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Word Count: 1,582

Request by: @shady80smusicsingercolor

Summary: A lesson on perfection.

A/N: Sorry that’s it’s been a while guys! Even with being less busy I’ve had a lot going on and a lot less motivation to write. Sorry also that this request took so long for me to fill.

Perfection. Noun. The quality or state of being perfect such as freedom from fault or defect, i.e., flawlessness. An unsurpassable degree of excellence.

It is what you were meant to be. What was expected of you. You had to do everything to perfection. You had to be perfection personified, otherwise what was the point?

Except you were far from it. You were only human after all.

‘Y/N Stark’s transcript released, heir to Stark industry only has a 3.0 GPA’

‘Tony Stark’s daughter caught arguing with paparazzi’

‘Y/N Stark’s skincare routine for dealing with severe acne’

They went on and on. Every possible flaw they could find would be picked on. Even when you strived for the top, for perfection. So why was it that even when you pulled your grades up, even when you weren’t actually arguing with the pap, and you bought the best makeup to hide any blemishes on your skin, they still picked at you.

It hurt. Why didn’t they understand you were a 16 year old girl who just wanted to live her life and not be criticized 24/7.

What used to be a problem you could ignore seemed only to grow. It was gradually becoming a cesspool in your mind of negativity.

Tears made their way down your cheeks one afternoon. It was a big fear of yours, dating. But this one guy who you really liked had asked you out. You thought everything was great. But that afternoon he broke up with you. It hurt, he was only the second guy you’d ever given a chance and yet he took your heart and smashed it.

He said it was because he didn’t like the speculations in the tabloids about you, that all your negative traits they talked about seemed true and he didn’t want to be with someone so in the spotlight.

It broke your heart so much that even though you had 3 classes left in the day you lied to the school staff saying you were feeling ill and they called Happy to take you home.

You held yourself together long enough to make it to your room at the compound before you broke down.

But just your luck you only had about 5 minutes of peace before there was a knock on your door.

You held your breath to keep from sobbing again. You didn’t want to talk to anyone and you knew that no member of the team would stop from entering if they thought something was wrong.

“Y/N?” Steve called, knocking softly again.

You didn’t answer him.

He sighed behind the door, he knew you were crying, he could blame his perfect superhuman hearing, but he knew he’d be able to hear you no matter because you were just across the hall from him.

“I’m coming in,” he warned, opening your door.

You buried yourself deeper into your pillows. “I’m fine Uncle Steve, I just want to be alone.”

“You don’t seem fine, sweetheart,” He argued. “What’s going on?” There was a dip in your bed beside you, and a hand stroked through your hair.

The gentle touch brought another sob out of you. “Why-why am I like this Uncle Steve?”

Steve’s frown deepened. “What do you mean?”

You sniffled and pulled your head up to look at him. “Why do I have to be like this? S-so imperfect.”

“Nobody’s perfect, doll. What’s got you so worked up about something like that?”

Sobbing you continued to hide in your pillow. You shook your head in response.

“Y/N, listen, I want to help you but I can’t do that if you can’t tell me what’s wrong.”

You were quiet for a while, in that time you managed to calm some. At least enough to pull your face away from the wet pillow.

Steve stroked your hair the whole time, hoping the contact would help relieve some of your stress.

“I wish I was someone else,” you whispered. “I wish dad never kept me, so I could just be normal. Why-why does everyone expect me to be perfect? Why do they make it hurt so much?”

“Hey,” Steve stated. “You don’t mean that. Your dad loves you. No family is normal. No one is perfect, like I said. You might be different because of who you are but don’t see that as a downfall. You don’t need to be perfect, you just need to be you and anyone that tells you otherwise is wrong.”

You shook your head and pressed your face back into your pillow. “You don’t get it Uncle Steve… you don’t have to worry about how-how your skin looks, or what other teens think about you, or how smart you aren’t just because your dad is a genius- I-I hate my life, it’s not fair. Everyone thinks I have the world because of who I am but no one ever stops to think about how I feel about what they say about me.”

“You can’t let others control how you feel, doll. Do you think your dad would be so successful if he cared about everything every person that doesn’t have any impact on him said?”

“I’m not my dad!” You shouted, wincing because you hadn’t really expected it to come out that way. A soft whimper left you and you curled more in on yourself.

Sighing, Steve leaned down and kissed your head. “No, you aren’t. I just meant that you shouldn’t care for anyone else’s opinions of you except for those that matter.”

You thought over his words and while you knew he was right, it still didn’t take away your pain. It did help you feel like you mattered to anyone as anything other than what your imperfections showed.

An alarm going off on Steve’s phone had you pulling your head up slightly.

He shut it off with another sigh. “I might need to go, sweetheart. But I can stay if you need me to.”

You shook your head. “I really just want to be alone, Uncle Steve…”

Nodding, he offered you one last kiss to your head before making his way to the lab.

He divulged everything to Tony, who quickly made his way to you.

He didn’t bother knocking, he just opened your door and walked in. “Sunshine, what’s going on? Your uncle betrayed you and told me you were upset.” He laid down beside you, and started to try to remove the pillow from your grasp.

The second the door opened you whimpered and clutched your pillow tight. You knew you shouldn’t have told him. Of course he’d send your dad. You ignored him and favored clutching your pillow to keep him from taking it.

“Fine, keep the pillow. But you still need to talk to me. What’s got you so down?”

You mumbled into the pillow.

“Huh? Was that-, was that my baby girl trying to talk to me? I couldn’t hear her past that pillow over her mouth.”

Whining you pulled the pillow away. “Nothing’s wrong, dad. Go away, I just wanna be alone.”

“Nope, not gonna work. Tell me, why do you think there’s something wrong with you? There’s not by the way but I want to know why you think there is.”

You sighed, your eyes stung with tears again. “Tommy br-broke up with me because of the stuff the tabloids have-have been saying about me… I-I don’t care that he broke up with me… it’s-it’s the why. I know I’m not perfect… but why do they have to pick at that? Why do they have to remind me that I’m not a genius, I have bad skin, I’m not pretty, I don’t have any talents, I don’t dress right, I give the pap attitude-“

“Whoa there, sunshine!” Your dad cut you off. “None of those things make someone perfect. You are perfect. Want to know what makes you perfect?”

“You’re my dad, of course you think I’m perfect.”

He chuckled. “Well, no duh. But that’s not what it is. You’re perfect how you are because it is who you are. It’s all the good you do for the world and others. It’s how you love. It’s how you try so hard at everything you do because you want it to be perfect. But just because stuff isn’t perfect, doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. Want to know something?”

“Hm?” You mumbled.

“The pap plucks out people’s flaws and insecurities to show all the jealous people in the world that just like them they’re their own person. And to make them jealous because I guarantee you the majority of the people out there don’t believe the tabloids anyway. And you shouldn’t either, sweetie.”


“No, no buts. Listen, I love you. The only opinions from others that you should care about are the people that you care about. If you care about every last opinion of every person, well you’ll never feel good. You should only care about the ones that really matter. Got it?”

You sniffled. You both knew it wasn’t a complete fix, but you nodded your head, knowing that your dad was pretty right. If you cared about every last person’s opinion of you, of course you’d never be happy. But you already knew that the people that you cared about the most and the ones who felt that way about you, well, those were good. Those were the ones that made you who you are. Perfect or not.

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Tony: Suit?
Peter: check
Tony: Extra web canisters?
Peter: check
Tony: did you have breakfast?
Peter: what? that wasn’t on the checklist!
Tony: i added it because i care about you. there’s a breakfast bar in your pocket
Peter: ooh it has chocolate chips!
Tony: yeah no shit, i know how to trick my spider child into eating his fiber
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  • You are stressing about finals and Tony offers to help you
  • He gets distracted by business calls as you start writing notes on your laptop
  • He makes sure you have snack breaks and a full water bottle by your side at all times
  • He works on a project himself and sometimes asks you for help (lowkey just to get you up from that damn chair)
  • He explains math algorithms to you and teaches you memory tricks so you can remember them better
  • “kid take it easy, that laptop has done nothing wrong to justify your forceful typing”
  • He tests you until you get everything perfect
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Summary: The reader comes around after her fight with Bucky. Tony is a great dad. Irresponsible and not always the best with his words but great.

Note: I wrote this up a few months ago and am finally posting it, it is the last chapter for this that I actually have written so please llet me know what you think. Comments and relogs help the motivation and inspiration. There probably won’t be another update for a while. Warnings: panic attack, mention/memories of past torture

Words: 2795


It was easier to keep your eyes closed than fight the heaviness. You weren’t afraid of the dark. Not when you’d seen the horrors people committed in the daylight. Even now, you could still hear the screams. You could feel their desperation, the last flickering of life before it vanished. Before you killed them.

With a practised ease, you closed your mind to the cacophony of tears and pain. Shoved the piercing cries aside and focused on the beating of your heart. The one constant in your life. No matter what HYDRA took from you, that steady rhythm had always remained to ground you. Even when you were nothing more than an empty shell, unable to recall anything other than the mission parameters, it had brought you peace amid the chaos and destruction. A permanent reminder that you were alive and not just another one of their zombies.

You let the sound roll over you, guiding you slowly out of the dark depths of your mind. Still trapped but more aware of your body now, unable to move but tuned to your surroundings, you focused on the sounds around you. A heavy drum track matched your heartbeat and a screaming which supposedly constituted singing drew an old memory to the front of your mind.

A garage. Bright and light, the thick stench of motor oil heavy in the air. Expensive cars lined the walls, a proud display of excessive wealth. All were makes and models which were no longer in circulation or straight out one of a kinds. They were all in perfect condition, a rare thing indeed considering their owner frequently drove them out and around like a lunatic.

In the centre of the garage, in complete contrast to the pristine cars that filled the rest of the space, a vehicle in desperate need of service. The body was scratched up, the electronics on the dashboard had been cross wired by cowboys and the engine itself was in a terrible state. In its current state it was worth less than a packet of crisps but there was nothing more satisfying than taking something set for scrap, fixing it up and saving it from a horrible fate when everyone else thought it was beyond hope.

A pair of legs stuck out from beneath the body of the car, feet tapping in time to the music - to the noise - that blared from hidden speakers. Boots which probably cost more than the shell of the car being worked on were scuffed and dirty but only enough to have been purposefully sullied to complete the ‘everyday mechanic’ aesthetic he had going on.

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Stephen: Peter, what are you doing?

Peter: Cheese balls *aggressively roles another one*

Harley: Aren’t you supposed to be on patrol?

Pater: Dad grounded me and took my suit, okay!

Harley : So? Use the one I made you. They’re better anyway. Streaming devices and nanite projector intact.

Peter: Nah. I’m gonna piss him off by filling the refrigerator with cheese balls.

Harley: Why not put in some wasabi balls and have a game of Russian Roulette?

Stephen: And here I thought my sons are geniuses.

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Happy Birthday, Dad! Part 2

Peter ParkerxReader


Word count: 1,170

Request by @katiemcrae: Part 2 of Happy Birthday, Dad! But it is the reader’s birthday instead.

A/N: This probably isn’t exactly what you were asking for but I felt so bad having put this off since you asked for it back in May. My most sincere apologies, I hope you can forgive me. Format is weird bc I’m posting from mobile. I will fix it if I ever get the chance to turn my laptop on again since I’m so busy…

You were half way through your day and frankly, it was the worst day ever. You couldn’t believe this, not a single person remembered that it was your birthday.

And you weren’t the kind of person to say something about it either. So, you waited and waited.

Not even your dad wished you a happy birthday while he was rushing out that morning, saying he was late for a meeting.

Then worst of all Peter wasn’t answering any of your texts. You hoped he was alright. You knew you would know if it wasn’t but it probably just meant he was busy.

It was just peaking 8 o’clock by the time Peter showed up at the tower and you were beyond upset by now.

“Hey baby,” he greeted entering your room.

You barely cast him a glance.

“You okay?” He asked, sitting down on your bed beside you.

“Fine,” you stated.

Now, Peter knew exactly what was wrong. He didn’t really like your dad’s idea of pretending to forget what today was, but that was Tony’s plan, so he had to go with it. “You’re lying,” Peter stated. “We’ve been together long enough that I know. So what’s up?”

You rolled your eyes, refusing to tell him the truth.

“Okay well then let me take you out on a nice date, so maybe I can cheer you up?” He suggested.

“Nope, I’m fine staying right here tonight. Like I’ve been all day since no one seemed to care.”

“Baby I’m sorry I wasn’t around today but you know how I get caught up in stuff… and I know your dad was in meetings all day so let me make it up to you.”

You knew he would continue to pester you, so you decided to give into him. You changed into something more acceptable and the two of you were off.

Peter brought you to your favorite restaurant. Only as you approached it looked closed.

“Guess they aren’t open tonight,” you offered. “Guess we’ll have to go home.”

“Maybe they’re just trying something new with the lights,” Peter suggested quickly as you started to turn around. He went and opened the door for you. “See? Open, come on.”

With such a quick response you eyed him skeptically. However, you went into the place anyway. The lights were all out but suddenly they all came on there were loud shouts of “happy birthday”.

You jumped some, only slightly surprised. You had a feeling this is what was going to happen. But frankly, you were more pissed off than anything.

Your dad was front and center. The huge smile on his face quickly dispersed seeing you scowl.

With a shake of your head you turned and walked right out of the restaurant.

Peter quickly followed you. “Baby-?”

“Don’t Peter,” you snapped.

Tony stepped out the door next. “What’s going on?”

“You guys!” You said, a bit too loud, people passing on the streets were staring, making you completely uncomfortable. You pinched the bridge of your nose. “I would have loved this, if it wasn’t for the fact that the majority of my birthday was spent alone with everyone pretending to forget it was my birthday! I couldn’t even get a text of acknowledgement! How is that fair at all?! This doesn’t make up for that!“

Peter rubbed the back of his neck and Tony sighed.

“We knew you’d suspect we were up to something if we said anything about it.” Your father stated.

“You know how bad I am at lying, you can read me like a book,” Peter offered. “I’m sorry for making you think I didn’t remember your birthday.” He reached out to take your hand but you snapped it away from him.

“Apologies don’t make up for it either, Peter.” You told him.

“I promise I’ll make it up to you…”

“You better. And Dad?”

“Well of course I’ll make it up to you sunshine. Sorry I wasn’t thinking about how it might make you feel… that wasn’t right. Let’s get back in there though I’m sure you’re hungry.”

You nodded and went back into the restaurant. Your two guys following behind you.

At least your dad knew how to throw a party. And Peter definitely made it up to you that night.

You were cuddled up in your bed beside Peter. Your head tucked under his chin.

It was well past midnight, your party was so much fun. You spent a lot of it with your dad by your side. Dancing and laughing. It’s been a while since you could all let go like that. And as tired as you were you just wanted to relish in the quiet time with your boyfriend. It was rare that the two of you could have a night together like this.

Peters hand stroked slowly through your hair, his fingers toying with strands. He seemed so calm, but something was off.

With your head on his chest you could hear his rapid heartbeat.

You shifted and looked up at him in the dark. “You okay, baby?”

His eyes widened like he hadn’t realized you were awake. “Y-yeah, yeah I’m good why?”

You tapped his chest. “I feel like your hearts gonna burst under my head.”

He was glad the room was only lit softly by the lights from the city below, or you’d see the blush take over his face. He stared at you for a moment. “Um well uh you just, you make my heart go crazy.”

You snorted at him and pat his chest. “Good one, Parker. Seriously though, everything okay?”

Peter sighed he knew he wouldn’t be able to lie to you for long. You would just keep pestering him. He was silent for a moment before sitting up and taking you with him. He scooted out of the bed and went over to his pants.

You watched him quietly as he went, curious about what he was doing.

He came back, fumbling with something behind his back. “I-… I wasn’t planning to do this tonight. May says it’s bad luck on holidays and stuff so I figured your birthday would be a bad time too. And you were having such a good time anyway. And then I started thinking about when I could. And we were getting some time alone together and I started working myself up and how badly I don’t want to mess it up by rambling which is exactly what I’m doing and-”

He dropped down on his knee beside your bed. “Will you marry me?”

Your eyes widened as he brought a beautiful ring up and the world tumbled out of his mouth. Tears sprung from your eyes as you sat up. You nodded and pulled him back up into your bed. You placed a very smiley kiss on his lips. “Yes, Peter yes.”

He smiled and let out a very small happy chuckle. You could tell he was holding back his excitement as his shaky fingers slid the ring on your finger.

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UH. he’s teaching her how to do the dishes (only because pepper says she needs to learn. if it were up to him morgan would never lift a finger ever in her life.) and she does them with ease. he’s been cautioning her on how hard doing them by hand is for the past 10 minutes and morgan washes the dishes with no error. tony feels betrayed

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