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#dad tony
spiderman-meadows · 7 hours ago
Peter: I’m a circle
Tony: explain
Peter: pointless
Tony: n o
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stuckonylove · 11 hours ago
Morgan, in a high voice and holding a Barbie: Hi Ken! I was thinking about going back to school and starting a career!
Harley, in a deep voice and holding Ken: Nonsense Barbie. you’re staying home and having my kids.
Tony: What in the world are you two doing?
Morgan: Playing systemic oppression.
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aimaim94 · 18 hours ago
“What are you watching?” Tony asked coming into the living room where Peter was spread out on the couch.
“New show.” Peter mumbled not even glancing Tony’s direction.
“Looks dumb. That’s not how being a superhero is. Who just jumps out of a plane with no plan?” Tony rolled his eyes.
“It’s about Sam and Bucky.” Peter finally glanced his way.
“I rest my case.” Tony shrugged.
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borschtisaukrainiansoup · 19 hours ago
Peter: I literally texted Ned that I was happy we didn’t have a chemistry quiz today so that I could do my math homework in the morning, but it’s almost 2:00 pm and I still haven’t started it
Tony, remembering how he used to do the same thing with Rhodey: Yep that’s my son :)
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raineydays411 · 20 hours ago
My Father's daughter pt 3
Tony Stark x daughter!reader
Summary: Back at the Tower, Y/n has a talk with Pepper.
a/n: ohhh another part finished!! some new characters will be revealed next part and i’m so great full for @social-media-imagines-by-me fir helping me create them💕💕
Tumblr media
You were furious.
You stormed into your room and slammed the door, finding satisfaction in the loud bang it produced. You then ripped through your drawers and closet, pulling on some work out clothes and some gloves. You then marched out of the room, slamming the door again, startling Sam and Bucky who happened to be passing by.
"Geez kid, slam it a little harder I don't think it fell off the hinges yet." Sam jokes, but you were in no joking mood so you swirled around with fire in your eyes.
"You okay doll?" Bucky softly asks, pushing a frightened Sam to the side. You sigh, knowing it's not fair to take out your anger on them.
"Sorry Sam, it's biological mom is here and wants me to move in with her."
"Oh..." Bucky says, not good with things like this, " Do you want me to like...kill her or..."
"NO" You laugh, " It's just I haven't seen her in nine years and she has the audacity to come up here like it's nothing?!"
Your anger returns, " She thinks that just because she pushed me out of her vagina"
The two men cringe at the words
"That she can just claim me? That's not how it works!" You shout, " And, she brought her fucking husband. The man she left us for! Who does that?!"
Bucky looks at Sam, mentally asking him what they should do. Sam just rolls his eyes and turns back to you.
"Come on kid, it looks like you wanna punch something."
and with that he lead you to the training room where Steve was training with Peter.
"Come on queens, you gotta stay on your feet" Steve k=jokes as he, again, trips Peter.
"Mr. Rogers, do you think we should take a break?" Peter pants.
You stride pass them, not bothering to say hi. They look at Sam and Bucky for an explanation and just get a shake of the head.
"Hey Y/n that's my punching" Steve started to say when he saw you throw a hard punch to the bag, "Nevermind..."
You ignore the group behind you, opting to pummel the poor punching bag in front of you.
Your mind flashes back to your mother and her words.
"A girl needs her mother"
"Oh petal I wanted to call"
*punch* *punch*
"Come to Gotham. Meet your siblings!"
You look down to see the punching bag flew off the hook and is spilling sand on the floor. You were confused, as you knew you weren't strong enough to do that, not even when you were angry.
"Wow, I guess Cap didn't secure that hook again."
You jump, not expecting someone to be there, as you heard Sam, Bucky, Steve, and Peter leave. You turn to see Pepper there looking at the bag in surprise. You sigh, stepping away from the mess and taking off your gloves. You make your way to the bench and take a swig of water.
"Did you need something Pep?" You ask, avoiding eye contact.
"Well, i was just wondering if my kid was okay. But given the fact that you punched that bag like it would restore your honor.."
You knew you shouldn't have showed her Avatar.
"I'm assuming your not." She finishes.
You give her a half smile, looking down at your hands.
"Y/n" She says, " Talk to me."
You finally speak, "Why now?"
Pepper frowns, understanding that small phrase, ' I don't know."
"She's not my mother." You state, " She...she might have been once but now?"
Pepper nods," I love you."
You smile, the words reassuring you, " I love you too Pep."
"Come on, your messing up your manicure." She says with a smile, standing and extending a hand towards you. You feel your demnor soften and your mood lighten. Pepper always managed to make you feel better.
"Yeah okay..thanks." You say, taking her hand and letting her pull you from the bench, " Are you hungry? Cause I am>"
"Y/n we just ate!"
"Like an hour ago"
Days went by and you hadn't heard a peep from Christine. It was like she went off to lick her wounds and just decided not to reach out again.
Which didn't bother you one bit.
But apparently the universe wanted to fuck with you because when you came home from a day out with Peter, there was your mother, Bruce Wayne, and all six million of her fucking kids sitting on the couch.
"What the fuck?" You say causing the attention to turn to you.
"Language" Peter says, You smile softly at him before then turning to glare at Tony.
"Don't look at me, it was your moth-uh Peppers idea." Tony stumbled, looking rather uncomfortable sharing a drink with the man that his...wife? girlfriend?... whatever she was left him for.
"Pep what?" You asking, softening your glare because you'd be damned if you disrespected her.
"I just think it'd be best if we clear the air and get everything out on the table." Pepper said in that tone she uses when she's dealing with difficult people or the press. You called it her CEO tone.
"Now, go take your bags upstairs and wash up. And I'll pretend that you aren't an hour late"
"It was Peter's idea..." You mumbled and walking to the stairs that lead to the bed rooms.
"It was not!" Peter shouts following you to the rooms to help with the bags.
Christine watched as her daughter walked out of the room, playfully arguing with Peter. It was as if she were a whole different person, carefree and playful. Totally different from when she was glaring and stiff when talking to her. It broke her heart hearing Tony refer to Pepper as her Mother rather than Christine. But what did she expect?
Damian scoffed catching her attention, "Mother I do not see why you've dragged us here, that girl didn't even acknowledge us."
"Damian, enough" Bruce said, not looking away from his awkward conversation with Tony.
"Gee if only I could do that with our kids." Tony mutters into his drink.
"Does Y/n argue often?" Bruce asks trying to engage in conversation.
Tony laughs before fondly speaking, " Sort of. She isn't the type to back down when she thinks something is right. There was this one time I caught her arguing with one of my business partners about his "condescending tone and misogynistic attitude"."
""And did she apologize after?"
"Hell no. She glared at me and told me apologizing just for his ego would be demeaning her experiences as a woman. Although to be fair he was an asshole."
Bruce chuckles, " She sounds like a well rounded young woman. How old was she then?"
"Ah about 10, it was funny seeing this little girl argue in a Justin Bieber shirt argue about the patriarchy with a full grown man."
Bruce and Tony shared a laugh, picturing the scene.
"You must be very proud of her." Bruce mentions after they quieted down. Tony let a small smile escape.
" I am. She's had a rough life, and I..." Tony trails off, " She means everything to me. Without her...I don't think I'd be the same person I am today."
And with that, Tony downed his drink and stood, " Want another?"
Bruce smiled and accepted, watching Tony leave. He can tell that the man was close to his daughter. A bond that formed due to a loss, they both grew from it and grew closer. He understood, thinking about his own children.
Pepper and Christine were having a somewhat similar conversation, although it was a little more tense.
"Virginia." Pepper said, cutting her off.
"Excuse me?"
"My name is Virginia. Pepper is a nickname my family calls me."
"Oh. Okay, Virginia, how long have you known Y/n and Tony?"
"Oh about nine or so years. I was promoted to assistant when I saw how much of a mess Tony was." Pepper said casually.
Dick and Jason tensed, overhearing the tense conversation between the two mothers. But before Dick could interrupt Jason sat him back down.
"I wanna see what happens."
Christine continued, " And when did you become a..more permanent around the house?"
"When I saw that Y/n the one taking care of Tony." Pepper said in a serious tone, "She was the one making sure he didn't choke on his vomit and eating cereal as his flings walked out the room. Then he got kidnapped...and y/n was alone. So I made sure she’d never be alone again.”
Christine heart sank. She knew about the whole kidnapping thing. Why she didn't step in, she doesn't know. It's just another thing she regrets to this day.
Before Pepper could continue, she heard two sets of footsteps and voices
"All I'm saying is, if he looks at me funny, I'm fighting him and that's that."
"Yeah maybe not the best impression on..." Peter cuts off when they reach the living room. Eyes again on the two of you.
"Let's get this over with." You muttered, saying bye to Peter and making way over to the couch to sit next to Pepper.
"Y/n!" Christine says happily, " I'm glad you're here. We brought you something!"
She pulls out a box and she carefully hands it over to you.
You look at it suspiciously before getting a nudge from Pepper.
"Thank you." You grit out. Earning a glare from Damian and Cassandra.
You open the box to see...cupcakes.
"They're the peanut butter strawberry cupcakes you used to like. Remember? I used to bring them when I came to see you." Christine says, trying to bring up good memories.
You frown and close the box, " I'm allergic to strawberries."
Pepper casts a glance towards you, "They look lovely, let me take them into the kitchen, I'll check on dinner."
And with that she takes the box and leaves into the kitchen. Leaving you and Tony alone.
"So...Stark" Damian started fixing his gaze on you.
"Yes, Wayne?" You said, matching his energy.
"What exactly is it you want from my mother?" He asks, earning a groan from his older brothers.
"Well, I'd appreciate it if she left me alone." You say with a straight face.
Christine frowns but before she says something Damian speaks up again.
"Tt, all this drama for the likes of you? It's honestly disappointing" He drawls, trying to get under your skin.
"Damian!" Christine scolded.
"Well, I apologize for not meeting your standards. I'd try harder if I cared what a toddler thought of me."
Jason let out a surprised chuckle while the rest of the family looked on in shock. Tony just rolled his eyes.
"I do not understand why Mother insists on rekindling her relationship with you. You obviously weren't worth the effort the first time around." He spits, causing the rest of the family to gasp.
You however, just laugh, " When you figure it out, let me know. It's probably the same reason she puts up with you."
Damian glares, about to start in again when Jason cuts him off " Shut up Demon. She got you man."
"I'm Jason, and anyone who can out that brat in check is good in my book." He says sending you a smirk.
You smile back, " I'm friends with Loki and Wade Wilson, I'm hardly affected by anything anymore." Your dad rolls his eyes again, he’s not exactly enthusiastic about your choice in friends.
You like this one. Probably the one you're gonna be able to stand in this family.
"Don't hog her Jason!" Dick shouts pushing him away before turning to smile at you, " Hi! I'm-"
"Dick Grayson. I know, you spilled your champagne on my dress a few years ago at a New Years gala." You say, still a little bitter about it.
"Oh. heh, right, sorry about that. Again." He says sheepishly.
You turn to Cassandra, " You're Cassandra. You and your friend cornered me in the bathroom."
Cassandra scowls and looks away.
Then you turned to Tim, " And you need to learn how to secure your fire walls better."
Tim looked at you confused, "Um excuse me?"
You smirked, " Just a suggestion. I assume you don't want people to know about your...bats in the attic?"
The whole family froze.
You knew? There was no way.
"Kid, are you hacking again?" Tony said exasperatedly, " You promised you'd stop after the last time."
"Hey it's not my fault Shuri didn't think about changing her password." You say defensively, “ and it’s not like you were complaining when you had me hack into SHEILDS databases”
“What was that!?” Pepper shouts from the kitchen.
“Heheh, nothing dear.” Tony shouts back then in a hushed voice scolds you, “ I gave you fifty bucks to keep that a secret.”
“I didn’t say what you had me retrieve.” You said smugly leaning back in your chair.
Bruce didn’t know how to feel.
On one hand, this teen that objectively hates his family, knows their biggest secret. She can singlehandedly destroy their family and expose them. And she has the means to.
But on the other, she’s a perfect fit for their family. She gets along with Jason, doesn’t let Damian get under her skin, and from the looks of it can definitely take care of herself. Only thing is, again, she hates his wife and by association, his family.
“I’m sorry, hacking? You know that’s illegal right?” Tim asks, still in shock that you got past his security systems.
You turn to him and in a bored tone replied , “Yeah? and?”
Tim stuttered for a bit before going quiet with a blush. It was adorable really.
You had to hold back a laugh, it was fun getting this stuffy family all riled up. Especially when you can see the disapproval in Christines face.
“Tony, you let our daughter participate in illegal activities??” Christine asks with a raised brow.
The table goes silent at the tone of her voice. Knowing that when she uses it someone is really in trouble.
But you roll your eyes because how are you supposed to know what that tone means?
“I let my daughter express herself in a ...healthy way. She knows her limits.” Tony replies cooly, taking a drink and looking back into the kitchen wondering where Pepper went.
”Obviously not. Tony she has no regard for the laws at all! You think i didn’t see the headlines last year?!”
Ah yes, last year you had a slight scandal where you may have punched a pap for trying to get a picture up your skirt but who wouldn’t?!
“ And you let her hang around criminals and terrorists?!”
You scoff, “ Oh please everyone in the Avengers was a criminal or terrorist at least once.”
“Not helping kid.” Tony says, “Christine, you and your family have no right to come into my home and judge my family. I’ve been civil. Hell maybe a little too much. Mainly because if I wasn’t, my wife—err Fiancée, would kill me.”
You snicker, earning a few glares.
“Look the point is, don’t tell me how to raise my daughter. Especially because I was doing it all alone.” Tony finishes with a sigh.
The table goes silent. You were getting tired of all the tense silences today.
“ Look.” You turn to Christine, “ I get that you probably feel guilty or something because you ditched me. And I appreciate that or whatever.”
You were not good at this.
“ But I don’t wanna live with you.”
Christine looks down sadly, “ Y/n I just...I just want to get to know you again. You’re my baby.”
Before you could answer you heard a crash come from the kitchen and smoke fill the rooms.
“ Pepper?!” You cough, “ Dad what’s happening?!”
“ I don’t know. Stay here” He says summoning his suit.
“FRIDAY?!” You shout, but not hearing the AI.
The Wayne’s all looked at each other in panic. They didn’t bring their suits, thinking it was just a dinner.
You turn to them and shout “ Come with me, and stay low!”
You start to lead them to the stair case, knowing that the rooms were relatively safe.
“Come on!” you yell when they don’t follow you.
Christine stands from her seat and makes to follow you before being stopped by Damian.
“Mother we cannot..”
“Damian, I’ve had about enough of you. Let’s go.” She says sternly and follows you. The rest of the family following behind as Bruce nudges Damian.
“ Come on son.”
“Father we don’t know where she’s leading us.” Damian says stubbornly.
“There’s nothing we can do right now.” he coughs.
The sounds of punching and the blasts come from the kitchen.
“Let’s go.”
They finally join the rest of the family. You have them crouched in the hallway.
“ This is James’ room. Dad had it modified just incase he was ever triggered into the Winter Solider again. No ones getting through this door when it’s locked.”
You usher them in.
“Come on Y/n” Christine says reaching a hand out to you.
You smirk, “ What? and miss all the action?”
You close the door and lock it before leaving. Laughing at their surprised faces.
The room is silent.
“ She’s awesome!” Jason says with a laugh.
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strangeironaf · a day ago
Stephen: It’s weird, this pizza tastes like shoe bottom.
Peter: Isn’t that a kind of bread?
Tony: That’s ciabatta.
Peter: That monkey from Star Wars?
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rosieshipper · a day ago
So my brain did a big sad and I remembered that Tony is gone and I started crying
So please send in asks about Tony so I can have the excuse to talk about him?
Tumblr media
I miss my dad so much
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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siriusmuggle · a day ago
Chapter 24 is up now on AO3 for my Tony/ofc fic Mirror Mine! I'm not back to 100% in health yet so I hope the quality of the chapter didn't suffer for it! Enjoy!
Tumblr media
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