You heard the slap before you felt it.
The sting shot through your face, and you could hear Shouto shouting at you, but it was muffled. You didn’t know what he was saying. 
You lifted your hand to your cheek, hissing in pain. He didn’t just slap you,
He used his fire.
You choked on your words, turning to look at your boyfriend with tear-filled eyes.
Shouto was looking at you with a look of sheer horror on his face.
“I’m sorry...” you whimpered. “I’m going-” you slipped out the door, ignoring Shouto’s shout for you to turn back and talk to him
That it was an accident.
That he didn’t mean it.
That didn’t matter.
Katsuki Bakugou/ Dynamight
Tumblr media
Fuck Icy-Hot. 
Fuck. Him.
He said he’d gotten stronger since the Summer Camp, but he hadn’t at all.
He was still loosing to Todoroki, and no matter how hard he was working, he still kept loosing to him.
His hand was buried in his hair, tugging harshly every so often as he listened to you ramble about something that happened during your work study.
Even you were getting ahead of him, his own partner was getting stronger than him. He’d promised he’d protect you, but that would be useless if you kept improving faster than him.
“Then afterwords, FatGum took me, Kirishima, and Amajiki to this resturaunt, and the owner turned out to be a huge fan of FatGum, she gave us free desert! Oh my gosh the cake was so good!” you exclaimed, laughing a little.
Bakugou grumbled under his breath a little, keeping his eyes away from your estatic face. 
“Great.” you glanced back to your boyfriend from where you sat at your desk, eyebrows furroring. Usually, Katsuki would give you one of those proud smirks all like ‘that’s my partner,’ but today he seemed upset.
“You alright, Katsuki? Was your provisional licence class stressful today?” you asked sympathetically, moving your hand towards him to comfort him. 
He yanked his hand away from you, shooting you a pissed off look.
“Fuck no.” he growled. “Even if it was, I can handle it. I don’t need your damn help.” you rested your hand on your lap.
“I know, Katsuki. My boyfriend’s so strong!” you smiled brightly at him. Usually complimenting him would make him feel better, but today it seemed to only piss him off more.
“Shut up.” he hunched over, curling into himself more. He pulled one leg up to his chest, holding it under his knee. 
“Uh.. are you sure you’re okay?” you asked, cocking your head to the side gently.
“I’m fucking fine!” He snapped, keeping his eyes anywhere but on you. “I don’t need your pity!”
“Pity? Katsuki I’m not pitying you, I’m worried for you. You’re my boyfriend and I want you to be happy so-”
“Didn’t I say to shut up?” he stood up, shoving his hands into his pockets. “Don’t give me your worry, fight me instead!”
“Why the hell would I fight you, Katsuki? I already know you’re stronger than me!”
“Fucking how? You got that new work study you’re constantntly talking about! How haven’t you gotten stronger than me?”
“Is that what this is about? I’ve only been at my work study for a few days, how in the world could I have leaped leagues in that amount of time to reach your level?”
“Then why even join that stupid work study if you’re not getting stronger?”
“I am getting stronger, just not fast enough to be at your level that quickly!” you explained. “Sorry?”
“Ugh just shut the fuck up!” he shouted, storming out of your dorm and down the hall to the common room. There were a only a few people in there,
Yao-Momo and Jirou in the kitchen, Kirishima and Kaminari on the couches, and Sero was leaning over the back of the couch. They all looked up when Bakugou stormed in with you on his tail.
“Katsuki, you’re confusing me! What’s going on? How can I help? Is it something I did?” 
“Just leave me alone, okay? Go away!” he shouted over his shoulder. Kaminari, Kirishima, Sero, Jirou, and Yaoyorazu all snapped their heads towards you and Bakugou.
“Katsuki, please! You’re scaring me!” you glanced over at your friends, Jirou and Yao-Momo glancing between each other and muttering. 
“Yo, Kachan, the hell’s going on between you and Y/n?” Kaminari asked, standing up. Sero hissed at him to sit down if he wanted to keep his head.
“I’m sorry, Kaminari, Bakugou’s upset and I don’t know why-”
“Don’t know why? Quit it with the lies! I hate liars!”
“I-I’m not lying! I really don’t know!” you reached forward, latching your hand onto his wrist. “Please just talk to me!”
“BULLSHIT!” he snapped his hand away from yours. “You’re a fucking liar!”
“Bakubro, calm down!” Kirishima stood up, briskly walking over to the two of you. 
“STAY OUT OF THIS!” Bakugou slammed his palm against Kirishima’s face, setting off a small explosion.
“KIRISHIMA!” You ran to his side as the smoke cleared, finding his face hardened.
“I’m okay, I’m okay!” he assured you. He offered you a small smile, suddenly, he yelped and ducked, avoiding another hit from Bakugou.
“LET GO OF THEM!” he shouted, and his hand sparked twice before setting off again. This time right next to your face.
You hit the ground first, then felt stinging pain across your face and shoulder.
You didn’t even hear your own screaming because of the fact that he blew up your ears.
You didn’t register Kirishima picking you up, or Bakugou staring after you in fear, or the others in the room scolding Bakugou or worrying about you.
All you knew in that moment was pain.
Pure, white hot, agonizing pain.
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serostuffsmh · 4 months ago
Villain stans are like “omg he’s built different!”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yeah, he’s built like ikea furniture without an allen wrench
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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kyotarou · 8 months ago
after fights
characters: dabi, hawks, katsuki bakugou
plot: the aftermath of fights with their s/o
warnings: angst, swearing, degradation
a/n: i understand dabi/hawks/bakugou are some people’s comfort characters so here’s a gentle reminder that this is a work of fiction!! this was an idea i had in my head that i wanted to share and it helps me work with diff genres of writing, but again it is FICTIONAL! love you all, and take care <3
p.s.: i was listening to the slowed down version of sweater weather while writing bakugou’s and it got me a lil emotional HAHA it really did hurt
Tumblr media
His persona is already cold
During fights he’ll say something super harsh in the most deadpan voice
He’ll walk out once you start crying cause he has no time to deal with babies
He’s still a villain after all
But he doesn’t actually leave; he stands outside your door listening to your sobs
He waits until you go to bed to come back inside
Doesn’t matter if it takes hours, if it’s raining or snowing, he’ll be outside until it’s quiet inside
When he comes back, you’re curled up on the bed shivering, pillow stained with tears
Dabi sits beside you and gently strokes your cheek, hoping you’ll feel his presence even in your sleep
He won’t say it, but he does love you, and he’ll cremate anyone who even thinks about taking you from him
Fights rarely happen, but when they do, his words sting
He makes comments about your relationship in a sarcastic tone or with a bitter laugh
It makes your heart ache and mind numb with rage
He’ll notice the tears pooling in your eyes and try to comfort you, but you scream at him to leave
Keigo doesn’t want to make the situation worse, so he will
You immediately regret your words, but he’s already gone
He flies around the city to blow off steam, so you leave your window wide open in the hopes that he’ll see and come back
It’s dangerous this late at night, but it’s what you always do during his breaks from hero work to let him know he’s welcome inside
Hours pass and no sign of him
Around midnight, Keigo flies past your place and sees the window open and you on the couch, still awake
Immediately swoops down with worry
“Baby bird, what are you doing? Someone could’ve broken in, and it’s cold, you’re gonna get sick.”
“I was waiting for you, Kei.”
Keigo stands in front of you before sinking to his knees and squeezes you tight, wings covering your shivering body as tears stream down his face
“I love you baby bird. I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry.”
Refuses to let you go for the rest of the night
“Idiot” and “dumbass” are his terms of endearment
But you know when he’s using them lovingly from the way he acts
When he spits out something along the lines of, “You’re a fucking idiot, you know that? You don’t know shit.” there’s no trace of love
Being with Bakugou made you grow thick skin, but when your favorite nicknames turn into words of hatred, it brings a certain level of pain and insecurity that’s hard to soothe
Bakugou doesn’t walk away from a fight and neither do you
The tension still lingers even after you’ve stopped yelling
It’s like being in a room with a stranger
You eat dinner as usual but refuse to make eye contact or talk
When bedtime rolls around, you sleep with your backs facing each other and a significant gap separating the two of you
Neither of you can sleep, anyway
Bakugou stares at the wall and realizes he could never live with this much pain, and neither can you
He bites his lip to hold back the sob rising in his throat, but it’s no use
“Baby…” he chokes out. “I can’t do this. I love you.”
Bakugou rolls over and holds you against his chest as his cries and whimpers break the thick silence
“I’m sorry. I love you, I love you, I love you.”
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bakuhoes-dumbass · 4 months ago
‘Aberration' Masterlist
"Ah, welcome, Ms. Y/N! Thank you for accepting the job offer we extended to you. We are glad to have you with us. Your expertise on the subject will help us further our study on these mutations and what we can do to cure them. Now, I need you to study this information I’m going to be giving you. You are about to meet the eleven inmates that currently reside in this institution and it is vital you follow all the rules in place for each one. We will soon be proceeding to meet each one.
And may I remind you...
These individuals are extremely dangerous.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In this world, mutations, renamed as ‘Quirks’, are abnormal. Only about 5%-8% of the world population are known to have these so called ‘Quirks’. You are a graduate of one of the most prestigious science tech schools in the country. You’ve been selected to work for a secret scientific research facility that houses some of the most notorious criminals in the nation. Besides their crimes, what makes these individuals incredibly dangerous are their mutations. After meeting these individuals, they seem to have taking a liking to you. That should make your research and search for the cure all that much easier...
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 - Chapter 7.5 - Chapter 8
Abberation Bonuses:
Cannon ‘HC’:
Inmates from most to least likely to hurt you [asked by anon]
How loud the inmates are in bed [asked by anon]
How the inmates would react to Aizawa calling you ‘Sweetcheeks’ [asked by anon]
What would the inmates talk about besides their quirks and crimes [asked by @dementedinc-blog​]
Inmates finding you out on a jog a month later - Part 2 [asked by @yoshimochii]
How the inmates react to you having period cramps [asked by anon]
How the inmates would react to you wearing a wedding ring [asked by anon]
Inmate Tamaki Amajiki by @simply-not-the-same
Inmate Katsuki Bakugo by @blissfullyrhea​
Various MHA x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Will contain mentions of murder, assault, cannibalism, stalking, torture, arson, terrorism, and other felonies, Yandere themes, Sexual assault, Mental illness, abuse. Will add more as I write. DO NOT INTERACT IF YOU ARE A MINOR. DARK CONTENT.
Disclaimer: Characters are aged-up. I do not own MHA nor do these personalities represent the writers, characters or VAs of the show. This is strictly fiction and for entertainment purposes only.
A/N: Loosly inspired by @stayarmytinyzenmoa-l amazing story Zemblanity and @gaiyofanfiction story Twisted Karnival
© bakuhoes-dumbass 2021 - All rights reserved. No work shall be reproduced, reposted, modified, translated in any form or by any means.
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ultimate-astridwriting · 8 months ago
how about sero getting a blowjob? 👉👈
Sero, Dabi and Tamaki getting a blowjob
note: i included Tamaki and Dabi bc i also got requests to make hcs for them.
Tumblr media
• Is the biggest asshole when you’re sucking his dick
• He gets off on seeing you have a hard time. He knows he has a huge cock and he will make you take ALL OF IT
• Gets off on seeing you cry, tears streaming and smudged mascara as he’s fucking your face
• Sometimes he let’s you set your own pace but as soon as you try and tease him he will immediately take charge and shove his dick down your throat
• He will degrade the shit out of you
• “You are such a slut getting off to my cock, what a horny little bitch. But your my bitch aren’t you—yeah, say yes sir”
• Will have a cocky smirk on his face the entire time
• He doesn’t moan it’s more of heavy breathing and grunts. Still hot tho 😳
• ✨ Eye contact ✨
• Seeing you look up at him teary faced as he’s ruining you will make him bust on the spot
• He likes cumming on your face. Probably has a corruption kink so he likes making innocent things dirty *wiNk wOnK*
Sero Hanta
Tumblr media
• He’s a chill guy although he has his DOM moments most of the time he will let you do your thing
• He likes getting sucked off sitting down with his S/O in between his knees
• Likes messy blowjobs
• Drool dripping down your face as he’s holding up your hair, watching you take his fat cock
• If you really wanna get to him kiss and bite his inner thighs
• He will talk dirty and praise you in SPANISH✨
• “You taste so good, Hanta. Have I ever told you how much I love your cock?”
• He will let out the sweetest moans, knowing that you enjoy sucking his cock makes him 10x harder
• Usually let’s out shaky breaths and low moans
• He is a gentleman, so he’ll warn you when he’s about to come and asks where you want him. Likes coming on your face the most :)
Tamaki Amajiki
Tumblr media
• You are gonna have to take charge because he is nervous
• Will be stuttering and blushing the whole time
• He will ask again and again and again and again if you’re sure. It’s his way of showing he cares
• VOCAL. He will get so lost in the moment that he’ll be moaning out your name and letting out high pitched whines and whimpers.
• When he does notice how loud he is he’ll attempt cover his mouth or bite his lip and muffle his sounds
• His dick is so sensitive
• He will beg if you tease him enough
• “Let me cum, please. I-I’ll do anything just make me cum—yeah, I want more, bunny.”
• He’ll try to pull away when hes about to finish because he finds it embarrassing to cum on/in you.
• If you lick his cum off of you he will get embarrassed and proceeded to shove his face in a wall.
• Tell him his cum tastes good and Tamaki.xo not working. Seriously he’ll just die
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aizawaskittenwhore · 6 months ago
𝘯𝘴𝘧𝘸 𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘥𝘤𝘢𝘯𝘰𝘯𝘴
≛ 𝘧𝘵. 𝘪𝘻𝘶𝘬𝘶, 𝘣𝘢𝘬𝘶𝘨𝘰, 𝘴𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘴𝘰, 𝘥𝘢𝘣𝘪, 𝘴𝘩𝘪𝘨𝘢𝘳𝘢𝘬𝘪, 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘩𝘢𝘸𝘬𝘴.
≛ 𝘨𝘦𝘯𝘳𝘦: 𝘴𝘮𝘶𝘵. 𝘦𝘹𝘱𝘭𝘪𝘤𝘪𝘵 𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘵𝘦𝘯𝘵.
≛ 𝘸𝘰𝘳𝘥𝘴: 1𝘬
≛ 𝘸𝘢𝘳𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘴: 𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘷𝘺 𝘥𝘦𝘨𝘳𝘢𝘥𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯, 𝘥𝘢𝘤𝘳𝘺𝘱𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘪𝘢 /𝘤𝘳𝘺𝘪𝘯𝘨, 𝘳𝘰𝘶𝘨𝘩 𝘴𝘦𝘹, 𝘦𝘹𝘩𝘪𝘣𝘪𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯𝘪𝘴𝘮, 𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯𝘴 𝘰𝘧 𝘣𝘳𝘶𝘪𝘴𝘪𝘯𝘨/𝘮𝘢𝘳𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨, 𝘪𝘮𝘱𝘢𝘤𝘵 𝘱𝘭𝘢𝘺, 𝘧𝘦𝘮𝘥𝘰𝘮 (𝘴𝘮𝘢𝘭𝘭 𝘱𝘢𝘳𝘵 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘴𝘩𝘪𝘨𝘢𝘳𝘢𝘬𝘪), 𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯 𝘰𝘧 𝘣𝘳𝘢𝘯𝘥𝘪𝘯𝘨, 𝘰𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘴𝘵𝘪𝘮𝘶𝘭𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯.
𝘢𝘭𝘭 𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘳𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘴 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘱𝘰𝘳𝘵𝘳𝘢𝘺𝘦𝘥 𝘵𝘰 𝘣𝘦 𝘰𝘷𝘦𝘳 18. 𝘥𝘶𝘩.
i’m gonna be honest
that whole “innocent bby deku🥺” shit is played out. this man will demolish your pussy and will not apologize for it.
izuku has the full capacity to be rough in bed, so don’t let his sweet and demure presence fool you
he’s really into overstim surprisingly enough
watching you stir and keen as you cum again for the third time in a row fills him with a sense of pride
knowing nobody else could make you whine like this, make you sputter and stumble over each word, make you cream all over the dick the way he does
he also adores fucking you to the point where you can’t form a comprehensible sentence
he’ll give you deep, slow strokes while holding a bullet vibe directly to your swollen clit, pine eyes sparkling as he watches you plead for him to stop, yet buck your hips into him, chasing another orgasm.
calls you bunny instead of puppy bc ew
“you’re so insatiable, bunny. you like it when i—ah, fuck!—tease your pussy like this? ‘like it when i take what’s mine?”
the pleasure is overwhelming, insurmountable as he brings you to that prepice over and over again until you’re crying.
he’ll then flip you onto your stomach, hands digging into the dimples and slopes of your hips before absolutely impaling you on his length
he’s thick, and comes in at a solid 6-7 inches, so you’re always sore after a round or two
breeding kink. like a major one.
izuku wasn’t always the most confident in his abilities as a boyfriend let alone a lover
so when you started letting him cum inside you it was a huge boost
likes breeding you before work so he can think about the guys that hit on you in the break room smelling the scent of sex all over your body as you walk past them, sticky white fluid creeping down the leg of your pantyhose.
he couldn’t keep other guys from looking at you, but he could damn sure remind you of who you belonged to.
oh, and he’ll slide two fingers in once he’s done and scoop as much of his cum between them as possible before slipping them in your mouth so he can watch you suck it all off
this mf is possessive and nasty.
that’s it. send tweet
nah but in all seriousness, katsuki loves watching your eyes well up with tears as you squeeze and milk his dick for all it’s worth.
he’s a good 7-7.5 inches
not an insane amount of girth but the length more than compensates for it
most definitely uses it as a punishment
and isn’t afraid to do it while you’re in public either
which brings us to his exhibition kink
he’s very prideful when it comes to his reputation as a hero, so you would think that it would keep him from doing anything scandal worthy
it only adds to the searing arousal he gets from watching your tongue fondle his sensitive head, knees bruised from being beneath him for so long
it’s a power trip for him, especially if he’s in costume
depending on your behavior, he’ll be generous and let you swallow while praising your performance
or he’ll wrap a hand around the back of your neck, slide your mouth off of his spit-soaked cock, and stroke himself until his cum splatters all over your eyelashes, fully debauching you in the desolate alleyway
he’s made you walk back home with cum all over your face before, after you’d been particularly bratty over the course of a week
“katsuki! i can’t walk back home like this, what if someone notices?!”
“should’ve thought about that before you decided to visit me while you weren’t wearing any fuckin’ panties. nasty little hurry up and get a move on, and you better not wipe it off either.”
loves the thrill of humiliating you
unrelated, but he’s an ass man through and through, taking such pleasure in watching it jiggle and ripple under each heavy blow he delivers
takes photos of the marks afterwards and has an album for em.
he also loves fucking you on different surfaces around your penthouse (and his agency)
the man is territorial
so what better way to mark his territory than by making his gorgeous girlfriend squirt and cream all over it?
babe i am so sorry for your neighbors
cause if there’s nothing else shinsou loves it’s to make you scream
he’s got a corruption kink, but not in the way most people do
he doesn’t give a damn if you’re sweet and innocent, or if you’ve got the mouth of a sailor and could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch
what matters to him is making you lose your composure.
one day you’d been anticipating a call back from a job interview you’d gone to a few days prior
and shinsou just so happened to be observing your blissed-out expression as he ground into you from below, your body atop his
when your damned phone started ringing
being the sly little shit that he is, he saw an opportunity
“answer the phone pretty girl...don’t wanna keep them waiting, do you?”
reaching for your buzzing cell, you press the green ‘accept’ button, raising the device to your ear as you jolt forward
“hello, may i speak to y/n?” a chipper voice chimed through the receiver.
“t-this is sh-she. how can i—ah!—help you?” you garble your words, trying to suppress your moans
hitoshi merely takes this as a challenge, opting to drive into you deeper whilst trying to keep the noise down, it’s less fun when it’s obvious what you two are doing
his dick is thick as FUCK. 6 going on 7 inches but honestly you couldn’t give less of a fuck with the way he’s stretching you
surprisingly enough you managed your way through the phone call, telling the white lie of “helping the neighbors move”
but little did you know this was only the beginning of hitoshi’s new favorite pastime
he’s another exhibitionist too
so uh...good luck with that
remote control vibrators on dinner dates, fingers stuffed deep inside your sloppy cunt while he makes small talk with your mom at the dinner table,
even kneeling beneath your desk and sending you to heaven and back while you’re on a video call with your fucking boss.
he’s addicted to watching you fall apart, and is more than willing to apply that pressure.
dabi’s dick would fuck anyone stupid.
let’s make that clear.
it’s canon that he’s got a jacob’s ladder, blah blah blah, but let’s discuss how fucking pretty it is
creeping in at a firm eight inches, and about 4 and a half in girth with a drool-worthy mauve tip, his shaft slightly lighter than the rest of his tanned, unscarred skin
it’s dangerous, barbells running up the underside of his shaft or not
definitely into temperature play
and i’m not talking about that soft shit like warming up his fingers whilst they’re plunging in and out of your sweet center
no no no
that fucker will BRAND you and will not apologize
you’re his pretty little cumdump, and he’ll stake his claim upon your body how ever the hell he pleases
degradation is a given.
“—what a fuckin’ whore. tch, you really think you deserve this dick?”
“how about you get on your knees and beg for it then if you’re so damn needy.”
“quit your god damn whining, or i swear i’ll leave you spread out on this fuckin’ bar for shiggy to find. maybe i’ll even get a promotion for giving him such a slutty little bitch to use.”
“what’s wrong? does it hurt sweetheart? can’t take it after you talked all that shit earlier?” you shake your head no, thighs trembling as you struggle to maintain the position dabi’s folded you into. “...good.” he smirks, eyes gleaming with malice before pounding you to filth, cries spilling from your mouth as you beg for release, knowing he won’t give it to you.
making you cry? a specialty of dabi’s. your tears get him harder than anything; to watch your lips quiver as you sniffle, wiping away tears while he palms himself through his sweats
has shown you off to shigaraki, and will not hesitate to tongue your fluids off his digits while carrying on a full conversation with the other man.
after all, when you know your toy’s better than someone else’s, you tend to brag.
speaking of this mf
he’s the reason gamer boys get the rep of having massive dicks
cause god damn did you not expect this man to be slinging around eight bordering on nine inches of dick. four and a half to five inches of girth. poor you.
he’s also got a penchant for angry sex, so if that’s not enough of an indication that you’re going to have trouble walking afterwards i don’t know what is
but one thing he loves more than taking you apart piece by piece and cumming inside of you with zero remorse?
doing it when he’s in the middle of a game, and he’s online with the party’s voice chat.
“mmm—god, you really will do anything i tell you....swallowing every inch while these guys get to listen, and you’re not even embarrassed, you’re getting off on it!”
“i love little sluts like you, always doing whatever it takes just to have a cock pry them open at all times. that’s what you are, right? my little slut, made for me to do whatever i want to.”
yes, he’s made you whine so sweetly for him, cry as you beg him to touch you, while he plays fucking valorant.
and you can’t count how many times he’s mocked the way you gag and choke on his massive length while he played genshin impact with random guys online.
is a sucker for a good set of nudes, and isn’t afraid to ask for them on a regular basis
plus he just likes taking pictures/videos of you in general, saving them to a private album of his phone for him to use when you’re not there
he may parade you around as though you’re a lifeless fuckdoll, but if nothing else he’s possessive, and would rather relive the pain of losing to all might than let another man see you the way he does
but i’ll be honest, tomura’s not always a teasing, possessive, vindictive asshole with a huge dick.
he’s also a teasing, possessive, vindictive asshole with a thing for being dominated....and a huge dick.
see, it balances out!
it started with a bet that if he lost another round of mortal kombat you got to peg him
it took a lot of convincing, but he agreed to the terms, certain he’d win regardless
and after button smashing like your life depended on it with subzero, you managed to secure the win.
a grin stapled itself to your face after being treated to two hours of tomura’s incessant sobs and wails
“mhm—please...i can’t take it—ah! fuck, fuck, fuck! right there!”
“don’t make me work for it, i promise you’ll never be player two again, just please let me cum—m’ so close..”
game nights are always fun with him, you can count on it.
my god my god
i’m gonna say it right now: keigo doesn’t eat pussy for you.
he does it for him.
and that makes all the difference in the fucking world when he’s pulling you to sit on his face
scruff scratching at your inner thighs deliciously as he makes you squirt alllll over aforementioned facial hair, rolling your hypersensitive clit between soft lips and a fluid tongue
he could stay between your thighs for hours and hours on end
will propose to devour you in the most inappropriate of places
and honestly? isn’t the least bit ashamed about it. elevators, in front of large office windows just a few stories above the street where you’re just barely visible to the people below,
on endeavor’s decorative towels after he spread them out on the floor so he could fuck you senseless on top of them, etc.
the flame hero had pissed him off earlier, and he needed to exert some petty rage. this was most sensible use of his energy.
also in case it wasn’t obvious: breeding kink. duh.
no thoughts head empty just hawks begging to breed you during his rut
“come on pretty girl, let me make you a momma....can’t wait to stuff you full of my chicks....”
he blushes so deeply when he’s close to cumming
and boy does he fucking whine
dick is just as pretty as he is, he’s a good 6 inches with a three inch girth; tip flushed and pink
definitely cherishes intimacy during sex
and will certainly go out of his way to make sure you feel comfortable/desired
he could have all the money/fame in the world
and it still wouldn’t compare to the feeling of your thighs suffocating him while he slurps at your cunt like it’s his last meal.
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mirkosintern · 6 months ago
Cockwarming Shigaraki, Dabi and Hawks
Tumblr media
characters: shigaraki tomura, dabi, hawks
warnings: 18+, smut, sexual content, spanking, brat taming, teasing, genital piercing, vulgar language, implied dacryphilia, mentions of alcohol and blood(but not rlly)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Shigaraki Tomura
what I’d do to cockwarm him
it’s been a while since he’s been busy with villain work stuff and playing games
and you’re neeeeedy
so you climb onto his lap, tug at his shirt and start whining
he lets out a sigh, talking about how annoying you are, yet lets you cockwarm him instead
“only because it’ll shut you up”
you’re straddling him while he’s still concentrated on his game
he lets out raspy curses every time he loses a game, making you giggle
“what’s so funny?” he groans, and you look up at him with a childlike smile. “nothin’.”
he’s playing a very important round now, he’s just about to beat the boss. You can feel how concentrated he is by his tensed up muscles and his body gradually leaning towards the screen
then, an intriguing idea crosses your mind
you start moving your hips, slowly but prominently, drawing figure eights
“the fuck, stay still.” he hurriedly shouts, but what’s he gonna do when both his hands are stuck on the controller, right? 
besides, you can feel him hardening even more inside of you
you giggle and fasten your movements a little, letting out the softest whines in his ear
“game over” appears on his screen, and shigaraki throws the controller away. he stands up and lifts you up, making you let out a yelp. you see absolute, flaming fury in his eyes, and for a split second, you regret your decisions
he takes you to the room and mercilessly throws you onto the bed, climbing on top of you
"you’re gonna fucking regret that all night.”
Tumblr media
dabi’s not usually into cockwarming because he doesn’t really have the patience for that
honestly, he’d rather go for a quickie if you guys were running out of time
that’s why you were shocked when he suggested it to you
you were so confused, but who were you to blow away this once-in-a-lifetime-chance?
you let out a sigh as you sink down into his cock, and gosh, it feels good
the cold metal of the his jack-o-ladder gives such an incredible sting to your gushing walls
you rub your face on his shoulders, feeling full and comforted. it feels so peaceful and satisfying, resting with him inside you
at least you thought so for a minute
he starts pressing open-mouthed kisses, trailing from your cheeks down to your neck and shoulders
he sucks hard, and his hot breath and wet kisses tickle your delicate skin
you moan out, deeply drowning into the feeling of this warm mess
then, a hard slap lands on your ass. sharp pain pierces through your cheek, making you let out an “ow!”
dabi has a devious grin on his face, “nuh-uh. no moaning.”
“but-” before you can refute, a smack lands on the other cheek. “no.” 
he lifts your shirt up, and the cold air hits your hardened nipples. he snickers, and starts playing with both of them with his fingers
it’s so hard not to moan, and you bite your lower lip so hard to hold them in, almost to the point where it bleeds
despite your desperate attempts, your moans slip out of your lips a bit too well
and every moan results in a sharp smack on your cheeks, leaving dabi’s handprints on them
it hurts so bad, you feel like it’s burning, and tears swell in your eyes
“aww, baby’s crying, maybe you shouldn’t be a brat and moan at every touch. Besides, I can feel you tighten at each slap.”
he’s a fucking sadist.
when you get too desperate and try to move your hips, he holds you tight and stops you
he enjoys teasing you and punishing you for a while until you are a crying, babbling mess, and it just turns him on more and more
he ends up fucking you raw when you’re worn out
“y’know, we should try this more often. I think it’s grown on me.”
Tumblr media
he loves it
it usually happens when you’re chilling at his place, or sometimes at his hero office when you guys are feeling a little risky
you’re cuddled up with him on his couch after a long day, after treating yourselves with some good fried chicken and cold beer
you guys are watching a movie, and you climb onto his lap
he strokes your head and presses kisses on your forehead, lips and neck
“kei...wanna cockwarm you.” you look at him with doe eyes, and how could he resist that?
cockwarming with keigo is so comforting
he rubs your back during it
he writes cute messages on your back with his finger too, making you guess what he wrote
his fingers then trail down your spine to that particular spot on your lower back, making you squirm and shiver
you let out hot sighs against the side of his neck, and contrary to how calm he seems, you feel him twitch inside you
you start sucking on his neck, making you both get needier and needier
hawks is a very patient man, but you are always his weakness
“baby, think you can move your hips for me?” he asks, and you obey
you start moving your hips slowly, and he cups your ass with both hands to guide your pace, making you ride him
wet noises and moans overlap with the sounds of the long forgotten movie
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serostuffsmh · 6 months ago
— Losing Your Virginity ♡
Tumblr media
–» @bwayfreak asked: Im a HUGE sucker for a soft Dabi, if you could please write a v short drabble or head canon whichever you're comfortable with? Of a soft Dabi that takes care of his little virgin reader? Feel free to ignore! Take your time and drink water! Don't forget to eat >:)
–» pairings: dabi x reader
–» warnings: mild corruption kink, 18+
— This is one of the only times he won’t give you grief about your inexperience. Because this was supposably special, to him it was a chance to finally show you he is not such a shitty boyfriend.  
— It would be all about you, what makes you feel good, how he can do it.  
— Having a bit of a corruption kink himself, he would be pleased that he’s the one to take your virginity. He would make a deviant out of you yet. 
— He’ll spend the whole time making sure you would be able to take his cock without it hurting too badly.  
— Going down on you, fingering you and watching your back curve under his curling fingers. You were adorable in his eyes when he watched you writhe underneath him. 
— He doesn’t like it if you aren’t looking at him, he wants you to see who is making you feel this good. He might taunt you to try to get you to come out of your shell. 
— “You don’t even want to look at your boyfriend, huh? I must really be an eye sore.” 
— “Why don’t you look at me, baby? I’m the one making you squirm after all.” 
— If you were still nervous beforehand, he would let you hold onto his hand. His grip would get so tight and restrictive from fucking you that it would be pressed firmly into your mattress and preventing you from moving. 
— Growing tired of your mouse squeaks and tiny breaths, he will gladly get loud with his praises and groans to show you it’s okay to make noise. 
— This is about you, but he has a tough time holding himself back. 
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kyotarou · 6 months ago
what makes them emotional
Tumblr media
gn reader
characters: dabi, tomura shigaraki, katsuki bakugou, eijirou kirishima, hawks (keigo takami)
warnings: fluff
a/n: here’s me spewing stuff out of my drafts bc i’m having really bad writers’ block rn :( i’ll try to finish the remaining requests for my 500 event as best i can, but i need a bit of time
Tumblr media
When you kiss/touch his scars lightly
He thought it was weird at first, but when he saw how gentle you were, he couldn’t bring himself to stop you
You expected him to shove you off, but instead he smiled and patted your head before whispering the faintest, “Thank you.”
Now when he looks in the mirror he sees another part of him that’s beautiful :,)
When you call him beautiful
He was annoyed at first, thinking you were trying to tease him
You shook your head, placed your hands on his face and, in a soft but affirming voice, you said:
“You’re beautiful, Tomura.”
Fell apart right then and there because, for the first time in his life, someone appreciated his looks
Your ability to calm him down when he’s angry
People tend to avoid him when he’s throwing a fit, but you don’t
You stay right by his side, and when he’s at his limit, you pull him into an embrace
He’ll try to break free, but once he hears your slow, deep breaths, he does the same and starts to relax
Will always apologize for bothering you and you respond with, “It’s okay. I’m here for you, always.”
When you compliment him and his Quirk
He was always insecure about it, comparing it to Izuku’s and Bakugou’s
But you tell him his Quirk is the coolest, and it doesn’t have to be flashy
“If everyone’s Quirk is flashy, wouldn’t it mean all of them are the same?”
Kiri’s looking at you like :O and he starts smiling like an idiot (and he’s crying tears of joy)
When you leave your window unlocked for him
No matter how many times he tells you it’s dangerous, that one day, “Someone’s gonna break in and it’s not me,” you ignore his warnings
You want him to know that he’s welcome anytime, and it’s easier than trying to squeeze his wings through the front door
You only lock it when he’s there
Keigo will stop by and say it’s for “safety reasons,” but it’s just an excuse to see you (and to keep your window locked)
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kazooli · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♰ Word Count: 6.3k
♰ Pairing: Touya x Sister!Reader
♰ Warnings: Incest, Siscon, Pretty Heinous Dirty Talk
♰ Black Christmas Masterlist
Tumblr media
There was a time when the lock on the bathroom door would slide and click into place. When click meant peace, you’d crumple in on yourself, legs sore and arms spent from the constant grip and stretch that kept them busy the night prior. You could sit idly in the tub with your ears submerged without having to worry about the garble of arguing growing any closer. No matter how far left you twisted the knob, the water never came close to the cloying heat you had become familiar with. It was a foreign, fluid embrace. Easy to relax in, even easier to fall asleep in. The one and only place he couldn’t reach you. 
And then, one day, the lock was gone. Inexplicably. Without reason. No one could explain how metal gave way to splintered wood, and any question as to why could only be answered with a shrug or a short, knowing look of disgust. 
“Don’t ask questions you already know the answer to.”
That’s what your father had said, and suppose he was right. Suppose you could put a motive and a face to the how and why. Would it make any difference? Would you wake up to find that you could still slide and click your problems away? In a house where even the people are left broken and ignored? Unlikely. 
It’ll stay broken for days, weeks, months, maybe even years. Someone may think, “We really need to fix this thing,” but the thought will have already left their mind by the time they wash their hands. 
No, no one’s gonna fix that lock, not when its absence doubles as an open invitation. And he has to see it that way. Why else would he feel so comfortable slipping in behind you as naked as the day he was born? If he knew what that click meant to you, would he still force you to make room in a tub meant for one? Would he still wrap his arms around you and pull your rigid body to his chest? 
You’d like to say no. You’d like to think that Touya isn’t as cruel as he swears he is in those unsettling moments of insecurity. Everything he does, he does it out of love, and like anyone with a penchant for wanting control, he just has a hard time showing it. You all do. Fuyumi can be fretful. Shouto can be distant. Natsuo can be hotheaded. Your father, well, he can be your father. And Touya—
Touya can be all those things, and that’s why he needs you, and you need him. He says it all the time: no one could possibly know him like his little sister knows him. And you believe it...for the most part. Despite being one of two people he considers ‘safe’ to be himself around, you hardly know him. Outside of hovering over you, pissing off your father, and getting into trouble, what does he spend his time doing? He has no friends, no interests, no job, and no aspirations that couldn’t be achieved by simply using your father’s credit card on websites that are more likely to deliver the police to the front door than any package. 
He just has you, and that...doesn’t seem right.
“The hell’s with the face?” Touya asks a question he already knows the answer to. With your back against his chest and your head resting on his shoulder, there’s no way of hiding your look of sheer disappointment. This was your time—your one escape from the rest of the house, and although he’d never believe it, he’s not the outlier he thinks he is. The house seems to exist around Touya. Everyone is worried for him, about him, and if he actually talked about his problems instead of burying them inside his little sister, they’d be worried with him as well. “Psh, trouble.”
Your wet hair unspools from his chest as you turn your head to look up at him, “What?”
“You’re trouble.” He says, craning his neck to bump nearly identical noses with you, “Ya keep making those faces at me on purpose.”
The browbeaten look on your face only gets poutier the more you try to will it away. “It’s not on purpose.”
“Oh, it’s not on purpose.” Touya nods in pseudo-recognition before resting the underside of his chin on top of your head with a huff. “Tryna guilt trip me,” he mumbles.
“Am not.”
“Are too.”
His chest rumbles with conviction. “Yes. You’re tryna make me feel bad for botherin’ you.” You cross your arms and rub them shoulder to elbow, warding off the tingling chill of having been so easily read. “Yeah, uhuh, I know. You’re not slick. Sitting here hoping I’ll leave you alone if you mean mug me enough.” Touya finally relents, leaning back and stretching out his legs until the end of the tub forces his knees to bend. His arms mold to the shape of the tub. They settle around the rim, his fingers tapping against the cold porcelain. He gives you some space, but not much. Never that much. “Well, tough titty, buttercup. I got older brother privileges so I can annoy you whenever I want.”
Touya reaches into your cradled arms and pinches your only exposed nipple. Your reaction is immediate. Squealing, splashing, thrashing, huffing out in annoyance. The water, which was nearly to the brim before Touya invited himself to your bath, sloshes from side to side, spilling onto the clothes you were planning on changing back into. Thoroughly agitated, you push down on the sides of the tub to hoist yourself up. 
You can hardly get to your feet before your brother is wrapping his arms around you once more. “Touya-nii!”
“I was just messing around,” he grunts out. Your slippery body squirms against his own, but he’s determined to keep you from getting out. Even as you scratch. Even as you try to bite. “C’mon, don’t be like that. You just got in. Relaaax, take it easy.” At the first sign of surrender, he’s already pestering you for another reaction, “Now let me get a kiss.”
He’s so...annoying. At times like this, you miss when he was just overbearing and rude. Now he’s lovey, and touchy, and so damn annoying!
You exhale hard from your nose, turning your head quickly and planting a chaste kiss on his cheek within the same breath.
Touya snorts, “What was that?” 
Your arms shoot out from under one another, waving rigidly in exasperation. “A kiss!”
“That doesn’t count.”
“It does too!”
“Yeah, maybe if I was our grandmother.” Touya enjoys the theatrics, laughing at the incomprehensible grumble coming from your sourpussed lips. “Hit me again.”
Determined to quite literally get him off your back, you turn in his hold, knees poised on the bottom of the tub so only your bodies are hardly touching. You lean over him, arms non-committedly wrapping around his neck as you tilt your face to get at his own. Touya merely stares. He waits for your lips to bridge the gap as his own stay perfectly still. Closing your eyes, you lean forward until you taste a cigarette, a campfire, a treat undoubtedly stolen from your room—until you taste your brother. His breath fans against your face from his nose, reminding you to breathe as you’re kept from pulling away. It lingers for too long. By the time you remember to part your lips just like he taught you, your belly is already warm, and your toes have started to curl.
It’s hardly a whisper: “Touya-nii...”
But of course he hears it. “What was that?” he asks, his toothy grin already keeping you from getting back at his lips. You pout against his teeth, and pull back to see him reach for his cock and give it a single squeeze.
“Trouble.” His tsks have the gutly warmth spreading to your face. No matter how hard you try, you can’t stop looking. Staring, even. Eyes wide and trained on his hand, hoping to catch a glimpse of it moving again. “Just trying to enjoy a bath with my little sister, and you’re moaning into my mouth, making my dick harder than a kneecap.”
You finally gain the strength to look away. “Ewww.”
“Don’t ew me. You want me to beat your ass?” 
You bite your lip. You don’t know why, but you do. And you don’t know why he seems to like it so much, but he does. 
Touya shows you his palm, drawing you in with two curling fingers and a devilish look of amusement. “C’mere.”
You’re unsure of how you want him.
How you want him to hold you, that is.
By the time you’ve settled on an answer, Touya is already impatiently reaching for you. His cock strains against your lower back, tapping against it with impatience of its own as you sink into your brother’s embrace. His thumb strokes the top of your breast, his palm cupping and kneading it like freshly risen dough. His other hand—the one you’re always so quick to lose track of—settles between your legs. With your supple little mound already beneath his fingers, you thrust your hips until you feel those warm fingertips breach the lips of your cunny, and you keen feeling them press back much harder than your own useless fingers ever could.
“Just as I thought,” he muses, petting your slit with a cruel focus on your clit, “already wet.”
“It’s just water.”
“Oh really?” The loss of his touch, albeit quick, is unbearable. Touya shows you his fingers, soaked from the bath, dripping with your arousal. The contrast is evident. Strings of your own juices join together and break apart as he spreads his fingers. “You’re tellin’ me this is just water.” Frustrated, you take his hand and dunk it back under water, back between your legs, back where you need it most.
He stifles a laugh. “All that from a kiss?” Feeling just how easy it is to slip a single digit inside, Touya hums his praise, “You’re something else, you know that?” Your brother ensnares your clit between the length of his two fingers, pinching hard and twiddling them against one another as if the sweet bead between them was nothing more than an obstruction in his way. “You’re a—a perma-virgin. Always getting so wound up over nothing.” 
It certainly doesn’t feel like ‘nothing.’ 
You brace yourself on his bent legs, pushing down on them to give yourself the boost you need to hump his fingers. “Feels good...kiss.” Your voice has already taken on the girlish lilt that only ever seems to rear its head when you’re ‘little sister,’ and he’s ‘big brother.’
It makes his cock twitch. It makes him smile. It’s as if he knows your headspace is ripe for the taking. 
Against his lips, your moans and whines are his to take. He chases them, holding up your jaw in a cheek-squeezing grip, and luring them out with nibbles and sucks to your bottom lip. Touya’s tongue dips into your mouth just as his finger commits to curling inside of you. His finger knows exactly where to go. So warm and long. It’s almost painful to feel the heavy rudiments against your ‘secret spot’ knowing that he’s seconds away from telling you:
“Stand up for me.”
You’d cry if you were anymore childish. The wait is almost as miserable as the initial encounter, but the reverence in his eyes when you stand above him, cunt drooling in front of his face and legs trembling like twigs in a storm, makes the wait decidedly bearable. 
“Nice and wet.” He doesn’t even have to get on his knees or crane his neck to press a kiss to the seam of your lips. “Tiny little pussy, could probably fit the whole thing in my mouth.” His eyes flick up to your face momentarily, watching you intently as he opens his mouth and gives your pussy an all-encompassing suck. His studded tongue laves your entrance with honeyed licks, fucking you with both the metal ball and the thin bar keeping the piercing fixed to the pink muscle that’s fully acquainted with your insides. 
“Attagirl.” A firm tap to your behind has your fingers balling into fists in his hair and your clit practically buzzing against his lips. “Cum on nii-san’s tongue.” Touya spreads your lips with his thumbs, opening you up for a sensation that’s sure to shut you down. His tongue settles under your clit like a wet, writhing pillow as his lips close around it. It’s a momentary bliss. He savors the sweet tanginess, holding still to let you melt in his mouth before actively enjoying the feel of his sister’s pussy throbbing against his lips. 
When he starts to suck, the bliss of being taken in by a hot clutch is easily overshadowed by the toe numbing chill that has every muscle and hole clenching in tandem. Touya knows exactly what he’s doing. He knows that if he squeezes your thighs, shakes his head from side to side, and keeps his lips tightly suctioned around the hood of your clit, your poor legs won’t be able to support you. He knows your knees will wobble before they buckle. He knows to move his hands between your legs and cup your bottom when that time comes because he knows the only place for you to go is forward if not down. He anticipates it all. So when it inevitably happens, when your knees start to wobble, and your moans are nothing more than whining hiccups, he’s already lifting you off your feet and onto his shoulders.
You brace yourself on the wall, cunny flush against Touya’s face and feet kneading his back as if you were a frogging cat in heat. 
Buried between your thighs, mouth full of pinkened flesh, saliva, and juices, Touya makes himself heard. “Ride my face—ride nii-san’s face. Show him how bad you wanna cum. Show him how much you love being his little slut.” It’s all the encouragement anyone could ever need. You lace your fingers behind his neck, holding his mouth hard against your cunt and arching forward until your chest rests on top of his head.
It’s an uncomfortable orgasm. Numbing and cold. A saliva-inducing headrush. A strange blend of your spit and his own that’s settled in your mouth for too long. Too short for your liking, not enough fanfare for his. 
Your pussy drools nonetheless, coating his tongue and lips in enough fluid for him to make a show of slurping it up straight from your fluttering opening. 
“It was too much…” you say, toeing the back of the tub to get yourself down. Touya draws his shoulders back and sits you between his legs, his face exceedingly wet and slutty. “You know I can’t handle it.”
 Touya closes his eyes and leans back against the tub before sinking deeper into the water. “Why do you think I do it? I’m a sister-fucking monster.” His lip pulls up into a snarl, and his hand emerges from the water in a lazy claw as if he’s already grown tired of the bit. “You think I care if your twerpy clit can’t handle it.” 
“My clit’s not twerpy…”
“Is too.”
“Is…” Roped into another silly argument. How does he do it? 
Touya quirks a brow, waiting for your rebuttal. When you stay silent, he doesn’t bother opening his eyes or offering any more scathing remarks at your clit’s expense. He merely sinks until the water is up to his lips and his crotch is inches away from your knees. He’s still hard, so much so that his cock nearly breaches the water’s surface without any support. 
You’re reminded of a video you were shown at school: the one of the girl pretending to be half her age with the whiny voice who said, “What are you doing, step-bro?” You didn’t understand why it was shown to you, or why you seemed to be the only one who wasn’t laughing, but that didn’t mean you weren’t thoroughly engrossed in the few seconds of ‘porn’ you saw before your friend closed the tab. 
Touya always makes it seem like sister’s aren’t meant to touch their brothers themselves, but you saw what you saw. That girl put her ‘step-bro’s’ cock in her mouth with her own two hands. It’s only reasonable to assume that he’s lying. You can’t imagine that it would feel different from what you feel when he’s got his mouth on you. If you were to suck on him, he’d understand how that freezy feeling feels. It’d make his toes curl, and his insides ache, and he’d promise to never do it again. 
Thoroughly convinced, you lunge forward, mouth wide and eyes wild. 
And you miss.
“Fuck!” Touya jolts back to life and pulls your head up from under the water. You had miscalculated. His cock wasn’t as close to the surface as the water made it look, so instead of a mouthful of cock, you got a noseful of water and immediately started spitting and blowing it out as soon as you could breathe again. “What the hell were you trying to do? Drown yourself?” Touya holds your head in his hands as your tongue curls with your cough. “You know better than to do things on your own. Can’t even bathe yourself without—oh.” A hush falls over his voice as he feels the feverish blush under his hands and sees the desperate look on your face.  “Oh, I see how it is.” Touya leans forward and presses his lips to your ear. “You want to suck on nii-san’s cock, is that it?”
His one hand leaves your face and grabs hold of his now reddened cock. He strokes it once, and you find yourself antsy to have your hand and lips wrapped around his shaft.
“You always suck on me so it’s not fair that—” He stops stroking. You grow quiet. “Yes, Nii-san, I want to.”
“Do you even know what you’re talking about?” He glares at you, and you can’t help but wilt with the anticipation of him asking where you got the idea from, and the subsequent question of who showed you the video, but the line of questioning, fortunately, never comes. “Course you don’t.” He scruffs your hair and makes sure your eyes are on him as he stands at his full height. “Sit up so I can show you what to do. You can’t sit back on your knees—you won’t be able to reach.” After taking the time to adjust yourself, it’s clear that you’ll never be able to comfortably reach. Touya doesn’t seem all that concerned by this, in fact, watching you crane your neck and brace yourself on his thighs puts a smile on his face.
“Open up.” Your brother palms the top of your head with one hand and palms his cock with the other. “Keep that mouth open. Now stick your tongue out, and say ‘ah’ for me.”
Touya runs the slit of his dick along the tip of your tongue before letting the head rest right below your top set of teeth. You hold that position, unsure of what to do other than let your tongue squirm as it sees fit. It tastes like the bath water, albeit a little saltier. 
Touya’s knees neither buckle nor wobble. “What do you think?” he asks. 
You can hardly support its weight when he lets go in favor of holding your head with two hands. “Heh-veh,” you manage to get out.
“You think you can get your lips around it?” You close your eyes and start to close your mouth, but several snaps in front of your face have you recoiling with apprehension. “Aht, watch the teeth. You bite my dick, and I’ll ream your little ass.” 
With a hard swallow, you curl your upper lip over your teeth to the best of your ability and close your mouth around the tip. It’s strangely spongy, not at all as stiff as it feels when it’s pressing inside your cunny. Your tongue churns in your mouth, wriggling farther down the length of his cock and stopping where the reddish hue ends and the milky one begins. Breathing is different. If you open your jaw just a tad wider, you can slip air around his cock and into your lungs, but taking in the rest of his cock, the part that appears to be bigger than the breadth of your mouth at its widest, presents a logistical problem.
How are you supposed to breathe?
“Do me a favor, and suck as hard as you can, just like nii-san does.” Your cheeks hollow as you suck, your tight lips puckering outward like a knotted balloon. When his cock twitches against the roof of your mouth, you half expect his knees to give out on him, but your eldest brother hardly seems phased by the cheek-aching suck that’d have you on the ground if you were in his position. “That’s good, now suck me like it’s your thumb.”
Kissy noises and a stock-still tongue aren’t enough to appease him. Touya gently humps your suckling mouth, not yet satisfied with the efforts that already have your stomach starting to lurch. You gag once, and your head drops, leaving Touya’s cock to throb impatiently against your hairline. Drool pours past your lips and distinguishes itself from the bathwater with foam and traces of virile pre-cum as you let your mouth hang open. A tug of your chin has you looking back up, and by the time your stomach settles down, your brother’s cock is already pushing your mouth’s limits.  
“Nii-san likes playing rough, you know that, right?” He huffs, holding your face still and snapping for you to suck again. “So then you know at some point nii-san’s gonna grab your little skull and force his cock into your throat.” Your eyes widen. “Yeah, all the way down your throat, gonna feel all those swallowin’ little muscles back there.” Touya enunciates his words with a short jerk of his hips that have you holding back another gag. “You should try taking more in before that happens, get used to the feeling.” More of his cock dips into your mouth, threatening to infringe on your throat at any moment. “Oh, and don’t be an idiot—breathe through your nose.”
At your first real breath around your big brother’s cock, things start to click into place. Your tongue feels laxer, more nimble. It explores the underside of his vein-marbled cock, flicking at everything that pulses and throbs and lapping at the middlemost portion that rests stiffly on your curious muscle. Your head finds a rhythm of its own, and although it’s a slow, steady twist rather than a dutiful rock, Touya voices his approval with a huff and a moan. It’s a comforting act, one that has your eyes peacefully shut and your face thoroughly relaxed. 
That is, until he makes good on his word.
“Only little sisters should be sucking their big brothers’ cock, you understand me?” Your hands dart up to meet where your brother’s have clamped down around your head. He pulls forward as you pull back, winning out by strength alone and sinking further into your mouth and down your throat. Choking around the base, gagging from the prodding of your tonsils, you squeal to the best of your ability to let your struggle be known. 
Touya thrusts harder.
“No one’s gonna be able to make nii-san happy like his little sister. No one’s gonna let nii-san hump their throat like his little sister will.” Tears spill down your cheeks at the feeling of your lip starting to give way to your teeth. You don’t want to bite him. You don’t want your little ass to get reamed. You open your mouth as wide as your jaw will allow, refusing to let a single tooth graze his cock as it pistons in and out of your spasming throat. “Choke. Choke on it.” You have no other choice but to comply. “I already told you to breathe through your nose. If you pass out, that’s on you. I’m not stopping.”
Purely out of instinct, your arms wrap around your brother. You hold him close, keeping him from pulling out and slamming back inside and forcing him to settle with humping the bottom of your glucking throat. 
He has a much different tone when every suck is as tight and tacky as the last. “Ohh, fuck, baby. You want nii-san to breed that throat? Huh? You want nii-san to fill that belly with cum? A little treat for my little sister?” Touya’s reddened face beams with perverted joy, his voice patronizingly mawkish, “That’s too bad. There’s only one place where big brother cum belongs and that’s inside baby sister pussy.” He pinches your nose and shakes your head from side to side, cutting off what little air you can get past the girth of his cock. Just as suddenly as it began, the constant push of his groin against your face stops, and he all but yanks his cock out of your throat. “You know better.”
You recoil as soon as his grip slackens, spitting and coughing and grabbing at your abused throat as if it’ll make the internal sting go away. You should be grateful that Touya spared you from this kind of pain as long as he did, but his callousness leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. It’s a learning experience, to be sure, one you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.
Touya drops to his knees and still manages to loom over you with that self-assured grin and his cock dipping into the water. He snaps and points in your face. “Turn around, unplug the drain, and show big brother how high you can get that little ass of yours in the air.” You glare at him. “Please.” You cross your arms. “I’ll time you.” 
By some binding sibling code of conduct, you’re forced into action. Two seconds. Two whole seconds to turn around, uncover the drain, and tote your bottom in the air for Touya’s viewing pleasure. Shame hardly registers when he whistles at the sight. Somehow the thought of growing comfortable with having your ass spread and drooled into is more unsettling then the actual sensation of his thumb slipping comfortably into your ass. “Doesn’t count if you’re not face down.” He says, pressing a hand to your back and pushing down in hopes of feeling some give. “Timer’s still running.”  
“But the water hasn’t drained yet.”
“I’ll drown.”
His thumb hooks underneath your rim and tugs back until he can see the imprint of it slowly stretching your hole. “B-B-B-But I’ll drown!” he mocks, his impression of you no better than his last attempt. “Stop being a drama queen, you’re not gonna drown if you hold your breath.”
“Touya,” you huff.
“Don’t ‘Touya’ me.” His thumb presses deeper. Your arms start to wobble. “Water’s nearly gone anyway. Stop being so stubborn, and just do what I tell you to do, when I tell you to do it.”
He’ll never let it go. It’s more than doing what’s right, or what’s convenient. It’s just as he said. He wants you to stop being stubborn. He wants you to do what he tells you to do, and he wants you to do it without hesitation. When a big brother says, “Jump!”, a little sister shouldn’t have to ask how high, she should already know where he wants her to be. So, you hold your breath. You get down on your elbows, puff out your cheeks, and slip your head under water as your brother’s head slips inside. Just like he asked.
“Relax. Take it allll in.” His garbled voice reaches your ears over the gurgling drain trying to tune him out. “Gonna warm you up from the inside out.” And he means it. Your walls jitter with anticipation, knowing the beginnings of a frenzied pounding from a hot-blooded cock more than you know your own name. “This is the one. Got me all warmed up with that mouth and I’m ready to—fuck—” It isn’t like the first time. With a single shove of his hips, a considerable length of his cock burrows dangerously close to the bottom of the well. One hit, one tiny graze against knotted pink, and you’ll be forced to come up for air or settle for water instead. “Gonna breed you right this time. Just gotta...get the angle right, get a little deeper.” 
When he talks like this, like he’s abandoned himself in favor of giving into his particular vice, you’re reminded of your father telling you not to wear skirts around your brothers. You listened, for the most part, but like any daughter, you had days where the absence of a watchful eye would get to your head. You’d strut around the house in your uniform, in shorts, in a long t-shirt that’d cover your bottom so long as you didn’t stretch. You’d spend time with Touya dressed like that. All day, everyday. Suddenly all he wanted to do was spend time with his “annoying little sister.” You didn’t have to seek him out or beg to be let into his room. When the tables had turned, when he bridged the gap between doting and overbearing, it stood to reason that your father’s warnings about “distracting” your brothers weren’t as baseless as you originally believed them to be. 
Everyone has their vices, it just so happens that you’re Touya’s.
And what have you done to help him other than feeding into it? 
The drain sputters with nothing to fill it’s sucking maw. You gargle all the same. The sizable lump in your throat just won’t go away. It could be a scream, or a cry, or a moan, or a plea. Whatever it is, it refuses to come out, and you’re left silently choking on it as Touya’s one-track mind settles on releasing his pent-up frustrations on your body before finally offering you the catharsis you need.
“C’mon, get me there. You know what I like, don’t make me ask for it.”
“Ah! Ah! Ah! Touya-nii!” That can’t be your voice—obscenely pitched and absurdly exaggerated, just the way he likes it. “You’re not supposed to—to be in there. You’re my big brother. Big brothers aren’t supposed to fuck their little sisters.” He moans because you’re getting him there. He groans because you’re right. The steady rock of his hips is nothing more than the pounding you’d expect. Hysterical, deliberately punishing, his cock impossibly stiff. Your pygmy cunt can hardly squeeze out it’s release. An orgasm comes and goes with little to no fuss.  “I’ll tell. I’ll tell everyone my big brother’s a per—”
Touya leans over and grabs your shoulder, yanking you back before settling ass on heels to pull you onto his cock. His calloused hand settles over your mouth and nose, his fingers pressing hard into the meat of your cheek. Positioned like this, he has no choice but to drag each thrust. Slowly. Thickly. 
He spits his own theatrics into your ear through gritted teeth. “Shut that slutty little trap of yours. You think I can’t feel you cumming around my cock? Oh, I know you’re dirty fucking secret. You loooove your big brother.”  He shakes your head, reveling in the way you pout and try to pull his hand away from your mouth. “You love him so much that you’re willing to be his little wifey to make him happy.” You moan because he’s getting you there. You cry because he’s right. “So take it, take my cock, and my cum, and whatever it is I want to give to you, and make nii-san happy.” 
When he let’s go of your face, you tilt your head and lift your arms up without having to be asked. His hands take their rightful spot on your body, smoothing up to your breasts and pinching your pert little nipples as you kiss his still lips. 
“Nii-san, please...kiss.”
Touya shudders. His hips still.  A hand cups your jaw, another gently squeezes your budding breast. Finally, your coaxing kisses have his lips moving on their own. Slowly. Patiently. His tongue doesn’t force its way into your mouth. There’s no teasing bites and pulls to your lip, just the quiet smacking of mouths meeting. His hand moves back down from your jaw and over your stomach. His arms wrap around you. His hips move when he clenches, but it isn’t a thrust.
You shudder.
“My little incest doll.” He whispers with a small laugh from his nose fanning against your  cheek. Not that word. Anything but that. “Your big brother is an incest loving, sister fucking monster.” Spoken in a whisper and another laugh. “Should’ve known it’d end up like this when I convinced myself there was nothing wrong with me.” Your cheek is wet. The streak is warm, and it isn’t your own. You keep your eyes shut. “I know this isn’t what you want. I just wanna make you mine. I don’t want anyone to look at you and think they can take you away from me, or—or take my spot. You’re my little sister, and I—”
Your lips stagger over your brother’s, connect again, and cut him off. Touya’s breath fills your mouth with a wavering puff, and he’s back to holding you tight and burying his problems in the only person who can make them go away. 
“Make love to me, Nii-san.”
“Make love to you?” You feel his lip start to tremble before he pulls it into his mouth and bites down on it. He scoffs. “Isn’t fucking you bad enough?”
“I love you, Nii-san.”
You raise your hips and set them back down at your own grueling pace. His labored breaths rattle in his chest. 
“...Don’t you think I know that? That’s why you’re letting me do this.”
“I love you, Nii-san.”
You arch your back, filling his hands with your breasts and writhing against his chest while you butt his cheek with your own. 
Touya huffs your name.
“I do.” 
“Don’t start.”
“It’s just like you said,” you pant, bouncing dutifully on your brother’s lap. “Baby sister pussy is only for big brothers, right?”
Touya cups the curve of your thigh and presses his thumb into the crease where it meets your cunt, holding on and fidgeting as the muted impact of his hips meeting your own over and over again has his cock throbbing on its own accord. 
“I want it, Nii-san. I want you to cum in me, to—” You recall his words. “—breed me. I wanna be your little wifey! I do!”
The sound you make when he finally thrusts back is more of a squeal than a scream, high in pitch but cut off all too quickly, dying out into a lower, drawn-out noise that ends with his warbled name. Your writhing is so delicious, so enthralling that he latches on like a predator that’s had enough with its prey. The first cue comes with the muffled praise in your hair, the next with the bruising grip on your hips that has him rutting deeper, harder, tightly against your womb without the ability to draw out and pound, stuck perpetually grinding and humping until he throws his head back, his mouth wide and panting, “Don’t stop, fuck, don’t stop.”
His cock slips out with his clumsy release. Seed spills between your thighs, and the sound he makes as he quickly fists his hand underneath you and forces his cock back inside is nothing short of complete desperation. His cum is molten fire to your bathroom-chilled body. You jolt, lifting to relieve the burn only to be wrestled back down and held in his unyielding embrace.
“Not yet, not yet, stay on my cock, stay on my cock if you love me.”
“It burrrrns.”
Touya swallows hard and chokes on it. “Just relax—relax. It’ll cool down.” He gives you just enough space to separate his overheated cockhead from the ring of cum-splattered tissue, letting you rest your hands on the bottom of the tub and stretch your bent legs. “Don’t leave.”
The discomfort is evident on your puckered face, but you stay still for his sake, whining and waiting for the moment he declares you thoroughly bred and let’s you go. Touya’s thumbs part your lower lips and stares longingly at where your reddened cunny has latched onto his cock, where trails of his cum drip out of you whenever you clench.
“Look at that. Fuck, I wanna tear you apart.” You aren’t expecting a second wind, but his cock perks back up, and he slots his pelvis against your own. “I think I’m gonna cum again.” So soon? Already? Your body tenses with the anticipation of more heat and a sticky fullness. “Giving my baby sister a baby. I lo—ohhhohoh my fucking god.” He can hardly commit to a single thought. There’s only one thing on his mind.” Take your brother’s cum you pint sized little b—eugh.” You rear back to meet his faltering thrusts, and you smile weakly knowing that if he were standing, his knees would wobble before they buckled. “Don’t stop fucking me with that cute little sister cunt. Little sis—fuck, I love—” Almost. “—fucking you. I—What are you doing to me? Why can’t I stop? Why are you so fucking cute?”
Surely, he must know the answer by now.
“I love you, Nii-san.” You bite down on the inside of your cheek, registering pain somewhere other than your pussy as you slide back to him, back to his chest, back into his arms. “Nii-san, say it back. Say you love me.”
“I do,” he grits out.
“Then say it.” The first cue comes, and he’s already trembling and cumming again before the second one can rear its head. “Touya-nii, say you love me!”
“I love you so much—it fucking hurts!”
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ultimate-astridwriting · 8 months ago
lmao i made a tumblr account because of your blog so yeah umm... i didn't know tumblr was such a fine place. 😳 anyways if i may make a request, how about *insert character name* being ✨caught✨ by their s/o masturbating to them, instead of catching their partner doing so? would you try to make a series out of it? i'm mostly down for izuku on this one ngl.
Izuku, Dabi and Hawks getting caught jerking off by their S/O
note: loll tumblr is an ✨amazing✨ place. also the descriptions of them are my own opinion if you don’t like then you can skip past em :)
Izuku Midoriya
Tumblr media
• Embarrassed
• Started jerking off a lot more since you guys started dating
• He has so many impure thoughts and he needs a way to vent
• Doesn’t watch porn. He just thinks of you and all the things he wants to do
• He has a nice cock
• Doesn’t shave but he trims down there, Has some veins that run on the underside of it and the tip turns into a really cute red-pinkish colour
• He’s really sensitive on the tip
• You walk in on him with his eyes closed, letting out shakey breaths. He eventually opens his eyes and notices your there.
• Tries to cover himself up but it’s not helping at all lol
• You’re just standing there with a smirk on your face because he’s so frickin cute
• “Want some help with that?”
• He is so loud. Seriously
• Ends up cumming really quick and forces you to swallow. Not that you mind tho ;)
• Some of the cum drips down from your chin and he’s like AaAhHhH SoRrY
Tumblr media
• You’re more embarrassed than he is??
• He won’t stop
• He’ll keep lazily stroking his cock, with a cocky smirk on his face as he’s looking straight into your eyes
• “See something you like, princess?”
• Leans more towards the left, he trims from time to time so it isn’t too crazy down there and it has one prominent vein that runs on the side of it
• He fucking knows he has a horse cock
• “Why don’t you help me out with my uh- little problem?
• You better be ready because as soon as his cock is in your mouth he’s not gonna hold back
• Grips your hair and forces his cock all the way into your throat, keeps you there because he likes it when you struggle taking down his cock
• Will come all over your face
• He has no shame
• Holds you in place
• “You think that’s it? Why don’t you clean up the mess you made and I’ll give you a reward.”
Hawks (Keigo Takami)
Tumblr media
• Doesn’t care that he got caught
• He’ll put on a show for you, purposely moaning louder and playing with his nipples
• His face is a flushed and a little sweaty but he looks hot
• Pretty dick for a pretty boy
• It’s a bit bigger than average but he knows how to use it, also curves upwards. Does not shave or trim, he likes how it looks.
• Probably has nipple piercings
• “Well looks like you caught me, doll. Now that you’re here why don’t you sit back and enjoy the show.”
• The tip turns an angry shade of red and it leaks a lot of precum.
• Spit on his dick before you stroking it, he thinks it’s a huge turn on
• Play.with.his.balls
• Tug on his hair or gently pull on the part where his wings meet his back and he’ll be gone
• He’s really cocky but once you touch him he turns into a subby little bitch. Thrusting up into your hand and begging you to go faster
• Make him beg. He looks so pretty when he’s a slobbering mess, all desperate to cum
• “Mmm you close, Keigo? Maybe I should just stop right now. Hmm?”
• “No~ Please M’so close I wan- wanna cum, please. Don’t stop- don’t stop.”
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atsumuscumslut · 3 months ago
Where they prefer to cum (BNHA)
►Haikyuu ►Jjk ►Aot ►Sk8 ►Bsd
Tumblr media
Bouncy Tiddies: Shoto, Izuku, Mirio, Iida,
Jiggly asses: Aizawa, Toshinori, Tamaki, Monoma, Fat gum. Shoji
Down your throat: Hawks, Shigaraki, Denki, Sero, Shindo, Tokoyami
Breeds you: Bakugou, Dabi, Kirishima, Shinsou, Enji
Tumblr media
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