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Dabi: I can’t believe Hawks.
Twice: Why, what happened?
Dabi: That jerk said “I love you”.
Dabi: Today was a scheduled bad day. Motherfucker.
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the-league-of-villains · 23 hours ago
Hawks : You're under arrest for stealing my heart. :)
Dabi : stop looking for excuses to put me in handcuffs.
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bnha-babbling · a day ago
Thinking about domestic Dabihawks
Thinking about Hawks coming home from a long patrol to see Dabi lying on his couch watching tv and it doesn't even startle him anymore. About Dabi carefully preening Hawk's feathers into place in the very far back that are Just out of reach and Hawks carefully applying Dabi's medication to his burns after he'd had a long day. About Hawks going grocery shopping for fresh vegetables even though he can't eat a lot of them but because Dabi never gets a lot of fresh produce. He has a bowl of fresh fruit sitting on his kitchen counter just for him
Dabi who gets glued to the screen whenever he sees Hawks on the news because he has to make sure that he's ok. And when he knows it was a hard day he gets dinner all prepared so when Hawks comes home he can crash. And Dabi doing his laundry there and their clothes get so mixed up that Hawks has to be extra careful whenever he leaves the house.
Just, domestic Dabihawks
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tiredhawks · 2 days ago
Just, Dabi doing small acts of kindness and acting like he's not. Moving their meetings from 2 AM to before midnight or during Hawk's patrol times. It's more convenient. It has nothing to do with the bags under Hawks' eyes or dull, drooping feathers.
Dabi hearing about the shit patrol day Hawks is having and watches him get thrown through a window and three walls in one of the fights. He cancels their meeting. The hero can't be careful and secretive if he's concussed. It's not so he can stay home and recover.
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inhumanescreeching · 2 days ago
my perfect idea of enemies to lovers is: "i hate you because the way you handle things perfectly clashes with my ideals, yet really compliment my weaknesses. only god knows why we're always together, even though we fucking hate each other but i want you to know that only i can fuck you up and if anyone else is ever or was ever mean to you then know that i will beat them to a fucking pulp. holy shit you're so annoying-"
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bnhafanfiction · a day ago
OUATS AU // The Instagram Post That Started It All
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Guys! I am so excited to share this with you. I used the Instagram Post Generator (you can find it here) to make this for the Once Upon A Twitch Stream AU!
You can see here the post and the comment that starts it all! :D
Stay tuned for more! If you haven't read the plot outline, you can find the link below.
OUATS Outline
Note: Once Upon A Twitch Stream will be predominantly third person prose. I am going to do something new though, and sometimes include things like the fake Instagram post up there. I feel like it's just going to add more fun to this thing. Tell me what you think? Do you agree? Is it too much? Let me know. :D
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denkzies · a day ago
hawks : hey handsome!
dabi, blushing furiously : wh- dont-
hawks, holding cat : shuch a handshome boy~
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Tomura, irritably: I can't believe you two broke the bed last night.
Sako: My, you two must have been busy.
Hawks, sheepishly: Yeah, in a sense...
-last night, on Hawks' bed-
Hawks: Bet you can't jump high enough to touch the ceiling!
Dabi: try me
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bnha-babbling · 17 hours ago
Hawks: What’s is like… the straightest thing you’ve ever done?
Dabi: I mean I killed a guy once?
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tiredhawks · 2 days ago
PLS this is exactly what I'm talking about for the TikTok AU. We all know Dabi average height but we gonna pretend he's the tall one and Hawks is losing his fucking mind, openly thirsting for a villain with no shame and no one can do anything because it's not illegal
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