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so Killer probably already has the whole ‘stork’ story locked and loaded but Barb is smart enough to know that’s (probably) stupid SO she asks Uncle Kid instead and lets just say she learns a lot of new words she doesn’t completely understand but is very excited to know regardless 👀

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i love that we’re all collectively simping for Killer doing his best as a single dad cause oof it certainly does things to me

jsdklfd I’ve fortunately never had yet to make formula but lmaoooo i can’t imagine 😫😫

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Aww thanks so much!! I’m glad you like it! Okay gonna hit these questions one by one

1. I left Barb’s Mom pretty open to whatever ppl wanna imagine, i guess if I had to pick some story it’d be she came from a one night stand or smth but really it’s open to interpretation! 

2. Kid is basically her godfather/uncle, with how close he and Killer are he’s def a big part of Barb’s life (whether that’s good or bad lol)

3. Yes she does call Heat and Wire uncle too! I actually have them coming up in my next comics lol

Which brings me to the last that yes! I am def still drawing this lmao it’s one of my fav and I legit have a whole list of ideas I’m planning on doing, just takes a while lol but I have Uncle Heat making an appearance in the next comic

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So I’ve actually thought a lot about that, for a while she didn’t have any name lol and @luccislegs helped me find a good one. In trying to keep with the Kid pirates very straightforward name aesthetic (Killer, Heat, Wire) her name for now is Barb!

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apologies for the random 😏 I just saw killer!dad and am in love

jsdoi im obsessed with dad!killer so expect a lot more of that lmao

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